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Media Planbook Boulder, Colorado Presented By:Jack's Beanstalk

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Meet Jack's beanstalk

What are we? Well, besides the fact that we are youthful and financially struggling individuals looking to make a buck, we are Jacks Beanstalk, and we believe in the fundamental truth that with enough perseverance, dreams can become a reality. Does that sound corny? Maybe a little, but we know that brands are not made overnight. They arent built from magic wands or by saving a princess. Brands are built through hard work, grown through tilling and sweating and laughing and crying and screaming. Oh, and teamwork too. You have to be passionate, you have to be resilient, and most of all, you have to be willing to go further. To take risks. To take that extra step. That is our specialty. We come from a variety of backgrounds in agency work: creative and media, digital and traditional, even public relations, which has given us all the tools in the shed. Not only do we work for a brands growth, but we fight for it. Sure we may be standing on the shoulders of giants, but thats because their reach can only go so far. We are Jacks Beanstalk, and we may not be the largest, but we are the most clever, and what most childhood stories will tell you, it is always the wits that outshine the size.

Campaign Scope
The goals we are aiming to achieve for our client, TreeHouse, are to create a campaign over the span of eight months in order to inform, incentivize, and inspire the people in our target market of Boulder, Colorado, to come to TreeHouses new location for its grand opening on March 14th, 2014. Between the months of March and December of 2014, our campaign promoting the workshops and services that TreeHouse offers needs to increase an overall awareness of the TreeHouse brand with a media budget of $45,000.
By the end of December 2014, we need 50% of our selected target market to be aware of the TreeHouse name, and half of those people should know the general location of the new TreeHouse store. After doing so, we want to see the Boulder location averaging 150 visitors per day during the week and double that during the weekends. Once our campaign is able to achieve these goals, the TreeHouse brand will be able to grow and thrive in the Boulder, Colorado, market.

Executive Summary
Jacks Beanstalk is prepared to implement an effective, grassroots media effort for TreeHouse as it opens its new location in Boulder, Colorado. This media effort is supported by a data-driven analysis of the target market, research on the Boulder area, and a creative outlook on communications. Behind this effort is the simple notion that TreeHouse does not want to be just another business that sells to consumers in the area, but rather, that they hope to become a significant member of the community. By participating in local events and implementing a noninvasive yet unique local media plan, TreeHouse will be able to connect with Boulderites and Take Root in the community. The following media plan includes social media, out-of-home, guerilla, print, digital, and public relations efforts. The media plan is designed to show the effectiveness of each decision by connecting each medium used to the overall campaign objectives. The vision of Take Root is present throughout the campaign in order to emphasize TreeHouses ability to become a vital part of the Boulder community. Though the plan is focused on a new community, the original TreeHouse brand personality is evident throughout the proposed media plan. To ensure we stay true to TreeHouses roots, each medium has been given one of the four pillars TreeHouse uses for its own product filter. These pillars include Health, Performance, Corporate Responsibility, and Sustainability. Jacks Beanstalk has put every media choice through its own medium filter in order to mirror TreeHouses process of deciding which products, or in our case media, are in line with the TreeHouse brand. Using this system makes Jacks Beanstalk confident that the decisions listed below are not only reflective of TreeHouses existing brand, but also complementary to its upcoming presence in the Boulder community. We believe that by focusing on a community connection, TreeHouse will be able to talk to our target audience in an environment that is far more genuine than campaigns that only aim to initiate a purchase. Jacks Beanstalk wants TreeHouses consumer base to know that its concerns exceed far beyond a monetary profit. The TreeHouse brand strives to better the lives of their consumers and the world in which we all live. This is nothing short of what this proposed media plan will accomplish. By making the true roots of the brand apparent throughout every part of the campaign, the Boulder community is sure to welcome TreeHouse into their homes.

Campaign Scope Situation Synopsis

Moving forward, our client has obstacles that need to be overcome if it is going to establish itself as the number one DIY destination in the Boulder area. Just like any new location, TreeHouse must increase awareness of its brand within the local audience. To do this, our client must stress its unique qualities in order to appeal to a niche market. TreeHouse must also consider the negative stigma that is associated with environmental products in regards to cost. In order to combat this stigma, our client must continue to show consumers the long-term benefits of investing in its products. Though TreeHouse may seem less cost effective upfront, over the course of time our clients products save consumers money. TreeHouse communicates this benefit through its in-store, interactive displays. TreeHouses expansion into Boulder will provide it with a number of opportunities to take advantage of. Since there are no equivalents in Boulder to TreeHouses environmentally conscious home improvement offerings, this will provide our client with an opportunity to become the market leader in this particular region. By establishing itself a leader in home improvement early on, TreeHouse will then have the opportunity to become the leading home improvement consultant in Boulder, Austin, and beyond.

However, competition still exists in the Boulder area that could threaten TreeHouses opportunities to be successful. Some stores that exist in the area include McGuckins, which has established a foothold in Boulder for the past 40 years, as well as the better-known retailer chain Home Depot. Yet research from Mintel shows that a vast majority of consumers have begun to take on basic green behaviors and are showing an interest in conserving energy, resources, and money at home. Additionally, 10-16% of respondents plan to invest in energy efficient products and appliances. These figures will draw in new consumers who do not have an existing loyalty to McGuckins as well as those who are environmentally conscious and seek a local alternative to a major corporation such as Home Depot.

brand and product profile

The Brand
The TreeHouse brand provides a unique , eco-friendly alternative to home improvement.

1 https://www.facebook.com/TreeHouseOnline 2 Observational Data 3 http://treehouseonline.com/product-filter/

A member of the Austin, Texas, community for almost two years, our clients unique approach to home improvement caters to a green-minded, niche market. Throughout its time in Austin, TreeHouse has made an effort to connect with the local culture by participating in local events and promoting the city digitally1. Satisfied employees and customer service define the company culture2. The most unique aspect of the TreeHouse brand is the idea that the company wants to educate consumers rather than simply push products to sell3.

The Product Providing product information on the website and in store, TreeHouse shows its customers why its products are the best option not only for their homes, but also the environment. Through TreeHouses unique product filtration system, potential products must meet four qualifications before being sold in store. These qualifications include: health, performance, sustainability and corporate responsibility3. The types of products sold range from air filtration systems to solar packages4.
3 http://treehouseonline.com/product-filter/ 4 http://treehouseonline.com/products/ http://treehouseonline.com/product-filter/

Target Market Profile

The target market for TreeHouse consists of married couples between the ages of 33 to 44 years old. These individuals have at least a bachelors degree and are homeowners, maintaining an average individual income of around $50,000, with a combined household income of $100,000. The target tends to lead a healthy lifestyle, preferring to eat healthy foods, maintaining a somewhat regiment workout routine, and are quick to adapt to new technology. Meet our Market Heather and Mark Heather and Mark are the super couple. Though without kids, Heather and Mark are well known in the neighborhood; they are the adult trendsetters. Together the two are always seen on their morning jog, prepping for 5Ks, or hiking with their chocolate lab, Charlie5. At the end of the day, Mark and Heather sit down to a light and balanced fish dinner crafted from a recipe Heather found on her MacBook.

Mark has always had a soft spot for Boulder. As a civil engineering professor, Mark enjoys teaching students and encourages environmentally conscious behavior. While being a teacher does have its perks, Mark prefers to use as much vacation time as he can going skiing or camping, whichever gives him an excuse to shop at REI. After dinner, Mark does all of his media consumption, and when hes not watching his shows on Netflix, he is reading novels on his tablet.

Heather is a Colorado transplant. Originally from the west coast, she yearned for a lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of southern California. An aficionado of Yoga6, Pilates, and other low-impact activities, her job as an HR manager for a tech company means she can resolve disputes and manage employees with ease thanks to the meditative practices she learned. You can see her spending time people watching at local coffee shops, and she prefers to purchase the majority of her food and hygiene products from Whole Foods, a brand whose message she trusts.
5 http://academic.mintel.com/display/659038/?highlight=true#hit1 6 http://academic.mintel.com/display/641618/?highlight=true#hit1

Geographic Profile
Engagement Strategy
The goal of these media efforts are to expose TreeHouses brand to Boulder and our target market. This is evident in the fact that the majority of our media decisions are focused on local OOH (Boulder B-Cycle), print (Daily Camera), and promotional events (Bolder Boulder). The examples listed are just a few of the media decisions for the Boulder community that have been made. At the same time, our target audience is also located in select areas of Denvers greater metropolitan area, which justifies our decision to expand our market area into Northwest Denver. Instead of treating these neighboring areas as execution runoff, Jacks Beanstalk has opted to include these outlying areas (Arvada, Westminster, and Northwest Denver) in order to gauge a larger audience, many of whom, based on our belief, are close enough geographically to be considered part of the Boulder community or would at least venture into the Boulder city limits for a unique environmentally conscious home improvement store. The implications of such a decision are that some of our advertising vehicles will run in these outlying areas. For instance, part of our media plan involves bus banners for routes that go beyond Boulder and will go as far as Denver metro area. SEM also will have implications, as we opted to expose both the Boulder and Denver metropolitan area to our search ad campaigns in hopes of expanding our impression numbers.

Population Total: 1,065,584

Median Income $55,000 Known as Households w/o Children The Live Music Capital of the 232,210 (21.79% of total) World Households avg persons per house: 2.47 Population Total: 97,385 Population 35-44 11,192

Population 35-44 115,745

Households avg persons per house: 2.2

Households w/o Children Known as 33,426 (34.32% of total) Peoples Republic of Boulder
The geographic market that this media strategy will focus on is located in Boulder, CO, and the adjacent Northwest region of the Denver, CO, metropolitan area specifically in Boulder, Jefferson, and Adams counties. This geographic area contains 14 zip codes: 4 in the Boulder area and 10 in the Denver metro region. Additionally, travel time without traffic from the furthest location in our geographic market is 23.27 minutes. The entirety of the Denver market was not chosen because it is not likely that consumers in the Southeast corner of Denver will drive (emitting CO2) all the way to Boulder to purchase green, eco-friendly products. With low brand awareness, potential consumers that live on the East or Southeast side of Denver are not as likely to travel to a new home improvement store that would require a car ride that is upwards of 35 minutes8.

Median Income $57,112

Target market demographics were utilized because it would not be an efficient use of resources to include areas that did not meet the standards that our target market holds. 80302, the zip code where the TreeHouse store will be opening contains a median income of $34,799, average age of 24, and a household size of 2.5. The skew in these numbers is a result of TreeHouses new location 2 blocks from The University of Colorado at Boulder. 80302 is an anomaly when compared with the other zip codes as it is mainly comprised of students, communal housing (skewing the 2.5 household size), and lower median income. Though this may not accurately represent the specified target market, this zip code is key to the geographic market as the store is located here. Additionally, consumers within close proximity will visit the store and make purchases regardless of their identification with the target market.

7 https://maps.google.com/ 8 https://maps.google.com/

Competitive Profile
Within the Boulder market, TreeHouses two main competitors would be McGuckins Home Improvement and Home Depot. The two stores each dominate a valuable part of the current market. While McGuckins has a strong relationship with the local community, Home Depot has the expertise and recognition of a big corporation. -Located in Boulder for the past 40 years9 -Members of the community are attached to the company10 -Strong social media presence10 -Actively engages with the local community with art classes and community service events10

-Very well known corporation, familiar storefront, and chain nation wide. -Cost effective products but often lacking in customer service11 -Customers assume that their product needs will be met at this store11 -Have the capacity to give high-level advice for home improvement consulting11 Recommendation: Based on the breakdown presented by both competitors, we believe that our client possesses a niche that can bridge the gap between Home Depot and McGuckins. Our clients four pillars of sustainability, corporate responsibility, performance, and health results in quality products that reflect the mission of the store. In this way we can offer current McGuckins customers the comfort in choosing quality products while adding eco-responsibility to their purchasing decisions. Additionally, we can use TreeHouses emphasis on customer service to incentivize Home Depot customers to convert from the big box retailer and the customer service stigma that comes with it.
9 https://store.mcguckin.com/inet/home.html 10 http://www.yelp.com/biz/mcguckin-hardware-boulder 11 http://www.yelp.com/biz/home-depot-boulder

media menu
Figure 112 Figure 213 Figure 314

Figure 415

Figure 515

Figure 616

12 13 14 15 16

http://www.srds.com/common/tcas/profile/dma/1630055.pdf http://www.srds.com/sqad/1700066.pdf http://extras.dailycamera.com/images/advertising/retail-rates-2009.pdf http://links.lamar.com/2013TransitRates/2013_CO_Denver.pdf https://www.facebook.com/help/www/176506602405065 (Facebook) https://business.twitter.com/products/pricing (Twitter) http://www.google.com/adwords/how-it-works/costs.html (Google AdWords)


Media Vision
Take Root (v) 1. To develop roots in soil or some other growing medium. 2. To begin to take hold or have effect, become established.
Together, conventional and home-grown media efforts will enable TreeHouse to Take Root in the Boulder community. These efforts will ensure that TreeHouse becomes a part of the community rather than just a business in the area. At the root of our strategy is the mentality that roots do not just connect, roots nourish. TreeHouse will nourish the Boulder community by promoting an environmentally-conscious lifestyle while simultaneously connecting with the community through grassroots advertising efforts. The following media strategy takes innovative steps to achieve brand recognition in the new community, while still maintaining TreeHouses pre-existing brand personality. By combining new opportunities with an established brand personality, TreeHouse will be able to connect with the Boulder community. The proposed media and communication efforts do not just connect the customer with the store; they build relationships between the customer, the community, and TreeHouse.
Establish TreeHouse within the Boulder community. Promote the brand in a way that mirrors TreeHouses values and the Boulder lifestyle.

Build a relationship between the customer and the TreeHouse brand.

11 11

Media objectives
The following objectives will be used in conjunction with various media to support the overall objectives of store traffic counts and awareness percentage: Branch out (Expand Existing Trade Area) - This objective will expand TreeHouses existing trade area from the Boulder region to parts of Denver with the use of six units placed on buses that will run through Northwest Denver. Pollination (Foster Buzz and Word of Mouth) - This objective will foster buzz and word of mouth about the TreeHouse brand by starting conversations through social media and various unique, out of home venues. Overall Objective #1 TreeHouse needs to have the following traffic counts in Boulder: M-Th = an average of 150 visitors/day Sat = an average of 300 visitors/day Media Objectives Branch Out: Expand Existing Trade Areas Boulder B-Cycle Lamar Transit Plant the Seed: Direct Interactions - Social Media - All Public Relations: TreeHouse Grand Opening, Boulder County Home and Garden Show, Fox Theatre, BolderBOULDER, and Interns Promotional Posters Search Engine Marketing The Trunk: Support For and Participation in Promos - Print

Plant the Seed (Direct Interactions) - This objective will create a relationship between TreeHouse and the Boulder citizens by collecting email addresses at public relations events and connecting with the community in locations that Boulder citizens appreciate.

The Trunk (Support For and Participation in Promos) - This objective will help to ensure that the target market knows about events that are put on or sponsored by TreeHouse. Falling Leaves (Create Unique Contact Points) - This objective will rely on the element of surprise by targeting Boulder citizens in the locations they would least expect in order to get their attention and increase awareness of the TreeHouse brand. The Canopy (Message Dominance) - This objective will allow TreeHouse to be a prominent voice in home improvement by advertising in venues where our competitors are not; this will occur through print, SEM, banners, and birdhouse placing.

Overall Objective #2 50% of the target[s] you have identified in Boulder should be aware of the TreeHouse name when prompted via aided recall after the first six weeks of operation. 25% of those identified need to be familiar with the general store location Media Objectives Pollination: Foster Buzz and Word of Mouth - Social Media - All Public Relations: TreeHouse Grand Opening, Boulder County Home and Garden Show, Fox Theatre, BolderBOULDER and Interns Promotional Posters The Canopy: Message Dominance - Banners - Birdhouses - Print Falling Leaves: Create Unique Contact Points - Birdhouses Tree Sap: Direct Offensive - Search Engine Marketing

Tree Sap (Direct Offensive) - This objective will allow TreeHouse to take the offensive by utilizing McGuckins (a direct competitor of TreeHouse), as a keyword in the Search Engine Marketing plan. Each of the above media objectives connect back with the overall objectives of the campaign. The role of each objective along with the specific medium used are listed to the right:


Media Flights
1. The Seed: Grand Opening and Boulder County Home and Garden Show The Daily Camera Media Buy Social Media Campaign Grand Opening (200 hats, 2000 dog treats) Boulder County Home and Garden Show (Booth, 100 hats) 2. The Sprout: Earth Day Workshop #1 - Sustainable Gardening The Daily Camera Media Buy Social Media Campaign 3. The Root: Fox Theatre and BolderBOULDER The Daily Camera Media Buy Social Media Campaign Promotional Concert Posters (500 units) Fox Theatre Event- Theatre Rental, Band, Food BolderBOULDER (1500 sweat towels) 4. The Water: Workshop #2 - Energy and Water Conservation The Daily Camera Media Buy Social Media Campaign RTD Transit Buy (6 Units) 5. The Soil: Workshop #3 - Toxicity Sucks The Daily Camera Media Buy Social Media Campaign RTD Transit Buy (6 units)

6. The Nutrients: Workshop #4 - Tree Year Anniversary-Home Green Consulting The Daily Camera Media Buy Social Media Campaign 7. The Sunlight: Workshop #5 - Winterizing and Energy Conservation The Daily Camera Media Buy Social Media Campaign


Media Mix
TreeHouse Pillar: Performance, Corporate Responsibility Objective: Foster buzz and word-of-mouth in order to increase brand awareness, Direct Interactions Target: 68% of social networkers are aged 33-44 and 53% of active adult users follow a brand via social media17 Total Cost: $1,440 = 1 intern for 36 weeks paid $8/hr for 5 hrs/week Description: Interns will create and manage Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for TreeHouses new Boulder location. These will promote deals, promotions, and events as well as generate awareness about the existence of the brand in the Boulder community. There will also be a bi-monthly blog that the interns manage and promote through existing social media outlets. TreeHouses social media use is already consistent in Austin, but utilizing these platforms with the Boulder market will build awareness for the stores opening and allow for interactions with new consumers . Engaging the community in dialogue and posts on social media is a very democratic and transparent relationship-building activity, one that aligns with TreeHouses belief in Corporate Responsibility.

Social Media Strategy March 1st: Campaign begins - The interns will access TreeHouse Online and prepare teasers on March 1st regarding TreeHouses grand opening. Each day of that first week interns will be tasked with revealing a fun fact on Facebook and Twitter or finding artsy Instagram photos featuring the Boulder area to start pulling followers to the pages and to generate buzz. Use hashtag #treehouseCO. March 7th - Interns will reveal the opening for TreeHouse in Boulder, CO on their social media pages and reveal the grand opening to be March 14th. The social media intern will also begin utilizing Klout and Hootsuite to monitor common hashtags in the Boulder area that can be used to individually target opinion leaders on social media in the Boulder/Denver area. March 14th: Day of Opening - Social media and PR interns will be taking pictures and getting feedback from people at the grand opening to gauge public reaction. Interns should be tasked with live tweeting, Instagram-ing, and Facebook-ing to showcase occurrences at the events.

17 http://cn.nielsen.com/documents/Nielsen-Social-Media-Report_FINAL_090911.pdf


Social Media Strategy (continued) March 17th - Start advertising that TreeHouse will be sponsoring the Boulder Home and Garden Show and mention that individuals can check out the booth at the event. March 20th: 1st Day of Spring - The intern will advertise upcoming deals in the store to promote the beginning of the spring season. These will include preparation of gardens, decks, backyards, etc. April - The intern will honor National Lawn and Garden month by posting a tip each day describing how individuals can better their lawn and garden. Helpful tips regarding the conservation of energy, time, and money will also be posted along with other benefits to owning or utilizing your garden space. April 7th: World Health Day - The intern should remind individuals to stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit. April 20th - Begin advertising for Workshop #1 May 5-9th - The intern begins encouraging individuals to visit the store to check out mothers day gift ideas. May 12th - Notify followers that TreeHouse is sponsoring the BolderBoulder race.* * From this point on, the intern will be given a monthly schedule of what events are happening in the store and will be tasked with creating their own social media strategy for TreeHouse based on the assigned work they did for March-May. The monthly social media strategy must be approved by the interns supervisor and should focus on general tips, reminders of upcoming events TreeHouse is a part of, advertising workshops, and continuously engaging and monitoring discussion about TreeHouse Boulder through Hootsuite.


Target: 61% of people say they take action after seeing an out-of-home advertisement and 71% of road travelers report noticing out-of-home advertisements18 Total Cost: $14,320 RTD Transit: TreeHouse Pillar: Sustainability, Performance Objectives: Expand existing trade areas (geographic tracking) Impressions: 805,848 every 4 weeks; 1,611,696 total

Cost: (King size) $3,060/4 wks (July, September) = $6,120 for 8 wks Description: Advertising on Lamar Transit buses that travel between the Boulder and Denver areas will gain high exposure multiple times a day by displaying TreeHouses message to consumers in other vehicles as well as pedestrians. A king-sized banner will be displayed on 6 units for 4 weeks in July and 4 weeks in September, for a total of $6,120. TreeHouses banners on these buses will also generate awareness within residential and business areas and deliver quick bursts of essential information to the audience in order to drive them to action19. 18 http://www.lamar.com/howtoadvertise/Research/OOHgetsResults 19 http://www.lamar.com/~/media/6BB3B4CEA998459D8C5170C9AA34AED0.pdf


Boulder B-Cycle: TreeHouse Pillar: Health, Sustainability Objectives: Message dominance (share of voice) because we are advertising in a space where competitors are not present Cost: 12-month sponsorship for $5,000 for 10 bikes Reach: 75 people ride a bike in a year, 750 will ride treehouse bikes, x 50 people that will see it- Showing 11,250 people in Boulder

Boulder has a robust bicycle network with 159 centerline miles of bike facilities (on-street bike lanes and multi-use paths). This includes 58 miles of paved multi-use pathways and 78 underpasses for bikes and pedestrians!20

Description: Advertising on Boulder B-Cycle is a way to advertise with Boulders bike share program, a relatively new and innovative medium. The program is popular and focused on sustainability: perfect for TreeHouse and its brand. B-Cycle advertising emphasizes the idea of connecting with the community and being a part of it rather than bombarding Boulder with ads. The bike share program is wildly popular in Boulder with 7500 riders and with 72% of ridership coming from corporate memberships; the 33-44 year-old target audience is getting plenty of use out of the red bikes. Additionally, 92% of B-Cycles first-season survey respondents said they notice sponsors logos on bikes, baskets, and stations. Advertising with this program is the perfect way for TreeHouse to support a positive program for Boulder that spreads brand awareness while supporting Sustainability and Health. Banners at Dog Parks: TreeHouse Pillar: Health

Objectives: Message dominance (share of voice) because we are advertising in a space where competitors are not present Cost: $30 x 10 banners = $300 Reach: 50,000 riders (Valmont Park) Description: Highly visible outdoor banners draw attention and raise awareness to TreeHouses brand. Durable and affordable, banners provide high-impact advertising even from a distance. These will be placed at Valmont Bike Park, Foothills Dog Park, East Boulder Dog Park, and Howard Heuston Dog Park. Dog parks are key sites for TreeHouse to promote because our target market are heavy users of these locations. In Boulder, advertisements and flyers for local events, stores, and restaurants are not an uncommon feature at dog parks21.

20 https://bouldercolorado.gov/trails-and-recreation 21 http://bouldermountainbike.org/content/valmont-bike-park-celebrates-one-year-anniversary


Birdhouses: TreeHouse Pillar: Sustainability

Objectives: Message dominance (share of voice) and creating unique contact points to catch targets attention in unexpected areas (Buzz/Word of Mouth) Cost: $20 for 50 houses + Seed = $1,000 Reach: 12,500 based on people riding through parks, potentially more

Description: Birdhouses will be mounted on trees at Valmont Bike Park, Foothills Dog Park, East Boulder Dog Park, and Howard Heuston Dog Park, as well as numerous bike trails throughout the area. While the birdhouses will have TreeHouse logos on them, the primary focus is not on spreading the TreeHouse brand simply through recognition but to allow TreeHouses environmentally conscious beliefs to take root in the community. Boulder is home to numerous species of wild birds, a population of birding enthusiasts, and even a wild bird center. 50 birdhouses filled with seed and adorned with a TreeHouse logo will be placed on trees where our target market is likely to be active (dog parks, bike trails, hiking trails). Social media and publicity will help spread TreeHouses brand while shedding light on the companys dedication to Sustainability. This is a version of guerilla marketing that Jacks Beanstalk likes to call Larketing (after the Colorado state bird). This creates an image for the TreeHouse brand by using a medium that connects with a community in a beneficial and green way22. Promotional Posters: TreeHouse Pillar: Performance

Objective: Foster buzz and word of mouth, direct interactions Cost: 500 posters for 1 event, with each poster at $1.18 = $600

Reach: We are guessing that the lowest number of people that would see each poster would be 5. If 5 people see each poster, there will be a reach of 2500 people.

Description: Prior to the Fox Theatre event in May 2014, hired interns will be displaying 500 concert-style posters around the Boulder community. These posters will attract the attention of a portion of the target audience and foster buzz surrounding the event and generate a turnout so TreeHouse can directly interact with prospective customers. 22 http://www.wildbird.com/franchises/wild-bird-center-of-boulder


TreeHouse Pillar: Corporate Responsibility

Objective: To advertise and promote events and workshops, as well as message dominance in the market Reach: The Daily Camera has a circulation of 29,00023. Cost: $4,368 = 21 x 4 days x 7 times + $4,284 = Sunday ads x 33 Impressions = $8,652 The Daily Camera Description: The Daily Camera is a local newspaper in Boulder, Colorado. This medium will be used to promote TreeHouses seven events including five workshops, a grand opening, and a concert at the Fox Theatre. For each of the five workshops, a newspaper ad will be placed in the Daily Camera three times throughout the week and a fourth time on the Sunday morning of the workshop. By making every workshop on a Sunday, we will keep our newspaper insertions consistent throughout the week of each workshop. Furthermore, by spreading out the workshops over the ten-month campaign, we will keep ads consistent over each month. For the grand opening and Fox Theatre event, the newspaper insertions will follow the same pattern as the workshops only adjusting to the day of insertion. For instance, the grand openings fourth insertion will be on a Friday morning instead of Sunday since TreeHouse opens on a Friday. The ad dollars that are not allocated to weeks with workshops are focused on Sunday ad placements. This will enable TreeHouse to have a pulsing Daily Camera media schedule.

Search Engine Marketing

TreeHouse Pillar: Performance

Objective: Direct offensive for McGuckins keyword and direct interactions by tracking visitors to the TreeHouse site using a variety of keywords that individuals would commonly search for when looking for hardware supplies

Target: Boulder City Pop (101,800) roughly 36% of the pop fall into the target age group (36,648). 91% of the age group (according to Pew) use the Internet which makes for a target number (33,349) that could potentially be searching our keywords. Total average monthly searches for the keywords chosen totals to 21,560. 21,560/33,349 leaves around a 65% chance that our keyword can be searched by the target population per month. Total Cost: $6,991.65 23 http://extras.dailycamera.com/images/advertising/CameraGeneric.pdf


Search Engine Marketing (continued)

Description: Jacks Beanstalk will allocate $6,991.65 for a keyword campaign through Google AdWords in order to give TreeHouse a competitive advantage in the digital space. Keyword searches will be limited to individuals within the areas Denver, Colorado and Boulder, Colorado under the category of Home & Garden. From there, Jacks Beanstalk will devise a list of ten ad groups that contain keyword combinations related to potential TreeHouse search terms. Keyword campaigns will begin at different times based on seasonal trends and hardware supplies. At the end of the campaign for each ad group, Jacks Beanstalk will evaluate its effectiveness and determine if the ad group should be allocated more money in the future. The goal of this entire campaign is to evaluate which word combinations produce the most clicks. Once word combinations are analyzed, the funds originally allocated to unsuccesful word combinations will be transferred to further successful word combinations. Ideally, these digital efforts will result in more traffic to the TreeHouse website. Additionally, Jacks Beanstalk plans to monitor the change in average monthly search for the term TreeHouse over the course of the entire campaign to see if the brand recognition extends into the digital space and increases.


TreeHouse Pillar: Corporate Responsibility

Objectives: Foster Buzz/ WOM by holding events that educate the Boulder Community on energy efficient choices and gain direct interactions by soliciting emails at events held by or sponsored by TreeHouse. Total Cost: $12,155 Interns Cost: $800 Description: Altogether, TreeHouse will have three interns - most likely recruited from the University of Colorado - that are each paid 8 dollars per hour for 5 hours of work per week. One intern will be responsible for social media maintenance. The other two interns will be responsible for PR help such as assisting in placement of promotional materials, setting up for TreeHouse events, and making sure email addresses of event attendees are recorded. The interns responsibilities will include hanging banners at events, assisting in setting up the events, and collecting email addresses of potential customers. Interns will also aid in researching media contacts in the Boulder/Denver area that will be utilized for future campaign or press releases after the initial 10 month media campaign. Workshop Themes Sustainable Gardening - Earth Day April 26

Energy and Water Conservation June 8

Toxicity Sucks August 17

Tree Year Anniversary October 26

Insulation and Heat Conservation December 14


Grand Opening Cost: $2,900 $1,480 for 200 hats $1,420 for 2000 dog treats Reach: We have the ability to reach at least 2200 individuals with the hats and dog treats Description: For TreeHouses Grand Opening on March 14, 2014, the Daily Camera will be advertising four times during the week of the event as well as a Sunday ad the first Sunday of March. These ads will inform people of the stores opening and advertise the fact that the first 200 visitors will receive a free hat. The hats cost $7.40 each, and 200 hats will be made. Overall, this will cost $1,48024. The hats will be basic baseball caps with the TreeHouse logo on them. The benefit of doing this is that the hats will be a walking advertisement if people decide to wear these around. Once it starts getting warmer out in Boulder, people are likely to be working outside on their houses, and when it is bright out, a hat with a TreeHouse logo is a great way to remind customers to stop by when they need products. We will also be handing out individually wrapped dog treats with the TreeHouse logo on them. We will have 2000 of them for $0.71 each which will ultimately cost $1,420.00. Email addresses will be collected at the event in order to provide TreeHouse with response rates.

23 http://customplanet.com/Designs/99-598/Taylor/96297e63-50d0-4ebb-9899-4eadc9480cc9.aspx 24 http://www.biztradeshows.com/boulder-homegarden-show/ 25 http://customplanet.com/Designs/99-598/Taylor/96297e63-50d0-4ebb-9899-4eadc9480cc9.aspx

Boulder County Home and Garden Show Cost: $1,290 $550 for booth $740 for 100 hats Reach: A possible 5100 people including other vendors and attendees Description: TreeHouse will have a booth at the Boulder County Home and Garden Show the weekend of March 21-23, 2014. The conference holds over 115 exhibits and displays home remodeling and renovation products, energy efficient tools, landscaping supplies, and many more home improvement products. Being only a week after TreeHouse opens, this event will not only put TreeHouses name in the community; it will also give the client an opportunity to interact personally with the Boulder community. Since the event is already highly anticipated (over 5000 attendees) and attracts media attention, the event will be able to promote TreeHouses name to the members of the Boulder community that cannot necessarily make it to the conference24. We are capable of signing up for this event at the beginning of March, and at our booth, we will be handing out more hats with the TreeHouse logo on them for people that express interest in the TreeHouse brand25.


Fox Theatre Cost: $4,20026 (Saturday, May 10) $2,200 for 8 consecutive hours + $1,000 for food + $750 for the band + $250 for misc Reach: A minimum of 625, since this is the capacity of the theatre Description: The Fox Theatre is one of Boulders most well-known live-music venues. It was recently rated the fourth best music venue in the country by Rolling Stone Magazine. Because of this, and its connection with the locals, TreeHouse will hold an event here with music and food. Email addresses will be collected during the event, so that Treehouse has a way to measure potential customer response. This event will be on May 10, 2014, in hopes that it will bring people from our target market to this Boulder landmark, which happens to be next to where the TreeHouse store is. By doing so, it will educate our target audience about the TreeHouse name, make them aware of the stores location, and hopefully, give them the idea to visit the store. As a brand, we want to integrate ourselves into the community, and by working with a venue that most Boulderites already know and love, we believe that our target audience will be more likely to visit our store and try out our products27.

BolderBOULDER Cost: $3,465 for 1500 sweat towels Impressions: 50,000 Description: At this event, we will be there the morning of the race on May 26, 2014, to hand out sweat towels at the starting line. We will have 1500 towels for $2.31 each which will cost $3,465.0028. By doing this, the sweat towels with the TreeHouse logo on them will have many exposures to our target audience since the reach of this event is so large. We hope that the runners will take these towels home after the race ends and be reminded of the TreeHouse brand once at home where they are more likely to realize that they are in need of home improvement supplies29.


26 27 28 29

$1441.35 -Google AdWords Jacks Beanstalk has allocated $2241.35 of the media budget for contingency executions in the event that the campaign requires sudden adjustments. For digital, $1441.35 has been allotted for a disaster ad group, which contains keywords relevant to weather. This keyword campaign activates in the presence of a disaster in the Boulder area. Additionally, the remaining $800 will be allocated for a volunteer relief campaign in the event of a natural disaster or general community enhancement project. Additional money will be allocated to the social media intern for addressing relief effort concerns or notifying the community of TreeHouses intention to assist in volunteer projects as well as print and press releases to be dispersed around the city.

http://www.bouldertheater.com/venue/rentals http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/the-best-clubs-in-america-20130328/fox-theatre-in-boulder-colo-19691231 http://www.4imprint.com/tag/670/Sport-and-Fitness/product/116/Economy-Sport-Towel http://www.kbco.com/pages/bolderboulder.html


Media Budget


Flow chart/schedule


Looking forward
The communication and public relations efforts presented in this book will garner attention from the locals, involve customers in environmentally conscious consumer decisions, and effectively Take Root in the Boulder community. However, these initial steps are merely a sprout that has the potential to bloom into so much more. In order to achieve its ultimate goal of being the go-to environmental home consultant, TreeHouse will need to have a strong media presence past this campaign period. To achieve this, TreeHouse must continually improve and grow as a company. To foster this growth, Jacks Beanstalk will record the effectiveness of each medium used throughout the proposed campaign. This will allow TreeHouse to gauge which media efforts are worth their dollars and which ones are not. TreeHouse will then have the freedom to cut channels that are ineffective, allocate additional funds to channels that are extremely effective, and ultimately have insight into how the community is responding to their messages. Along the way, Jacks Beanstalk will work on improving existing media, such as the Daily Camera, B-Cycle, AdWords, promotional events, and initiatives like the birdhouses which will instill confidence in the community and grow brand awareness. However, we will also lend a helping hand in creating new media strategies to ensure that as TreeHouse grows, the messages being sent out to the community grow with it. This way, no matter how many locations TreeHouse opens, the company will be able to maintain its local personality and continue to Take Root in every new endeavor. Suggested Future Media Efforts: Expanded media buys in the Daily Camera Increased support of the Boulder B-Cycle Bike Share Program Support for Volunteer opportunities that involves TreeHouse in the Boulder community Continued expansion of educational TreeHouse workshops

Turning a New Leaf

Jacks Beanstalk firmly believes that the media strategies outlined throughout this plan are carefully aligned with the values and goals the TreeHouse has defined for itself. Through a unique opportunity, you can allow these media objectives and the TreeHouse brand to unite and do something that will truly make a difference in the Boulder community. If chosen, Jacks Beanstalk will have this plan in place and ready for implementation by February 1st. This is a relationship that will only continue to grow and develop as the TreeHouse media efforts in Boulder expand and so we ask you, to sign with Jacks Beanstalk and Take Root in the Boulder community.