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IAPAM Announces First of its 2014 Symposium Dates: February 8-9 2014

The IAPAM's guiding principle is enRICHing Physicians Lives, and its goal is to support physicians who are seeking usiness education, !ay e over their heads with student de t and now, with reduced insurance rei! urse!ents, are looking "or cash# ased !odalities to add to their practices and to add to their otto! lines$ To address this need, the IAPAM's Aesthetic Medicine %y!posiu! was speci"ically designed as a &one#stop& progra! to add non#insurance ased !edical procedures to a practice, or to start a new !edspa$ The IAPAM announces the "irst o" its '()* dates "or its respected Aesthetic Medicine %y!posiu! with oto+ training, in %cottsdale, Ari,ona- .e ruary /#0$ !as "e#as $e%a&a 'SA (December 1) 201*+ -- Lower insurance reimbursements are causing pain points for the physicians, and they are looking for other sources of revenue, just to break even. To support physicians seeking training in aesthetic modalities, the IA A!"s Aesthetic !edicine #ymposium was designed to give physicians all the information, forms, $%$s, hands-on training, etc. that they need to begin offering aesthetics when they finish the conference. As well, it is important to understand that boto& is not a profit centre, just a gateway to make money with other aesthetic procedures. 'nly the IA A!"s #ymposium teaches physicians about this principle ..... no one else is offering this competitive intelligence. The IA A! is the only complete program that offers( ) An Accelerated program* physicians and their staff can be certified over a weekend* ) +linical training $%$"s to take back to one"s practice* ) ,oard certified $ermatologists as instructors* ) Internationally recogni-ed +ertification* ) +!. /+ontinuing !edical .ducation0 credits* ) 1 2ear practice support /continues as long as a member0* and much, much, more3 4!ore patients are turning to the more ine&pensive non-invasive procedures rather than surgical cosmetic procedures,4 says 5eff 6ussell, .&ecutive $irector of the International Association for hysicians in Aesthetic !edicine /http(77www.iapam.com0. 4They may not get the long term benefits of a face lift, but with a combination treatment of boto& and dermal fillers, then can get a great result at a fraction of the price.4 8or more information on the IA A!"s 8ebruary 9-:, ;<1= #ymposium with ,oto&

Training, watch this comprehensive video at http(77youtu.be7b,>l#<+p'vw or to register for the 8ebruary 9-: Aesthetic !edicine #ymposium, please contact the IA A!, at 1-9<<-;1:-?1<9 e&t. @<=, or visit http(77www.iapam.com7aesthetic-medicinesymposium-boto&-training. Botox is a trademark of Allergan, Inc. About t,e IAPAM: -,e Internationa. Association for P,ysicians in Aest,etic Me&icine The International Association for hysicians in Aesthetic !edicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IA A! membership is open to all licensed medical doctors /!$s0, dentists /$$#s7$!$s0 doctors of osteopathic medicine /$'s0, physicians assistants / As0 and nurse practitioners /A s0. The IA A! offers aesthetic medicine and h+B medical weight management programs, including( ,oto& training, medical aesthetic training, laser for hair removal and training, laser tattoo removal training, physician h+B training, and aesthetic practice business training. Additional information about the association can be accessed through the IA A!"s website /http(77www.iapam.com0 or by contacting( 5eff 6ussell, .&ecutive-$irector International Association for hysicians in Aesthetic !edicine /IA A!0 1-9<<-;1:-?1<9 &@<= #1nds#