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Lesson Plan

Subject: History Topic: Pity for Poor Africans Sub-topic: The Campaign against the Slave Trade Grade: 10 Date: November 15, 2013 Duration: 1 hour General Objectives/Aims: To sensitize students appreciation and understanding for the people who stood up for the enslaved and how their influence led to the termination of the inhumane and dehumanizing system of slavery. Specific Objectives/Aims: By the end of the lesson students should be able to: a) List two persons who campaigned against the abolition of slavery after viewing the YouTube video. b) Discuss using at least 3 points the effectiveness of their efforts in the abolition of the slave trade after reading the information on the website. c) Demonstrate collaboratively, using illustrations, ways in which these person aided in the abolition of the slave trade. d) Judge the effectiveness of influence these persons had on the abolition of the slave trade. Instructional Materials: Website links, (Persons influential in the abolition of the slave trade), Handout (lesson plan).

Methodology: Discussions, Questioning, Cooperative Learning. Previous Knowledge: Students have already been introduced to the slave trade and how it operated. In addition, they have been taught how religious affiliations helped to raise consciousness in the Africans and taught them about the inhumanity of slavery. This information will give students adequate knowledge to substantiate how these persons helped to abolish the slave trade. Introductory Activity: The teacher will introduce the topic by using photostory .Student are to view a video on the aspect of slavery to identify what the lesson topic will be. The video will include random pictures about the slave trade. They are supposed to identify the topic from pervious lesson taught. Developmental Steps: Step 1: Student will view videos on the person who campaign for the abolition of the slave trade in the 18th century 1700-1799, where they are suppose to listen keenly and document the important information. Links http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9_A_yONSec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLygWUcS4Q4 Expected responses: William Wilberforce, Granville Sharp and Thomas Clarkson, planters, etc Step 2: The teacher will ask students to identify the major points that led to the abolition of the slave trade and how effective were these persons it their campaign. Student will find information from the blog http://sanicarvstewart.blogspot.com/ created by the teacher.

Step 3: The teacher will then ask student to discuss ways in which these person aided in the abolition of the slave trade. Students are supposed to place their written document on for teacher to view. Evaluation 1: The students will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of what they have learnt from the lesson in their own creative way (singing, dramatizing, drawing etc.) this assignment should be place in Edmodo. The link is provided https://www.edmodo.com/home

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