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FF68 Manual Check Deposit

FF68 Manual Check Deposit

Functionality This function allows you to enter the checks youve received. After the input is complete, you can access the additional functions to further process the entered checks. Additionally, you can enter several document numbers and different invoice amounts for one incoming check / memo record. This is useful if a customer pays several invoices with one check. The system highlights the account assignment field when you have entered several values in it. Scenario You need to post incoming checks Requirements Configured house bank account(s), start variants. Menu Path Transaction Code Accounting Financial Accounting Banks Deposit FF68 - Manual Entry FF68



1 [http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=3764756447666501997] .

Double click on FF68 Manual Entry

Before entering checks you need to define what entry variant youd like to use and how do you want to post process the checks. Select from the menu pathSettings Specifications.



Update the following fields: Field Name Start variant Field Description The variant name you enter here specifies which account assignment variant the system is to begin with during memo record processing. You can change the variants at any time during memo record processing. Using this matchcode ID, the system searches for customers if you make an entry in the Customer matchcode field in memo Values Example: Z001

Customer matchcode ID

Example: D




FF68 Manual Check Deposit

Processing type

record processing. Use this field to control whether postings via batch input are carried out online or as a background job.

Example: 2

In the field Processing type you can also use key 4 Further processing online, instead of 2 Further processing as batch input (generate batch). In such case, after posting of checks, the system will not create batch input session, but will post the documents automatically. However, to complete the process you need to use the transaction code FEBA (Postprocess) to check the results of this automatic posting and eventually complete the postings.


Click Transfer value date

Click <checkbox> Int. bank determin. . Instead of entering full bank account number, you can now use short bank name, defined in the system (like CITI e.g.).
5. 6.

Click Enter Button.

Now you need to enter other parameters before you begin to enter checks:




FF68 Manual Check Deposit


Update the following fields: Field Name Company code House bank Account ID Field Description Enter desired CC number here Short key for a house bank This ID together with the ID for the house bank uniquely defines a bank account. Feature for differentiating check deposit lists. The group name is freely definable. Date the document was entered into the system Using the transaction you determine how and to which accounts the system is to post the payment. Date that the business transaction occurred Today's date Code identifying the type of currency used in a transaction or for all transactions pertaining to a specific account Name of batch input session to post to GL Accounts Name of batch input session to post to Customer Accounts Values Example: 5200 Example: CITI Example: OP001


Example: 22

Entry date Transaction

Example: 180702 Example: Z001

Posting date Value date Currency

Example: 180702 Example: 180702 Example: USD

Bank posting session Subledger session

Example: Bank Example: Customers


Click Enter Button

to confirm your entries.

Edit Check Deposit List


Update the following fields: Field Name Amount Issuer Field Description Amount of the check The issuer of the check is Values Example: 120000 Example: NESTE SWAP



FF68 Manual Check Deposit

Check no. Reference doc no

used for specifying the customer if no other criterion is specified for it. The name entered here is then used as a match code for clearing in Accounts Receivable. This field can be printed on the list of checks received. Enter here the value of the field Search term from Customer Master. Check number Enter a ref. Doc. Number (usually customer invoice). This field can be used for clearing the open items on the customer account. The invoice number is being copied to FI document from SD module when the posting is done.

Example: 7322113 Example: invoice 2873/200


Click Enter Button

to confirm your entries.


Click Save Button

to save the list.

Edit Check Deposit List


Click Save Button.

to post the checks.

You choose posting through the batch input session, so now to do the postings, you need to process the two batch input sessions.


Select from the main menu SystemServices Batch InputSessions.

Batch Input: Session Overview




FF68 Manual Check Deposit


Select the session to be processed, e.g. mark BANK



To begin posting, click Process Button

Process Session BANK


Click <radio button> Display errors only


Click Process Button



Click Exit batch input Button

If you select in your specifications Processing type 4 (on-line posting), the system will not create a batch input session. Youll need to process your checks using transaction FEBA Postprocess:

When you enter the check data and save your statement, the system will display a report (log) presenting which items have been cleared automatically and what is the number of items that still need to be cleared manually.
vvemula.blogspot.in/2012/09/ff68-manual-check-deposit.html 5/8


FF68 Manual Check Deposit

This report shows postings separately for GL account and for sub-ledger (AR). In the column Errors you can see how many transactions needs to be processed manually. In this example

Post Bank Statement/Check Deposit List


Click Back Button

20. Follow the menu path: Accounting Financial Accounting Banks Incomings Check Deposit FEBA -


Bank Statement Subsequent Processing

21. 22.

Choose from the menu Check deposit transaction

Click Enter Button to be processed.

to confirm your entries. The system will display a list of check transactions that need

Note: The transactions (line items) marked with green ticks have been processed automatically system has found the relevant open items, based on reference document number and customer name and cleared them automatically. The transactions marked with red ticks need to be processed manually.

Bank Statement Overview




FF68 Manual Check Deposit

23. 24.

Double-click the required check statement, e.g. 021000089 40753699 USD. System will display a document overview:

Bank Statement Overview


To process this document, select from the menu path: Line items Post.

Post with Clearing: Select open items


Update the following fields: Field Name Account Field Description Code identifying the Customer account Values Example: 10000076


Click Process open items Button

Post with Clearing: Process open items


Select the required open item and click Save Button

to post the document.

Bank Statement Overview




FF68 Manual Check Deposit


The message bar displays Document XXXXXXXXX was posted in company code 5200 Posted 20th September 2012 by Veeru Vemula

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