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The idea of preparing this synopsis came to my mind when my

wife SUNANDA KANSARA passed away on 9.10.2007 and the
entire credit goes to her since she wass the source of inspiration
to me. I got a message from her to convey to all
a Cancer victims
SURELY LEAD TO AN END OF LIFE.” In the memory of my loving
wife, I have put an effortt to gather useful information
informatio for Cancer
Victims for better living. I offer my SHRADHANJALI to her and I
am sure readers will welcome her message and put their best
effort to fight the disease. For a free copy of this synopsis
please email me on bye2cancer@gmail.com

mong Cancer Victims.

This synopsis is prepared to create awareness among Victim However, the
information, recommendations and suggestions are not intended
ded to provide any medical
advice. The information is gathered from various sources and is believed to be accurate but is
not guaranteed to cure the disease but iss believed to be reliable and will be highly informative
and helpful for a Cancer patient to win over the disease. The patient must remain in touch
with his Professional Medical Advisor to monitor the disease status. The information herein
provided is not prepared by a qualified Medical Practitioner nor
or by a person attached to the
medical field. The information herein is not to be construed as permission, recommendation
or being absolutely complete, since additional information and advice from a Professional
Medical Advisor is necessary or desirable in the interest of speedy recovery of Patients. It is
also not intended to substitute medical advice or treatments.

This synopsis is available free of cost for free distribution with a view to support cancer
patients. My best wishes to all those Cancer victims who should use this information in
addition to the suggested medical advices to fight cancer and I am sure the SUCCESS will be
undoubtedly there. I request the readers to forward my email-id
id to your family,
f friends and
relatives who can procure this copy free of cost.

If you find this information interesting and would like to give any comments or suggestions,
please feel absolutely free to email me, I shall try and add them to my next updated version,
version if
found interesting.


Rajni Kansara


Cancer patients generally believe that they have entered a death zone, and they
lose hope of living. They surrender to the disease and start believing that their life
is going to end and nothing is left ahead for them.


First of all cancer is not a disease but a malfunction of our body mechanism.
mechanism The
problem is generated by the body and the same can be repaired again by the body

Creating negative thoughts in the mind ind will accelerate the cancer growth and
anything that is abnormal in the body is likely to give more troubles and pain, so do
not let it happen and try to fight the diseases with a positive approach and take the
benefit of the information given in this synopsis in addition to the advice from your
medical advisor and dietician, you will certainly have a longer and a healthy life.


Enjoy every moment of your life with positive thinking, confidence, and happiness.
If you do this you will help yourself to come out of it and YOU will be remembered
by the whole Cancer Victim community.

SET an example for cancer victims and prove that to change our destiny is
not in our hands, but to receive blessings from our Lord SUPREME is
always in our hands.

Every person coming in this world is here for some reason. Some are rich, some are
poor, some are educated, some are un-educated,
educated, some are healthy and some are

Who is responsible for this situation? It is our own self,, the life which we are living,
is nothing but a reflection of our deeds and what we achieve in life is nothing but a
result of our own Karma. This is the Karmic process, the designing tool of our
destiny. So the things which are happening in our life, is nothing but our own
creations. If you are in trouble it is only you who can get yourself
you out of it and
nobody else. The knowledge is developed loped when the necessity arises, the t
Medicines are discovered and the books of knowledge are written by those people
who have suffered.


If you are victimized by a disease do not go negative,

ve, try to develop a desire to
come out of it. Let your disease become your Guru. It will teach you how to find a
way out for a better living. Some day you will become an example for others,


ecause of your disease you will learn how careless you were towards
t your diet
and your lifestyle. You will realise that the path towards healthy living is nothing
but natural food and simple living.

The quality of one's life depends on the quality of attention. Whatever you
pay attention to will grow more important tant in your life. There is no limit to
the kinds of changes that awareness can produce." -- Deepak Chopra

These days Food is eaten for the pleasure of taste, therefore, it’s medicinal value is
ignored. If Food is eaten after understanding it’s nutritious
us value than there is no
place for disease to enter your body. By any reason if you become a patient than
you must learn and understand the right use of right food for you “LET YOUR

CANCER is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit.

t. A proactive and positive spirit
will help the cancer warrior be a survivor. Losing hope of living, anger, un-forgiveness
and bitterness put the body into a stressful and an acidic environment. Learn to have
a loving and forgiving spirit. Learn to relax and enjoy life.. The family members and
the friends of Cancer victims should make sure that the patient does not get
emotionally broken down.. Do not let the patient realize that he or she is sick but give
him/her support in the manner that he/she develops sufficient confidence
confiden to fight the
disease. Try and maintain a happy and jovial environment and ambiance around the
victim so that he/she forgets that they are patient. Do not let them stay alone
otherwise they start thinking negative.

WHAT CANCER IS, AND HOW IT IS FORMED Every person has cancer cells in
the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have
multiplied to a few billions. In a simple
ple term Cancer is a growth of abnormal cells and
tissues that have no connection
nection with our brain or DNA mechanism so they grow
indefinitely without order and spread quickly in the forms of Tumors to take over the

If Tumors are removed, destroyed and their growth is stopped then

the the Cancer will be
cured. Doctors have realized that surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is not a
permanent solution and more and more people are still dying from cancer, this means
that removing or destroying the tumor does not cure the disease, which means that
the tumor is not the disease, but a symptom of the disease. Therefore
herefore with the help
of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy the disease is not treated but the
symptoms are treated and the body still remains capable of growing cancer and the
body does not have a natural defense capacity against the disease.
disease When doctors tell
cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in the body after treatment, it just
means the tests are unable to detect the cancer cells, as they have not reached the
detectable level.

When the person's immune system is strong the cancer cells will be destroyed and


prevented from multiplying and forming tumors. When a person has cancer it
indicates that the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies. These could be due to
genetic, environmental,
mental, food and lifestyle factors. To overcome the multiple
nutritional deficiencies, changing diet and including supplements will strengthen the
immune system.


1. FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE is to provide sufficient pancreatic,

pancreatic digestive and
defensive enzymes.
2. SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE is to provide sufficient
ficient vitamin B17 to the body.
3. THIRD LINE OF DEFENCE is to maintain a healthy immune system.
4. FOURTH LINE OF DEFENCE is consuming good amount of natural Antioxidants,
Anti-inflammatory agents and Minerals.
5. FIFTH LINE OF DEFENCE is to balance PH of the body.
6. SIXTH LINE OF DEFENCE is Physical Activities including Meditation and Yogic
breathing exercises.

FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE Research says that the cancer cells

cell are coated with a
protein lining which prevents the body’s normal defenses from getting to the cancer
cell. If the protein lining formed around the cancer cells is dissolved by the body’s
normal process than it will allow the white blood cells (leukocytes)
leukocytes) to destroy the
cancer cells thus preventing Cancer growth. An enzyme is a catalyst, a chemical that
allows "food" to be broken down into constituent nutrients. The body produces many
enzymes in the pancreas. All people have cancer cells in their bodies and these cells
are normally destroyed because TRYPSIN, a kind of enzyme breaks down the protein
sheath protecting the cancer cell, and then the white blood cells attack the remaining
cancer cell and destroy them. Thus, pancreatic enzymes like TRYPSIN act as a
defensive enzyme in associationion with other digestive enzymes. This is the body's first
line of defence against cancer.

The body’s failure to provide sufficient pancreatic

ic enzymes could be due to (1) Age
A or
hereditary factors (2) Weak pancreas (3) The rate
of cancer growth is so highgh that the pancreatic
enzymes can’t keep up with it (4) The kinds of
foods we eat may use up the pancreatic enzymes
in the digestive process leaving very little in the
blood stream. Animal
nimal protein and preserved
foods in particular uses up large quantities
quantitie of
pancreatic enzymes (5) Enzymes
nzymes are destroyed
by temperature over 130 degrees, so, so if we do
not consume raw fruit and uncooked
vegetables/salads we are not ingesting any
enzymes (foods frozen at home are fine, but frozen foods from the supermarket may
have been processed in some manner). Wash ash and clean raw fruits and vegetables


thoroughly before consumption. Always try and remove skins of fruits and vegetables
before use this will help to avoid intake of pesticides used during cultivation.

The protein digesting enzymes to the body are supplied by the pancreas. Another fact
is that the pancreas is almost always over worked trying to produce digestive enzymes
to digest the cooked food that we eat. Cooked, refined and processed foods have no
enzymes. In the situation where the pancreas are not providing
viding sufficient supply of
protein digesting enzymes, then the body is at a high risk of growing cancer cells

So to improve scarcity of protein digesting enzymes in our body the consumption of

animal protein should be completely reduced (because animal protein requires lots of
protein digesting enzymes). Eat
at more raw fruit and vegetables and especially those
that are known to contain pancreatic (digestive) enzymes, which will reduce the load
on pancreas. Raw fruits such as PAPAYA and PINEAPPLE are one of the best sources
of digestive enzymes.. They are also good source of vitamin B17 which is equally
important to fight Cancer.

Papaya Leaf Extract: Enzymes help our body to digest “dead” foods that th we eat which
often become toxic to our bodies later in life. Our bodies make enzymes from our
pancreas, but our diet overworks our pancreas by the time most of us reach the age
of 25. The papaya leaf contains an enzyme called PAPAIN.. This enzyme has a
capacity to destroy the protein coating around the
cancer cell, which then allows our body to destroy the
cancerous cell. The dried leaves of the papaya are
boiled and the extract thus made is used to treat cancer.
How to make the Papaya Leaf Extract and how often to
drink it? Make the extract by boiling one medium size
papaya leaf in one liter of water. Bring it to boil and keep
it boiling for about 5 minutes. Allow it to cool and
refrigerate it. Drink 1/4 cup of the extract, either hot or cold without
ithout adding anything.
Drink it once daily for one week and then later two to three times a week. This will
help maintaining the digestive enzymes level.

SECOND LINE OF DEFENSE is intake of Vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 is a natural

chemotherapeutic agent found in the seeds of practically all fruits like apricot, peach,
plum, apple, cherry, orange, nectarine etc. in the concentration of 2 to 3 per cent.
Vitamin B17 is a compound called NITRILOSIDES which contains AMYGDALIN or
LAETRILE. Cancer cells are knownwn as Trophoblasts. These cells contain an enzyme
called BETA-GLUCOSIDASE, also known as the unlocking enzyme. When NITRILOSIDES
comes in contact with the enzyme BETA-GLUCOSIDASE, the NITRILOSIDES is broken
down to form two molecules of GLUCOSE, one molecule cule of BENZALDEHYDE
(extremely toxic to the cancer cell), and one molecule of HYDROGEN CYANIDE -HCN
(somewhat toxic to the cancer cell). Normal body cells contain the enzyme called
RHODANESE which "neutralises" the NITRILOSIDES, this enzyme does not allow allo to


release the BENZALDEHYDE or HCN. In this way, NITRILOSIDES only serves as

GLUCOSE to healthy cells providing energy. But Within the body, the cancer cell and
the only cancer cell contains enzyme called beta-GLUCOSIDASE.
GLUCOSIDASE. The key word here is
floating around freely in the NITRILOSIDES and then released. It must be
manufactured. The enzyme beta-GLUCOSIDASE present in Cancer Cells, Cells and only that
enzyme, is capable of manufacturing the BENZALDEHYDE & HCN from NITRILOSIDES
thereby inside the malignant cell causing its destruction of only cancer cell and only
the cancer cell. Thus only cancer cells can convert NITRILOSIDES into BENZALDEHYDE
and HYDROGEN CYANIDE, and the process kills ls the cancer cells while it only nourishes
normal cells. This is a target-specific
specific reaction. It does not adversely affect normal
cells. If there are no cancer cells in the body, there is no beta-GLUCOSIDASE
is no beta-GLLUCOSIDASE, no BENZALDEHYDE or HCN will be formed from the
NITRILOSIDES. In n normal mammalian tissue through the action of RHODANESE, in the
presence of sulphur-bearing compounds, converts free BENZALDEHYDE or HCN to
thiocyanate, a perfectly non-toxic compound. The thiocyanate te is than excreted in the

Over the past few hundred years, man has turned heavily from grains like millet that
are high in NITRILOSIDES to processed food that are low in NITRILOSIDES like white
flour used for making bread, cakes, biscuits that mostt people these days eat several
times a day. Our diets in recent days are lower in NITRILOSIDE bearing foods than
ever before at any time in the history of the world. Now we can understand why
cancer is on the increase and why it is so rampant that 3 out of 10 people will get
cancer. What our medical researchers are doing is finding more drugs that can treat
cancer but they should go somewhat backward to the kinds of food that inhibit
cancer. The only real and easiest cure for cancer is to prevent it with
wi a diet containing
natural vegetable protein (no animal), and plenty of fresh uncooked food high in

Zinc is necessary for NITRILOSIDE metabolism in killing cancer cells. Nothing heals
cancer in the body in the absence of Manganese, Selenium, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc
and other minerals, enzymes, and vitamins C, A, E, andd B (including B17).
B17) They are
essential to healing and good health. You cannot be deficient in any of these
important nutrients and maintain good health or cure cancer. The best way to get
them is in FRESH UNCOOKED FOOD. Iff you have cancer, you ought to make sure you
eat these foods every day, preferably by juicing them, and get
ge plenty of enzymes,
Vitamins, Minerals, and Nitrilosides.

FOODS CONTAINING VITAMIN B-17 Apricot kernels are very rich in B17,
kernels/seeds/pips of pears, plums, peaches, apples, cherries, grapes, prunes,
nectarines and greengages are also rich in B17. Fruits like Raspberry,
Raspberr strawberry,
blackberry, cherry, cranberry, gooseberry, mulberry, contains vitamin B17
(nitrilosides). Beans such as fava beans, lentils beans (sprouted), mung
beans(sprouted), broad (Vicia faba), burma, chickpeas, lima, Rangoon, scarlet runner


Broad beans, butterbeans also contains vitamin B17 (nitrilosides).

). Sprouted seeds of
alfalfa, bamboo, fava, garbanzo, mung, millet,, buckwheat, linseed (flaxseed), barley,
lentils, vetch/chick pea, Sorghum cane also containing good amount of vitamin B17
(nitrilosides). Nuts such as bitter almond (not sweet almonds),, macadamia
m are very
rich in vitamin B17 (nitrilosides). Grains such as oat grouts, barley, brown rice,
buckwheat grouts, flax, millet, rye, vetch, berries also containing vitamin B17
(nitrilosides). Leaves of eucalyptus, alfalfa contains vitamin B17 (nitrilosides).
Vegetables Cassava (Shimul alu), sweet potato also contains vitamin B17 (nitrilosides).

Consumption of 10 (large) apricot kernels per day, either chewed whole, or ground,
would provide sufficient vitamin B17 to permanently guard against cancer. canc It is
suggested that kernels should be eaten at one time, leaving at least an hour between
servings. Eat 10 South African large size apricot kernels per day. 5 in the morning 5 in
the evening - do not swallow whole nut they should be chewed properly. If using
small kernels, the equivalent measurement is approximately 7 gms, with only 3.5 gms
eaten at one time. The maximum number of apricot kernels one can eat per day
would be approx. 2 small kernels for every 10 lbs of body weight. For example, a 150
lb cancer patient should consume a maximum upto 30 kernels in one day. If you are
not getting enough Vitamin B17 in your food, then n supplements are needed.

For anyone with cancer the most important single consideration

consideratio is to get the
maximum amount of vitamin B17 into our body in the shortest possible time, time
lthough it is best to increase the dose gradually over the first few days. The natural
foods should be consumed in biologically rational amounts (no more than 30 to 35
kernels per day) too many kernels or seeds will produce unpleasant side effects.
There are 100mg tablets for prevention, and 500mg tablets and 3gm vials injections to
treat a serious deficiency and Cancer. If you eat the kernels along
long with your physician
prescription B17 tablets than it is recommended that two hours are left in-between
the kernels and the tablets.

THIRD LINE OF DEFENSE is to boost and improve a weak immune system.

system When
immune system weakens, the degenerative metabolic diseases occurring
occ possibilities
increases. One of the primary objectives of all metabolic therapy is to revitalise the
body's immune system and to restore it to a fully functional condition. The
T immune
system depends on a whole host of nutrients, and supplementing these has proved to
enhance immunity. Examples are vitamin A, some of vitamin B family, vitamin C,


vitamin E, selenium, manganese, copper and zinc, calcium (coral),

), and amino acids.

Underactive thyroid and vitamin-B B deficiency makes immune system weak therefore
one often gets Colds, Flu, Respiratory Infections, Constipation, Allergies and finally
Cancers. It makes sense to eat foods high in anti-oxidants. oxidants. The link between
increasing intake of fruits and vegetables and decreasing risk is very convincing
convincin for
cancers. Exercise and positive attitude and laughter also boost the immune system.
Eat organic food - eat more fruits and vegetables – eat raw or lightly cooked food
(cooking destroys enzymes). Eat less meat low fat meat e.g. poultry (removing skin),ski
choose oily fish for Omega 3 fats, and limit intake of dairy food preferably cut out Milk
& Milk products entirely except yoghurt. Calcium intake is not confined to dairy
produce. Take supplements of a good all-round
round multivitamins and minerals, vitamin
vitami C,
an antioxidant complex and perhaps certain herbs e.g. garlic, shiitake mushrooms,
aloevera, elderberry, noni juice, pineapple,, papaya and sprouted seeds etc. all this will
strengthen immune system. Eating yoghurt daily boosts immunity. Glyco-nutritional
supplements can boost the immune system by up to 400%. All diseases start at the
cellular level, if our cells do not receive the right mix of nutrients, they cannot stay
healthy. A scoop on Glyconutrients is that they nourish the body at the cellular
cellul level;
hence boosting the immune system. The digestive system is an important body
process. It acts as a defense against potentially harmful substances, 80% of body’s
immune system is located in digestive system hence maintaining good digestive
health is important because a balanced digestive system may help to overall health
and digestive immunity and allowing to stay active and feel at the best. Ways to keep
your digestive health on track is to drink sufficient water (not excess),
excess) exercising
regularly, eating fruits and vegetables (wash them properly before use).

GLYCONUTRIENTS THE IMMUNE BOOSTER: There are many Essential Glyconutrients:

Xylose which is an important for cell to cell communication and also acts as an
antibacterial and antifungal. Research findings indicate that xylose may help prevent
cancer of the digestive tract. Fucose act as immune modulator by inhibiting tumor
growth and its spread and enhances cellular communicationss. Galactose inhibits
tumor growth and its spread, enhances internal wound d healing, decreases
inflammation, enhances cell-cell communications,, and increases calcium absorption.
Glucose is a potent fast-energy
energy source that can be released directly into the
bloodstream. It has been shown to enhance memory, stimulate late calcium absorption,
and enhance cell to cell communications. Mannose plays a major role in tissue
remodeling, cell to cell communications,, inhibition of tumor growth and spread, and
the prevention of bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections. Mannose is found in
Gum Ghatti which is obtained from the sap of the Indian sumac N-acetylglucosamine
decreases inflammation and it is essential for cell to cell communications,
communication and that it
inhibits tumor spread. N-acetylneuraminic
acetylneuraminic acid is an immune modulator.
mod The
primary sources of GLYCONUTRIENTS are fungi, saps, gums, and seeds, while the
secondary sources are grains, fruit and vegetables.


MUSHROOMS AND FUNGI have been used

medicinally in Japan and China for centuries with
good results. They contain in glucose, galactose and
mannose which are known immune system
MUSHROOMS grown in mountain region (Ideate)
near Sao Paulo, Brazil locally called as "Cogmelo de
Deus" or "Mushroom of God" is the most mos effective
among all mushrooms which contains the highest
level of “Beta glucan" which is a immune boosting
compound and have ability to fight cancer and prevent tumour growth. ABM
Mushrooms are known to have various Medicinal Effects such as Anti tumor effect: it
containss high level of effective elements such as polysaccarides, both Beta(1-3)D-
glucan & Beta(1-6)D-glucan
glucan protein compounds, ribonucleic acid protein compounds,
acid heteroglucan, xyloglucan, lectin, etc. When these elements are introduced into
our white blood cells, it enhances the activity of macrophage, an antibody cell that
destroys or delays the proliferation of cancer cells. Anti cancer effect: it contains
natural steroids, known for it's anti cancer effect. (It is different from the chemically
produced d steroids that enhance the body that is often said to be the cause of cancer).
Preventative effect: it contains large amounts of non digestive dietary fibers that
absorb cancerous materials in our body and discharge away from our system. The
beta-glucanss have been shown to thus extending cancer survival time, improve
recovery from radiation treatments. http://abrazil.com/abm.htm

LEMON GRASS (Cymbopogon Ciatrus) Every cell in our body is

genetically programmed to die after some time, when something
goes wrong; the cells do not die but divide with no control and
become cancerous cells. In normal cells, when the cell discovers
that the control system is not operating correctly – i.e. Cell
contains faulty genetic material which starts cell division instead
of cell’s death. The recent research led us to a conclusion that
citral has ability to destroy cancerous cells. Lemon Grass contains
Citral which is found to ‘commit suicide’ for cancer cells.. A drink
with as little as one gram of lemon grass contains enough Citral to
prompt the cancer cells to commit suicide. Lemon Grass is also a
good cleanser to detoxify the Liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and the digestive tract.
It cuts down uric acid, cholesterol, excess ess fats and other toxins in the body while
stimulating digestion, blood circulation, and lactation. Lemon emon grass easily brews up
into a delightful, lemony-flavoured tea. Take several long blades foliage approx. 30
gms., wash them, and chop them into inch-long pieces than place the cut-up cut foliage in
a teapot, pour boiling water approx. ½ litre into the container, and steep until the
resulting tea
ea is as strong as you want it, allow it to cool drink 6 to 8 glasses per day.

ALOE VERA contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, polysaccharides, fatty
acids and many more. The leaves are particularly rich in polysaccharides and


lycoproteins provides and acts as an antifungal, antiviral,
antibacterial, anti-infection, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory
agent. It also provides immune boosting powers and detoxify the
blood. There are number of active compounds in Aloe Vera which
performs anti-tumor
tumor activities and shut off blood supply to
tumors to restrict it’s growth.
rowth. Fresh Aloevera leaves are available
in the food market or can be procured from NATURE CARE
HEALTH PRODUCTS Phone: 23855999/23854999 Cell:
9820786484 Email: anishi24@yahoo.com

SAPS AND GUMS: Gum Acacia - Acacia Nilotica (Linn.) a natural gum also called
c as
Gum Arabic, is a substance that is taken from two sub-
Saharan species of the acacia tree, Acacia senegal and
Acacia seyal. Gum arabic is a complex mixture of
saccharides and glycoproteins, it is perfectly edible
contains galactose, rhamnose, arabinose,
inose, and glucuronic
acid. Gum Ghatti - Anogeissus Latifolia from the gum of
the Indian sumac contains galactose, arabinose, mannose,
xylose, and glucuronic acid. The three essential
glyconutrients in this gum are important for cell to cell communications.
communicatio Gum Arabic
known as Gaund in India and is used with methi in making Gaunder Pak. It’s drink can
also be made by dissolving it in water.

ASTRAGALUS GUMMIFER (Tragacanth) This gum has shown to stimulate the immune
system and to suppress tumours. The he glyconutrients in the stem and branches of
Astragalus gummifer are galactose, arabinose, xylose, fucose, rhamnose, and
galcturonic acid. The benefits include action as an antioxidant, diuretic, anti- anti
inflammatory. It inhibits tumour growth, offsets the immune
suppression of cancer chemotherapy. Astragalus gummifer
also stimulates synthesis of antibodies, delays the natural
aging process of blastocysts (fertilised egg cells) by one third,
increases the number of stem cells in marrow and lymph
and stimulates stem cell development into active immune
cells. Both the above Gums are very very useful for cancer patient since they are the
best source of glyconutrients. They are available with botanical drug dealers
dealer and one
of the source is Manilal Lallubhai & Co., 225 Kalbadevi Road, Near Nar Narayan
Mandir, Mumbai -400002 Phone: (+9122) 22400651 – (+9122) 22413970.22413970

WHEY PROTEINS: Cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy often have

difficulty in meeting their daily nutritional requirements due to nausea and lack of
appetite. This may lead to weight loss, muscle loss and protein calorie malnutrition.
Whey protein is an excellent protein choice for cancer patients as it is very easy to
digest and very gentle to the system. Whey protein may be addeded to a wide variety of
foods to increase the protein content without affecting taste. Cancer patients often
have reduced glutathione levels and a weakened immune system. Numerous studies


have shown that whey protein, rich in the amino acid cysteine, provides
pro an extra
boost to the immune system by raising glutathione levels. This may help reduce the
risk of infection and improve the responsiveness of the immune system. Whey
protein inhibits the growth of several types of cancer tumors.

• Whey protein is a naturally complete protein, meaning that it contains all of the
essential amino acids required in the daily diet. It has the ideal combination of
amino acids to help improve body composition and bodily performance.

• Whey protein is a rich source of branched

anched chain amino acids (BCAAs), containing
the highest known levels of any natural food source. BCAAs are important since
unlike the other essential amino acids, they are metabolized directly into muscle
tissue. Whey protein provides the body with BCAAs to replenish depleted levels
and start repairing and rebuilding lean muscle tissue.

• Whey protein is an excellent source of the essential amino acid Leucine which is
important as it plays a key role in promoting muscle protein synthesis and muscle

• Whey protein is a soluble, easy to digest protein and is efficiently absorbed into
the body. It is often referred to as a "fast" protein for its ability to quickly
provide nourishment to muscles.

• Whey protein helps maintain a healthy immune system by increasing the levels
of glutathione in the body. Glutathione is an anti-oxidant
oxidant required for a healthy
immune system.

For more information please visit http://www.wheyoflife.org


 Use stairs rather than an elevator.

 If you can, walk or bike to your destination.
 Exercise at lunch.
 Take an exercise break at work to stretch or take a quick walk.
 Go dancing with your spouse or friends.
 Plan active vacations.
 Get involved in some sports activities, depending upon your stamina.
 Use a stationary bicycle or treadmill while watching TV.

FOURTH LINE OF DEFENSE is consumption of natural Antioxidants, Anti-

inflammatory agents & Minerals. The human body constantly produces unstable
ecules called oxidants, also commonly referred to as free radicals. To become
stable, oxidants steal electrons from other molecules and, in the process, damage cell
proteins and genetic material. This damage may leave the cell vulnerable to cancer.
xidants are substances that may protect cells from the damage caused by


oxidants. Antioxidants interact with and stabilize free radicals and may prevent some
of the damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants are often described as "mopping
up" free radicals,
icals, meaning they neutralize the electrical charge and prevent the free
radical from taking electrons from other molecules. When an oxygen molecule
becomes electrically charged or "radicalized" it tries to steal electrons from other
molecules, causing damage
amage to the DNA and other molecules. Over time, such damage
may become irreversible and lead to disease including cancer.

carotene, Lutein, Lycopene vitamins C, E, and A, and other substances are
Antioxidants. Antioxidants are available in fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains etc.
carotene, Lutein, Lycopene, are found in many foods that are orange in color,
including sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, pumpkin. Some green leafy vegetables
including collard greens, spinach, and kale, tomatoes, watermelon, guava, papaya,
apricots, pink grapefruit etc. Green Tea contains antioxidants-called
called catechins, which
inhibit specific enzyme activities that lead to cancer. They target and repair DNA
aberrations caused by oxidants. Green tea contains higherer levels of antioxidants than
black tea.

Vitamin A is found in three main forms: retinol (Vitamin A1), 3, 4-didehydroretinol

(Vitamin A2), and 3-hydroxy-retinol
retinol (Vitamin A3). Foods rich in vitamin A include
sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and lettuce. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid,
and can be found in high abundance in many fruits and vegetables. Vitamin E, also
known as alpha-tocopherol,
tocopherol, is found in almonds, in many oils including wheat germ,
safflower, corn and soybean oils, and also found in mangos, nuts, broccoli and other
foods. Selenium is a mineral and foods like rice, wheat and Brazil nuts are the major
dietary sources of selenium.

WHEATGRASS is known as Triticum aestivum in biological terms. It refers to the young

grass of the commonmon wheat. It is freshly juiced or dried into powder for human
consumption. It can be grown and juice at homes. It is also available in tablets form
Wheatgrass contains
chlorophyll amino acids
like alanine, asparatic
acid, glutamic acid,
arginine and serine,
(helpful in providing good
amount of protein to
body),minerals, enzymes
like protease, cytrochrome, amylase, lipase, transhydrogenase and SOD (super oxide
dismutase), flavonoids,, vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E and minerals
like iron, calcium and magnesium etc. It helps in slowing the aging
agin process of cell. It
helps in promoting blood formation therefore helpful in formation of RBC (red blood
corpuscles), WBC (white blood corpuscles), blood platelets etc. It helps in relieving
from general body pains and any kind of inflammation that has occurred in body. It is
very helpful in protein digestion and It is also helpful in starch digestion in body. It


improves Digestive System and Cure Constipation. It Cleanses the Liver and help
building powerful defence against Cancer.

Fresh Wheat grass can be grown at home or can be bought from food market or can
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Kamdhenu Cow and no other cow) is a bio-enhancer
and can work as anti-cancer
cancer drug. Cow
C urine is boiled
in an iron pot to which a vapour condensing device
devic is
attached, the condensed liquid is collected and
bottled and sold as GO-ARK. It is available in ½ liter &
1 liter packing from 1) ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Swami
Goshala www.goshala.com 2) Jain’s Cow Urine
Therapy Clinic www.cowurine.com 3) Vardhman
Jivdaya Kendra (Luni), http://vardhmanjivdaya.com

The Content Of Cow Urine:- Urea & Uric acid is a major element found in urine and is
the end product of protein metabolism. It is a strong antibacterial agent and helps to
control cancer-causing substances. Creatinine containing in is antibacterial. Minerals
from urine can be very easily absorbed as compared to those derived from food since
it contains
ontains different types of minerals than those containing in food. Bioactive
substance and hormones like: Urokinase dissolves blood clots, helps in curing heart
diseases and improves blood circulation. Epithelium growth factor helps, repair and
regeneratete damaged tissues and cells Colony stimulating factor is effective for cell
division and multiplication. Growth hormone shows different bioactive effects such as
promotion of protein production, cartilage growth, fat decomposition. Erythropoetine
promotes production of red blood cells. Gonadotropins promotes normalization of
menstrual cycle and sperm production Kallikrin releases kallidin that expands
peripheral veins and reduce blood pressure. Tripsyn inhibitor is effective for
prevention and healing of muscular tumor. Allantoine Heals wounds and tumors.
Anti-cancer substance anti-neoplaston, H-11 beta-iodole-acetic acetic acid, directine, 3-
methyl gloxal, etc. differ from chemotherapeutic drugs, which kill or injure all kinds of
cancer cells. They strongly prevent
revent the multiplication of carcinogenic cells and return
them to normal. Nitrogen is diuretic and stimulates kidney naturally. Sulphur
increases intestinal peristalsis and purifies blood. Ammonia maintains integrity of
body tissues and blood. Copper checks
hecks excessive deposition of fat. Iron maintains RBC
counts in blood and stabilizes stamina. Phosphate has lithotriptic action. Sodium
purifies the blood and checks hyperacidity. Potassium is appetizer and eliminates
muscle fatigue. Manganese is antibacterial
cterial and prevents gas gangrene. Carbolic Acid


is antibacterial and prevents gas gangrene. Calcium purifies blood and provides
nutrition to bones, and helps in coagulation of blood. Salts are Antibacterial, Prevents
Comma, and Ketoacidosis. Vitamin A, B,, C, D, E prevents excessive thirst, infuses
vigour, and increase potency. Lactose Sugar gives strength to heart, checks excessive
thirst and giddiness. Enzymes Improve immunity, and promote the secretion of
digestive juices. Water Controls the body temperature
erature maintains the fluidity of blood.
Hippuric Acid excretes toxins through the urine.

PANCHGAVYA (Cowpathy) is an Ancient Ayurvedic therapy. Panchgavya consists of

five ingredients of Indian Kamdhenu cow's urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung and used
either as single or in combination for treatment of various human ailments. Recently
the urine of Indian Kamdhenu cows has been granted US Patent Nos. 6410059 and
6896907 please visit www.freepatentsonline.com to see its bio-enhancer,
bio anti-
tuberculosis, anti-cancer
cancer and pest repellent effects. The distillate of cow urine has
been found very effective in control of various infections and management of cancer
in humans (International Journal of Cow Science). Thee experimental studies showed
that it controls infections and can be used as immune modulator or bio-enhancer
bio to
improve immune system of humans. In case of tumors, it can be used controlling
tumor spread.

GARLIC AND CANCER PREVENTION: Garlic is the edible ble bulb from a plant in the lily
family. Garlic, onions, leeks, scallions, shallots and chives are classified as members of
the Allium genus. Thus, they are commonly described as Allium vegetables. These
vegetables contain allyl sulfur and other compounds ds which provide anticancer
properties and slow or prevent the growth of tumor cells. Allyl sulfur compounds,
which occur naturally in garlic and onions, and make cells vulnerable to the stress
created by products of cell division, because cancer cells divide vide very quickly, they
generate more stressors than most normal cells. Thus, cancer cells are damaged by
the presence of allyl sufur compounds to a much greater extent than normal cells.
Peeling garlic releases an enzyme called allinase and starts a series serie of chemical
reactions that produce Di-Allyl Di-Sulfide
Sulfide (DADS). If garlic is cooked immediately after
peeling, cutting, chopping and crushing the allinase is inactivated and the cancer- cancer
fighting benefit of DADS is lost. It is recommend to wait for 15 minutes
mi after peeling,
and than cutting, chopping, crushing and cooking so that to allow the allinase reaction
to occur.

SNOW MOUNTAIN GARLIC - ALLIUM SATIVUM It has an excellent anti-bacterial

properties. It increases bowel movement so as
to regulate one’s metabolism and assist in the
discharge of toxic food residuals. This Garlic
should not be used in cooking it should be
eaten raw after peeling the skin. Snow
Mountain garlic has proven its health benefits
as a wellness therapy primarily for enhancing
the immune system and restoring health compromised by the common cold, high


blood pressure, rheumatism, tuberculosis, cholesterol, cardiovascular / respiratory

problems and cancer. Snow mountain garlic contains allicin, which possesses
antibacterial properties,
rties, and effective even diluted to 120 thousandth. Allicin is able
to penetrates the bacteria and destroys their proteins, thereby limiting their
destructive attacks on a healthy body. The other remarkable health benefit of allicin
is its ability to combine
mbine with thiamine to form allithiamine, which has the same
properties as thiamine and yet works more effectively than thiamine itself. Thiamine
is responsible for the creation of energy that our body needs. Energy is generated
from glucose; thiamine is indispensable
ndispensable in the process of dissolving glucose and thus
generating energy. If the body lacks in thiamine, it cannot produce enough energy,
and a person feels tired and lacking in stamina. Allithiamine remains inside the blood,
so the body can store it in large amounts and use it as need arises. Snow Mountain
Garlic also contains a substance that has the same function as vitamin E, which is
known to improve blood circulation, to cleanse the blood, to increase red corpuscles,
and to refresh cells by promoting
oting the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, by its
antioxidant activity. Snow Mountain Garlic activates the cells of the liver and thereby
protects the liver from toxic substances; it also rejuvenates a tired liver and promotes
its normal functioning.

It is available from www.snowmountaingarlic.com.. In retail it is available with many

dry fruit and Spice dealers, one of the dealer in Mumbai is Harumal Gangaram & Co,
171, Samuel Street Masjid Bunder, Mumbai - 400009. Phone No +9122 – 23475121.
Contact Person Jeevanbhai.


an antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory
inflammatory agent.
Neem Leaf is considered to be the aspirin of Indian ayurvedic
icine. It is believed to remove toxins from the body,
neutralize free radicals, and purify the blood. Neem Leaf has
shown much promise in the area of cancer prevention,
especially when combined with garlic.
garlic It contain known
phytochemicals that are capablee of killing cancer cells by a
well-known process of apoptosis.. Worldwide scientists have found that
polysaccharides and liminoids in neem bark, leaves and seed oil very effectively
reduced tumours and cancers. In another study, one researcher used an extract ext of
neem leaves to prevent the adhesion of cancer cells to other body cells. If cancers
can’t stick to other cells, the cancer can’t spread throughout the body and is more
easily destroyed.

Fresh Juice are extracted from it’s leaves or can be bought

ht from food market or can be
procured from NATURE CARE HEALTH PRODUCTS Phone: 23855999/23854999 Cell:
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consume capsules made out of it’s extract and is available at retail Medical Stores
made by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare www.himalayahealthcare.com


TULASI HOLY BASIL (OCIMUM SANCTUM) is used extensively in religious ceremonies

and is believed to protect any home where it is grown. According to Ayurvedic
tradition, tulasi is one of the best herbs to prepare the heart
and mind for spiritual practices. Modern research on holy
basil suggests that holy basil contains powerful antioxidants
and it may be hepatoprotective. It is said that if one tulasi leaf
if swallowed daily, that person never suffers from cancer.
Fresh Juice can be extracted from it’s leaves and can be
bought from food market or can be procured from NATURE
CARE HEALTH PRODUCTS Phone: 23855999/23854999 Cell:
9820786484 Email: anishi24@yahoo.com. If time does not permit perm capsules made out
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Healthcare www.himalayahealthcare.com

HALDI - TURMERIC (CURCUMA LONGA) is powerful in protecting and fighting against

cancer. Scientist’s studies have documented the healing properties of turmeric and
consider it as number one anti-cancer
cancer herb. The known properties of turmeric are 1)1 It
breaks down toxins in the liver and prevents carcinogens from forming. It has ability
to Kill cancer cells and stop new blood vessels from growing and feeding tumours, it
also prevents spread of tumours (metastasis). 2) It is a powerful anti-inflammatory,
which is an important anti-cancer
cancer defence because
inflammation plays a key role in the formation and
progression of many cancers. The anti-cancer
anti effect of
green tea can be more potent by 8 times and makes it
far more effective on Cancer cells. 3) It is a powerful
antioxidant, 300 times more potent than vitamin E.
Antioxidants protect against cancer by destroying
causing oxygen free radicals. 4) It stimulates
the immune system, which is essential
sential for fighting off
most diseases and illness including cancer. 5) It helps to emulsify fat and promote
weight loss; Obesity increases the risk of many types of cancer. If chemotherapy is
advised than turmeric can be extremely beneficial because it enhances the
effectiveness of chemotherapy against tumour and protecting organs from its
damaging effects. Add about ¼ to ½ teaspoon to your diet of vegetables, soups,
grains or other dishes near the end of cooking. Turmeric should be mildly cooked but
not over-cooked. For the best results add ¼ to ½ tsp to your soup bowl or curry. 2 or
3 tablespoons of turmeric powder mixed in 1 cup of fresh coconut milk a day is also a
good cure for cancer.

AVOCADOS are rich in glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that

attacks free radicals in the body by blocking intestinal absorption
of certain fats. They also supply even more potassium than
bananas and are a strong source of beta-carotene. Scientists also
believe that avocados may also be useful in treating viral al hepatitis
(a cause of liver cancer), as well as other sources of liver damage.



chemical component called indole-3 3-carbinol (I3C), In
laboratory tests & study, indole-3-carinol
carinol in association with a
mical called genistein, found in soy beans can increase the
levels of BRCA1 and BRCA2 proteins that can repair damaged
DNA. Since decreased amounts of the BRCA proteins are seen
in cancer cells, higher levels might prevent cancer from
developing, adding that
hat the ability of I3C and genistein to
increase production of BRCA protein to have protective effect.

TOMATOES contain lycopene, an antioxidant that attacks roaming oxygen molecules,

known as free radicals, that are suspected of triggering cancer. It appears that the
hotter the weather, the more lycopene tomatoes produce. They also have vitamin C,
an antioxidant which can prevent cellular damage that
leads to cancer. Watermelons, carrots, and red peppers
also contain these substances, but in lesser quantities. It is
concentrated by cooking tomatoes. Scientists in Israel have
shown that lycopene can kill mouth cancer cells. An
increased intake of lycopene has already been linked to a
reduced risk of breast, prostate, pancreas and colorectal
cancer. The recent studies indicate that for proper
absorption, the body also needs some oil along with
lycopene, so tomatoes must be eaten with some oil like flax--seed oil or olive oil.
Eating tomatoes and broccoli together offer better protection against cancer than
eating either of them alone. Together, they bring out best and maximize the cancer
fighting effect.

BROCCOLI SPROUTS, also have the phytochemical sulforaphane, a product of

glucoraphanin - believed to aid in preventing some types of cancer, like colon
colo and
rectal cancer. Sulforaphane induces the production of certain
enzymes that can deactivate free radicals and carcinogens. The
enzymes have been shown to inhibit the growth of tumors in
laboratory. However, be aware that the more bitter the broccoli
s, the more glucoraphanin it has. Broccoli sprouts have 20 times
higher sulforaphane than the levels found in mature heads of

GRAPEFRUITS like oranges and other citrus fruits,

contain monoterpenes, believed to help prevent
cancer by sweeping carcinogens out of the body.
Some studies show that grapefruit may inhibit the
proliferation of breast-cancer cells in vitro. They also
contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, and folic acid.


FIGS apparently have a derivative of benzaldehyde is highly effective

at shrinking tumors. Figs,
igs, contain vitamins A and C, and calcium,
magnesium and potassium, and is potent bacteria killer.
killer Figs can be
eaten fresh or dried.

CARROTS contain a lot of beta carotene, which may

help reduce a wide range of cancers including lung,
mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, bladder, prostate
and breast. Some research indicates that beta
carotene over dose may cause cancer, so do not
consume carrots in large quantities of 2 to 3 kilos of
carrots a day, upto ½ to ¾ kilos a day will be highly
beneficial. The substance called falcarinol that is
found in carrots has been found to reduce the risk of
cancer, the isolated cancer cells grow more slowly when exposed
sed to falcarinol. This
substance is a polyacethylen, which is destroyed if carrots are cooked, so it is
important not to cook the carrots but to eat raw or juiced.

RED BEET is famous for their ability to cleanse blood.

Beet contains calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, choline,
carotene and vitamin C. Beets are also high in
minerals which strengthen the liver and gall bladder, and
are the building blocks for blood corpuscles and cells.
Beet is a good source of carotenoids which help in the
tion of all types of cancers. They are high in
manganese which is an important mineral for brain
function. Red beet contains lot of antioxidant also and
has anti-cancer
cancer properties. Betacyanin, Betaine, Betalains
and Betanin are the pigments that give red r color to beet.
Red beet are extremely rich in cancer-fighting
cancer flavenoids
that is why it is used in Juice therapy to treat Cancer.
Cancer Beet
juice is very concentrated. Do not drink it alone. Dilute
with a milder juice such as carrot or apple. Beet juice has
been proven therapeutic in the treatment of leukemia
and cancer. Beet cause the stool to turn red and may give
the urine a reddish tinge.

PUMPKIN & IT’S SEEDS provides many health benefits. Cooked

ooked pumpkin is a super
cancer food. One half cup of cooked pumpkin has
over five times your quota for beta-carotene
(vitamin A) per day. Use of pumpkin in daily diet can
provide protection against many cancers. Research
says that the Phytosterols compounds containing in
the pumpkin seeds have been shown to protect


against many cancers. 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds contains 92% of your daily value of
magnesium and zinc. Pumpkin seeds can effectively reduce inflammation without
the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

GRAPES, RED contain bioflavonoids, powerful antioxidants that

work as cancer preventives. Grapes are also a rich ric source of
resveratrol, which inhibits the enzymes that can stimulate cancer-
cell growth and suppress immune response. They also contain
ellagic acid, a compound that blocks enzymes that are necessary for
cancer cells - this appears to help slow the growth
growt of tumors. Make
sure that grapes are thoroughly washed and cleaned before eating
as these days there are lot of pesticides used which are more
harmful and injurious for consumption.

KALE Is a kind of cabbage (Brassica oleracea). It has indoles, nitrogen

nitro compounds
which may help stop the conversion of certain lesions
to cancerous cells in estrogen-sensitive tissues. In
addition to isothiocyanates, it is also containing sulfur-
phytonutrients called sulforaphane phytonutrient
which boosts the body's detoxification enzymes,
potentially by altering gene expression, thus helping to
clear potentially carcinogenic substances more quickly.
It can suppress tumor growth and block cancer-causing
substances from reaching their targets.

SWEET POTATOES contain lot of beta-carotene,

carotene, Vitamin C,
C Vitamin
A, Potassium and Folic-Acid. It has many anticancer properties,
which may protect DNA in the cell nucleus from cancer-causing
chemicals outside the nuclear membrane. The potassium helps
maintain fluid and electrolyte
yte balance in the body cells.

APPLE there is an adage that AN APPLE A DAY KEEP DOCTOR AWAY. AWAY The research
shows that the Red Apple peel (darker the color higher the compounds) contains most
of the apple's phytochemical compounds which may account for most mo of its anti-
oxidant and anti-cancer properties. The whole fruit contains a complex combination
of phytochemicals, including flavonoids and phenolic acids.
There are three classes of phytochemicals containing in apple.
Flavonoids - Quercetin which iss a type of phytochemical called
a flavonoid. Quercetin has shown strong anti-inflammatory
activity. Polyphenols - Ferulic acid is a phenolic phytochemical.
This compound has significant antioxidant and anti-cancer cancer
activity and may neutralize free radicalss which can be involved
in DNA damage and accelerated cell aging. Triterpenoids -
Ursolic acid,, a pentacyclic triterpenoid. This phytochemical
inhibits tumor growth, and also has anti-inflammatory and anti--microbial properties.


Do not store apples with vegetables

egetables such as leafy greens, broccoli,
b cabbage or
cauliflower since it give off a gas that will damage them. The gas that apples produce
will also speed up the ripening of other fruits such as bananas, kiwis, peaches, pears
and plums when stored together.

CHERRIES dark coloring material is an excellent source of

antioxidants known as anthocyanins. Dark colored
cherries are very rich with anthocyanins. Cherries also
have pain-relieving non-steroidal
steroidal anti-inflammatory
anti drugs
such as aspirin, ibuprofen n in it. Cherries contain cox
inhibitors which has an anti-cancer
cancer activity. Cherries also
contain very high levels of Melatonin which has some
cancer properties. Cherry is a rich source of Perillyl Alcohol (POH) also called p-p
menta, which is discovered to have cancer-fighting
fighting properties. Much evidence from
the research highlighted that Perillyl alcohol could be used to prevent and treat many
cancer related diseases. Perillyl alcohol shuts down the growth of cancer cells by
depriving them of the proteins
teins they need to grow. It works on every kind of cancer.
Cherries contain several substances that fight cancer individually and in concert.
Perillyl alcohol binds proteins to inhibit the growth signals that stimulate tumor
development. Perillyl alcohol enhances detoxification of cancer–causing
cancer agents.
Perillyl alcohol can revert tumor cells to a differentiated state without affecting
normal cells. It has been suggested, that those pre-disposed
disposed to cancer could consume
Perillyl alcohol regularly as a preventive
ntive measure against the illness.

RASPBERRIES possess very high antioxidant activity due to ellagitannins,

anthocyanins, cyanidin and pelagonidin glycosides, a family of compounds almostalm
exclusive to the raspberry. These compounds are
reported to have anti-cancer activity. Raspberries is an
excellent source of manganese and vitamin C, the
antioxidant nutrients that help protect the body's tissue
from oxygen-related damage. It is also qualified as a good
source of riboflavin, folate, niacin, magnesium, potassium
and copper. Coupled with this strong B vitamin and
mineral content, raspberries are qualified as "excellent"
in terms of dietary fiber. It contains well known phyto-
nutrient component called as ellagic acid, which prevents
unwanted damage to cell membranes and other
structures in the body by neutralizing free radicals.
Raspberry's flavonoid key substances are quercetin, kaempferol,
kaempferol and the cyanidin-
based molecules called cyanidin-3-glucosylrutinoside and cyanidin-3-rutinoside.
These flavonoid molecules are also classified as anthocyanins,, and they belong to the
group of substances that give raspberries their rich red color. Raspberries'
anthocyanins also give these delectable berries unique antioxidant properties, as well
as some antimicrobial ones, including the ability to prevent overgrowth of certain
bacteria and fungi
gi in the body. Additionally, research is suggesting that raspberries


may have cancer protective properties and potential to inhibit cancer cell proliferation
and tumor formation in various parts of the body. Raspberries inhibit
metalloproteinase enzymes. s. Although essential for the development and remodeling
of tissues, if produced in abnormally high amounts, these enzymes play a significant
role in cancer development by providing a mechanism for its invasion and spread. One
must eat Raspberries on an empty
mpty stomach, before eating anything else, or eat them
in yogurt, as the curdling of the yogurt in the stomach will protect them. If your fruit
sits in your stomach too long, because you've eaten something prior, stomach acid
will destroy its healthful properties. Do not forget to wash raspberries thoroughly as
the pesticides contamination has to be removed completely.

FLAXSEED AND FLAXSEED OIL are rich in alpha-linolenic

alpha acid
(ALA), an essential fatty acid that belongs to a group of
substances called omega-3 3 fatty acids. It also contains
lignans, which have antioxidant actions and may help protect
against cancers. Good health requires the right ratio of
Omega 3 fatty tty acids to Omega 6 fatty acids in the diet and the
ideal ratio is around 1:2. Flaxseed oil is about 4:1. So flaxseed
or it’s oil is a good source of Omega 3. However if flaxseed or
it’s oil alone is used in the diet for long time than,, it may cause Omega
Ome 6 LA deficiency
so the best bet is to blend flaxseed oil with other nuts, seeds or oils that contain more
Omega 6, in order to get the right balance, such as sesame oil,, sesame seeds or olive
oil or walnuts. Serving recipe: Put in a blender 1 cup cottage cheese (paneer), 2- 2
3tbsp. flaxseed oil, 2-3tbsp. olive oil, 1-2 tbsp.bsp. of freshly ground flaxseeds,
flaxseed 1-2 tbsp. of
Walnuts add water to make it soft and a pinch of red hot chili powder. powder The fat in the
Flaxseed binds to the proteins in the cottage cheese which makes it easy to absorb by
the body.

MACROBIOTIC DIET: Macrobiotic is a complete and effective approach to establish

and maintain or improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Macrobiotic healing is
healthy diet and healthy diet is a
healthy way to get rid of diseases.
Macrobiotic is not a medicine to cure
many diseases but when proper diet is
taken, health related problems can be
cured. Macrobiotics diet is a vegetarian
pattern diet with no animal food (no
fats), non-organic food and processed
food. It avoids all the foods which are
not good for your health. Foods that
are rich in proteins and have less
carbohydrates and fat contents are the
most preferred. Whole grains Bean and bean products, Organic vegetables and fruits,
Soya products, Soups , Condiments (for minerals), Sea vegetables, Legumes, Fruits etc.
can be used in macrobiotic diet


Some important suggestions on macrobiotic diet:

1. The cooking and storage of macrobiotic diet should be done in wood
utensils. Preparee your food in calm and pleasant environment.
2. The manner of eating is also important in macrobiotic diet. Taking proper
diet is not enough, the food should be properly cooked. The way you eat
your food is also important- you should eat your food in a relaxed
rel way,
chew it properly (around 50 times per mouthful) as it is important for good
digestion and then swallow it.
3. Microwave should be replaced with pressure cooker. The use of a gas or
wood stove is preferred. Use earthenware, cast iron, or stainless steel
cookware rather than aluminum or teflon-coated
coated pots. The diet should be
prepared with a highly natural and unprocessed food. It should have low
saturated fats and provide sufficient fats for your body.
4. Know that macrobiotics is based on living in harmony
rmony with nature through a
balanced whole foods diet, an active lifestyle, and respect for the
5. Eat only when hungry. Eat in a relaxed manner. Sit with a good posture and
take a moment to express gratitude for the food. You may eat two or three
times a day, as much as you want, provided the portion is balanced. It is
best to leave the table satisfied but not full.
6. Drink moderate volume of fluids, only when thirsty.
7. For the deepest and most restful sleep, retire before midnight and avoid
eating late.
8. Use cosmetics and cleaning products that are made from natural, non-toxic
ingredients. Avoid those perfumed with chemicals. Wash your body as
needed, but avoid long hot baths or showers that deplete the body of
9. Prefer cotton clothing,ng, especially for undergarments. Avoid wearing
synthetic or woollen clothing directly on the skin. Avoid excessive non-
precious metallic accessories on fingers, wrists, or neck. Gold, Silver metallic
jewelleries free of Nickel are allowed.
10. Spend time outdoors if strength permits. Walk on grass if possible during
sunrise time, on the beach or on soil for up to half-hour
hour every day. Spend
some time in early morning sunlight.
11. Exercise regularly, as your condition permits, including walking, working in
the garden, yoga, martial arts, and dance.
12. Include some large green plants in the home to enrich the air's oxygen
content. Open windows daily to permit fresh air to circulate, even in cold


13. Keep your home in good order, especially where food is prepared and
14. To increase circulation, scrub the entire body with a hot, damp towel every
15. Minimize use of television and computers. When using a computer, protect
yourself from potentially harmful electromagnetic fields with a protective
shield over the screen and other safety devices.

Macrobiotics yield good results with the combination of meditation and exercise. The
use of macrobiotic diet will make you to starve and cut down the calcium, iron,
vitamin D and B. Although not proven, macrobiotics
acrobiotics has the ability to cure AIDS and
Cancer, if a sensible and balanced diet is taken. It also improves self immunity system
and act as a warrior, which defends diseases in attacking the body.

FIFTH LINE OF DEFENSE: If the condition of our extra cellular

ellular fluids, especially the
blood, becomes acidic, we will first feel tiredness, proneness to catching colds, etc.
When these fluids become more acidic, our condition than manifests pains and
suffering such as headaches, chest pains, stomach aches, etc. If the Blood develops a
more acidic condition, then our body inevitably deposits these excess acidic
substances in some area of the body where the blood will not be able to maintain an
alkaline condition which causes these cells to become acidic and lowering
low the oxygen.
As this tendency continues, such areas increasee in acidity and some cells die, then
these dead cells themselves turn into acids. However, some other cells may adapt in
that environment. In other words, instead of dying as normal cells, cells in an acid
environment some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells. These abnormal cells
are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor
with our own DNA memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and a
without order. Since the malignant cells can only grow in acid/acidic body (Brain,
Breast, Lungs etc.) the cells spread quickly and take over the body.

If the body becomes Alkaline, the cells cannot spread and will stay in one place. As
the body becomes
omes more Alkaline the cancer cannot spread and will either become
dormant or perish. If a body is alkaline, cancer cells can never grow and cannot
multiply but finally Cancer will be cured. An alkaline body will never get Cancer. AN

If a body has cancer it means body is acidic and Cancer can only be formed in an Acidic
body. If you have cancer that means you body is more Acidic then alkaline and it can
be reversed no matter what the stage of cancer it is. The bare bones of cancer are
acid, that's it, nothing else. If your body is acid you can get cancer. If your body is
Alkaline you cannot get cancer, and if you have cancer it can go away no matter how
critical the situation may be. If the
he PH in your Body is balanced (your Acid/Alkaline
Level) you will be healthy. Make your body Alkaline, no o matter how critical your
disease is, 6 months to live? If your body becomes alkalinelkaline your cancer will not


spread but will parish. It does not matter ter if your mother and father had cancer and
everyone in your family has it. If your body is alkaline
lkaline you will not get it and if you
have it, it will be reversed and cancer patient diagnosed to live for six months can live
cancer free normal life. No matter ter where you are in terms of your health you need to
get your PH balanced, you need to make your body Alkaline. This is going to cost you
a little bit of money but it will change your life and save it.

UNDERSTANDING PH (potential of hydrogen) is a measure ure of the acidity or alkalinity

of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14—the the lower the pH the more the
acidic, the higher the pH the more alkaline. When pH is 7 it is neutral. Water is the
most abundant compound in the human body, comprising 70% of the body.
The body has an acid-alkaline (or acid-base)
base) ratio called the pH, which is a balance
between positively charges ions (acid-forming)
forming) and negatively charged ions (alkaline-
forming.) The body continually strives to balance pH. When this balance ba is
compromised many problems can occur. It is important to understand that we are
not talking about stomach acid or the pH of the stomach. We are talking about the pH
of the body's fluids and tissues, which is an entirely different matter.


that you test your pH levels to determine if your body's pH needs immediate
attention. By using pH test strips called as litmus paper (available with laboratory
equipment suppliers), you can determine your pH factor quickly and easily at home. If
your urine pH fluctuates betweenen 6.0 to 6.5 in the morning and between 6.5 and 7.0
in the evening, your body is functioning within a healthy range. If your saliva stays
between 6.5 and 7.5 all day,
ay, your body is functioning within a healthy range. The best
time to test your pH is about one hour before meal and two hours after meal. You
can also test your pH levels every two days. The goal is to keep pH level at 7 or higher
constantly throughout the day. Get your body Alkaline and this can be done with
juicing and diet.

Tri-Salts mixture can make the body become more alkaline

Recipe for Tri-Salts

2 Parts Potassium Bicarbonate
3 Parts Sodium Bicarbonate
1 Parts Calcium Carbonate


Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together, use one teaspoon of the above
a mixture
to 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon powdered vitamin C dissolve it in water and drink it before bed
each evening. Make sure that all the salt is dissolved
ed before drinking.


SIXTH LINE OF DEFENSE IS: Physical Activity. Any

ny bodily movement produced by
skeletal muscles; such movement results in an expenditure of energy. Physical activity
is a critical component of energy balance, a term used to describe how weight, diet,
and physical activity influence health, including cancer risk. Physical activity
activi causes
changes in hormone metabolism, body mass, immune function, insulin resistance,
inflammatory factors and hormone levels, which help prevent tumor developments.
Cancer victims change their nutrition, activity, and regular exercise can reduce cancer.

Through nose and mouth openings air and food is feed in as a source of energy for
the body. Through the body’s mechanism the required energy is absorbed
producing unwanted by-products in the form of wastage,e, which is than discharged
out of the body through the natural openings anus, urinal tract,
tract skin pores, mouth
and nose. The different wastagess are thrown out of body through different
openings in the form of stool, urine, perspiration, spit and cough etc. These
wastages if not discharged completely than they get accumulated in the body and
over a period of time the unwanted elements in the form of toxins starts
functioning on its own without control of body’s governing mechanism and this
malfunction of bodily activities result in to various Disease. LARGER THE

One must pay attention to his daily discharge of waste via stool and keep an eye on
the food he eats and avoid such food which body is not easily digesting. The
discharge of urine is also important and d one must have at least 5 to 6 urine
discharge calls per day and for which substantial water intake is required. If your
stool and urine discharge is in order but if your wastage through perspiration low
than the whole problems starts from here. The whole e body is made out of tissues
and tissues are chain of cells and cells are governed by the genes. The food that
are absorbed by the body goes in to the blood streams and then blood goes to
kidney for purification, but still some wastage is left behind which
whi should be then
discharged through the tissues via skin pores. There are various facilities available
these days which curtails the natural process of wastage discharge via sweating.
We get natural calls for stool discharge and urine discharge but we do
d not get calls
for perspiration discharge. We stop such discharge due to use of air conditioner or
fan. This does not mean that use of air conditioner or fan is bad but accumulating
wastage in the system is definitely bad. However too much sweating is also bad
since there
here are many elements excreted in sweat like sodium, potassium, calcium,
magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, chromium, nickel, lead and many other trace
minerals which are essential to be retained in the body. One must do exercise to


allow body to sufficiently sweat at least by doing 45 to 60 minutes work out every
day or to Use dry sauna bath occasionally may be once in i a fortnight, not

THE SUNSHINE VITAMIN Sunlight is electromagnetic energy that radiates from the
sun in waves similar to that of the ocean. Sunlight essential role is in production
and regulation of vitamin D, which is an important cancer-fighting
fighting nutrient and also
important for strong healthy bones as well as properly functioning nervous system
and healthy skin. The ultraviolet lights have waves of different lengths—UVA,
UVB, and UVC. It is important to know that 90-95% 95% of the ultraviolet light in
sunlight falls into UVA group, with UVB making up the majority of the remainder. It
is within this ultraviolet spectrum
ctrum that we find most of the beneficial effects of
sunlight. When sunlight strikes the exposed skin, the UVB portion causes a
chemical change in a special type of cholesterol present in the skin, converting it to
a form of vitamin D. From the skin this inactive vitamin D travels through the blood
stream to the liver, where it is again chemically altered, and finally to the kidneys
for its final alteration to a substance called 125 dihydroxycholecalciferol or, more
simply, active vitamin D. So you can see ee that three organ systems—the
systems skin, the
liver and the kidneys—workwork together to provide our bodies with a consistent level
of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is not abundantly found in the food we eat. Fish oils provide the richest
amounts, and a little is found in eggs and dairy products. So our bodies really
depend on the regular exposure of our uncovered skin to sunlight as the primary
source. If you were to take vitamin D in the pill form, you may be setting yourself
up for vitamin D toxicity. Our skin, along g with the kidneys and liver, is innately
designed to perform the task of supplying our bodies with natural vitamin D safely,
but only when we need it. When the body has enough, the conversion to the
active form slows down, so there is no risk of becoming toxic.

Vitamin D becomes the body’s main instrument of bone health. It helps the
intestines absorb dietary calcium and phosphorous. Without enough vitamin D the
body will not absorb calcium properly. So beware, menopausal women, if you are
taking calcium
lcium supplements and your vitamin D is inadequate, you’re not doing
anything to help build your bones. We are constantly rebuilding and destroying
bones and vitamin D exerts a direct effect through a hormone-like
hormone action that
stimulates the bone to lay down
wn minerals, remove the old bone, and replace it with
new bone. So with the help of rays of sunlight and vitamin D along .with proper
nutrition, you can build and maintain bones throughout life.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF VITAMIN D: besides building and strengthening

streng bones, it is
involved in regulating calcium metabolism (calcium is the most prevalent mineral in
your body). It is also significant in balancing our mood, alleviating depression,
boosting metabolism, regulating blood pressure, and preventing the growth
g of
cancers of the breast, colon, prostate, and even malignant melanoma. When we


are exposed to the sunlight our thyroid gland is stimulated, and production of
many of our hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone, epinephrine, and
norepinephrine (all of which help our metabolic weight, body weight, and aid in
blood sugar control) is stimulated.


1. Sunbathe year round.

2. Begin with just a few minutes of exposure, until you have a pink
foundation. Never let your skin burn.
3. Sunbathe with clean skin, free of lotions, soaps,
oaps, perfumes or cosmetics.
4. Do not use sun block—the the production of both vitamin D and melanin
pigmentation are UVB dependent.
5. Use sunscreen only after you’ve had proper sun exposure and you are
going to be in the sun for extended periods of time.
6. Reduce sun exposure when you are in the snow, white sand, or high
altitude locations.
7. Do not exceed the safe daily limits. Put on a hat and the proper clothing,
and a sunscreen that contains a physical sun bloc lock, such as titanium
8. Enjoy the sun—the sun is your friend.
9. If you ar a non-vegetarian than one
ne teaspoon per day of cod liver oil or 2
pills per day is recommended for a great source of vitamin D.


1. Have faith in your God and his blessings will get you back to normal.
2. Kill your Cancer before it kills you, so have a strong determination to fight.
3. Try to stay in a non polluted environment, if possible at least do deep breathing
going to a place in a day time where there is lot of greenery around you. Try to
hold the inhaled breath as long as you can so that body can completely absorb
required oxygen and expel out unwanted air.
4. Eat food which is easily digestable. Do not eat over cooked food, cooking is
necessary only to destroy
stroy bacteria and not the enzymes, eating over cooked
food will consume lot of pancreatic enzymes and over worked pancreas will
result in to number of complex disease.
5. Make sure that your body completely discharges the waste produced from your
food. Some food remains in the intestine for 2 to 3 days and such food should
be completely avoided. Consume 10 to 15 ml of Castor oil once in a month
which is a good laxative to induce bowel movements for eliminating and
discharging undigested food.


6. Drink excess boiled & filtered water at least 10 to 12 glasses per day.
day Lemon
grass and papaya leaf extract is preferable to replace per day water intake.
Drink 4 to 5 glasses of Lemongrass, 1 to 2 glasses of Papaya leaf le and 4 to 5
glasses of Copper water. Discharge the urine once you feel like, never delay.
Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water in the morning when you get up. Water stored in
Copper vessel is very good as it can destroy undesirable Virus and bacteria.
Researchers say that E-Coly
Coly 157 bacteria causing food poisoning can live
liv happily
in stainless steel vessels for months together, while copper vessel at room
temperature can kill them in just four hours. At 4 deg. Centigrade,
Centigrade it takes 14
hours. At 20 deg Centigrade, in the stainless steel vessel,, those bacteria live for
34 days. Copper water can be prepared in two ways. Fill a clean copper (use
tamarind to clean inside of vessel, the inside of the vessel shining is must) with
water, one coin of pure Gold and one coin of pure Silver and boil on low heat till
water quantity reaches to 50%. When copper dissolves in water, water
becomes ionic (electrolyte) and kills the micro-organisms
organisms in the water. Those
who do not have time to look after water boiling, can keep water stored in a
clean copper vessel with Gold and Silver coins into it and allow it to remain
stored overnight and drink the next day. Do not use this stored water for more
than 24 hours as storing for more period causes no harm, but concentration of
ions gets saturated. Do not store water in fridge drink it at room temperature.
7. Take dry Sauna bath once in a fortnight.. The heat generated during sauna bath
opens the pores on skin and helps to remove excess salt, toxins and impurities
from within the body and blood through sweating. This will relieve body
muscles and help in improving the function of body’s immune system. It will
also revitalize your mood and install better health. Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water
before taking Sauna bath. Caution: Pregnant women, heart patient with low or
high blood pressure condition or suffering from any disease which has negative
effect of sauna bath than a physician should be first consulted
consult regarding
physical condition and the duration of sauna bath one can take.
8. Sit for 25 to 30 minutes in a bathtub filled with warm water mixed with 3 to 4
tsp of Baking Soda, ¾ cup of Coconut Milk (freshly extracted) and 15 to 20 drops
off Coconut oil. Baking soda is acid neutralizer hence it will reduce the acidic
level of the skin. Another required bath is Hydrogen Peroxide.
P Hydrogen
Peroxide is available at most of the Medical stores. Add 1 ½ Cup of Hydrogen
Peroxide in to a bath tub and Sit for 25 to 30 minutes.. Hydrogen Peroxide is
basically water with an extra oxygen atom attached when hen that oxygen gets
released against germs, it "oxidizes". Each bath is required once in a week
keeping 2 to 3 days gap in between.
9. Have a full body oil massage once in 15
5 days. Massage with oil will stimulate
Lymphatic System and benefit to reduce anxiety, depression and improves
immune function. The best massage oil is Coconut Oil. It is clinically said that
50% of coconut oil comprises of LAURIC acid. The only other good source of
LAURIC acid is mother’s milk. Coconut oil is also antiviral, antifungal and


antibacterial. It attacks and kills viruses, bacterial infections and the

fungus/yeast. Coconut oil is a natural antioxidant and it protects
pro the body from
free radical damage and prevents premature aging and degenerative diseases.
10. An effective way to battle cancer is to starve the cancer cells by not feeding it
with the foods it needs to multiply, reduce educe sugar consumption as low as
possible, Sugar is a cancer-feeder,
feeder, By cutting off sugar which is important food
supply to the cancer cells risk of cancer is reduced.
11. Replace your tea intake with Green tea. Stop Coffee completely. Tea & Coffee
suppresses the system.
12. Avoid fried food as much as possible.
13. Replace table iodized salt with Sindhav salt (Rock Salt) or Sea salt. Table salt has
a chemical
cal added to make it white in colour, which is harmful.
14. Stop Milk completely.. Milk causes the body to produce mucus, especially in the
intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus by cutting off milk cancer cells
are being starved.
15. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment. Oxygen is a cancer
destroyer. Exercising daily, and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down
to the cellular level. Oxygen therapy is another means employed to destroy
cancer cells. Start exercising, minimum 20 minutes es walking a day and 10
minutes of breathing exercise (pranayam) per day. If you do not get the body
moving, the blood flowing will be reduced and you are as good as dead.
EXERCISE helps bringing oxygen to the blood. Cancer does not grow in oxygen
onment because exercise brings more oxygen to the blood and that makes
the body more Alkaline. Putting a cancer patient in bed and telling him that
they have to get rest and take it easy is wrong. It is a death sentence. A person
has to move, a person has as to be active. Every patient that is able to move
should be encouraged to move. The patients that are not able to move should
be watched very closely and as soon as they have enough strength encourage
them to start walking, this will bring patient back to normal everyday life.
Patient should either walk or ride a stationary bike.
16. Enjoy life – Join laughter Club. "A cheerful heart is good medicine." The mood
of patient goes bad when he comes to know that he has cancer and he starts
believing that he is as good as dead. Make them watch funny movies and things
that make them laugh. Tell them not to take anything too seriously. When
patient feel happy the pH level will go up. The test has shown that depressed
people and upset people have their pH level low and become acidic. The more
upset they get the more they become acidic.
17. Many diseases start in the mouth, and that good dental hygiene is very
important to good health. Brush your teeth after you get up and before going
to bed. Do not forget to clean your mouth after yourr breakfast, lunch and


dinner, use a stimulator, floss between teeth, rinse with a plaque remover, and
sh your teeth. Then, rinse with Salt water or baking soda water. Avoid
toothpaste containing Fluoride.
18. Some supplements to enable
nable the body to kill and destroy cancer cells are anti-
oxidants, vitamins, minerals, which builds immune system. Vitamin E will help
body to dispose damaged, unwanted, or unneeded cells. Take Coral Calcium
2000 mg, magnesium 350 mg, zinc 15 mg to 25mg and an a multi vitamin,
changes the pH of the body fluids (not the blood which maintains a constant
pH). What's being mentioned here is body fluid not blood. The pH of the blood
remains the
he same. There is no doubt that coral calcium changes the pH of urine
and saliva from acidic to alkaline. Changing your body fluid from being acidic to
slightly alkaline is very good for a person’s health. CORAL CALCIUM is very
beneficial. Vitamin C is water-soluble that
hat means you can have 40,000 mg a day
of it, your body will take exactly what it needs and rest is discharged via urine.
This helps your body become Alkaline the best natural source of Vitamin C is
Amla or Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis).
19. Consumption of large apricot kernels per day, either chewed whole, or ground
will help increasing vitamin B17. The number of Apricot kernels required to
consume are calculated by multiplying patient’s weight in Kilos with 0.22 and
the result is dosage
sage of kernels required by patient to eat per day. If Apricot
kernels not available than kernels/seeds/pips of pears, plums, peaches, apples,
cherries, grapes, prunes, nectarines and greengages can be consumed. Bitter
almond is also a good replacement.
20. Eat papaya, pineapple or sprouted seeds for pancreatic enzymes.
21. Eat millet (Bajra) or quinoa (massor) as an alternative to wheat.
22. Use olive oil instead of vegetable oils, avoid hydrogenated oils.
23. Drink a chlorophyll source such as wheatgrass or Green Magma
agma powder.
24. Cancer cells thrive in an acid environment. Avoid Acidic food. Things not to be
consumed: SODA/COLA – It Is found that one can of soda needs 25 glasses of
water to counter the acid that it produces in the human body. It is also found
diet soda has in some cases increased the acid level more than non diet soda.
Avoid eating at fast food restaurants, it is found that fast food restaurant food
is too high in sodium and chemicals that make the body highly acidic. ALCOHOL:
It is found that alcohol
lcohol increases the acid level in the pH. Even red wine, is not
beneficial. It is the red grape from which it is made is beneficial.
beneficial It is found
that if you were to juice the red grapes in the juicer that the benefits exceeded
what is good about red wine. Pure red grapes juice have benefits that cannot
be measured; it is very positive for health and alkaline. CIGARETTES: It is found
that cigarettes not only increase the acid in the pH greatly. It also imbeds in the
person’s skin and organs. The chemicals icals in cigarettes become part of the


person’s cells. It is noticed that people who smoke, skin changes colour and
texture, organs change colour and texture, cells in the body die more rapidly
and become acidic. The skin also gives off a different odour.
odour It is found that
cigarettes are one of the most toxic and are number one on list to block. DIET
FOODS, fried foods are found to increase acid level greatly. Avoid Chinese food.
It is found that certain agents in Chinese food are toxic as well as highly acid in
the human body, example Monosodium Glutamate, MSG., amongst other
agents in Chinese food. Do not eat Cakes, Cookies, hotdogs, fats, etc. Avoid
coffee, tea, and chocolate, which have high caffeine. Green tea is a better
alternative and has cancer-fighting properties.
25. DIET: Eat Less. Eat mostly fruits, raw vegetables or steamed vegetables. NO
Bread, NO flour, No Salt and no man made spices. For snacks only eat Fruits,
Vegetables and Almonds, that's it and no other foods,, only
o almonds and no
ther nuts allowed eating except Apricot nuts but not more than 7 gms. Per
day. Patients should wait for an hour after they eat and walk for about 20
minutes after every meal. Naturally walking more will pay off. The metabolism
burns calories all day and the weight will just reduce.. The results will be
amazing and the alkaline level will stop becoming
ng acid because of the constant
exercise. Do not eat anything two hours before going to bed. A diet made of
80% fresh vegetables and juice, whole grains, seeds,
eds, nuts and a little fruits help
put the body into an alkaline environment, balance 20% of diet can be from
cooked food including beans. Fresh vegetable juices provide live enzymes that
are easily absorbed and reach down to cellular levels within 15 minutes
min to
nourish and enhance growth of healthy cells. Enzymes are destroyed at
temperatures of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C). To obtain live enzymes for
building healthy cells try and drink fresh vegetable juice (most vegetables
including bean sprouts) and eatat some raw vegetables 2 or 3 times a day. The
patient should drink once in the morning and at bed time the juice of:
1 Cucumber
3-4 Carrots
1 Tomato
Hand Full of Fresh Spinach / 1 Red Beet (alternate day)
1 Apple (With skin)
1 big piece of turmeric or ½ tsp turmeric powder
Remove skin and wash them thoroughly with clean(boiled)
(boiled) hot water. Drink the
juice right after juicing to get all the benefits from it. Do not wait. Drink the
juice first than clean the juicer.
26. Eat 2 to 3 pods of raw Snow Mountain Garlic with 8 to 10 Neem leaves powder
with your breakfast, lunch and dinner totally in a day 7 to 9 pods of Garlic and
20 to 30 Neem leaves must be consumed.
27. Use only glass containers, such as Corning Ware, Pyrex or ceramic containers for
heating food in ovens or microwaves. Avoid plastic food wrap - some chemicals


disrupt hormone signals and generally have an estrogenic effect. Food in the
microwave using plastic containers should not be heated, especially the foods
that contain fat, the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics, releases dioxin
into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body. Dioxin chemicals cause
cancer. Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. Also don't
freeze your plastic bottles with waterer in them as this releases dioxins from the
plastic. Also, plastic wrap, such as Saran, is just as dangerous when placed over
foods to be cooked in the microwave. As the food is nuked, the high heat
causes poisonous toxins to actually melt out of the plastic
astic wrap and drip into
the food. Cover food with a paper towel instead.
28. Eat daily 5 Tablespoons flax seed (alsi seed) + 3 Walnut milled using coffee
grinder mixed with ½ Cup of freshly extracted Coconut Milk.Milk Flax seed is an
excellent anti-oxidant forr the body and coconut milk is excellent source of lauric
29. Eat lots of tomatoes (raw or cooked) since it has very strong anti-cancer
30. Raspberries contain Ellagic Acid which is anti cancer. One must eat them on an
empty stomach, before re eating anything else, or eat them in yogurt, as the
curdling of the yogurt in the stomach will protect them. If your fruit sits in your
stomach too long, because you've eaten something prior, stomach acid will
destroy its healthful properties. Do not forget to wash raspberries thoroughly
as the pesticides contamination has to be removed completely.
31. Add extra iron to your diet by cooking food in a cast iron frying pan. Iron helps
oxygen attach to the haemoglobin in your blood for delivery to the cells,
cells which
require fresh oxygen. By adding iron to your diet naturally from colloidal
minerals and cooking in a cast iron frying pan, you will be assisting the blood.
When you cook in a cast iron frying pan, the iron leeches out of the pan into the
food you are cooking. ENRICHED WITH IRON, such commercials product
advertisements pound into our heads that most of us have "iron poor blood"
actually getting too much iron is linked to heart disease, cancer and even
diabetes, so avoid consumption of over dose of Iron by supplements.
32. Drink Tri-Salts mixture to keep your body alkaline.

There are numerous treatments currently available for cancer patients but the best
treatment and path to successccess is to develop enough knowledge. The cancer
patient himself has to educate himself and understand the value of the treatment
his medical advisor is giving him this will help patient as well as his doctor to bring
body back to normal. There is a website www.cancerhelp.org.uk providing
sufficient information on Cancer.

NOTE: It is recommended and safe to make

ake use of the above information on
consulting your Medical Advisor. Do
o not forget to remain in touch with your Doctor.

Alkaline Vs. Acid Foods
If your body is more Alkaline then you are naturally in a higher state of consciousness. More Acidic the more grounded and lower state of consciousness.



Garlic Apple Green Juices Safflower Oil Cashews CHEMICALS
Beet Apricot Veggies Juices Sesame Oil Brazil Nuts Chemicals
Broccoli Banana (high glycemic) Fresh Fruit Juice Sunflower Oil Corn Peanuts Drugs, Medicinal
Cabbage Cherries Green Tea Oil Walnuts Drugs, Psychedelic
Carrot Currants Herbal Tea Flax Oil Pesticides
Cauliflower Dates/Figs Ginseng Tea Olive Oil PASTA (WHITE) Herbicides
Cucumber Grapes Noodles
Eggplant Grapefruit SPICES/SEASONINGS Macaroni ALCOHOL
Mustard Greens Orange Cinnamon FRUITS Spaghetti Beer
Onions Peach Curry Cranberries Spirits
Peas Pear Ginger OTHER Hard Liquor
Bell Peppers Pineapple Mustard GRAINS Distilled Wine
Pumpkin All Berries Chili Pepper Rice Cakes Vinegar
Sprouts Watermelon Sea Salt Wheat Cakes Wheat Germ BEANS & LEGUMES
Barley Grass Barley Potatoes Black Beans
Wheat Grass PROTEIN Corn Chick Peas
Avocado Whey Protein Powder Oats (rolled) Green Peas
Tomato Cottage Cheese Rice (all) Kidney Beans
Yogurt Rye Soy Beans
Almonds wheat Flour White Beans
Tofu (fermented) DAIRY
Flax Seeds Cheese
Pumpkin Seeds Milk
Sprouted Seeds Butter

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