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The FCS can provide a weapon system with modern technical features to upgrade first-hit probality and night fighting capability. The upgrade of already in service weapons is improvements of fighting value for heavy infantry weapons. Features t Independent laser module adjusted to the effective operation ranges of weapon t Interchanceable sighting canals t Night-vision sights with state-of-the art image intensification technology t Accurate target range measurment during day-and night operation t Bore-sighted mounting bracket for serveral weapon systems t Remote operated laser module for better usability t Highly cost-effective due to modularity
Modular combination for daylight operation Eyesafe laser-rangefinder with adjustable mounting bracket and daylight sight

The FCS Fire Control System provides substantial capabilities to upgrade of crew served weapons with a balistic projectiles: t Day- and night operation t NATO codification for all components t High performance daylight sight and night-vision sight without compromising size, weight and optical design t Improved hit probability, reliability and accuracy by an eyesafe laser range-finder module t Simple to operation and maintain t Reduces stress situation for the gunner t Quick exchange of daylight and night-vision sights t Independent t Saving on ammunition due to shorter training time and extraordinary hit probability

Modular combination for night operation Eyesafe laser-rangefinder with adjustable mounting bracket and night-vision sight


Range measurment The measurement of accurate range is crucial for the effective operation of long range weapons. For infantry the range estimetion of is most difficult during daytime and evan impossible during night-time. The exact measurement of the enemy distance gives a wide range of tactical advantages for operating troops. For example is a coordinate attack of more that three platoons at a specific distance can only be managed by accurate range measurement. The resulting error in personnel range estimation (ammunition: HEAT):
Target distance 500 meters 700 meters 1000 meters Error +/ 50 meters +/ 50 meters +/ 50 meters Point of impact / height +/ 1,20 meters +/ 1,75 meters +/ 3,10 meters

Night vision Based on the light intensification technology the operation time of infantry weapon systems can be increased to 24 hours. With this cost effective technology the user on the battlefield is able to observe situations and identify possible threats during the nighttime. The Photonic night vision sight has an effective reach to cover the engagements ranges for all types of ammunitions of the 84 mm Carl Gustaf. The magnification, the reticle design and the eye position of the night sight is equal to the daysight. To switch from day- to night-sight can be quickly achieved by using the throw-lever mount system which maintain the bore sight stability. The high accuracy and stability of the night sight can be easily maintained by using the integrated bore-sighting adjustments.

Adjustment means Reticle brightness control

On-off switch



Aiming telescope

Remote connector Laser & rangegate buttons

Focusing knob Mounting bracket with quick fastener

Mounting rail fixed to rangefinders mounting bracket Night-vision sight NSZF 3 x 80 Daylight sight Laser-rangefinder

NIGHT-VISION SIGHT NSZF 3,3x80 No. 362 Telescopic system with catadioptric objective Image intensifier: 18 mm Illuminated reticle with adjustable brightness Horizontal and vertical adjustment means Low battery warning: LED Power supply: 2 x 1,5 V/AA Weight: 1,3 kg

Rangefinders mounting bracket with quick-fasteners for mounting on the weapon

DAYLIGHT SIGHT Standard optical weapon sight or equivalent telescope

LASER-RANGEFINDER LRM No. 604 Semiconductor IR Lasertransmitter, eyesafe Class 1, ANSI Z136.1 Range: 501500 meters Accuracy: +/ 3 meters Range logic: multiecho memory, Rangegate Power supply: 4 x 1,5 V/AA Weight: 1,25 kg

The system is designed and manufactured according to relevant MIL-Standards under quality assurance control ISO 9001/Aqap110.


User manual NS-ZF 3,3 x 80 362-18-E02 User manual LRM 604-18-E03

Carrying bag for complete system 604-80-002

Laser-rangefinder LRM 604-30-050

Boresight telecope 604-30-050

Mounting bracket 604-30-001

Night vision sight NS-ZF 3,3 x 80 362-20-011C

Remote 604-30-100

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