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January 2014

President Gene Walker 5531 Lardon Rd NE Salem, OR 97305-3248 (503) 428-6641 (503) 371-4363 Treasurer Tom Ruttan 3761 SW Olson Ct Lake Oswego, OR 97034 (503) 638-1746 tgruttan@earthlink.net Secretary Shannon Kelley 20000 NE Jaquith Rd Newberg, OR 97132-6694 (503) 537-0802 (503) 784-0760 shannonk@wildriders.org

Vice President Bruce Reichelt 46895 SW LaChance Rd Grand Ronde Or 97347 (503) 879-9085 bruce_reichelt@hotmail.com

November Meeting Minutes

Gene called the meeting to order at 2:10. The meeting was held at the Powerland Texaco Station in Brooks, OR. Attendees: Gene, TomK, Chuck, Jackie, TomR and Gary. Treasurer Report: TomR presented his report. Old Business: Xmas Party at TomR's house. 3761 SW Olson Ct. Lake Oswego, OR 97034 2014 National Road Run: TomR confirmed reservations at River Life. T-shirts are being included as part of run participation. Jackie to coordinate production/delivery. Bring T-shirt design ideas to the Christmas party. We'll pick a winner. TomR to establish road run fees for 2014. TomR will contact Norlene on meal catering. TomR to develop a contact list from previous road runs. New Business: Gary made a motion to change membership dues to $15 annually, $25 bi-annually. TomK seconded. Approved by unanimous vote. TomR discussed an all clubs run for late June. Plans are tentative, but he'll report back as plans progress. TomR also mentioned a possible Swap Meet to be held on the Museum grounds in late September. Meeting adjourned at 3:05.

OTC Christmas Party

Once again Tom and Cynthia Ruttan hosted this years Christmas party at their home in Lake Oswego. Pictured below is the appetizer bar featuring healthy snacks to wet the palette.

OTC gathers to enjoy the season

Gathered in the Kitchen are Tom, Stephanie, LaVerne, and Jackie.

Some of Toms future projects

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Oregon Trail Chapter January 2014 Also in attendance where Tom, Gene, Jim, Shannon, and Spike (Chuck is hiding behind Shannon). Id like to thank Tom and Cynthia for opening their home, preparing the main dishes and providing the beverages for this years Christmas party. I know everyone left feeling the spirit of Christmas in their hearts and stomachs. See more Christmas Party photos on Facebook.

More conversation before dinner

Of course one of the best parts of an OTC potluck is the desserts!

Pies, cakes and candies under guard

After Dinner, Tom led us out to his shop to see how much progress hes made since last year. Here Tom is discussing his current project, a TBird, with Jim, Tom and Gene.

Toms Triumph T-Bird project

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Oregon Trail Chapter January 2014

AMCA Hires an Executive Director

DECEMBER 2, 2013The AMCA is pleased to announce the selection of John J. Cerilli of Scottsdale, Arizona, to fill the new position of Executive Director. The AMCA, founded in 1954, is an association of enthusiasts focused on antique motorcycles 35 years old or older. Next year marks the AMCAs 60th anniversary, and during those 60 years, it has grown from a small regional club to an international organization with more than 10,000 members. Until now, the Clubs management has been exclusively in the hands of a volunteer Board of Directors. But with the hiring of an Executive Director, the AMCA is taking the next step in its expansion, bringing in a full-time manager focused on membership service and long-term growth. Cerilli previously worked as a sales/marketing/business development executive in the semiconductor industry for more than 35 years. His hobby and passion, however, has always been motorcycles, both modern and vintage, and he has owned more than 30 bikes in his 45 years of riding. We are pleased to have John on board in this new position, said AMCA Board President Richard Spagnolli. The hiring of an Executive Director is a major step that the Board has considered for the past several years. And its only fitting that we take this step as the Club celebrates its 60th anniversary. We look forward to John working with the Membership to continue the wellestablished and long- enduring culture of the AMCA. I am deeply honored to accept this position and I feel this new role is a natural for me, noted Cerilli. I have been involved with motorcycles for more than four decades, and I have been running a website focused on vintage machines for several years. I sincerely look forward to helping in the growth of the largest antique-motorcycle organization in the United States. Cerilli will start his new duties on January 1.

AMCA Presidents Newsletter

By Richard Spagnolli Dear Members, With Thanksgiving behind us and the Christmas holidays approaching faster than we realize, I think of all those Members from warmer climates who are still riding their old bikes while those of us up North are hoping for one last warm spell so we can get another ride before the season comes to an end. I'm just a bit jealous, but I guess it gives us more time to work on those winter projects. At least that is what I tell myself! As reported here, the AMCA took an historic step when it hired John Cerilli as the Club's first Executive Director. John will perform all the duties described in the published job description and others that arise as time goes by. This is a full-time position with an emphasis on extending the reach of the AMCA both demographically and to owners of motorcycle brands not traditionally associated with the Club. John will manage the day-to-day operations of the Club, while the Board, which had this responsibility in the past, will be more involved with strategic planning and oversight. Our current Operations Manager, Bill Wood, performed some of these tasks, but will leave this post on December 31 when John will take over the reins. Bill will devote full time to editing the coming six issues of the magazine. As reported, the publication of six issues per year was explored and found to be financially feasible. Thanks to Bill Wood, Greg Harrison and Denny Thrush at DGB Communications for making this possible. The Board is proud to offer this additional benefit to the Membership. And a special thanks to Paul Holdsworth, Advertising Manager, for working with our advertisers to make the six issues a reality. Of course, we also thank the advertisers for their confidence in the publication of the magazine six times a year. I would like to briefly explain the process that resulted in John Cerilli becoming the Club's first Executive Director. The idea of an Executive Director for the Club arose several years ago when it became clear that running the day-to-day operations with volunteers from the Board and Membership was not the most efficient system.

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Oregon Trail Chapter January 2014 The Board decided to hire an Operations Manager with a limited number of designated duties. Shortly after Bill Wood was hired, it became clear that this arrangement did not address all the needs of the Membership. A discussion began about hiring an Executive Director. The development of the AMCA's tax situation and other issues convinced the Board that a Club with over 10,000 members needed a full-time person to manage it on a daily basis. Once the decision was made to hire an Executive Director, as reported in past Board Minutes and prior President's Newsletters, the Board was determined to make the entire process of searching for and hiring this person transparent. The Board decided to hire a national executive search firm to help with this process. After consultation, the Board hired Scion Executive Search, located in San Francisco. With the help of Scion, the Board developed and adopted a job description for the position, as well as a salary and benefit range. The Board also agreed that no Board Member would be involved in the search process and all inquiries would be directed to Scion. When individual Board Members or Bill Wood received private emails or calls, those people were directed to Scion, which in turn sent them a job description and a letter inviting them to file an application and rsum or forward the letter to someone who may be interested in the position. I am pleased to report this procedure worked extremely well throughout the entire search process. Contrary to a recent statement that the Club was having trouble finding applicants for the Executive Director position, Scion received more than 100 applications and processed them all. Scion and the Board were very pleased with the number of applicants for the position. After screening and interviewing those who met the qualifications for the position, Scion recommended 11 candidates to the Board for possible in-person interviews. During the Board meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, in October, the Board agreed to interview six of the 11 candidates at a central location in the country. Chicago was chosen, and on November 9, five candidates (one candidate withdrew) were interviewed by the entire Board. After a thorough discussion of all the candidates qualifications, the results of the interviews, and further discussions online, the Board made an offer to John Cerilli to become the first Executive Director of the AMCA. He accepted, and we are proud that he is on board and ready to go on January 1, 2014. John's salary will be $80,000 per year with a contribution of $5,700 per year toward a healthinsurance policy that he will purchase. That was the process in a nutshell. Thanks to all the Board Members for their hard work and time to make this historical decision possible. As previously reported, the Board met in Birmingham, Alabama, on October 11 during the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. The minutes of the Board meeting are reported in the winter issue of the magazine, beginning on page 83. I will briefly discuss some of the topics, but first, I want to talk about our experience at the Barber event. The Board decided to hold its fall meeting in Birmingham to view the Barber venue, network with motorcycle groups and individuals who are not traditionally associated with the AMCA, and associate with the Confederate Chapter to promote the AMCA. The Board arrived on Thursday to attend the Antique Motorcycle Foundation (AMF) Leadership Conference. During the program, the Board offered the attending groups space in future issues of the AMCA magazine to promote their organizations. This offer was an attempt to foster positive relationships between the groups present and the AMCA. I thought our presentation was well received. Board Members Ross Metcalfe and Donnie Eatherly made brief presentations about their experiences in the antique motorcycle community and the need for all groups to cooperate in promoting our sport and hobby. Thanks to the AMF for the invitation to the entire Board and for their hospitality. The Board met all day on Friday, as reported in the minutes. On Saturday, the Confederate Chapter sponsored a huge Peoples Choice antique-bike show in the Fan Fest section of the Barber complex. Chapter President Bob Kenney and his members were gracious and offered the Board, along with Merchandise Manager Susan Brutus, space to sell Club merchandise and promote the AMCA (thanks, Bob). Board members took turns at the AMCA table, and at the end of the day, Kelli Webb-Stauffer took the prize by signing up six new members.

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Oregon Trail Chapter January 2014 Board members also circulated throughout the entire complex on Saturday and Sunday, promoting the Club the entire time. Of course, we also visited the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, which was spectacular. Personally, I expected to find a racing venue with many race bikes. The race bikes were there, but I was blown away by the number of vintage motorcycles on the premises ridden there by their owners. I think the entire Board left with the impression that Barber is a very important venue for the AMCA in the future. With a reported 60,000+ attendance over three days, a swap meet, bike displays, auction, commercial vendors, a world-class museum and many other motorcycle-related events, there is little doubt in my mind that Barber has found the right mix of racing and vintage-bike events to establish this as a destination for all old-bike enthusiasts. Jeff Ray, executive director of the facility, and I had an informal discussion about cooperation between Barber and the AMCA in the future. We agreed to continue our discussions after the Festival was over. Now for the Board report. Because of the Board's concern about being able to maintain the AMCA's IRS tax-exempt status, the Club's accountant, Chuck Deluzio was requested to prepare interim financial reports through September 30. Chuck joined the meeting by teleconference and reported that, based on his calculations, the Club would not be able to meet the IRS safe harbor requirement for 501(c)(7) organizations for 2013, and the AMCA would lose its tax-exempt status. He further reported that all the Chapters that derive their tax-exempt status through the AMCA group exemption granted by the IRS would lose their tax-exempt status also. After this discussion, the Board agreed to direct AMCA Counsel John Wendel to file amended articles of incorporation with the State of Florida to reflect that the AMCA will no longer be considered an IRS 501(c)(7) tax-exempt organization. However, the AMCA will remain a Not For Profit Corporation under Florida law. The only change is in the AMCA's tax filing status. The Board will also amend the Policies and Procedures Manual to reflect this change. All Chapters will also remain Not For Profit Corporations in their respective states, but like the AMCA, may be required to file Federal and State tax returns if they have taxable income. Individual Chapters are free to file for their own tax-exempt status through the IRS. This was all explained in my previous newsletter. The Board is in the process of discussing the current travel policy for Board members, officers and other Board authorized persons. Written guidelines to be discussed will apply to all travel required by the Board and other authorized individuals. The Board discussed the need to require every owner of a motorcycle participating in an AMCAauthorized and Chapter-sponsored National Road Run to have insurance. Because most states require proof of insurance for all motor vehicles, including motorcycles, the Board agreed to require all participants in National Roads Runs to show proof of insurance during registration at the location of the Road Run if the state in which the Road Run is held requires an owner of a motorcycle to carry proof of insurance. This is not a burdensome process and removes a possible area of liability. The rule applies to all AMCA National Road Runs beginning in 2014. I am pleased to announce the Board approved the Mountain State Chapter in West Virginia as the newest Chapter in the AMCA. Richard Rodgers is the President, and we all look forward to welcoming this new Chapter into the Club. My Chapter, the Allegheny Mountain Chapter, is sponsoring a National Road Run September 7-10, 2014, in the Mountain Chapter's back yard in Elkins, West Virginia. Richard Rodgers and his Chapter members have graciously agreed to help. This is an example of the camaraderie that runs deep in this Club. Thanks, Richard! Chief Judge Don Dzurick reported that over 450 motorcycles were judged in 2013. He is very pleased with the increased interest in the Judging Program. He further reported that the number of judges participating in the judging process was adequate, but Don wants to encourage more members, particularly those who are having their bikes judged, to become involved in the judging process in the future. Don also presented a Mission Statement describing the duties of the Chief Judge and Assistant Chief Judges. The Statement will be part of the Policy and Procedures Manual. I regretfully report that Matt Olsen stepped down from his Board position last month. Matt cited family obligations, as he and his wife, Brittney, are expecting their first child in May. Matt was elected to the Board to add a youth perspective to

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Oregon Trail Chapter January 2014 the Club's discussions. Matt has served as the AMCA Youth Coordinator, and Brittney assumed this role a few years ago. I am pleased that both have agreed to stay on and help with the Youth Program, which will come under new leadership soon. I understand Brittney is looking forward to continuing her dirt-track racing after the baby arrives, which means Matt will be holding the child while she's on the track. (No greasy hands, Matt!) Board and officer elections were held at the Board meeting. Secretary Kelli Webb- Stauffer reported that no members had filed an application for a Board position except the current Board membersDonnie Eatherly, Lonnie Campbell, Fred Davis and Richard Spagnolli. All four were nominated and elected by acclamation for threeyear terms. Officers Richard Spagnolli, President; Trudi Johnson-Richards, Vice-President; Kelli Webb-Stauffer, Secretary; and Davette Bent, Treasurer; were unopposed and elected by acclamation. Just a reminder to all Chapters about the AMCA Chapter Membership Recruitment Program I mentioned in a previous newsletter. If your Chapter is interested in soliciting new Chapter members from the general AMCA Membership list, the Board has established a process to do so at no cost to the Chapter. Please review the procedure in the latest version of the Policies & Procedures Manual on the Club website or reference it in my previous newsletter. This program is well worth the time and effort if you want to increase your Chapter's membership. Bill Wood will help a Chapter with a solicitation until the end of December, and then John Cerilli will assume this responsibility. As the year draws to an end, on behalf of the Board, we would like to thank all the Chapters and their volunteers who sponsored AMCA National Meets and Road Runs. And thanks to all the Chapters and their volunteers who sponsor local Chapter events that promote our sport and hobby. And thanks to all the other volunteers in the Club who give of their time to make the AMCA better every year. Special thanks to those members with specific tasks which often go unappreciated: Gary Palombia, our Forum Moderator; Nancy Davis, Judging PreRegistration; Susan Brutus, Merchandise Manager; Brittney Olsen, Youth Coordinator; Paul Holdsworth, Advertising Manager; Don Dzurick, Chief Judge (and all the Assistant CJs, Chapter Deputy Judges and volunteer judges); Mark Wheeler and the Cornerstone staff for Membership; Mark Hunnibell and Larry Barnes, Virtual Library. (I apologize to those I forgot to mentionI'm sure there are many). And a very special thanks to my mentor and friend, Richard Schultz (see AMCA Pioneers on page 13 of the winter issue of the magazine). Another very special thanks to Operations Manager Bill Wood, who will step down from this position on December 31. I still recall the strong opposition in some quarters to Bill becoming our Operations Manager in 2011. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Bill on a regular basis for the last three years. The Membership truly owes Bill a debt of gratitude for all that he has done for the Club, much beyond the original job description he agreed to work under. And all while editing and helping publish perhaps the best magazine in the world devoted to antique motorcycles and their owners. But Bill is now passing the baton to John Cerilli, and will devote his full time with the DGB Communications staff to editing and producing six issues of the magazine for the Membership. This is a very positive development for the AMCA and the Membership. Personally, I would like to thank all my fellow Board members for the time and effort they put in this past year. Together, we had some very challenging decisions to make with many online discussions and several teleconferences. With the help of professionals like John Wendel, Chuck Deluzio and other Club Members, I believe we made decisions that were in the best interests of the Membership. To those who may disagree with our decisions, I ask that you set aside your differences and work with the Board and our new Executive Director, John Cerilli, to make the AMCA the best place to be for owners of old bikes in the coming years. Thanks again for listening. Sorry about the length of this newsletter. Merry Christmas, and please don't forget to play with your children and grandchildren over the holidays. Maybe one of them is ready to kick start one of your old bikes Richard 724-861-4681 rspagnolli@aol.com

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Oregon Trail Chapter January 2014

February Business Meeting Agenda

The January Business Meeting has been cancelled so some of our officers can attend the auctions in Las Vegas. Our next meeting is being held at the Texaco Station in Brooks on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 2:00PM. Topics well discuss: November meeting minutes review Treasurers report 2014 Road Run Committee Old/New Business Business Meetings are where we discuss issues important to Chapter operation. Your thoughts are needed to make decisions for the future. As always, we hope to see you there.

Upcoming Events
Check out these upcoming motorcycle events. See our Events page for additional information.
Date Jan 18 Event GWRRA Motorcycle Swap Meet Armed Forces Reserve Center 15005 NE 65th ST Vancouver WA

Feb 8

OTC Business Meeting Brooks, OR

Member Classifieds
1970 Triumph TR6C - $5995 This is a very nice original 1970 Triumph TR6C (650cc twin w/ single carburetor and high pipes) with about 18,000 miles. The gas tank appears to have the original paint along with the factory seat, stainless steel fenders and all the correct factory parts. The bike has the patina of a 43 year old machine that has seen some use and is collectable as an original survivor. It is in very good condition, runs well and has recently had a new rear tire installed, new battery, refurbished Amal concentric carburetor with new Stay-up float, new throttle needle & jet, new throttle cable and new foot and passenger peg rubbers. The bike has also been recently serviced with engine, gearbox and fork oil changed as well as timing and valve lash checked. This TR6C comes with a clear Oregon title and current license so is ready to ride on the street. Call Tom at 503.621.8943

Antique Motorcycle Cannonball

Listed below are the stages for this years run.
Stage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rest Day 8 9 10 11 Date Sep. 5 Sep. 6 Sep. 7 Sep. 8 Sep. 9 Sep 10 Sep 11 Sep 12 Sep 13 Sep 14 Sep 15 Sep 16 Location Daytona Beach, FL to Lake City, FL Lake City, FL to Columbus, GA Columbus, GA to Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga, TN to Clarksville, TN Clarksville, TN to Cape Girardeau, MO Cape Girardeau, MO to Sedalia, MO Sedalia, MO to Junction City, KS Rest Day; Junction City, KS Junction City, KS to Burlington, CO Burlington, CO to Golden, CO Golden, CO to Grand Junction, CO Grand Junction, CO to Springville, UT 300 Miles Springville, UT to Elko, NV Elko, NV to Meridian, ID Meridian, ID to Lewiston, ID Lewiston, ID to Yakima, WA Yakima, WA to Tacoma, WA Distance 175 Miles 275 Miles 250 Miles 250 Miles 200 Miles 300 Miles 250 Miles

325 Miles 300 Miles 275 Miles 300 Miles

Oregon Trail National Road Run

July 17, 18, 19, 2014 Harrisburg, Oregon

12 13 14 15 16

Sep.17 Sep 18 Sep 19 Sep 20 Sep 21

300 Miles 275 Miles 275 Miles 250 miles 150 miles

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