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That is called the ribbon. It has all the tools you need!

Formatting Fun


File Save As Word ID# (J:) Click Documents Save

1. Page margins are the white space on the left and right of all the words/text. This PAGE LAYOUT needs some CUSTOM MARGINS! Change all the PAGE margins [NOT THE GUTTERS!] to .9 **********************************************************

2. Insert your first name using Word Art. Change the color! Change the design! JAZZ it up!!!

********************************************************** 3. Color these words to match their names:

Blue Green Red Yellow


********************************************************** 4. Move these words to the places that match their meaning NO Tab, NO space bar!!! [HINT: Home
tab Paragraph box]

Right Left Center **********************************************************

5. Many cannot do this. CAN YOU? Correctly space these words: Bob was a frog. He did not like to hop. Bob liked to walk on his tiptoes. Silly Bob!

********************************************************** 6. FONTS & BULLETS A. Change the font sizes of each line below to match the numbers

B. Make it a bulleted list: Highlight all three lines Click the bullets icon [in Home] Can you find cool characters for your bullets?? [You can even IMPORT an image to use as a bullet!]

********************************************************* 7. Page Layout will lead you to page borders. Add a page border (anything you like). Your choice. [For fun click Art]!

********************************************************* 8. CLIPART A. Insert a Clipart picture of a person. B. Find Callout Shapes and insert a design. In the shape, type something that person would say. C. CHALLENGE: Shade the speech bubble and change its border!

Woah its hot here.

********************************************************** 9. TABLE CHALLENGE: A. Insert a 3 by 3 table. B. Make the OUTSIDE BORDER (not inside cell borders) of the table look like this:

Try different things to make it work! Explore! HINT:

C. Make each row of the table a different color. [Highlight the row right click Borders & Shading.]

********************************************************** 10. FONTS, BOLD, ITALICS

Arial 10

Chiller 12

Courier Bold

Euphemia Purple Italics

Your own choice (type what you did!) Your own choice (type what you did!) 11. TEXT BOXES A. Insert a text box & type something in it. B. Click on it Format Decorate it, play with text box styles, add text, change the text direction, etc.) C. While youre clicked on it Text Wrapping Tight Grab the box and slide it to the very bottom of this assignment!

Paste the home page web address of your blog web here:


Explore & see what else you can do! Surprise me!
* Show an image and its flipped version. * Insert an image from the Internet. * Try Shapes! * Can you put text in an AutoShape? * Can you insert & decorate a cube or other 3dimensional shape? * Type two paragraphs. Highlight. Click Drop Cap!