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ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION AND ASSESSMENT ________________________________________________________________________ OUMH1203 ENGLISH FOR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SEPTEMBER 2013 PEDALAMAN ________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS

TO STUDENTS 1. This assignment contains only ONE (1) question that is set in the language of the printed module for the course. 2. Answer in Engli !" 3. Download the language version of the # ign$%n& &%$'l#&% concerned from the MyV ! for preparation and su"mission of your assignment. #our assignment should "e typed using 12 point Times $ew %oman font and 1.& line spacing. '. #our assignment should "e "etween 2(00 &) 3000 *)+, %-.l/,ing references. The num"er of words should "e shown at the end of your assignment. D) n)& copy the assignment question and instructions to your answer. &. #ou must su"mit your assignment TO TUTOR. #ou are advised to (eep a copy of your su"mitted assignment for personal reference. ). #our assignment must "e su"mitted "efore 10&! D%.%$1%+ 2013" *u"mission #2&%+ 10&! D%.%$1%+ 2013 will NOT "e accepted. +. #our assignment should "e prepared individually. #ou should not copy another person,s assignment. #ou should also not plagiarise another person,s wor( as your own.

_______________________________________________________________________ E3ALUATION This assignment accounts for (04 of the mar(s for the course mentioned and shall "e assessed "ased on &!% M#+5ing S.!%$%" #ou would "e informed of the assignment mar( "efore the -inal *emester !.amination commences. PLAGIARISM6 MAR7S DEDUCTION W#+ning6 The su"mitted assignment will automatically undergo a similarity chec(. /f plagiarism is detected0 mar(s would "e deducted as follows1 Assignments with 10 8 30 4 )9%+l#' with others1 204 deduction from the total mar(s scored. Assignments with 31 8 (0 4 )9%+l#' with others1 004 deduction from the total mar(s scored. Assignments with $)+% &!#n (04 )9%+l#' with others6 :%+) $#+5 would "e given.



#ou wor( in the 3uman %esource Department. #ou intend to invite a spea(er to deliver a tal( on any 4$! of the following topic. The tal( will "e for the staff of your organi5ation. 6rite a letter of invitation to the spea(er. /nvent necessary details. i2 ii2 iii2 iv2 v2 7rotocol and !tiquette Anger Management Time Management *tress Therapy Team 6or( <20 $#+5 =


6rite a proposal for the selected tal(. #ou are to specify the date0 venue0 program itinerary0 <30 $#+5 =

<T)&#l6 (0 $#+5 = 8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 END OF PAGE

GUIDELINES FOR STUDENTS GENERAL GUIDELINES 1. 2. 3. '. #ou must follow the format for letter writing and proposal. The total num"er of pages must "e "etween 10 &) 12 pages only. 7rovide > /nvent relevant details. #ou can ma(e references to "oo(s0 9ournal articles0 internet etc with regards to format. 3owever0 please cite all references using appropriate academic citation styles. :A7A format2 GUIDELINES FOR TUTORS 1. This assignment tests students, understanding of the various topics in 4;M312<3 module. 2. MA%=/$> ?%/T!%/A a2 -ormat anguage ?ontent "2 -ormat anguage ?ontent /ntroduction ?onclusion T)&#l ' 1< ) ' @ @ & & (0 $#+5