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Latest Huawei interview questions:

1. If you can reborn, what single task you would like to do?

2. What are ur expectations from Huawei?

3. Which country would you like to go for study or other purposes?

4. What do u do during leisure hours? Do u like to read innovative articles in Internet?

5. Why do u think IUTIANZ start job in huawei and then leave after 6 months?

6. Do IUTIANZ consider themselves as free birds?

7. Are IUTIANZ confused about what they really want to do in life? etc

Interview lasts for about 30-35 minutes.

1. GSM architecture draw korte disilo, subsystem gulor function, logical channels.

2. What else u learnt about GSM in ur school?

3. GSM Freq band.

4. If u r given 5MHz BW, how many single carriers will be there?

More HR Q:

1. If u join here, after some days will u regret?

2. Is there any particular decision u made by urself that u regret now? Are u happy with ur life?

3. How will you manage between immense working pressure in Huawei and personal life?

4. Speed or accuracy? which 1 would u prefer?

Max questions will be HR related. U gotta convince them u will work there for full 2 yr agreement period. Now it's upto u how u gonna convince them.



1.gsm structure,function of every part,interface names(oshim, Zawad, shaummo) 2.bandwidth of every family(gsm900.1800),umts, and so on.(oshim, Zawad, shaummo)

3.tcp/ip,osi,ss7 nia valo ask korse. eder layers.(zawad) 4.wimax/wifi difference(oshim) 5.what is 3G? Is bangladesh ready for 3G technology? (oshim) 6.how many gsm provider in BD? How many wimax provider in BD?(oshim) 7.Cdma shomporke halka patla (shaummo)


1.expected salary(amra 25 disi) 2.higher studies plans 3.late night work hole ki korba? 4.dhakar baire jaba? 5.2 years agreement sign korba kina?

Saif Kabir Asif Iut EEE 07 Huawei questions- 1.Draw basic gsm architecture and explain operation of each nodes 2.Some questions on logical channels 3.Why are you choosing Huawei? 4.Difference between vendor and operator. 5.Why are you not going for teaching profession despite having a pretty high cgpa? 6.Tell us about Huawei and its products. 7.If we offer you a post in sourcing department,will you join there?

Maruf Ahmed dst amare GSM architechture eke bornona korte bolse

technical r temon kichu na

baki HR.

r prepaid postpaid subscriber niya jigaisilo

Md.Tanveer Hoq amare almost kichui jiggesh kore nai, just GSM network er component gular nam bolte bolse.

Raiyan Rahman Iut EEE 07 technical ques:

GSM architecture,basic difference between GSM and CDMA, explain it in 1 line, TDMA FDMA

baki shob chapar jor

my duration was min 30min