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Heating of concession stands
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13109-97: (Uy , f, KU, KU(n), K2U, K0U, t,
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RS 485/GSM
Main characteristics of the project:
The basis of the system is Proryv-KE PQ analyzer.
Its functions are power certification, PQ monitoring in the electrical networks of the power
supply systems of a general purpose of changing monophase and three-phase current with
frequency rating equal to 500 Hz.
The device has the following main specifications:
- PKE measurement according to GOST 13109-97 ((Uy , f, KU, KU(n), K2U, K0U, t,
- Operating temperature from -40 till +50;
- Good temperature error tolerance;
- Interface RS 485/GSM
Cooperative processing for data gathering and collection, gained form ASKUE and Proryvsystem.


Reconstruction of the heat supply systems in state-financed and other organizations with
the use of stationary heat accumulators STE

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Project description:
The investment project devoted to expansion of energy-efficient heating equipment production:
stoves, fireplaces, stationary heat accumulators STE, using the energy night tariff as the energy
supply and produced on the base of the natural occurring mineral talcum peach.
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Heating from stationary heat accumulators STE
: - Stationary heat
accumulator, type wall
Self-powered supplies
Temperaturecontrol sensor
, 2 - Stationary
heat accumulator, type stove, model #2
Control cabinet
double-rate metre
Heat regulator
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Talcum peach represents environmentally friendly earth material, possessing high heat capacity,
thermal stability, thermal transmission and healthy influence over people.

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Main directions in the use of heat accumulator STE:
- decrease of current capital outlays on heating for the buildings of different height and
especially for cottages;
- energy release in the daytime and self-powered efficiency upgrading;
- reliability growth of heat supply systems, heat power economy and improvement of
ecology of apartment buildings, clubs, hospitals and other buildings, situated in the places
of non-stable heating supply.
- Heating of concession stands, workmens shelters, distant communication and railway
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