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Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).

1. A: I (cycle / just)

2. B: I (cycle)

3. A: I (write)

4. B: I (write / already)

5. A: I (ring / just)

6. B: I (ring)

7. A: Two days ago, I (watch) on TV.

8. B: I (see / already)

9. A: I (spend) last year.

50 km. 100 km last week. an essay yesterday. two essays this term. my friend. my friend 10 minutes ago. a Madonna concert

Madonna live in concert. my summer holiday in Australia

10. B: I (be / not)

11. A: (you / be / ever)

12. B: Yes, I (be)

13. A: When (be)


to Australia yet. to London? there three times. the last time you (be)

14. B: Last summer. I (spend)

Brighton with my parents and we (go)

one weekend.

two weeks in to London

15. (you / like)

16. Oh yes. We really (have)



a great time in

17. Lucky you! I (be / never)

18. A: (you / try / ever)

19. B: Oh, yes! I (it / try / already)

20. A: How often (you / eat)

21. B: Two times exactly.

22. A: When (you / eat / first)

23. B: That (be)

to London. haggis?

haggis yet?


in 2005. We (have) a Scottish festival in our town and they also traditional Scottish food. So I (buy) haggis.

it? too bad. And I (know / not) anything about haggis then.


24. A: (you / like)

25. B: It (be / not)

26. A: When (you / find out)


27. B: When I (be)

in Scotland in 2007. I (go)

to a restaurant and (order) haggis. Afterwards, the waiter (tell)

haggis: it's the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep, boiled in the animal's

stomach. Well, I (eat / never) then.

me about

haggis again since

28. A: (you / buy)

29. B: Yes, I (go)

the tickets for our journey yet? to the station yesterday and


the tickets.

30. A: What time (you / go)

31. B: I (take)

morning. His train (leave)

there? a friend to the station in the at 9:45.

32. A: (you / pack)

33. B: Of course. And I (ask / already)

your bags yet?


neighbor to empty my letter box. What about you?

34. B: I (pack)

35. A: (you / play / already) the new computer game?

36. B: No, not yet. I only (buy)

my bags two days ago.

it yesterday and I

(have / not)

the time yet.


A: (you / go)

to the cinema last night?


B: Yes. I (be)

there with Sue and Louis. (you /


to the cinema recently?


A: I last (go)


B: So you (see / not)

to the cinema two weeks ago. the new action film yet.


A: No, unfortunately not. (you / enjoy)

B: Oh, I really (love)



it - too much action!

it. But Sue (like / not)


A: But why (you / take)

her with you? She (tell)

me last week that she (hate)

action films.

44. B: I think she has an eye on Louis. She (try)


flirt with him all the time. So he (can / concentrate / not)

on the film.

45. I (just / finish)

46. Mary (already / write)

47. Tom (move)

48. My friend (be)

49. I (not / be)

my homework. five letters. to this town in 1994. in Canada two years ago. to Canada so far.

50. But I (already / travel)


to London a couple of

51. Last week, Mary and Paul (go)

52. I can't take any pictures because I (not / buy)

to the cinema.

a new film yet.

53. (they / spend)


their holiday in New Zealand last

54. (you / ever / see)

55. (you / see)

56. Who (switch)

57. When (she / become)

58. (you / ride / ever)

59. (you / hurt)


a whale? Bob recently? off the lights a minute ago? a teacher? an elephant? your knee when you were playing

60. Last week I (be)

very busy and I (have not) the time to do a lot in the household.

61. On Monday I (work)


three hours overtime and home very late in the evening.

62. From Tuesday to Thursday I (be)

on a business


63. On Friday I (go)

at the weekend I (visit)

to a friend's birthday party and my grandparents.

64. Tomorrow some friends are coming over. I (see / not) them for ages and they (be / never) at my place before.

65. I (clean / just)

my house so I can show them

around. Now everything is perfect.

66. We (empty / not)

67. She (be / not)

68. He (lose / not)

69. My brother (pick / not)

70. I (make / not)

71. He (leave / just)

72. We (build)

73. Two years ago, Fiona (break)

74. I (wash / already)

75. The other day, our cat (bring)

76. A: I (see / not)




the bin last week. there an hour ago. any game so far. me up at 8 o'clock. up my mind yet. his house. a tree house last week. her leg.

the dishes.

home a mouse. you for a long time. Where (you

77. B: I (come / just)

78. A: Oh really? What (you / do)

79. B: I (take)

80. A: Wow! (you / see)

81. B: Of course. I (watch)

back from Canada. in Canada?

a nature tour. many wild animals there? bears, wolves and whales so interesting. (you / spend / a holiday in Canada? around Canada twice so far. there? there (be)

in the wild. That (be) ever)

82. A: Yes, I (travel)

83. B: When (you / go)

84. A: The first time I (go)

in 1997 and the second time in 2004. it?

85. B: (you / enjoy)

86. A: I absolutely (love)

it, especially the west


87. (they / be / ever)

88. (you / see)

89. What time (you / get)

90. (he / hear)

91. How often (you / play)

92. We (watch / not)

93. Joanna (read / not)

94. Collin (not / go)

95. I (have / not)

96. They (learn / not)

97. William (tidy / already)

98. Caroline (miss)

99. I (finish / just)

to New York? Catherine a minute ago? up today? the news yet? that game up to now? TV last night. the book yet. on holiday last year. any problems so far. the new words yet. up his room. the school bus yesterday. my homework.


I cannot go out tonight. My grandparents (come)

to see us.

100. In 2004, the Olympic Summer Games (take)

in Athens.

101. Mary (win)

102. We (prepare / already)

103. James (find)

104. He (come / just)

105. They (buy)

106. I (see / not)

107. Phil (go / not)

108. We (be / not)


the lottery last year. dinner. your ring in the garden yesterday. home. their car two years ago. anyone yet. to the cinema last night. to the zoo so far.

109. She (arrive / not)

110. Emily (visit / not)

111. (you / read)

112. How many letters (they / write)

113. When (he / tell)

114. (you / be)

115. How often (you / travel)

116. A: (you / taste / ever)

117. B: Yes, I (eat)

118. A: When (you / eat)

119. B: I (eat)

50th birthday. He (invite)

Japanese restaurant.

yet. me last week. the book yet?

so far?

you that? at home last night? abroad till now? sushi? sushi at least five times so far. sushi for the first time? sushi for the first time on my dad's the whole family to a


A: (you / like)



B: Absolutely. In fact, it (be)

so good that we


to that restaurant three times yet. And on my

mum's birthday, we (order) it at home.

some sushi and (have)