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Advanced Techniques for the Latin Rhythm Section

Presented by Victor Rendon, John Lopez and Salsa del Rio

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In 2 3 Clave

In 3 2 Clave

Common Seams
Seams to go up (or stay up) Seams to go down (or stay down)

Standard One, Two and Four Bar Percussion Breaks

1 Bar Break 2 side of clave 1 Bar Break 3 side of clave 2 Bar Break 4 Bar Break

PART III Teaching Soloing Common Problem One of the most common problems when students are learning to solo in this style is the concept of listening. Even though listening is an incredibly important and valuable tool, sometimes students dont know or understand what it is they are listening to. The best way to start teaching soloing is to introduce short 1-2 bar excerpts that build a solo vocabulary. Once a student is comfortable with these, listening can have a greater impact because the student will have a better frame of reference. Here are some samples courtesy of Victor Rendon from his book, The Art of Playing Timbales

More Resources to consider

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