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FACTS: Defendants were charged with, and have been convicted of, rebellion complexed with murders, arsons

and robberies. The defense contends, among other things, that rebellion cannot be complexed with murder, arson, or robber . !nder the information filed, said murders, arsons and robberies allegedl perpetrated b the accused "as a necessar means to commit the crime of rebellion, in connection therewith and in furtherance thereof.# $SS!%: &hether or not the crime of rebellion can be complexed with with murders, arsons and robberies. '%(D: )o. *ne of the means b which rebellion ma be committed, in the words of said Article +,-, is b "engaging in war against the forces of the government# and "committing serious violence# in the prosecution of said "war#. .eing within the purview of "engaging in war# and "committing serious violence#, said resort to arms, with the resulting impairment or destruction of life and propert , constitutes not two or more offense, but onl one crime / that of rebellion plain and simple.