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Tell me about your self

Education: Work experiences My career objestives

What do you hope to achieve when you graduate? Where do you see yourself in five years?
Id like to be doing what Im doing nowthat is, 1. enjoying my work, 2. working hard and 3. contributing to the best of my abilities. Of course, Id expect that in five years time my added experience would hold me in good stead for greater responsibilities, which is something I look forward to taking on when the time comes. The most important thing, however, is to be happy, productive and a valued member of the team.

What motives you at work?

There are lots of things that motivate me in the workplace, but three of my biggest motivators would have to be problem solvingespecially highly technical problems that require specialised knowledge; learning new things and keeping up to date with all the changes in my field; and working in a cooperative team environment where were throwing ideas off each other and coming up with creative solutions. I love the camaraderie that goes with that.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What are you insanely good at? Why banking? Why not banking? Can you do good in a bank?

Why do you want this job?" Sample Job Interview Answer #2

International graduate programee is very much idea position to me because its responsibilities are exactly what I'm looking for in a job. It am looking forward to a job where I can transform my leadership skill and build strong report and relationship with people . I have been doing online research about companys future project and I am very much impressed what you have planned for. I desire to work for a company that has a strong reputation and I know Standard charted bank is know for its quality product.

if you are asked the question whether you prefer to work independently or as a team, here is the best way to answer it
I have worked in teams and independently as well. I find that working in a team increases the work performance, as well as creates a proper work flow and information distribution between team members which ensured that the project is completed in a timely and efficient manner. While working independently, I realized that I was the complete owner of the project (i.e. one man project) and therefore considered this responsibility as an incentive/bonus. Though, I did get the company support and interacted very often with other key employees, the way I worked helped to ensure quick

project implementation as well as finding efficient solution for any calculated risks. Therefore, I have had very good experiences working in a team as well as working independently. Provide examples and you may add that - In my previous jobs, I have had opportunities to work in a team on an impromptu basis, as well as provide value and support to the product that is being developed by the team. I have immensely enjoyed playing both roles, and I think that I would be comfortable in both roles, that of a team member as well as a sole entity.

Have you ever had an experience where there were issues or strong disagreement among the team members? What did you do?
I have had some instances where there has been some kind of strong disagreement among my team members. Usually, I do not pay attention to the issue for the first few days, because I have faith in the professionalism of my team partners. However, if the problem is not solved over a period of time, I make sure that I speak to any and all the team members who are involved in the issue, and try to iron out an amicable solution with dialogue between them.

Have you ever been a project leader in a team? How did you handle/face issues?
As a project leader, I have had a varied experience of dealing with project issues. Whenever I have faced a problem that requires a solution, I collected the data related to the issue, figured out the causes, consulted with team members for solutions and when having a neutral view of the issue, I have tried to resolve it in such a manner that I will continue keeping a keen eye on the problem solution and the betterment of the product Problem Solving Interview Answers The best way to answer these questions is to provide a truthful and factual answer to the query.This answer normally depends on whether or not you have faced any experiences that have been challenging in your previous job. Your answer should begin with the following phrases:A past challenging experience I dealt with was [..]. This was a challenge because []. To resolve the issue, I [..]Then, divide the answer into 5 parts:

1. Define the ProblemDescribe the problem in the workplace. What makes it a problem? What does this problem involve? 2. Analyze the ProblemTell about how you collected information for data analysis: the process you utilized for extracting maximum information from the facts. 3. Generating Possible SolutionsExplain the factors taken into consideration when making a decision: how did you get to the root cause of the problem? How did you identify the likely causes of the problem? How did you generate a number of possible solutions? 4. Selecting the Best Solution(s) and courses of actionDescribe the actions you took: why did you choose these actions? What results did you expect to achieve? Describe how you organized ideas into process flow and common themes and the way you monitored results. Dont forget the risk management factors. 5. Lesson learnedWhat did you achieve? What was going right? What did you learn from that experience?

Can you recall a situation where you had to demonstrate skills in problem solving? What was the problem and how did you tackle it?
Please describe how you successfully overcame difficulties to ensure that a particularly important piece of work/ a project was delivered to a high standard As a project leader, I have had a varied experience of dealing with project issues. Whenever I have faced a problem that requires a solution, I collected the data related to the issue, figured out the causes, consulted with team members for solutions and in November 2010 we were given a very big challenge, which was to assist newly developed project for London Metropolitan Student Union called Student Union Election 2011. My task was to develop an excel spread sheet on which we can log in all the different tasks of the project on daily basis. I developed a template and sent it to their communication managers. To my surprise the person who supposed to approve those drafts was on holidays and there wasnt anyone else I could contact. It was Friday afternoon and I had to get approval for these drafts by Monday morning and then later make changes for other offices. It was not an easy task to find someone in communication team on Friday afternoon; I had a quick meeting with my manager. I explained him the situation and also shown the drafts I had

developed he looked very happy with the progress. I suggested that I carry on creating the drafts for other offices and on Monday morning I can get the approval. His response was positive and I manage to get all the drafts done by Monday morning, send them to communications and after some changes drafts were approved and that project was a big success Assignment I had to write a individual/ group report while attending London metropolitan university. The project was about financial and ratio analysis of GP Morgan in UK. We were assigned to report on key management personnel (CEO, Chairman of the Board, President, key VPs), divisions and subsidiaries, major products/brands/services, key financials for the most recent year (sales revenue, expenses, total income, net income, sales growth or loss for the last year), market share, key competitors, mission statement, product positioning, and number of employees. Among the steps I took were visiting the company's branch to interview employees and gather visual aids for the project. I spent a lot of time organizing and writing the assignment. Then I spent time reviewing my speech over a period of several days. As a result, I was calm while giving the presentation and received an "A" for the project. The one additional step I perhaps wish I'd taken would have been to talk to some consumers and store owners about the product. If team I communicated with other group members via email to maintain thight deadline. To my surprise the person who was assign to prof read drafts was on sick and there wasnt anyone else I could contact. It was Friday afternoon and we had to finish our project by Monday morning It was not an easy task to find someone in our team on Friday afternoon; I had a quick meeting with my superviser . I explained him the situation and also shown the draft assignment we had developed. he looked very happy with the progress. I suggested that I can carry on prof reading the drafts assignment for group and on Monday morning I can submit our assignment/ project . His response was positive and I manage to get all the works done by Monday morning, send each group member a copy of assignment and that project was a big success When I have stared doing research, have face challenges because it was entirely new to me

Have you been a team leader? Describe your role as a team leader. Tell us about the challenges you faced in trying to resolve issues among team members. What could you have done to be more effective
As a team leader, my responsibility is to achieve the highest productivity for

the company within the given resources. Therefore, I have to ensure that all the resources that I am provided are always at their optimum performance. So, I have to ensure that any issues that my team members face are resolved without any losses to either the company, the product that is being currently worked on. Most of the times, I speak to the team members who have a problem with each other individually as well as a team, so that all the issues are ironed out immediately

Tell us about a time you handled a difficult situation with a co-worker.

I have had some instances where there has been some kind of strong disagreement among my team members

Last year one of our colleagues was displaying a lot of aggressive behaviours, including dominating team meetings, belittling other peoples ideas and not cooperating. I approached the rest of my colleagues about him and soon realized everyone was feeling the same as I was. We decided not to take the matter to our manager until we had the opportunity to talk to him first. So we decided that at our next meeting we would raise these issues with him. I was chosen to initiate the discussion. At the meeting I avoided personalizing the problem and I avoided using inflammatory language. I also adopted an upbeat and optimistic tone. The results were better than we anticipated. He thanked me for the delicate manner in which I raised the issues and also thanked us all for talking to him first before taking it further. After our meeting, his behaviours changed markedly for the better

Meeting dead line

When I was working for the Interplanetary Commission, I was required to meet multiple tight deadlines. I was able to consistently meet all my deadlines by adhering to sound planning and organising principles. These included planning my work well ahead so there were no surprises, ensuring that everyone in my team was well trained and well aware of their responsibilities, always having various contingency plans for when things went wrong, and never accepting more work than we could handle. The effectiveness of these practices was highlighted by the fact that my team never missed a deadline and was seen as the standard-bearer for performance within the organisation.

Conflict resolution
I would first get a lowdown on the actual problem and try to work out a solution to the conflict. I have seen many conflicts getting worked out if the right amount of time is given, or if there is some opportunity that is bigger than personal and trivial issues between people. You may add to your answer for the conflict resolution question in an interview: For any disagreement between team members, I am the mediator. I will set a behavioral code if necessary. I believe that I should be a cohesive force between all the team members. In a professional

atmosphere, it is a miracle that all the people in a team are on good terms with each other. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the leader to make sure that all of them are comfortable with each other and have a working relationship that makes the team a productive one instead of a team that is wracked by problems.

When you eve motivating others? What is your strategies? What is outcome?
Motivation is when you enjoy what you are doing, I use a variety of different methods to motivate friends /colleague/ people. When a project is about to start and I am delegating tasks, I supply some type of mild reward, such as I will treat you all to coffee once this is over. Once the project has started, I schedule weekly meetings where we go over checkpoints to ensure that the staff has reached their goals. I also try to create time sensitive team projects so that the staff is motivated to work harder in order to not let down their partners. Throughout the process I will also check in at random intervals to see if there are any questions or problems. I do not blame staff for falling behind, and will help out where I can, but the random check-ins should do an adequate job keeping them active and working. Once the project is over, anyone that has performed above and beyond expectations I will report to the executives, and may even request that one of the executives acknowledge the staff member in person if they have time. I also treat the entire staff to coffee, as originally promised.

Multicultural exeriences
I ensure I recognise multiple perspectives of an event or behaviour, to recognise ones own cultural norms and values and those of others; I manage the greater uncertainty of intercultural situations; (different communication styles across cultures) Explain if any problem explained: I adjust ones communication style to the communicative needs of people from other cultures; I stimulate cooperation between people, to take the lead while keeping others

on board, and to develop an effective network of relationships in a diverse cultural environment. My language skills will be used to resolve cultural or language conflicts or problems between customers and colleagues. Being multicultural or multilingual demonstrates I can adjust my style to different people and situations. Being multicultural or multilingual indicates I have experienced looking at problems and opportunities from different perspectives. I understand better how to market and sell to Latinos, the largest growing segment of our countrys population. Being multicultural or multilingual means I know how it feels to be misunderstood, and I also know what it takes to reverse misunderstandings. My accent will be seen as an additional competence that helps me communicate better with colleagues and customers from diverse backgrounds. I understand leadership and creative solutions within the context of my diversity.

What motivated you to apply for your chosen scheme, and why at EDF Energy? Within your answer consider the challenges facing the organisation and the impacts these could have on your role.
The main motivation for me to apply for the Graduate Scheme in EDF energy was my career goals. After finishing my postgraduate degree I am looking forward taking up new challenges in the finance sector. I would like to find a position that will place me in a forward-moving company with solid performance and associate with an organization that provides an opportunity to demonstrate my skills, learn new technologies with the latest trends, and to be a part of a team that works dynamically towards the objectives of the organization. EDF Energy being one of the most recognizable names in the business has a very well established Graduate Scheme for bright new graduates, with whom I would sincerely like to transfer my skills and expertise of training in problem solving, rational communication, keen observation innovation and dedication. All the major firms in every sector of the business are facing a big challenge because of the current financial crisis and the every changing consumer market, while working in the Finance side of EDF Energy it would be a very good opportunity for me to deal with such challenges and learn from them on regular basis

Which qualities & skills do you possess that make you suited to the role to which you have applied? (90 words max)
I have really good interpersonal skills and also I tend to be very selfdisciplined to get through the tough educational and professional examinations. An ability to work in (and ultimately lead) teams, strong analytical skills, good verbal and written communication skills. During my previous job role I have developed very good team management, leadership, organizational, and client relationship skills. In addition to that I also have gained valuable experience of working in a large organization

Why do I hire you?

I have really good interpersonal skills and also I tend to be very selfdisciplined to get through the tough educational and professional examinations. An ability to work in (and ultimately lead) teams, strong analytical skills, good verbal and written communication skills. During my previous job role I have developed very good team management, leadership, organizational, and client relationship skills. In addition to that I have curiosity to learn new things which takes me one step forward. I want enhance my knowledge in order to serve the company in a better way. I am a quick learner, hard worker, disciplined and also adaptable to any environment. So if you give me this opportunity then it will be pleasure to me and also I assure you that I will try to work at my level best for the organization

The greatest strength

Quick learner and effective personal communication skills I am adaptable, so I can handle any type of people and situations and also bring out the best from them in spite of conflicting situations or opinions I am a quick learner, so I can any subject quickly and analyze my job and add value to it as well as I can identify the problem and solve them faster and better. Self Motivated and Determined Success Oriented and Natural Leader Team Player Ive always been a great team player and therefore I can work efficiently to produce quality work in a team environment.I can accomplish a large amount of work within a

short period of time hence I get things done on time. I have told,
I prefer, I think .

Hardworking: I am a hard worker and because of this ability I can work for additional hours to accomplish my tasks.I am commitment oriented and hence I always enjoy the trust and confidence of my team mates which enables me to perform my duties very easily. intelligence and Self Confidence

I used to have trouble with procrastinating, now I have learned to write down a list of things that I need to do, and keep a ipad to keep track of deadlines. I have found that this not only helps me to finish things on time, but it has also helped me to be more organized.

It might seem that my biggest weakness in applying for this position is that I dont have any inside sales experience. But the skills Ive gained during my five years of fundraising are incredibly relevant to the positionlet me tell you why. Ive always had to work at math. But I took a course in Excel, and thats helped me tackle quantitative analysis projects much more easily. In fact, let me show you a report I recently developed.
I am too fast in my speech, not only by the words but also the amount of information. I've learned through active listening methods to make sure I'm understood and my dialogue partner isn't overhelmed with - sometimes - unneeded information.

Multiple assignment
The key to handling the pressure of multiple assignments is to update and keep track of each project independently, as well as prioritize my time in advance so that I know what, when, and how each aspect of the project is occurring, and update myself on

its progress. The more I know about each project the better, because it will allow me to adjust accordingly and ensure that I meet each deadline successfully.

Missed dead line

you might state that you have improved your communication with other people to ensure that this does not happen again. Planning meetings well in advance and ensuring that there is always someone to deputise for each person due to attend would represent a positive response to a bad experience .

Extra hours
Depending on the role you are applying for, do consider whether you are being asked if you would work extra hours to ensure deadlines are met. If you are willing to do so and it is appropriate to the job, say that you are prepared to work evenings, emphasising your commitment to task completion. But do add that you would aim to plan effectively and therefore minimise the need wherever possible. Also, consider whether the interviewer is concerned that other commitments, such as family might reduce your availability. Waive this aside by stressing that you stick with a project until it is completed, even if it means working late hours on occasion.