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Global Brain.

The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century
Executive Summary Global Brain is the interesting book and plays an important role in demonstrate the development of networking and it also helps reader to understand about human behavior and ability. This book combines a discussion of group selection with a long tour from 4.55 Billion B.C to 2300 A.D. Global Brain is a new scientific theory which contains definition about hypothesis and in this book, Bloom talk about the development from organic history to advance the theory that each individual is simply a hypothesis. There are five key elements: conformity enforcers, diversity generators, inner-judges, resource shifters, and intergroup tournaments which Bloom uses to define and develop his theory of group selection. According to Bloom, such elements were in place at least 120 million years ago and comprised some of the secrets of the nascent global brain and they have the simple meaning at the first time (Bloom, 2000). Conformity enforcers guarantee that groups sustain adequate similarities to actually function as a group. Enforcers are group members and balanced by another element the diversity generators. Diversity generators have a large numbers of positive effects but they also require some amount of balance and also can make individuals lose their connection to the group. This leads to the falling to identify and protect the group. Thus group will be removed from the global brain.

While definition of enforcers and diversity generators often aim to individuals within the system, the remaining three elements: inner judges, resource shifters, and intergroup tournaments, by contract, are instead personal and group mechanisms for development and manage. Inner-judges are, according to Bloom, the equivalent of cellular mechanisms that encourage apoptosis. Resource shifter is not essentially an individual and can range from social systems to mass emotions. In some situation, resource shifter acts based on the result of intergroup tournaments. In addition, Bloom introduces a comparison of Athens and Sparta two archetypal historic groups as the good example to explain the five elements of group development discussed above. Bloom also mentions how vital and delicate the mind will always be and with the correct use of these five elements, the mass mind can develop into a greatness that people may have the overview for a long time ago. Bloom also makes some important conclusion which people should fully understand. The first is that human are facing with some dangerous intergroup tournaments like war and politic and they can destroy human life in many ways. Hence, human should try to avoid mistakes and also try to find solutions to tackle such peoblems. Secondly, Bloom feels that people must take a lesson from the twentieth century like that if people do not encourage enough diversity of development and innovation, then human will lose the competition against bacteria. Finally, communication, intelligence, and especially technology can help people to overcome serious genetic weaknesses. Our communication, intelligence, and especially our technology can help us to overcome our serious genetic weaknesses, making up for our inability to quickly generate new genetic experiments. Eventually, if people know and follow the theory of Bloom and use bacteria for survival, can create an

interwoven brain of humans and bacteria that can carry both networks into the future. Blooms theory of group selection help people such as leaders and managers know that the success of a group is not the random result of individual selection, it depends on the individuals and their ability to work. Furthermore, this book is helpful for looking at human behavior and social trends and evolution because it has a large number of evidence from evolution, sociology, ecology and psychology that supports humanitys development into a macro-organism. This book also focuses on the individuals role and the immaterial forces that govern the shifting of groups and formations and developments of societies. Another distinctive thought I picked up from reading this book is the capabilities of the human mind. Bloom combines historical trends with discovery from science and psychology to show that human beings may be the first individually intelligent beings on earth and with their ability, human will develop their life more in the future. In conclusion, Global Brain The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century is the interesting book which help reader fully understand about the ways human have networking as nowadays and also help reader know about networking and the capabilities of human mind.

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