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Bradley: Intro, background, clear statement of Health care law or legal law. Pro &Cons.

Jon: Identify and analyze facts around healthcare and legal law. Details with who, when, where, what, why and how. Kaylee: Relevant legal and health issues. Dana: possible solutions for solving and alternatives to the issues.

Chemical castration: is this a tool that is an effective means of preventing recidivism of sexual offenses? Chemical castration: does it violate civil liberties?.

Pre vote for support of Chemical castration:

A. Mandatory for all sex offenders. B. only for sever sex offenders with multiply convictions. C. Not able to support.

What do you think the percentage of repeat sex offenses are of convicted persons? A. 71% B. 52% C. 25-30% D. 5-8%

http://youtu.be/TkfK hyqKTl4

Good description from YOU TUBE.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment or Rehabilitative Treatment? Medical concern or issue around the law. Physicians and medical experts role.

1776: Thomas Jefferson support of Castration. 1940s: state support of Chemical castration. Oregon's support and use.

What is chemical castration?

Why should it be administrated?

Who does it benefit?

When should it be administrated?


California Florida Georgia Iowa Louisiana Montana Oregon Texas Wisconsin

506 F.3d 908 UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Gordon Douglas Cope, Jr., Defendant-Appellant. No. 06-50441. United States of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. 2007 AFFIRMED IN PART; REVERSED IN PART; SENTENCE VACATED AND REMANDED

Freedom of expression Protection from cruel and unusual punishments Right to have rights Human Dignity

Crippling osteoporosis or bone fracture Testicular Atrophy (shrinkage) Reduced Sperm Production Blood Clots Diabetes Depression Nightmares Weight Gain Headaches Muscular Cramps Chronic Indigestion Gallstones

Early prevention Placement in high-security facility staffed by professionals Continued monitoring and check-ins GPS tracking anklet

PROS: One solution to help fight sex crimes Reversible Cost to the offender? CONS: Side effects Cost? Does it truly work for all? Violates our constitution rights?

Now that you have heard our presentation, what support do you have for chemical castration of sex offenders? A. Mandatory for all sex offenders. B. only for severe sex offenders with multiply convictions. C. Not able to support.

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