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Over the last decade, Dr.

Ralph Moss, at the University of Arizona has been researching the use of sodium bicarbonate ( a!"O#$ as a potential treatment for cancerous conditions.(%$ At the same time Robert &. 'illies and his colleagues have demonstrated that pre( treatment of mice )ith sodium bicarbonate results in the al*alinization of the area around tumors. (Raghunand +,,#$ Using sodium bicarbonate in the treatment of a cancerous condition has been found to -enhance the anti(tumor activity- of other anticancer drugs. .he al*alizing effects are very similar to the recently published research of in/ecting O+ directly into tumors )here such direct administration of o0ygen also facilitated the action of chemotherapy. .his year the same researchers reported that sodium bicarbonate increases tumor p! (i.e., ma*ing it more al*aline$ and also inhibiting spontaneous metastases (Robey +,,1$. .hey also sho)ed that oral sodium bicarbonate increased the p! of tumors and also reduced the formation of spontaneous metastases in mice )ith breast cancer. Oral administration of sodium bicarbonate also reduced the rate of lymph node involvement. 2oth Dr. Moss as )ell as Dr. 3imoncini, an oncologist from Rome, 4taly, found it stri*ing that the oral administration of bicarbonate )as able to reduce the spontaneous formation of metastases in mice )ith breast cancer. Dr. Moss stated, -.his is impressive )or* that needs to go for)ard.3odium bicarbonate has been used for decades in chemotherapy, but until the last fe) years, ba*ing soda has received little attention. o), in great part due to the )or*, clinical research and reporting of Dr. Moss, Dr. 3imoncini and Dr. Robert O. 5oung, Director of the p! Miracle 6iving "enter and founder of the e) 2iology(R$, there are over 7,,,,, )eb sites )ith information on this sub/ect. .here is little dispute that cancer is an A"4D4" condition )hich can be measured in terms of tumor p!. During many years of previous clinical research preceding Dr. Moss and Dr. 3imoncini, Dr. Robert O. 5oung, the )orld8s leading nutritional microbiologist and live and dried blood microscopist, had long reported that cancerous tissues are significantly more acidic than normal tissues. Dr. 5oung also reported that manipulation of p! )ith oral and9or intravenous sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate can help to restore healthy tissue and reverse cancerous conditions. 4t is amazing to note the lac* of follo)(up research by the medical and pharmaceutical industry over the last :, years in vie) of the fact that in %1#+, Dr. ;arburg received a obel prize for discovering the cause of cancer. !e determined

that cancerous cells and tissues )ere acidic and also lo) in o0ygen. According to Dr. 5oung, -;hen al*alinity increases the supply of hydro0yl ions or o0ygen to the cancerous tissue, the increase in hydro0yl ions or o0ygen combines )ith the e0cessive hydrogen ions in and around the cancerous cells or tissues creating )ater and neutralizing the acid )hich )as the original cause of the cellular or tissue brea*do)n. 3imply put, dietary and9or metabolic acid is the cause of all cancerous cells and tissues.- 4n vie) of this astounding, demonstrable and easily verifiable information, it is incredible that America loses more than 7,,,,,, lives to cancer each year and cancer costs continue to e0ceed a <uarter trillion dollar annual industry. 3odium bicarbonate is the universal mainstream treatment of acidosis. 4t is used every day by oncologists to neutralize the heavy acidic nature of their chemical and chemotherapeutic agents )hich are offten <uite to0ic. 3odium bicarbonate is also used routinely in many clinical situations as herein noted including many peer(( revie)ed /ournals= %$ +$ #$ ?$ 7$ @$ A$ :$ 3evere diabetic *etoacidosis (+$ "ardiopulmonary resuscitation (#$ >regnancy (?$ !emodialysis (7$ >eritoneal dialysis (@$ >harmacological to0icosis (A$ !epatopathy (:$ Bascular surgery operations (1$

Medics and emergency room medical doctors are accustomed to participating in a flurry of activity )hen trying to save a persons live after a cardiac arrest((inserting 4Bs and breathing tubes, performing defibrillation to restart the heart, etc. 3odium bicarbonate is a constant performer under such conditions and is more commonly used than magnesium in/ections, )hich is traditionally at the top of every doctor8s protocol for cardiac arrest. Mainstream oncologists recognize the routine involvement of late stage infections )hich Dr. 5oung refers to as outfections in all cancerous conditions. Medical savants also recognize that bacteria, yeast and mold is present in over forty percent of all cancerous conditions. (%,$ .he most recent research in this area demonstrates ho) even viruses, )hich Dr. 5oung describes as crystallized acid, is present in fifty percent of certain types of cancerous conditions. (%%$ Dr. Robert O. 5oung has )ritten or co(authored over %7 boo*s in over %: different languages on the sub/ect of acid having given rise to biological transformation of cells or the birth of bacteria, yeast and mold in all dis(ease or so(called disease and cellular or tissue conditions. .his )ould also include late stage outfections )hich are

the result of an over(acidification of the internal environment. According to Dr. 5oung, there is a simple definition of cancer ( A"4D. Anyone )ho has seen a cancerous tissue )ill admit that cancer is a rot that is brea*ing do)n the body and that )ill destroy it if left unchec*ed. ;hen the body is rotting, )hen its cells and tissues are demonstrating dire distress, )hen certain colonies of cells become acidic and rotten and change their type of metabolism from respiration to fermentation, )hen dietary and metabolic acids are not properly removed through the four channels of elimination, including urination, respiration, defecation and perspiration, then you )ill have a certain over(acidic condition that )ill eventually ta*e shape depending on )here the acid is deposited. Dietary and9or metabolic acid )hich are not properly eliminated are generally deposited in the colloidal connective and fatty tissues. .he body deposits acids into the tissue in order to preserve the delicate p! balance of the blood at A.#@7. .his is )hy there is such an increase in breast, brain and prostate cancers. Dr. 5oung8s position has been clearly stated for more than t)o decades. - o matter )hat one observes or describes as cancer, no matter )hat atypical physical manifestation one might claim, no matter )hat nuance one might observe in the formation and prolifereation of cancerous cells, it should be obvious by no) that all the names and various *inds of cancerous conditions are essentially the same. 4t is clear that in any type of rotting cells or tissue, the bacteria, yeast and mold are a result of those rotting cells and tissue and O. .!C "AU3CD Dr. 5oung also states, -bacteria, yeast9fungi, and mold are not the cause of a cancerous condition but are the result and the evidence of cells and tissues biologically transforming from a healthy state and to a unhealthy state.- Dr. 5oung astutely observed that, -over(acidification of the body leads to the development of chronic yeast and fungal outfections and ultimately a cancerous condition of the cells and tissues.Eundamentally, cancer is a relatively simple over(acidic condition of the blood and then tissues that leads to an o0ygen deficiency dis(ease. .he use of sodium bicarbonate increases hydro0yl ions or o0ygen that buffers dietary and9or metabolic acids preventing the rotting or fermentation of cells and tissues and thus prevents and9or reverses a cancerous condition. One is not li*ely to fall into a cancerous condition if one8s blood and tissues are in the perfect al*aline state of A.#@7. .o achieve this perfect al*aline state, free from all sic*ness and dis(esase, one must have al*aline nutritional sufficiency including full al*aline hydration, ingestion of liberal amounts of green foods rich in chlorophyll to build healthy blood and tissues, and plenty of healthy al*alizing sun e0posure. .hen, add plenty of restful sleep, al*alizing e0ercise, rela0ed conflict(free e0istence and a pristine al*aline environment (something that no longer e0ists in most areas

of the )orld$. One must also include freedom from dental amalgam, antibiotics, steroids9hormones, recreational drugs and vaccines in order to achieve e0traordinary health and a cancerous free e0istence. "andidly, all of this health and medical information is clearly omnipresent, and cancer has become such an onerous, frightening, disasterous, and economic monstrosity in our )orld today, that a brief discussion of the decades of duplicitous and compounding human error may be at least some)hat instructive. "ancer is easy to define because it defines modern man. !umanity is in deep acidic trouble )ith its cancerous condition for the simple reason that )e are in deep acidic trouble )ith ourselves, our relationships, and our civilization. .here are no real medical precedents to dra) upon )hen it comes to the use of sodium bicarbonateF it is an obvious panacea. 4ts broad usefulness is so clear and self(evident that virtually no research has sought to point out the obvious nor attempt to e0pand upons its potentially unlimited value. 3odium bicarbonate is simply and clearly that useful, safe and effective for A66 sic*ness and dis(ease. 4t is a given. 2ut it no) appears that much of the ongoing medical debate over its use has more to do )ith human confusion, medical group(thin*, financially driven myopia, and illogical thought processes than anything having to do )ith observable phenomenon or simple reality. .hat is )hat sociologists, observers, and various investigators appear to be discovering and increasingly reporting in the public debate over the issue of universal health care. >eople often )or* bac*)ards from a firm conclusion to find supporting facts, rather than letting evidence inform and direct their vie)s. A totally rational person )ould first lay out and then evaluate ob/ectively the pros and cons of sodium bicarbonate and its use in a cancerous protocol. 2ut even the best professionals become attached to their o)n self(serving beliefs and self(protective egos. ;e humans often form emotional attachments that become )rapped up in our image, reputation, personal identity and connecting beliefs about medicine and health. .his attachment often unfolds irrespective of the facts of the matter. .his pervasive, gut(level attachment then renders our personal theories and sub/ective beliefs all that more potent and meaningful in our minds than simple, pragmatic evidence and ans)ers. .hus, this same human condition renders many, scientists and non(scientists ali*e, as vulnerable to a phenomenon of tightly grasping various beliefs, even in the face of scientific evidence to the contrary. 4t then becomes an enormous challenge including a test of personal courage and self(confidence to be able to reevaluate one8s o)n )orld vie)s and medical belief system. 5et, in order to be of service to

humanity, practitioners must be able to effect such a process of repositioning, even if )e must reverse our o)n previously held thoughts, beliefs, statements, )ritings, and positions. 3ome of the greatest changes throughout history have occurred as a result of the efforts of a single individual or very small groups. !umanity depends on very fe) medical and science leaders to offer the latest and the best information. 4ndividual egos do get in the )ay, and some scientists, medical doctors, university professors, and health politicians are *no)n for their substantial egos and scientific airs. Regardless of )hat one8s ego says, the scope of dietary and metabolic acids and the comprehensiveness of the problems they usher into the )orld are vastly important in science, medicine, health and prevention. 3adly, it )ill one day be understood, in retrospect, that it )as the affectively damaged, intellectually deficient, or characteroloically irresponsible practitioners )ho )ill have totally ignored the importance of acids as the cause of A66 sic*ness and dis(ease. As 'erman philosopher Arthur 3chopenhauer reminded us, -.here are three steps in the reveleation of any .ruth. 4n the first, it is ridiculedF in the second, resisted, in the third, it is considered self evident.- Cventually, only those practitioners )ith their proverbial head(in(the(sand )ill have ignored the reality of sodium bicarbonate8s po)erful action and ho) it dramatically reestablishes the intracellular al*aline environment and its miraculous efficacy )herein conditions are over(acidic and causing sic*ness and dis(ease. .he action of sodium bicarbonate is, for all intents and purpose, instant and effective in preventing and reversing a cancerous condition for many victims. Most cancer sufferers are able to reverse their cancerous condition in %+ to %@ )ee*s, although, depending on previous treatment and certain constitutional or bodily variables, some reversals may ta*e up to 1 months. 4n the end, even the most effective sodium bicarbonate application is not as po)erful, and therefore not a healthy alternative or substitute, as Dr. 5oung8s p! Miracle al*aline diet including pure, hydro0yl, ion(rich al*aline )ater. 3odium bicarbonate((that simple )hite stuff called ba*ing soda((can be purchased in any supermar*et in the )orld and is a )orld class anti(bacterial and anti(fungal )ith no *no)n negative side(effects. 4f one needs to -punch in the face- a late stage outfection of any *ind, simply use sodium bicarbonate. 4f a person )ants to eliminate bacteria, yeast or mold colonies in the blood or tissues, ba*ing soda should be a number one choice. Dr. 5oung e0plains, -sodium bicarbonate can be used li*e a fire e0tinguisher spraying the tissues )ith al*alinity and preventing or reversing latent tissue acidosis. 4t can be used orally and9or transdermally to reach all parts of the body through systemic effect via the blood.-

Medical researchers such as Dr. .ullio 3imoncini and Dr. Robert O. 5oung have identified the al*aline substances uni<uely able to penetrate the volumetric acidic cancerous tissues, such as sodium bicarbonate, magnesium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and calcium bicarbonate. .hese elements are manufactured in the body to prevent acidic build(up and to maintain the al*aline design of the body. ;hen the body is perfectly balanced and slightly al*aline, )e are healthy, strong and happy. 3odium, potassium, magnesium and calcium bicarbonate, )hen used in con/unction )ith other e<ually safe substances, can form the basis for a natural chemotherapy, )hich has proven to be greatly more effective then significantly more to0ic and acidic interventions. Most people are all too a)are of the horrors that a)ait those )ho travel do)n the road of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. .he <uestion becomes= ;hy travel do)n these pits to bodily suffering and devastation )hen safer, vastly more affordable, natural, and highly effective ans)ers li*e sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate are so readily availableG 3pecial ote= Dr. 5oung suggests using a combination of four po)erful cell salts of sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium bicarbonate )hich are available under the name of p!our 3alts. 3pecial Recommendation= Dr. 5oung also suggests sodium and potassium bicarbonate use for anyone undergoing cardiac angiography, ". (computed tomography$ or MR4 (magnetic resonance imaging$ to protect their *idneys. .he incidence of medical imaging has soared over the last fe) years across all types of tests. Doctors have long *no)n that e0posure to contrast agents can cause damage in seemingly healthy *idneys. .he "linical &ournal of the American 3ociety of ephrology )arns that *idney damage or in/ury can arise after undergoing certain common medical imaging procedures and poses a serious health threat. A meta(analysis of %A randomised controlled trials has sho)n that pre(procedural treatment )ith sodium bicarbonate(based hydration is the best strategy to prevent contrast(induced nephropathy ("4 $. %+ Many medical imaging techni<ues, including cardiac angiography and ". scans, often involve the use of contrast agents, substances that contain iopamidol, iodi0anol and barium )ith their o)n to0ic do)nside. Dr. 3olomon found that #% percent of research sub/ects e0perienced negative health effects after imaging test. Overall, %# percent of patients e0perienced a ma/or event, such as death, stro*e, heart attac*, or end(stage renal disease. .hose )ho developed contrast(induced *idney in/uries had t)ice as many long(term negative health effects as compared )ith patients )ho did not suffer *idney damage. o doubt much of this harm can be avoided if sodium bicarbonate is used appropriately. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

%. Ralph Moss is an independent /ournalistic researcher )ho has been investigating and )riting about promising cancer treatments since %1A?. "lic* to read Ralph Moss8s biography . Eormerly science )riter and assistant director of public affairs at Memorial 3loan(Iettering "ancer "enter, 5, he is -probably the most *no)ledgeable )riter in the )orld on alternative therapies for cancer,- according to &ulian ;hita*er, MD in his !ealth and !ealing ne)sletter. 5ou can learn more about Ralph Moss by clic*ing to -;hat C0perts 3ay.- 5ou can also find out )hat cancer patients say about his service by clic*ing to -;hat "lients 3ay.- "lic* here to vie) our prestigious 3cientific Advisory 2oard. +. 'amba, '., -2icarbonate therapy in severe diabetic *etoacidosis. A double blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial.- (Rev 4nvest "lin %11% &ul(3epF?#(#$=+#?(:$. Miyares 'om ez A. in -Diabetic *etoacidosis in childhood= the first day of treatment.(An Csp >ediatr %1:1 AprF#,(?$=+A1(:#$ #. 6evy, M.M., -An evidence(based evaluation of the use of sodium bicarbonate during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.- ("rit "are "lin %11: &ulF%?(#$=?7A(:#$. Bu*mir, R.2., 3odium bicarbonate in cardiac arrest= a reappraisal (Am & Cmerg Med %11@ MarF%?(+$=%1+(+,@$. 2ar(&oseph, '., -"linical use of sodium bicarbonate during cardiopulmonary resuscitation((is it used sensiblyG- (Resuscitation +,,+ &ulF7?(%$=?A(77$. ?. Jhang. 6., ->erhydrit and bicarbonate improve maternal gases and acid(base status during the second stage of labor.- Department of Obstetrics and 'ynecology, Kiangya !ospital, !unan Medical University, "hangsha ?%,,,:. Maeda, 5., ->erioperative administration of bicarbonated solution to a patient )ith mitochondrial encephalomyopathy.- (Masui +,,% MarF7,(#$=+11(#,#$. 7. Avdic. C., -2icarbonate versus acetate hemodialysis= effects on the acid(base status.- (Med Arh +,,%F77(?$=+#%(#$. @. Eeriani, M., -Randomized long(term evaluation of bicarbonate(buffered "A>D solution.- (Iidney 4nt %11: ovF7?(7$=%A#%(:$. A. Bri/landt, >.&., odium bicarbonate infusion for into0ication )ith tricyclic antidepressives= recommended inspite of lac* of scientific evidenceLM ed .i/dschr 'enees*d +,,% 3ep %F%?7(#7$=%@:@(1$. Inudsen, I., LMNCpinephrine and sodium bicarbonate independently and additively increase survival in e0perimental amitriptyline poisoning.- ("rit "ar e Med %11A AprF+7(?$=@@1(A?$. :. 3ilomon, M., -Cffect of sodium bicarbonate infusion on hepatocyte "a+O overload during resuscitation from hemorrhagic shoc*.- (Resuscitation %11: AprF#A(%$=+A(

#+$. Mariano, E., -4nsufficient correction of blood bicarbonate levels in biguanide lactic acidosis treated )ith "BB! and bicarbonate replacement fluids.- (Minerva Urol efrol %11A 3epF?1(#$=%##(@$. 1. Dement8eva, 4.4., -"alculation of the dose of sodium bicarbonate in the treatment of metabolic acidosis in surgery )ith and deep hypothermic circulatory arresta.(Anesteziol Reanimatol %11A 3ep(OctF(7$=?+(?$. %,. -4 believe that, conservatively, %7 to +, percent of all cancer is caused by infectionsF ho)ever, the number could be larger (( maybe double,- (Dr. Andre) Dannenberg, Director of the "ancer "enter at e) 5or*(>resbyterian !ospital9;eill "ornell Medical "enter.-$ Dr. Dannennberg made the remar*s in a speech in December +,,A at the annual international conference of the American Association for "ancer Research.% And if omitting infections as a cause of cancer is not bad enough no)here in ;atson8s article do )e see mention of= %%. A se0ually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer is also to blame for half of all cases of cancer of the penis ne)s.yahoo.com9s9nm9+,,1,:+?9hlHnm9usHcancerHpenis %+. ))).sciencedaily.com9releases9+,,19,79,1,7%+%1#++A.htm 4n 6ove and !ealing 6ight, Robert O. 5oung, >h.D., D.3c. Eounder of 8.!C C; 24O6O'58 P "reator of the 83"4C "C OE A6IA64 C 64B4 '8Q for !ealth. As someone that loo*s to improve their health )e are pleased to offer you this free audio, an e0cerpt of a po)erful t)o hour intervie) )ith Dr Robert O. 5oung and Anthony Robbins. "lic* the lin* belo) to listen= http=99tinyurl.com9*rtfr? ot part of our healing al*aline communityG Bisit our )ebsite at= ))).phmiracleliving.com .o learn more about the science of Dr. Robert and 3helley 5oung go to= ))).articlesofhealth.blogspot.com

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