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Section 1 A new shoppingis opening in Nams..today. It is very.from the present shoppingAll the shops are..one ..

That will be, especially during the hot and summer months.will shop in.and wont notice the weather. Some people in the., however, are not happy about the. The owners of the smallon Tran Phu Street think the mall will take their Some of the .in new stores will be the same as the ones in small shops, but the stores in the mall will offer a of products, some at cheaper prices. The.and store owners have been .about the new mall for a few months. They have organized a community meeting in order to...the

Section 2 1. HCM Communist Youth Union is an organization for Vietnamese youth from 13 to 30 years of age. 2. The Union was founded on March 28 1931 3. In December 1976, the Vietnamese students was officially named as it is called: HCM Communist Youth Union. 4. These activities aim to help the all people develop their public awareness and form their personality. 5. Its aims and principles have been the guidelines for the young Vietnamese people of today and tomorrow.

Section 3 1. All language learners write the meaning of new words in their mother tongue 2. Some learners write examples of words they come across 3. Every learner tries to learn all new words they come across 4. Many learners only learn new words that are important. Section 4 1. Language learners learn words in .ways. Some learners make a listand put..it the meaning of new words in their mother tongue, and try to learn them. However, others do not ., they write one or two example sentences with each new word in thw right way. In order to words better, some learners even write each word and use it on a smallof paper and.it somewhere in their house so as to learn it any time. Many language learners do not try to learn all new words they . They usually..or only the words they want to learn. This helps them remember important words. There are also different ways of learning the same number of words. For, if you try to learn..words in two days, you can do so in two ways. You can learn the first five words in the first day, and then learn the other five next day .., because the .is necessary, you can learn all the ten words the first day and..them the next day. This helps you the words more times. Section 5 a. Tim was out when his mother called him b. Tims mother met his teacher at school

c. Tims report is poor d. Tims mother wants him to improve one thing e. Tim needs to improve his Spanish grammar f. Tim promised to try his best in learning English Section 6 1. Little Peas father was a b. Little Peas mother.when she was young c. Little Pea..to do the housework all day after her father got married. d. The price wanted to..a girls from Little Peas village e. Stout Nuts mother did not make for Little Pea f. The prince found Little Peasshoe.

Section 7 On March., , Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh. He was Scotsman although he later, first to Canada and then to the USA in the 1870s. In America, he worked with . At Boston University. Soon, Bell started .with ways of . Speech over a long distance. This led to the of the telephone. Bell and his .., Thomas Watson, conducted many experiments and finally came up ..a . Which they first introduced in 1876. Bell said on the telephone: Mr. Watson, come here. I want you. This was the fir st telephone message.

all over America, Bell his invention to the at ., and by 1877 the first telephone was in commercial use.