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UNICEF Deputy Rep Urges Mothers To Breastfeed Their Babies
By Quirico M. Gorpido, Jr.

Maasin City, Southern Leyte-United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

Deputy Representative
Collin Davies during his visit here has urged mothers to breastfeed their babies.
Speaking in a press conference at Kinamot Restaurant in brgy. Abgao before the
teachers, Dept. of Education officials, some capitol employees and the media, he
stressed that “the reason why your baby is here is because of you” and that
“giving your baby what is best for him/her is your obligation as a parent”.
Davies said that based on scientific studies breastfeeding is the only way to
provide babies with the necessary nutrients that they need without shifting to
formulated milk products available in drugstores and groceries.
In answer to a query he explained that gaining status symbol in society’s
higher echelon should not be made as an excuse not to breastfeed their babies.
He disclosed regular breastfeeding to the family’s children is a natural
method in birth control application
without resorting to the use of condom, which UNICEF tends to discourage.
The UNICEF Deputy Rep also informed that mothers who regularly breastfeed
their babies can adaptably tolerate to a “one child for every five years” gap
family planning that would benefit both the children and their parents.
The UNICEF official also pointed out the imperative importance of implementing
the Milk Code program in the global scale as the significant outcome in winning
the 19-year-old battle against producers of formulated milk products.
He exhorted concerned individuals to tell the first 10 people he/she would
meet everyday to encourage their respective families to breastfeed their babies.
Davies further informed that thru the Milk Code guidelines, manufacturers of
formulated milk are allowed to
produce but are prohibited to promote their products.
Moreover, he admonished Governor Damian Mercado to always start and end his
speeches in all occasions the importance for mothers to breastfeed their babies.
He also implied the persuasive promotion and favorable endorsement to
breastfeed babies is anchored on scientific studies that bottlefed-babies have a
higher mortality rate compared to those breastfeed babies. The obvious simple
information is that mother’s milk has all the necessary nutrients needed to
provide them with strong resistance against childhood diseases.
Additionally, health practitioners have advised mothers to breastfeed their
babies for a period of at least two years. Limiting to six months or one-year
breastfeeding is inefficient and inadequate as long as nutritional necessities for
the growing babies are concern. Besides, breastfeed babies are brighter than
bottle-feed babies.
Revealing that globally UNICEF has a half a billion dollar trust fund, he
emphasized his office can provide financial assistance for a school building
construction only during a tragedy when many children are also affected, in answer
to a query from a government media.
He also clarified that UNICEF do not give dole out but always work on
projects in partnership with the government,LGUs,NGOs and other community leaders
The Englishman official who was accompanied by Filipino UNICEF officers like
Willy Claudio, Winston Henomino, Baby Estilles and Dennis Salvacion visited
Southern Leyte province last October 2008 to attend the blessing and turnover
ceremony of the newly-finished Pamigsian Elementary School building in Bontoc
which was a UNICEF-assisted project.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)