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Alex Chomiak Mrs. Smith Honors Freshman English 19 October 2013 Pride Can Take Away Everything Do you ever feel like someone you know is too caught up in themselves and only care about themselves and their opinions? Antigone, a play that takes place in the city of Thebes, is about how Antigone gives her brother Polyneices a proper burial as told otherwise by the King of Thebes himself Creon. Creon punishes Antigone to her death. Soon, a prophecy tells him otherwise and he finds Antigone dead, which causes the death of his son who kills himself trying to kill Creon. Creons wife Ismene committed suicide in spite of grief for her son. In the play Antigone, Sophocles uses the conflicts between Antigone and Creon, Creon and his son Haemon, and the characterization of Creon himself to show that excessive pride can lead to excessive failure. The conflict between Creon and Antigone plays an important role in supporting the theme of this play, this is because of the sheer disrespect that Creon has for Antigone and her opinions. Even though Creon is Antigones uncle, Creon still hates her because she didnt follow the laws he set himself. This shows how Creon is so fed up in his own opinion that he sentences his very own niece to death. When Creon says He would, for you honor a traitor as much as him (Sophocles 1038), his hate for Antigone is clear. The ongoing rivalry between Creon and Antigone does a great job of showing that if Creon his mind set on anything, nothing will change it due to his imprudent pride.

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Similarly, the conflict between Creon and Haemon(his son) is a more comprehensible showing of the theme. Coincidentally, Haemon is also Antigones fiance, and you can imagine he is pretty outraged about the fact that his own father is summoning her to die in a cave. Haemon and Creon get in an altercation over the subject, subsequently Haemon threatens to kill himself if Creon doesnt let his beloved wife go. Threatened, Creon replies Another? Have you lost your senses? Is this an open threat?(Sophocles 1044). Creon doesnt let his sons fiance live in spite of how much he values pride. For this reason, Creon wont swallow his pride even if his son's life is on the line, which is pathetic. Ultimately Creons character will cost the lives of many close to him. Creons pride, is what defines his character. Simply, Creon is a self indulgent person. Creon will not take anyones ideas into consideration. Its like any opinions or ideas he hears just go into one ear and out the other as if nothing happened. Chiefly, Creon only cares about what he thinks and he makes it pretty clear when he defends his laws and yells at Antigone saying Go join them, then; if you must have your love, Find it in Hell! (Sophocles 1038). In turn, Creon took being self-centered to a whole new level when he chose pride over his sons life. Pride can only get you so far, and Creon learned that while paying the ultimate price losing his family. Using the example of Creon, Sophocles had done a great job showing that excessive pride leads to excessive failure through Creons altercations with Antigone, Haemon and the characterization of Creon. Creon shows his extensive pride throughout the play through his arrogance and self confidence. Consequently, People like Creon would not make it as a political leader/king in todays world, due to his inability to listen to the opinions of others. Creon is someone with no regards to the thoughts of others and values his pride more than anything. Never live your life dependent on pride, you will eventually fail if you do.

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