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Start and End Date Goals

Start: March, 01st, 2014 Project Goals

Key Stakeholders

Estimated budget Key Project Phases

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Relation with another projects

End: March, 30th, 2015 Improving people 45+` skills and work qualifications Business Goals - Organizing training and qualification courses for 45+ aged people, unemployed from the privatized Bearings Plant - Join forces with the public administration and other business in order to create 100 new jobs, using and attracting EU funds in the next 12 month - Promoting and informing both the industry and the people 45+ aged on incentives offered by the government for employing people 45+ Non-objectives Attracting the 45+ aged people from the rest of the town, not from the people unemployed by the Bearings Plant - Unemployed 45+ aged people from the Bearings Plant - Companies from the same business sector as Bearings Plant - Large and medium business from city Y and around the city (10-15 km) - Government institutions specialized in adult training in the area - Other very small business that can be impacted by the number of jobless people - Employees families 35000 Euro - Deciding the number of 45+ people to be trained - Detailing the trainings to be organized and the lecturers - Deciding the number of possible volunteers (including the risk of losing them during the project ongoing) - Deciding the regional authorities to be involved - Organizing the trainings to improve the 45+ people skills through courses (IT, practical skills and foreign languages) by the end of 2014 - Organizing the discussions with the regional public administration organizations to be involved - Informing the local medium and large business environment about the incentives offered by the government for hiring people 45+, increasing awareness about work opportunities and possible economical development of the area by organizing 5 round tables with various industry leaders in 2014 - Stress management and problem-solving trainings organized for all the people from the target group by September 2014 - Temporary hiring the lecturers and rest of the staff - Right of purchasing or renting, within 30 % of the total budget, the logistics and auxiliary materials - Reporting monthly and in the end of every stage to the Project Owner Percentage of early retirement 0-15% poor reducing 15-29% good 30-40% very good 0-20 poor New jobs created 20-60 good 60-100 very good Related with the project Protect the Environment organizing common courses in Environment Protection Culture