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When you have sex with someone, you always bring them to their climax.

If you reach it too, lose all Strings on them; if not, they lose all Strings on you.

Darkest Self
Maybe youre not using the others; maybe they are using you. You are their whore, you always have been; why not to behave appropriately, then? You give yourself to anybody who wants you, even if you loathe them, because every time is a hit on your disgusting self. You dont react when mistreated, because you deserve it. You escape your darkest when somebody shows you unconditioned kindness or six days pass, whichever comes rst.

Lonely, heartless, public, dangerous. The Succubus is a living temptation: shes always there to give you what you want, to make up for your weaknesses, to save you the trouble of becoming a better person. All you have to do is ask. And every time you ask, she takes something from you and becomes more powerful. The Succubus is used to buy friends, not to make them. When she doesnt have Strings on somebody, her power towards them is very limited. Beware. The Gift of Protection works even against moves that dont aect the bearer directly. For example, if an Infernal uses the power ows through you to gain +2 to a move made against the bearer, the latter can spend the Gift and deny her the bonus (and somebody should really start wondering about what games are the Dark Powers really playing...). The Gift of Wealth doesnt make money appear out of nowhere, but arranges for wealth to come into the hands of the bearer, usually through the path of least resistance. Addictive, unlike a Sex Move, doesnt require a full sexual act to activate. Im sure everyone knows what I am talking about. Be careful with this move: it may add a lot of erotic content to a Season, something not everyone is comfortable with. For the purpose of just this time, the community means the part of it that concerns the PCs. Premarital sex may be against the standards of a Catholic school, but hardly matters in a non-religious environment. Wet dreams totally works on PCs, and of course their players must answer your questionstruthfully. The bonus it gives also stacks with shapeshifters.

Of course, they dont really love you: they love what you can give them. But isnt love just a nicer way to say that?

Take another Succubus move. Take another Succubus move. Take a move from another Skin. Take a move from another Skin. Take the remaining Gifts. Add 1 to Hot (max 3). Add 1 to Cold (max 3). Add 1 to Volatile (max 3). Add 1 to Dark (max 3).

The Succubus
Choose a name: Bastien, Damon, Eve, Georgina, Judith, Lilith, Salem, Salome, Saoul, Vincent. A Biblical name, an ancient-sounding name, a dark name, a seductive name


Circle one in each list: boy/girl next door, chaste and pure, hot rather than beautiful, jailbait, just a bit too nice amazing eyes, a bit o eyes, magnetic eyes, otherworldly eyes, piercing eyes


Circle one: demonblooded, from Hell, genie out of the bottle, possessed, sold your soul

This Skin designed by:

Ernesto Pavan

The Succubus presence in a season have strong implications about the existence and nature of Hell. Play with it or ignore it, however you like.

Picture by Helle Gry Schaub, featuring MariaAmanda (, modied by Max Hervieux

Sex Move

Playing The Succubus

Everybody wants you. They come to you begging for a moment of pleasure in the schools toilet, or a help to conquer the girl of their dreams, or the strength to vanquish their foes.

Name: Stats

Carry Forward

Succubus Moves
m Infernal Gifts

When you spend a Gift to get an automatic 10 on a move that would normally make you roll with an highlighted stat, you dont mark experience. Such is the price for relying on Hells power instead of your own.

You get this one, and choose two more: When you have time and intimacy with someone, you can bestow them one of the Gifts of Hell. They must be willing. If they accept, you take a String on them and they gain the possibility to spend the Gift in order to gain a nice bonus. When the Gifts is spent, you mark experience. You can bestow Gifts to everyone you like, but nobody can have more than one Gift bestowed on them at once. Choose 2 Gifts that you can bestow. You can get more through advancement.

Add 1 to one of these: Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile -1, Dark 1

Gift of Beauty
Anyone who has the Gift of Beauty may spend it to get an automatic 10 when turning someone on.


Gift of Might
Anyone who has the Gift of Might may spend it to get an automatic 10 when lashing out physically.

(Turn Someone On, Manipulate an NPC)


Gift of Presence
Anyone who has the Gift of Presence may spend it to get an automatic 10 when shutting someone down or manipulating an NPC.

When you give physical pleasure to somebody else, they gain the condition addicted to [your name].


Gift of Protection
Anyone who has the Gift of Protection may spend it to counter the eect of any skin move. That move simply doesnt work on them, this once.

Just This Time

When you spend a String to oer someone to mark experience if they do something against the communitys moral and sexual standards, and they accept, mark experience.

(Shut Someone Down, Hold Steady)


Gift of Wealth
Anyone who as the Gift of Wealth may spend it to suddenly gain enough money to sustain a person modestly for a year, or for one month of disgusting debauchery, or to buy just anything they might want.

My Bitch
When you have 4 or more strings on somebody, gain 1 to all rolls against them.

(Lash Out Physically, Run Away)


Harm Experience Points: >> advance Strings

Unfazeable Beauty
When you hold steady, roll with Hot.

You can change your bodys shape and appearance to look like a specic individual or just dierent from your usual look. This includes changing your gender (both aestetically and functionally), apparent age, height, weight, eye and hair color, skin tone, hairstyle, etc. You can even shapeshift clothes and, if you like so, makeup.

Other Moves

(Gaze Into The Abyss)


The Dark Powers Are Always Willing to Help

You can bestow two different Gifts on a single individual, or the same Gift twice. Every time the individual spends a Gift, mark experience.

Your Backstory
Somebody asked you for a Gift and did something really bad with it. Ask them what and take 3 Strings on them. One of them caught you by surprise by doing something for you without asking anything in return. This cannot be. Youre going to discover why, but right now, ask them what they did and give them two Strings on you.

The Devil is a Winner

When you spend a String to gain a bonus against someone, add 2 instead of 1 to your roll.

Wet Dreams
When in the presence of someone who is sleeping and unaware of you, roll with dark. On a hit, you can see their dreams. Ask 2 on a 10+, 1 on a 7-9: }} What is this persons hearts desire? }} Who does this person hate the most? }} What does this person desperately need? When you interact with the one whose dreams youve seen and use this knowledge as leverage, take +1forward.

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