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Letter to: Dayananda, Nandarani, Uddhava Delhi 20 September, 1967 The Tilak on the !

orehead and other part o! the body are ymboli" repre entation o! #adha $ri hna Temple % &n other 'ord by markin( Tilak on all part o! o)r body 'e be"ome prote"ted by the Lord !rom all ide % *e ide Tilak marking at once makes one known as Vaisnavas therefore they are necessary as much as the beads. +ope yo) are 'ell and hall be (lad to hear !rom yo)%

Letter to: *rahmananda ,al")tta 11 -"tober, 1967 .y Dear *rahmananda, /lea e a""ept my ble in( % -n my arrival in ,al")tta & have d)ly re"eived yo)r t'o letter dated 00 1 2th in tant% #e(ardin( "han(e o! dre , I beg to inform you that every Krishna conscious person must be clean shaved, must have Tilakas on the forehead and other eleven places and must have the Sikha on the top of the head be ide bead on the ne"k a ) )al% #arely one "an "ontin)e to keep beard b)t it i better not to keep it to di tin()i h one el! !rom the +ippie % 3e m) t let the p)bli" kno' that 'e are not +ippie % Do not try to !ollo' the )na)thori4ed advi"e o! $irtanananda% Nobody "are !or the dre 5 every ane man !ollo' the philo ophy and pra"ti"al talk % 678 & think all o! yo) e9"ept a Sannya i may dre yo)r el! :) t like a !ine )p to date ;meri"an (entleman b)t one must have the Tilakas et" a & have mentioned above%

Letter to: *rahmananda ,al")tta 1< -"tober, 1967 & have no ob:e"tion i! member o! the So"iety dre like ni"e ;meri"an (entlemen5 but in all circumstances a devotee cannot avoid tilak, flag on head, & beads on neck. These are essential features of a Vaisnava. +ope yo) are 'ell%

Letter to: /rady)mna ,al")tta 17 -"tober, 1967 3hen o)r devotee (o o)t ide & have no ob:e"tion i! he dre e a ni"e ;meri"an or ,anadian (entleman% p to date gentlemen are all clean shaved so if we do not keep long hair & dress ourselves nicely with tilaka, flag & beads on the neck , apart !rom o)r devotional ervi"e, then "ertainly 'e hall be di tin"t !rom the +ippie % & think 'e ho)ld !ollo' thi prin"iple ri(idly 1 there i no =)e tion o! (ivin( )p robe in the temple% 3e do not 'i h to be e tran(ed !rom the material 'orld% That i another non en e% 3e have to deal 'ith per on in the o"iety 1 perhap 'e are the only "omm)nity in the 'orld 'hi"h "an render the be t po ible ervi"e to the o"iety%

Letter to: *alai San >ran"i "o 12 .ar"h, 196? +o) eholder may 'ear dhoti in the Temple, or a they like, b)t not o! the a!!ron "olor% They may 'ear 'hite, yello', or 'hatever% -)t ide the Temple they may 'ear ;meri"an (entleman@ dre , 'ith Tilaka, !la(, and bead % &t i not re=)ired to 'ear dhoti , a thi o"iety doe not )nder tand, o o)t ide the Temple dre )it i more o"ially a""eptable% &! they o de ire, !or "eremony, they "an dre in dhoti !or $irtana% Letter to: *rahmananda Seattle 6 -"tober, 196? The ne9t point i that you should dress !ust like perfect "merican gentlemen, but the sikha and tilak must be very prominent% ,oat, pant , ne"ktie, and everythin(, *rahma"ari and Arha tha , they "an p)t on, be"a) e yo) are not Sannya i% &n the temple, yo) "an dre a brahma"ari, b)t in order not to be"ome ridi")lo) in the eye o! other , o)t ide yo) ho)ld dre :) t like a very ni"e per!e"t ari to"rati" ;meri"an% So there i no ob:e"tion% #ut we must have always our tilak and sikha and there is no compromise for this purpose.

Letter to: #obert +endry Lo ;n(ele B ;)() t, 1969 So !ar a yo)r dre i "on"erned, that i immaterial% *)t a a oldier yo) kno' that every oldier ha (ot a )ni!orm dre a""ordin( to the army eti=)ette o! re()lation% There!ore, the army of Krishna $onsciousness must have at least the tilak on the forehead in all conditions. >or yo)r b) ine yo) "an 'ear yo)r naval ervi"e )ni!orm5 imilarly, if you have tilak on your forehead as a soldier of Krishna $onsciousness, you may not have so much ob!ection, because it is essential.

Letter to: Tilaka CDvalynE Lo ;n(ele 2 F)ly, 1971 Tilaka mean vi"tory per oni!ied%