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Using the Gallery of Educational Thinkers 8/29/09 1:52 PM

Using the Gallery of Educational Theorists

©2000 Edward G. Rozycki

updated 2/10/09

Everyone analyzed in this gallery has had his or her theories investigated
in eight areas of concern (click hyperlink for explanation of term):

What is Worth Knowing? How is Knowledge to be

What is Knowledge? Transmitted?
What is the Human Being? What is Society?
What is Learning? Who is to Have the Opportunity?
What is Consensus?

These areas are the topical headings from sections of

A Survey Of Attitudes And Beliefs About Education

available on this site, which the reader can self-administer, then by using the synoptic form, also available
on this site as

Synopsis of The Educational Theory of ...

the information from the survey will approximate in form the synopses to be found in the gallery. This
enables an easy contrast and comparison between one's own personal theory of education and any of the
gallery entries.

See also related articles pertaining to:

The relationship between philosophy and education

The ISM's, constructivism, etc.: are they philosophies?

How curriculum relates to philosophy of education

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Using the Gallery of Educational Thinkers 8/29/09 1:52 PM

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Gallery of Synopses

Adler, Mortimer Conant, James Hutchins, R.(vI & vII) Noddings, Nel

Alcott, A. Bronson Confucius Illich, Ivan Oakeshott, Michael

Anthony, Susan B. Counts, George S. Jefferson, Thomas Owen, Robert

Apple, Michael De La Salle, J. B. Kant Pestalozzi, Johann

Aquinas, Thomas Dewey Kierkegaard Piaget, Jean

Aristotle DuBois, W. E. B. Kilpatrick, Wm. Plato

Augustine Edelman, M. W. Perkins, D
Kirk, Russell
Bagley, William Engles, Friedrich Quintilian
Kohl, Herbert
Bantock, Geoffrey Erasmus Ricoeur, Paul
Kohn, Alfie
Barzun, Jacques Fichte Rousseau, J. J.
Kohlberg, Laurence
Basedow, Johann Flexner, A Russell, Bertrand
Kozol, Jonathan
Bennis, Warren Fourier, Charles Sartre, Jean Paul
Lancaster, Joseph
Bestor, Arthur Freire, Paulo Schlechty, Phillip
Locke, John
Bethune, M. McCloud Froebel, Friedrich Sizer, Theodore
Loyola, Ignatius
Bloom, Allan Gadamer, Hans-Georg Skinner, B. F.
Luther, Martin
Bloom, Benjamin Gardner, Howard (I). Socrates
Bourdieu, Pierre Gardner, Howard (II). Soyinka
Marx, Karl
Bowles, Herbert Gilligan, Carole Spencer, H.
Mann, Horace
Brameld, Theodore Greene, Maxine Stanton, Eliz. Cady
Maritain, Jacques
Bruner, Jerome Habermas, Jurgen Sternberg
Maslow, Abraham
Buber, Martin Hall, G. Stanley Tyler, Ralph
McClelland, D
Calvin, John Harris, William T. Vygotsky
Melanchthon, Philip
Carver, G. W. Hegel Washington, B. T.
Mill, John Stuart
Chomsky, Noam Herbart West, Cornell
Montessori (1)
Cicero Hirsch, E. D. White, A. D.
Mulcaster, Richard.

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Using the Gallery of Educational Thinkers 8/29/09 1:52 PM

Mulcaster, Richard.
Comenius, Johann Hobbes Whitehead, A. N.
Neill, A. S
Comte, Auguste Hume
Husserl, Edmund

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