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Hotchkiss M1922 machine gun

Hotchkiss M1922 machine gun

M1922 machine gun

Two Chinese soldiers were using a Hotchkiss M1922 machine gun Type Placeoforigin Light machine gun

Service history
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Production history
Manufacturer Hotchkiss et Cie

Length Barrellength Action Rateoffire Feedsystem Sights 1216 mm 600 mm Gas operated 450 rounds/minute 20 round overhead box magazine, 15-24-30 round stripper feed Iron

The Hotchkiss M1922 was a light machine gun manufactured by Hotchkiss. It had a regulator that could adjust the rate of fire and was chambered in a wide range of calibres and fed from 20 round overhead magazines or 15-24-30 round strip. Hotchkiss M1922 was also used by the Chinese Nationalist Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War to fight against the Japanese Imperial Army.

Czechoslovakia France Greece Republic of China Spain United Kingdom North Vietnam: Used by North Vietnam soldiers in the First Indochina War

Hotchkiss M1922 machine gun

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