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SESSION (2012-2016) MBA 3.5 3rd semester (reg)


SUBMITTED TO: SALMAN HUSSAIN PARACHA SUBMITTED BY: DECENT GROUP Name M.Naoman Razzaq Niaz Ahmad Asma Sumaiya Roll No 36 44 37 35 52 101

Khadija tul Kubra Fatima Nawaz Saba Rafiq


Case study of fast food Frichicks

Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly, while any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food. The capital requirements involved in opening up a fast food restaurant are relatively low. Smaller, individually-owned fast food restaurants are becoming much more common throughout the world. Fast food has become one of the fastest-growing segments of the hotel and catering industry. This growth has not only been fuelled by consumer demand, but also through the expansion of the supply base. According to Mr. Shahzad (manager of Sargodha branch) Frichicks came in the market with a vision of providing quality and services, to its customers. In 2003 frichicks remained in the fast food restaurant chain, and famous largest chain. Frichicks opened 21 branches in Pakistan and also operating in Italy and Dubai. Sargodha Fri chicks branch was established by Mr. Irfan with the partnership of his American friend. They opened a franchise in Sargodha at 23rd October 2008 with a huge investment of Rs 5 billion. This branch is situated at best place of Sargodha. In Sargodha branch three departments is working first one is production area, cash counter and third one is customer sitting area. Their main products are Pizza, Burger, Fri chicken, salad and ice cream. Their targeted market is students and upper class. Frichicks fast food restaurant has also been successful in establishing a number of franchises in Pakistan, as concerned with Sargodha frichicks franchise had raised to average of 2.50 lacks sale on daily basis. In frichicks consumer began to demand healthier food and frichicks was faced with a limited menu consisting mainly of fried food, in order to reduce frichicks image as a fried chicken chain it change its menu and add salad in addition. The increased demand of healthier food and increasing consumer demand for better variety lead to a number of changes in frichicks menu offering. Sargodha frichicks is on its maturity stage, frichicks products have survived the earlier stages. Sargodha Frichicks early entry in to the fast food industry in October 2008 and had allowed it to strong brand name recognition and a strong foothold in the industry.

Frichicks dont provide frequent deals at the special occasions as compare to its competitive restaurants so in order to enhance their service they should provide deals, offers buy one get one free offers to customers specially at the religious or the national events. Frichicks has the common hall for families as well as for the couples and it leads to bad impact on the minds of people so there should be strategies for the separate hall for families and couples. However frichicks significant parking problem will probably push their customer away from them, thus frichicks must have to imply ways on how to meet their customer expectation. Frichicks ought to think that customer goes to their establishment not just because of their product but also their service because nothing bits a quality service. We analyze the main problem in this branch space area for customer and parking because on the weekend and special days or events people move rashly to these areas. The 480 people enjoy their meal at time. This space is not enough for their customer. Other problem is parking area all the customer vehicles are park on the road due to this road is jam and chance of accidents has been occurred. We give a suggestion for both problems first one to build two more halls on their current building through this they can solve the sitting problem for their customer, and also they make a separate family hall. Through this many customer enjoy their meal without any problem. And for parking they can purchase the vacant space left side of their building. Through this parking problem of their employees and for customer will solved. One of the unique and the competitive advantage of the frichicks is its location, as it is located on the University Road (the posh area of Sargodha City), so the many local as well as outsider customers rashly visit frichicks. Along with the fast foods frichicks offer a healthier food by the name of salad, another competitive advantage is the quality fried chicken and the other strategies related to menu improvement to increase their market share. Frichicks is branded fast food providing firm so its name Frichicks attracts the customers as the source of quality meal.

How they can make strong brand name recognition at international level? How they can target diet conscious people? How they increase their sale? How they retain their employees? How they entertain their customers?

Swot Analysis of Frichicks

Strenght :
Frichicks have a high quality product Best location because its near to university of Sargodha and at link road Team work Frichicks obtained maximum capacity of production. They provide hygienic food. They build strong customer relationship. They have enough finance to settle down any type of problem occur during business. They have Brand image in their customer mind. Clean environment and playing areas for children where they can enjoy their time.

Limited promotion adds Branch manager bounded for head quarter policies Buy one and get one offer is not provided in any event They cant provide any type of discount to their customer They have no enough parking space They have no enough space for their customer on special days or event. They giving low salary and no incentive to those employees who work in lobbies. Therefore their employee turnover ratio is high They have self service They take late decision They charge high price for their products They targeted upper class They dont provide membership card to their regular customer

Market is vast they have opportunity to open branch in other city or country They have opportunity to provide drive thru facility to their customer because in Sargodha no one provide such facility to their customer They have opportunity to open joy land in their building They have opportunity to increase their menu list or introduce new product for their customer like tea etc

Frichicks offers healthy products with nutrition information printed on all packaging are a great opportunity. It can open up online services for their customers so that they can easily order their desired meals sitting at home Discount given on every food item may help them to gain more customer It wont be a bad idea if they introduce food item for breakfast If frichicks work for social benefit to the people around then they will obtain more reputation or goodwill

Frichicks have major threat from KFC because KFC have a international brand if they will give packages or discount to their customer then frichicks sale will be reduced. Entrance of new competitor into the market like MacDonalds They have threat from Health-conscious person to move their competitors Changing customer preferences Economic instability

Conversion of Weaknesses into Strength:

Weaknesses can be converted into strengths by adopting various tools and strategies By promoting ads or advertising their deals, offers and products the intention of the customers can be diverted efficiently towards this restaurant. By offering special discounts, offers, deals and membership cards the whole sale rate and customer number can be increased. By lowering the prices or introducing the special deals for middle or the lower class can increase the number of customers as well as can provide their services to lower class.

Conversion of Threats in Opportunities:

Opportunities help in expansion of any business. Frichicks can also create opportunities. Threats can be converted in following way Frichicks should introduce new offers and deals in menu There should be pre-planned strategies for future discounts or offers to compete with already existing branded restaurants like KFC Marketing search can lowers the threats from competitors