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Spider-Man High Concept: Does anything a spider can Trouble: ...

comes great responsibility Additional Aspects might include: if it wasnt for bad luck... & gee whiz - scien ce! Approaches: Careful +0, Forceful +2, Quick +3, Clever +1, Flashy +2, Sneaky +1 Stunts: Spider senses: gets a +2 when using quick to avoid a ranged attack webs: gets +2 when using webs to create advantages or overcome obstacles in a fl ashy way Stress: [] [] [] Consequences: Mild (2): Moderate (4): Severe (6): Refresh: 1 Tony Stark, Iron Man high concept: Millionaire superhero suit inventor trouble: Doesnt play well with others Other Aspects: Drinking too much is a thing? Smartest guy in the room +3 Clever +2 flashy, forceful +1 quick, careful 0 sneaky Stunts: Because I am rich, once per game I can overcome a problem by throwing money at i t Because I am so good at technology i get a +2 when using clever to dismantle, de fuse, or deactivate something Because my armor is so awesome, I get a +2 when using forceful in close combat

Wolverine High Concept: Leader of the X-Men Trouble: Haunted by the Past Other Aspects: Adamantium Bones, Feral Instincts, The Best There Is At What Does - Which Isn't Very Nice +3 +2 +1 +0 Forceful Quick, +2 Sneaky Flashy, +1 Careful Clever

Stunts Healing Factor: Wolverine has an additional minor consequence. Refresh: 3

Professor Charles Xavier SHIELD Code Name: Onslaught High Concept: Powerful Telepath and Teacher Trouble: Ruthless Idealism Other Aspects: World Travelling Pulp Adventurer, Secrets and Manipulations Approaches Careful +3 Sneaky +2, Clever +2 Forceful +1, Flashy +1 Quick +0 Stunts Because he sometimes discards followers like chess pieces, he gets a +2 to Caref ully Create an Advantage, as long as he's abusing the trust placed in him by som eone. Because he's the world's most powerful telepath, he gains a +2 to Carefully Over come any barrier to finding or locating a mutant using astral projection and Cer ebro. Because any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for, he gains +2 to Fla shily Defend against attacks on his commitment to the cause. Refresh: 3 Professor Erik Lensherr SHIELD Code Name: Magneto High Concept: Militant Master of Magnetism Trouble: Fearful Pragmatism Other Aspects: World Travelling Science Adventurer, Holocaust Survivor. Approaches Forceful +3 Flashy +2, Clever +2 Sneaky +1, Quick +1 Careful +0 Stunts Because he will not go like a lamb to the slaughter, he gets a +2 to Forcefully Attack a human who has inflicted a consequence on a mutant during a conflict. Because he has a tendency to become what he hates, he gets +2 to Forcefully Defe nd whenever he's battling allies trying to stop him from going too far...until t hey become former allies. Because he basically invented the heel-turn, he gets +2 to Cleverly Overcome Obs tacles immediately after seeing the error of his ways. Refresh: 3 Professor Kurt Wagner SHIELD Code Name: Nightcrawler High Concept: Swashbuckling Teleporter Trouble: Demonic Visage Other Aspects: Devout Catholic, Second-Generation Mutant, In The Munich Circus Approaches Sneaky +3 Flashy +2, Quick +2 Clever +1, Careful +1 Forceful +0

Stunts Because he can *BAMF*, he can enter or leave a scene at will. By spending a Fate point, he can take someone else with him. Because he blends with shadows, he gets +2 to Defend Sneakily while in darkness. Because he's really a kind-hearted fuzzy elf, he gets +2 to Carefully Overcome o bstacles that pertain to moral choices or protecting the weak. Refresh: 3

Dr Henry "Hank" McCoy SHIELD Code name: Beast High Concept: World-renowned geneticist Trouble: Evolving mind, Devolving body Other Aspects: "A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself t o be a fool," "Tickle us, do we not laugh?...Wrong us, do we not revenge?", "Oh my stars and garters!" Approaches: Careful +3 Clever +2, Forceful +2 Flashy +1, Quick +1 Sneaky +0 Stunts: Because Hank can let out the beast, he gets +2 to Forcefully attack someone who has attacked a fellow mutant. Because he is a World-renowned Geneticist, once per game session Hank can contac t a helpful scientist who will have just the information he needs. Because Hank is becoming more primal, he gets +2 to Quickly overcome an obstacle that could be overcome by acrobatics. En Sabeh Nur Legend Speaks of Him As: Apocalypse High Concept: Ancient Survival Supremacist Trouble: The Curse of Eternal Life Other Aspects: Pesky Time Travelers, Cult Overlord, Evolution Works The Way I Te ll It To Approaches Forceful +3 Clever +2, Flashy +2 Quick +1, Sneaky +1 Careful +0 Stunts Because I take a new body after death, I can mitigate a Taken Out result to an E xtreme Consequence (new aspect related to a new body). Because I have a bunch of alien technology for some reason, I gain +2 to Forcefu lly Create an Advantage by modifying a captive against their will, as long as I we are within one of my lairs. Because I was once a slave but now a conquerer, I gain +2 to Forcefully Attackin g the Willpower of those whom I have taken captive. Refresh: 3 Piotr Rasputin SHIELD Code Name: Colossus

High Concept: Proletarian Strongman Trouble: Eternal Outsider Other Aspects: Soul of an Artist, Fiercely Loyal, Mother Russia's Favorite Son Approaches Forceful +3 Careful +2, Flashy +2 Clever +1, Quick +1 Sneaky +0 Stunts Because he transforms into organic steel, he gets +2 to Defend Flashily in the e xchange following the one where he changes form. Because he...is made...of rage, he gets +2 to Forcefully Attack someone who has harmed someone he loves or treats like family. Because he is practically invulnerable, once per game session he may delay being "taken out" until after the current conflict is over. Refresh: 3

Groundskeeper Wolvie High Concept: Regenerating berserker Trouble: Troubled past, which he doesn't remember very well The best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice The government gave me metal bones and claws Been wresslin' wolves since ye were at yer mother's teat Careful +1 Clever +1 Flashy +0 Forceful +3 Quick +2 Sneaky +2 Stunt: Because of my Adamantium Claws, I get a +2 when I forcefully attack i n hand-to-hand combat. Stunt: Because of my Adamantium Skeleton, I get a +2 when I forcefully defen d against an impact-based attack. Stunt: Because of my Mutant Healing Factor, once per session I can spend a f ate point to reduce the severity of one of my consequences (or erase a mild cons equence).