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Format for Thesis Project Report

1. 2. 3. The page margins should have Left, right, top, and bottom margins equal to 1.5", 1", 1", and 1" respectively. The font size of the main text should be 12 in New Times Roman (NTR) and the line spacing should be 1.5. All the headings should be in title case and should be put using level headings from MS Word. The font sizes for the level headings are given as following: Level Heading 1 Font Size =20 With Arial Font in Bold Face, Level Heading 2 Font Size =16 With NTR Font in Bold Face, Level Heading 3 Font Size =14 With Arial Font in Italic-Bold Face, Level Heading 4 Font Size =12 With NTR Font in Bold Face, The Level heading numbering (of all the levels mentioned above) should be done and it should be automatic using MS Word, i.e., if one level heading is deleted or added, the numbering should adjust itself automatically. The report should contain Title Page Page With AAYAAT (if any one like to put it) Declaration of Originality Certificate of Approval signed by Supervisors and Co-supervisor Dedication Acknowledgement Table of contents Table of Figures Table of Tables Abstract These pages are called as preliminary pages and should be numbered in Roman alphabets, e.g., I, ii, iii etc. The table of contents, list of tables and list of figures should be inserted by using the MS Word. The table captions and the figure captions should be inserted by using MS Word insert caption option. All equations should be center-justified and their captions/numbers right justified. Abstract should not be more than 400 words. All the preliminary pages mentioned above including the abstract page, should have the page numbers marked at top right corner of the page in lower case roman alphabets, e.g., i, ii, iii etc. The first page of the main text will start with page number 1 where the introduction or chapter one of the report starts. It should have references from journals/magazines/books. The format of the references at the end of the report should be given according the format defined by department (dataserver\learningmaterial\Shahid Nazir\ Project Coord). This is a must condition for the report writing and the format should be followed very strictly even to the commas. The references given at the end of the report must be mentioned inside the main report. Failure to comply with this requirement will severely affect the grade of the written report. Figure numbers and the table numbers must be mentioned inside the main body of the text of report before the figures or tables appear inside the report. References of the figures and the tables must be mentioned in the figure captions and table captions respectively. The hard copy (First draft) must be stapled before applying the plastic cover. The last page of the report should be Vita. If you come across any problems or questions, feel free to discuss with the course instructor.



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Project Coordinator, DEE, PIEAS.

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