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[678] 632-1844 P.O. BOX 40194 MESA, AZ 85274 Jl !"#75$%&'"l.( & )**+,--'. !*.&/-0#l !"# L"12/3"1 - % .%l-33(45E A self motivated, diligent, aspiring professional looking to partner with your company to deliver outstanding service and satisfaction to clients through consultative sales.

P6 7/##" 1'l P6 7"l/

Excellent Interpersonal Skills Verbal, ritten ! "ral #ommunication $usiness to $usiness ! #onsumer Sales #onsistent %ime &anagement 'esourcefulness Superior Salesmanship

%raining ! Instructing %imely (ecision &aking "utstanding 'apport builder )oal "riented "utlook %eam &anagement #reative *roblem Solving

P6 7/##" 1'l A(( &+l"#)& /1*#

S'l/# L/'3/6#)"+ - 8 &&!1"('*" 1 - 96'"1"1%

#onsistently achieved above average personal sales results in industry Effectively led groups of +,-./ people to successfully achieve sales ob0ectives (aily trained groups in the art of salesmanship in the classroom and in the field Supervised the progress and completion of assigned weekly tasks #onsistently met or exceeded organi1ation profit goals and expectations Skillfully composed written documents for business partners and government authorities Verbally communicated to inform of policies and motivate team members #ommunicated plans for the successful working of sales territory among other leaders Initiated self directed study program to learn sales techni2ue best practices and enhance skills *roficiently built great rapport skills through in person cold calling to homes and businesses
8'#/ A##/##&/1* - Pl'11"1% - :/;/l +"1%

Assessed deficiency of students through interpersonal communication and testing (etermined the needs of sales team through daily facilitated leadership and group meetings Identified the needs of sales team through in-field work alongside team (iscovered the needs of the community through door-to-door surveys as counselor (eveloped and executed plans to address deficiencies in sales teams and students (iscovered needs of clients through interpersonal communication during inhome visits 3ocated student resources for educational curriculum and self improvement as teacher
9"&/l< :/("#" 1 M'2"1% - 9"&/ M'1'%/&/1* - P6 .l/& S l;"1%

#reated and faithfully enforced personal and group schedule as team leader 'ecorded efficiency of time use per hour of work in excel document as counselor Efficiently improved the performance of students and sales teams to appropriate levels Solved interpersonal problems between students or sales team members satisfactorily Solved legal paper work issues with state and local government authorities "ften made successful, time-sensitive decisions in the field weighing pros and cons as manager
=/( 63 M'"1*/1'1(/ - F'("l"*'*"1%

&aintained up-to-date financial records for weekly submitted reports &anaged a steady level of sales inventory in facility for use of team members as needed