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Coming up
*St. Tims Christmas
program is Thursday
*Last day of school
is Friday
*Jan. 1 is application
deadline for Maple
Lake Ambassadors
DNR lifts spearing
restrictions on
Sugar Lake
Sugar Lake in Wright
County will be open to dark-
house spearing this winter for
the first time in more than 40
years. Sugar is one of 12 lakes
on which spearing bans were
lifted this year.
During the sixties and
seventies, it was common to
ban spearing on lakes man-
aged for muskies, said Joe
Stewig, Department of Natu-
ral Resources Montrose area
fisheries supervisor. Sugar
Lake was designated for
muskie management in 1967,
and up until now, darkhouse
spearing has been prohibited.
by Gabe Licht
Twenty-two years ago, Toys
for Tots and Silent Santa shifted
from serving all county residents
out of the Wright County Human
Services office in Buffalo to serv-
ing people out of each individual
Debbie Biegler became Maple
Lakes chair of the program at that
Because it got so big, they
were looking for people in each
town to take it over, Biegler re-
It seemed like a natural fit for
We started doing the Giving
Tree here at St. Timothys Church
and taking it to Wright County,
Biegler said. Now, everything do-
nated here stays in Maple Lake.
Shes thankful for how much
has been donated over the years.
Ive never had to worry about
having enough, Biegler said.
The town has rallied behind it.
People call and ask what we
need, Biegler continued. Ive
had some people come up and say
thanks, shake my hand and leave
a $100 bill in my hand. Maple
Lake takes care of their people.
After more than two decades of
overseeing the generous program,
Biegler is passing it on to Luke
and Liz Elsenpeter.
Sugar Lake
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School board
levy decrease
Volume 119, Number 12 Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Maple Lake, MN 55358 maplelakemessenger.com $1
by Gabe Licht
For years, Maple Lake Public
Schools, and other rural school
districts, have been advocating
for equity in the school-aid for-
mula. Those efforts appear to
have paid off and local taxpayers
will see the total school levy de-
crease by nearly $157,000, or al-
most 6 percent, to about $2.46
"The new levies are less in
most cases," Maple Lake Super-
intendent Mark Redemske said
during the district's Truth in Tax-
ation hearing Dec. 9. "That's due
to legislative changes because
there's greater equity. We'll see
fewer dollars not because of this
but because our enrollment is
Enrollment stood at 907 as of
Nov. 27. Three new students had
enrolled since then, but the num-
ber was still less than budgeted
enrollment, with smaller classes
expected in the future.
Anticipated revenue in the
general fund is about
$8,550,000, while budgeted ex-
penditures are slightly more than
$8.9 million.
We know well be over-
spending, Redemske said.
As for individual levies, three
of the four are decreasing. The
general levy is falling almost 15
percent to just less than
$830,000, the community serv-
ice levy is dropping about 4 per-
cent to about $67,000 and
general debt service is down
2.33 percent to about $1.49 mil-
lion. The Other Post Employ-
ment Benefits levy is increasing
nearly $27,000, more than 51
The budget for the districts
debt service fund projects nearly
$1.59 in anticipated revenue,
compared to just less than 1.55
million in budgeted expendi-
As Redemske explained the
budget, he clarified a few vari-
The 2013-14 budget was
adopted on May 13, prior to the
end of the 2013 legislative ses-
sion, with estimated enrollment
numbers. Collective bargaining
for contract negotiations was not
completed at the time the budget
was adopted, so salaries are also
School levy
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by Gabe Licht
Music pumped into the
Maple Lake High School gym.
Shammy the Shamrock high-
fived elementary students as
they flooded in. They stayed on
their feet and participated in
Wellness Wednesday exercises,
along with many guests from the
The occasion? To celebrate
Maple Lake Elementary
Schools designation as a School
of Excellence.
Although 2013 has been an
exceptional year for winning
honors, being a School of Excel-
lence is something I believe
Maple Lake Elementary has sus-
tained over a much longer time,
Principal Kris Harlan said.
I have come to realize that the
foundation for excellence lies
with the character of the people
involved with our school. Excel-
lence is not something that oc-
curs merely by chance, but
rather something that takes a
conscious effort.
Harlan credited her staff for
making that conscious effort.
They care about one another
and care deeply for the students
they work with, Harlan said.
They celebrate the victories
with students, both large and
small. They embrace change and
challenges with a team effort.
She also spoke highly of the
involvement of parents,
guardians, volunteers and the
community at large, referencing
100 percent attendance at con-
ferences and large crowds at
concerts, National Hot Lunch
Day, Grandparents Day and
Track and Field Day.
Our school is located in a
community that continually sup-
ports the schools, Harlan said.
It takes a village to educate
children today (and) our kids at
MLE are so lucky to go to
school in the village of Maple
Speaking of those kids, each
grade had the opportunity to
share why they believe Maple
Lake Elementary is a School of
New faces to chair local Toys for Tots efforts
Christmas sweater
contest deadline
Readers now have until noon
on Monday, Dec. 23, to submit
photos of themselves in Christ-
mas sweaters for the Messen-
gers ugly Christmas sweater
contest. Drop off photos at 218
Division St. W, email them to
m or tag the Messenger in your
sweater photos on Facebook.
Winners will be featured in the
Dec. 25 issue. Prizes are $75
Business Bucks for first place
and $50 Business Bucks for sec-
ond place.
Holiday deadlines
and office hours
The Messenger office will
close at noon on Tuesday, Dec.
24, in observance of Christmas
Eve and will remain closed until
8 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 26. The
advertising deadline for the Dec.
25 paper will be 4 p.m. Friday
and the deadline for classified
ads and editorial content will be
noon Monday, Dec. 23.
The Messenger office will
close at noon on Tuesday, Dec.
31, in observance of New Years
Eve and will remain closed until
8 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 2. The ad-
vertising deadline for the Jan. 1
paper will be 4 p.m. Friday, Dec.
27, and the deadline for classi-
fied ads and editorial content
will be Monday, Dec. 30.
Liz and Luke Elsenpeter (right) will be chairs of the Maple Lake Toys for Tots and Silent
Santa program next year. Debbie Biegler (second from left) has chaired the program for
22 years, with the help of her daughter, Stephanie Biegler (left). (Photo by Gabe Licht)
Toys for Tots
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Drive safely:
offers tips
Fourth-grade students use an acrostic poem to explain why Maple Lake Elementary is a School of Excellence. Pictured from
left to right: Grace Praska, Emma Torblaa, Isaac Wagner, Aidan Kolehmainen, Sydney Reardon, Mary Rose Jude, Abby Pau-
men, Sami Hayes, Jack Schaefer and Emma Jost. (Photos by Gabe Licht)
Shammy the Shamrock (Margo Brown) asks fourth grader
Mason Mills for a high five during the parade of colors that
kicked off the School of Excellence celebration.
Sixth graders do their best impressions of the people who
make Maple Lake Elementary a School of Excellence. Pic-
tured from left to right: Abby Latour, Alyssa Bergeron, Ben
Schleif, Ben Reilley, Nate Painschab, Eddie Heimer, Collin
Giebenhain and Lindsey Paumen.
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Surprise, Shar!:
page 3
John Holler
Virgil Hawkins is something of
a rarity when it comes to being a
department head for Wright
County. When winter storms hit
and people are cautioned to stay
off the roads, that is when his em-
ployees go to work.
Hawkins, the Wright County
highway engineer, oversees 511
miles of roads and is in charge of
22 snowplow drivers. When win-
ter storms arrive, they typically
work a 12-hour shift during and
after storms and after getting a lit-
tle sleep, theyre at it again until all
the roads are clear.
When the first significant win-
ter storm hit Dec. 4 the first of 15
to 20 snowfall events expected
during the winter season it
caught many drivers unaware.
Winter driving
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Maple Lake Messenger Page 2
December 18, 2013
I used part of last Friday to get my Clam fishhouses down from
their summer storage spots in the garage, so I really dont have any
good reason not to get out fishing. It sounds like most of the local
lakes have a good foot of ice which is enough for little cars, like our
Focus; but Id hesitate to drive the Suburbans on the ice. I dont
have any hot tips for winter anglers and the best advice I can provide
would be to start drilling holes and use a Vexilar or similar unit to
see if there are any fish. If not, just keep moving around until the
Vexilar shows a lot of red. Theres been some activity on Maple
Lake and that might be a good lake to try. With some warm weather
in the weeks forecast I hope to get out.
* * *
Vana and I went for a ride with Ed Trager, his son, Cole, and their
dog, Sadie, out west to Milan on Saturday in kind of a dual-purpose
trip. Mainly to retrieve Eds 4-wheeler which he had his brother out-
fit with a snow blade; and secondly to hunt pheasants. The weather
was cold and the roads may not have been 100%, but they were tol-
erable as we headed west. We loaded up the 4-wheeler and then
headed for an unharvested soybean field on Eds brothers property.
The pheasants werent feeding anymore, about 11:30 a.m., or we
spooked them into the heavier cover when we stopped. Ive always
considered late season hunting my favorite, especially when theres
enough snow to see where theyve been running. So the conditions
were right and we started putting up birds when we got near and into
the cattails. Ed got the first bird on a relatively long shot and he and
Cole doubled up on number two, a bird which fell in the cattails. Ed
had it pretty well marked and both dogs got a workout with Vana
coming up with the rooster. In the meantime yours truly missed a
straight-away shot and was reloading when a second rooster took
flight. Walking in the fluffy snow wasnt a problem, but there were
lots of cow humps along the cattails which gave all three of us a
workout. Ed got the third bird when a bunch of hens and roosters
exploded out of a willow thicket. I blasted away twice at a rooster
that got up behind us, missing both times. Eds 12-gauge was again
lethal and the bird fell dead into some thick cattails. He, I and the
two dogs made a good effort to find the bird, but to no avail and we
left the area electing not to shoot over the cattails. We put up alot of
hens as we made our way back to the road and I had a great broad-
side shot at the last rooster we put up. I missed it twice and Im at
a loss to why I could blow such a great opportunity. Ed was being
charitable and passed up on the same bird. Cole figured he enjoys
earlier season pheasant hunting more, and commented he thought
he and his dad should concentrate more on ducks next year after
having some great shooting this fall. . . We were about a mile
down the road on our way back when I suddenly discovered I didnt
have my glasses on. Apparently I had left them on the pickups tail
gate and in the process of shedding some cold weather gear, had
swept them off into the snow. Anyway, all is well that ends well and
Ed spied them where we had parked. That reminded me of an earlier
trip out to western North Dakatos oil patch when I mistakenly put
on Daryl Hennens glasses, noticed the blur and wondered to myself
how I was going to shoot, much less see pheasants clearly. I realized
what had happened when Hennen couldnt find his specks. The
other problem with glasses was a long time ago when four of us,
Daryl Hennen, George Rose, the late Roger Niedzielski and I were
hunting in South Dakota and pitched our tents (we never did that
again) in Miller. Roger and I shared a domed tent and I hung my
glasses on one of the supports. It had been a couple of cold nights
and the next morning we got up and immediately rolled up the tents
with my glasses still in the tent. They came out bent, but usable,
and the moral of the story is I hope I can rely on the three time and
out theory.
* * *
My best wishes to the Messenger subscribers for a very merry
Christmas as you get together with family and friends for the holi-
days. The days and weeks leading up to Christmas may seem hectic
at times and we hope each of you will remember the true meaning,
that the Christ Child was born, a story that is retold in churches every
by Harold Brutlag
Readers are invited to take part in discussions of interest to the Maple Lake community.
All letters to the editor must be signed and must include the writers address and tele-
phone number. Letters of private thanks, solicitation, petition, and those containing li-
belous material will not be published. The Messenger reserves the right to edit all letters.
Maple Lake, MN 55358
Michele Pawlenty, Publisher
Gabe Licht, Editor
Harold Brutlag, Master Printer,
Columnist, Publisher 1968-2000
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To the Editor,
As I reflect on my first year as
mayor of Maple Lake, I can only
think how proud I am to have
been chosen to represent this
community. The kindness and
generosity of folks when it comes
to donating time or funds to the li-
brary, Meals on Wheels, the Buff-
up Maple Lake clean-up crew,
watering flowers and planting a
beautiful garden at Ladybug Park
among many others are reminders
of what makes me love this com-
This next year is expected to
start off with good momentum,
the Ice Fishing contest and "In-
heritance," a movie filmed in and
around town, are just a start. The
new vet clinic and potential for a
Dollar General store and contin-
ued development on the Highway
55 corridor are exciting signs of a
healthy, growing community. We
will be approaching the commu-
nity for input on the landscaping
and beautification of the Highway
55 corridor with funds and design
assistance from the State. This
will help make Maple Lake look
on the outside as a community we
are all proud of on the inside.
I know many of you, and I,
too, have been asked to make
modifications to sewer and sump
systems as we fight the battle over
inflow and infiltration. There will
be more road, manhole and sewer
improvements made by the city to
also help reduce the amount we
are all paying for unnecessary
treatment of ground water. All of
this effort will pay dividends
when the spring and rains come
and we don't have to pay tens of
thousands to treat rainwater.
We are making an effort to
focus on being more planful and
to make sure that streets and our
other infrastructure are being
maintained properly to reduce the
need for early and unnecessary re-
I want to thank everyone for
your comments, support and can-
did suggestions. It is you that
make this a worthwhile adventure
for me. More importantly, thank
you to the city staff. The ladies in
City Hall, the guys in the Mainte-
nance Department and Carol and
her team at the liquor store are the
people who really make this city
work. The council and I are in-
debted to them and the dedication
they show to making Maple Lake
the wonderful community it is.
Wishing a safe and wonderful
Christmas and New Years cele-
bration to everyone! I look for-
ward to the continued adventure
as Mayor.
Thank you,
Lynn Kissock
Mayor, Maple Lake
The Retiree
by Jerry Hoem
guest columnist
Scene: Department of An-
gels, Guardian Division, In-
spector General's Office.
Well, Gordy. Good to see
you again, said the Chief In-
spector General as Gordy,
Guardian Angel, walked in. I
don't think we've talked since
your transfer went through.
How's it going?
Well . . . not so good, Chief.
I seem to run into problems
wherever I go.
I saw your weekly report
but there was nothing special
there, said the Chief. Harry
can't be the problem. You're as-
signed to a doctor now, I hear.
A surgeon. And Harry's still
involved. I can't seem to get rid
of that guy. He keeps turning
up. I do my best, and things are
going well, and there he is.
Gordy ran his fingers around his
halo, feeling the dents he made
when he twisted it after Harry's
accident with a four-wheeler.
Have a seat. Harry's being
watched by Flo now. How
could he be involved?
It was his surgery. His tests
after that four-wheeler crash
showed an abnormality in his
heart, and guess who got the
job? My guy. Gordy sat down
and chewed on the rim of his
Relax, Gordy, and tell me
how it went. A success, I sup-
pose. I don't remember anything
bad on your report.
Oh, Harry came through it
all right. Touch and go for
awhile, but he made it. I didn't
put it on the report because I
wanted to tough it out. My sur-
geon, thoughhe's a physical
wreck. I hope he's stable
enough to hold a scalpel again.
Accident or something?
No. Harry's surgery took
something like 535 minutes.
While they were in there, the
surgeon replaced a plastic valve
from one of hisand myear-
lier incidents, and they had a lot
of unexpected problems with
the aneurysm they went in to
fix. Harry's made of metal and
plastic and a pig's heart valve
now. As long as his new parts
hold out he'll be fine. But the
surgeon's a wreck, and I'm as-
signed to him.
Pig's heart valve. They do
that, don't they. You're not ask-
ing for another transfer, are
I just wanted you to know,
in case my surgeon cuts himself
or needs mental treatment of
some kind. He goes into laugh-
ing and crying jags from time to
time. Yesterday he kicked his
cat. Nice guy, but he needs a lit-
tle time to get over Harry.
Nobody said it would be
easy, said the Chief. Let the
guy laugh and cry a little. He'll
be okay. Take time off. Go
snowboarding for a day or so,
and remember, I'm always
Gordy secured his halo,
stood up and walked to the
door. The Chief added a few
notes to his file. He recalled the
bad days Gordy had, and
thought to himself, I'm glad it's
his mess.
Visit us on the web at
Question: I am a 34-year vet-
eran police officer, nearing the end
of my career. The recent snowfalls
made me angry, seeing all the driv-
ers not using their headlights!
I was kind of shocked because
during these snowfalls, I bet at
least 25 percent of drivers or more
did not have any lights on at all,
and many just had daytime run-
ning lights, which of course, are
not considered legal headlights for
inclement weather, because as
everyone should know by now,
when lights are required then all
vehicle lights are required, not just
Headlights are used so you can
be seen, not just so you can see
many drivers dont seem to under-
stand that fact!
During the snowstorms, I also
saw that many drivers only had
their parking lights on, too, while
driving! Arent people aware of
the law?
I think all of us officers should
start really going after these drivers
with tickets, and maybe we will
get somewhere. I have talked with
a lot of officers about this, and they
are fed up, too.
Maybe you could keep on try-
ing to educate the public about
this, and do another article saying
that having your headlights on can
save lives. Maybe at least some
drivers will wise up!
Many officers have written se-
rious injury or even fatal crashes
that could have been avoided if
only someone had their headlights
on. In fact, we (officers) see it all
the time. When I am at a stop sign,
and I look left or right, I always see
the vehicle that has its headlights
on first, even if there are other
closer vehicles that dont have
their headlights on!
Even after all these years of
seeing this, I can hardly believe
that so many drivers just dont get
it and are driving in this unsafe
Please do what you can to in-
form drivers that they need to ac-
tually turn the headlights on
manually in many cases, and that
some vehicles with (supposed)
automatic headlights dont actu-
ally turn all the other lights on that
are required when headlights are
too. Sometimes we (officers) are
busy at a scene and we dont have
time to go chasing after the non-
headlight drivers, but some of
them pay for it when they are in a
crash. You would think that drivers
would want to do all they can do
to be safe and keep their passen-
gerswho are often family mem-
berssafe. Thanks for whatever
you can do, and good luck!
Answer: You about said it all,
and very well at that. I will add that
traffic safety officials everywhere
are advocating just driving with
your headlights on all the time, so
you dont have to worry about
what all of the specific require-
ments of the law are. After the re-
cent lengthy snow storms, I heard
this same exact complaint from
numerous sources and regions.
Just to cover all the bases: In
part, M.S.S. 169.48 says: Every
vehicle upon a highway within this
state: at any time from sunset to
sunrise; at any time when it is rain-
ing, snowing, sleeting, or hailing;
and at any other time when visibil-
ity is impaired by weather, smoke,
fog or other conditions or there is
not sufficient light to render clearly
discernible persons and vehicles
on the highway at a distance of
500 feet ahead; shall display
lighted headlamps, lighted tail
lamps, and illuminating devices...
A good rule of thumb: If your
wipers need to be on, then your
headlights should be on too.
If you have any questions con-
cerning traffic related laws or is-
sues in Minnesota, send your
questions to Trp. Jesse Grabow
Minnesota State Patrol at 1000
Highway 10 West, Detroit Lakes,
MN 56501-2205. (You can follow
him on Twitter @MSPPIO_NW
or reach him at,
Card of Thanks
The family of Steven
Lemieux wold like to thank the
following organizations for as-
sisting us at Steves funeral:
The Color Guard consisting of
members from the Maple Lake
VFW #7664 and the Maple
Lake Legion Post #131, the
Minnesota Patriot Guard and
the Minnesota National Guard
Honor Guard. We were so
thankful and impressed by the
respect and honor that was
shown. Thank you also to Fa-
ther John Meyer for his sermon
and guidance, to Sarah Goelz
and Krista Elsenpeter Tarbox
for the wonderful music, to the
men that served as pallbearers
and honorary pallbearers, to
Harney at The V, to the women
who volunteered at the funeral
dinner, and to Dingmann Fu-
neral Care. We would also like
to especially thank our family
and friends for their over-
whelming support. We will
never forget everyones kind-
Pam Lemieux
Allyson and Damian Beffel
and family
Nathan and Heather
Lemieux and family
Stephanie and Brian Field-
seth and family
Ask a Trooper:
Turn on those
by Sgt. Jesse Grabow
Pharmacy Gifts Drive-Thru
Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
New Towne Market Annandale
320.274.3062 keavenydrug.com
Your Fast, Friendly Full Service Pharmacy for over 70 years!
Siding Decks
General Construction
Licensed & Insured
Local Labor & Materials
Gerry Giebenhain, Owner
10 Years of
Maple Lake Messenger Page 3
December 18, 2013
On Dec. 9, Jordan Tyndale
Vaughan, 24, of Annandale, was
arrested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for domestic as-
On Dec. 9, Thomas Richard
Olejar, 49, of Otsego, was charged
with misdemeanor violation of a
harassment restraining order.
On Dec. 10, Jacob David
Bruneau, 26, of Buffalo, was ar-
rested in Buffalo on the charges of
obstructing legal process and con-
tempt of court and Wright County
warrant for violation of a no con-
tact order.
On Dec. 10, Travis Brian
Rohling, 35, of Rockford, was ar-
rested in Buffalo on the charge of
contempt of court and a Stearns
County warrant for fifth-degree
criminal sexual conduct.
On Dec. 10, Derek Roland
Lindala, 41, of Annandale, was ar-
rested in Southside Township on
the charge of third-degree DWI.
On Dec. 11, Richard Keith
Lopez, 44, of Albertville, was ar-
rested in Albertville on a Ramsey
County warrant for third-degree
On Dec. 11, Tanner Michael
Tischner, 18, of Buffalo, was ar-
rested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for contempt of
On Dec. 12, Franchesca Alicia
Grimaldi, 38, of St. Michael, was
arrested in Buffalo on the charges
of obstructing legal process, dis-
orderly conduct, contempt of
court and a Wright County war-
rant for fourth-degree assault.
On Dec. 13, Leah Christine
Finical, 20, of Clearwater, was ar-
rested in Clearwater on a Morri-
son County warrant for
fifth-degree controlled substance
On Dec. 13, Natasha Christine
Frey, 29, of Annandale, was ar-
rested in Buffalo on a Wright
County warrant for violation of
conditions of release.
On Dec. 13, Natalie Michelle
Ramey, 31, of Albertville, was ar-
rested in Albertville on the charge
of fifth-degree controlled sub-
stance violation.
On Dec. 13, Robert Joseph
Ramey, 27, of Albertville, was ar-
rested in Albertville on the charge
of fifth-degree controlled sub-
stance violation.
On Dec. 13, Adam Dale Fos-
dick, 29, of Albertville, was ar-
rested in Albertville on the charge
of third-degree controlled sub-
stance violation.
On Dec. 13, Brian Thomas
Bloomquist, 38, of Maple Lake,
was arrested in Corinna Township
on the charge of domestic assault.
On Dec. 14, Kayla Ann Foley,
18, of Maple Lake, was arrested
in Monticello on the charge of do-
mestic assault.
On Dec. 14, Kristin Marie
Vinkemeier, 27, of Monticello,
was arrested in South Haven on
the charge of third-degree DWI.
On Dec. 15, Edward George
Coon, 50, of Monticello, was ar-
rested in Monticello on the charge
of domestic assault.
On December 15, Tyler James
Fisher, 19, of South Haven, was
arrested in Buffalo on the charge
of fifth-degree assault.
There were 96 property-dam-
age accidents, nine personal-in-
jury accidents, two hit-and-run
accidents and seven car-deer acci-
There were five arrests for
DWI, no underage consumption
arrests, no school bus stop arm vi-
olations and 104 tickets for mis-
cellaneous traffic violations
reported this week.
Borg, Brian James, age 41, of
Waverly, sentenced on 12/06/13
for Misdemeanor Giving False In-
formation to a Peace Officer to 90
days jail, $300 fine; 88 days stayed
for one year on conditions of pro-
bation, serve 2 days jail, pay $300
fine plus surcharges, have no same
or similar violations. Sentenced
by Judge Strand.
Collins, Travis J., age 41, of
Delano, sentenced on 12/06/13 for
Misdemeanor Fourth Degree
DWI to 90 days jail, $500 fine; 90
days stayed for one year on condi-
tions of probation, pay $500 fine
plus surcharges, have no use or
possession of alcohol or non-pre-
scription drugs, submit to random
testing, have no same or similar
violations. Sentenced by Judge
Foster, Camille Jones, age 41,
of Annandale, sentenced on
12/09/13 for Probation Violations
for Gross Misdemeanor Third De-
gree DWI to 30 days jail. Sen-
tenced by Judge Strand.
Heffington, Kenneth Lowell,
24, of St. Michael, sentenced on
12/03/13 for Misdemeanor As-
sault in the Fifth Degree to 90 days
jail, $300 fine; 80 days stayed for
one year on conditions of proba-
tion, serve 10 days jail, pay $300
fine plus surcharges, pay restitu-
tion, complete an anger manage-
ment/chemical education
program, have no contact with
victim, provide DNA sample,
have no same or similar violations.
Sentenced by Judge Halsey.
Hylland, Tyrone Ray-Herbert,
age 31, of Buffalo, sentenced on
12/09/13 for Probation Violations
for Gross Misdemeanor Third De-
gree DWI to 30 days jail. Sen-
tenced by Judge Strand.
Pivec, Cory Donald, age 49, of
Rockford, sentenced on 12/09/13
for Misdemeanor Domestic As-
sault to 90 days jail, $200 fine; 87
days stayed for one year on condi-
tions of probation, serve 3 days
jail, pay $200 fine plus surcharges,
undergo counseling and follow all
recommendations, have no use or
possession of firearms or ammu-
nition, have no use or possession
of alcohol or non-prescription
drugs, have no same or similar vi-
olations. Sentenced by Judge
Quarberg, Carrie Sue, age 34,
of Buffalo, sentenced on 12/06/13
for Felony Aid and Abet Arson in
the Second Degree to a stay of im-
position for ten years on condi-
tions of probation, serve 120 days
jail, pay $85 surcharges, undergo
a chemical dependency assess-
ment and follow all recommenda-
tions, have no use or possession of
alcohol or non-prescription drugs,
submit to random testing, provide
DNA sample, obtain permission
before leaving the state, have no
use or possession of firearms or
dangerous weapons, pay restitu-
tion, have no same or similar vio-
lations. Sentenced for Felony
Theft to a stay of imposition for
ten years on conditions of proba-
tion, serve 120 days jail, concur-
rent, pay restitution, follow above
conditions. Sentenced for Felony
Controlled Substance Crime in the
Fifth Degree to a stay of imposi-
tion for five years on conditions of
probation, serve 120 days jail,
concurrent, follow above condi-
tions. Sentenced for Sentenced by
Judge Strand.
Rilea, Daniel Rodrick, age 37,
of Annandale, sentenced on
12/09/13 for Misdemeanor As-
sault in the Fifth Degree to 90 days
jail, $300 fine; 90 days stayed for
one year on conditions of proba-
tion, pay $300 fine plus sur-
charges, have no contact with
victims, have no use or possession
of alcohol or non-prescription
drugs, submit to random testing,
pay restitution, complete an anger
management program and follow
all recommendations, have no
same or similar violations. Sen-
tenced by Judge Strand.
Stokes, Nathan Charles, age
23, of Monticello, sentenced on
12/02/13 for Felony Criminal Sex-
ual Conduct in the Third Degree
to a stay of execution for fifteen
years on conditions of probation,
pay $85 surcharges, pay $75 pub-
lic defender co-payment, have no
use or possession of alcohol or
non-prescription drugs, submit to
random testing, have no use or
possession of pornography, have
no contact with persons under the
age of 18 years, submit to a poly-
graph, obtain permission before
leaving the state, have no contact
with victim or victim's family, reg-
ister as a sex offender, have no use
or possession of firearms or dan-
gerous weapons, undergo chemi-
cal dependency treatment and
follow all recommendations, un-
dergo sex offender treatment and
follow all recommendations, un-
dergo counseling and follow all
recommendations, have no same
or similar violations. Sentenced
by Judge Tenney.
Vaughan Jordan Tyndale, age
24, of Annandale, sentenced on
12/10/13 for Probation Violations
for Misdemeanor Domestic As-
sault to 90 days jail. Sentenced by
Judge Strand.
Toys for Tots
continued from page 1
Winter driving
continued from page 1
After 22 years, I decided it
was time for others to take over,
Biegler said.
The Elsenpeters had shown in-
terest in being involved. A year
ago, they picked up donations at
area businesses.
Once Biegler decided shed
like to start stepping down, she did
a bit of recruiting.
I went to Krista Elsenpeter-
Tarbox and asked to see if Luke
and Liz would be open to it. She
went to Luke and Liz and prom-
ised to babysit and paved the way
for me to give them a call.
Biegler has promised to stay
with the group for two more years
to make the transition smooth and
help in any way thats needed.
There are a lot of things be-
hind the scenes that people dont
know I do, Biegler said. Things
are different from year to year.
On average, about 35 families
take part in the local Toys for Tots
program. That number is down to
23 families representing 93 people.
Depending on the economy,
that ebbs and flows, Biegler said.
Weve had as many as 46. Those
who know people in need talk to
them so the word gets out because
it is a small town and everyone
looks out for everyone else.
There are several ways com-
munity members do that each year.
Toys for Tots collects toys at area
businesses and also accepts mon-
etary donations and hosts a food
drive each Thanksgiving.
Monetary donations we re-
ceive go to buy coats, boots, snow
pants and other expensive things
that families need, Biegler said.
One family asked for a wooden
wagon so they can safely take their
kids to the laundromat. They fill
out an application for what they
need. Most things are $20 to $25
or less.
Donated toys that dont fit a
specific need for a family are
sorted and displayed in the base-
ment of St. Timothys Church for
families to shop for what they
Sometimes, organizers are sur-
prised how well donations fit the
requests they receive.
On Tuesday, which is one day
past the deadline, we had someone
fill out an application, Biegler
said. They wanted Jesus, Joseph
and Mary statues for their child.
We found a snow globe of Jesus,
Joseph and Mary that plays music.
That was donated at a business and
it filled a very specific request.
In addition to giving donations,
toys or food, individuals can also
give their time as volunteers.
A lot of people have done it
for many years, Biegler said. Its
a labor of love. I wouldnt have
done it for 22 years without my
husband and daughter helping me.
Weve refined the process to make
it better.
Its a well-oiled machine, Liz
Elsenpeter added.
Distribution took place on Sat-
urday and every day leading up to
it had a purpose.
On Monday night, we sort
food; on Tuesday night, we sort
gifts; on Thursday, we shop for
what we didnt get, Biegler said.
Some families come in too late to
go on the giving tree, but we still
get things for them. On Friday, we
shop for what we didnt find and,
on Saturday, we distribute gifts.
In addition to gifts, each family
gets at least one box of food and
grocery gift cards. Families also
receive wrapping paper, bows and
tape so they can wrap their own
The relief of families is amaz-
ing, Biegler said. Some are silent
and others have overwhelming
emotion. Some dont know what
to expect and will walk here think-
ing they wont get much. We have
volunteers with trucks and SUVs
who will drive them back with
everything they get.
If there are leftover resources,
they also go to a good cause.
Depending on donations, we
may be able to help people
throughout the year if theres an
emergency like a fire or an ill-
ness, Biegler said.
Leftover items go to the Ap-
palachian Project, extra baby items
are donated to the Pro-Life Baby
Shower and remaining items go to
area hospitals and clinics.
Biegler said the reason the local
Toys for Tots program never runs
out of supplies is simple.
God always takes care of us.
Maple Lake Fire Department Report
Maple Lakes Volunteer Fire
Dept. and Ambulance Service
responded to the following
emergencies during the past
Dec. 16, 9:02 a.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Allina
Dec. 15, 10:01 p.m.: Med-
ical. No ambulance transporta-
Dec. 13, 11:00 p.m.: Med-
ical. No ambulance transporta-
Dec. 13, 1:24 p.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Maple
Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo
Hospital ER.
Dec. 10, :22 a.m.: Medical.
Patient tansported by Allina
Dec. 9, 9:57 a.m.: Medical.
Patient transported by Maple
Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo
Hospital ER.
Maple Lakes Volunteer Fire
Dept. responded to fire emer-
gency on Dec. 9 at 3:14 p.m. to
1001 County Road 7 NW, Al-
bion Twp. They found a smoke
smell in the residence. Seven-
teen firefighters responded and
were on scene for approxi-
mately 30 minutes.
City officials threw a surprise 80th birthday party for councilwoman Shar Dircks (left) Monday night at Madigans Pub & Grill.
(Right) City councilwoman Deb Geyen, Deputy City Clerk Lee Ann Yager, Mayor Lynn Kissock, Councilman John Northen-
scold, office assistant Elizabeth Borell, maintenance employee Ken Elsenpeter, City Clerk Linda Hruby, maintenance employee
Al Hudek and liquor store manager Carole Bestland posed for a photo with Dircks and her cake. (Photos by Katie Friedman)
Numerous accidents and spin-
outs were reported throughout the
next few days. Hawkins said win-
ter storms may seem similar, but
they are as unique as the
snowflakes they dump on the
ground and the roads.
There are a lot of factors that
go into it and no two storms are
identical, Hawkins said. It de-
pends on what type of storm you
have, based on air temperature,
road temperature and the duration
of the storm. There are a lot of sim-
ilarities with some storms, but
theyre each unique and require
different approaches to clearing
The Dec. 4-5 storm was trou-
bling in a couple of respects. It was
a mixed precipitation storm and, as
the opening storm of the winter
season, many drivers werent pre-
pared for how much the conditions
can impact driving.
That storm was a bad one be-
cause it was the first of the year
and had a lot of bad elements to it,
Hawkins said. We had a combi-
nation of freezing rain that turned
into snow, which creates its own
problems. It seems like people for-
get how to drive in those condi-
tions and we ended up with a lot
spinouts and accidents. But, all in
all, I thought we did a pretty good
job getting the de-icing material
down before it got really cold, be-
cause, when you get down around
zero degrees, the de-icing material
doesnt work.
Hawkins said, as the winter
storm season winds up, drivers
need to take more caution, espe-
cially on ramps and overpasses.
While snow may be removed from
primary roadways, those areas re-
main trouble spots even after the
storms have passed.
Ramps and overpasses can be
problems because there isnt
ground under them, Hawkins
said. Overpasses dont freeze as
fast as roads that have frozen
ground under them. Ramps dont
get the same amount of attention
because you deal with the high
traffic areas first. Ramps are places
where people arent driving 70
mph. Those are areas that, when
road conditions are bad, you take
extra caution around because
theyre the areas that are the hard-
est to control.
Just as the roads themselves
can be slick in some spots and not
in others, how the highway depart-
ment prepares to combat storms
depends on the conditions. At
times in the depths of winter, the
plow drivers are held back for
awhile to let the storm work its
way through. At other times, the
drivers are out in the storms early
because, as with the Dec. 4-5
storms, getting the roads cleared
and sprayed with de-icing chemi-
cals is critical.
You prepare differently based
on the type of storm, Hawkins
said. Depending on the storm and
temperature, you can go with de-
icing chemicals, road salt or sand.
This last storm we had, we had to
switch from de-icing chemicals to
salt because of the conditions once
the snow stopped. It got extremely
cold and we had to change our ap-
proach to dealing with it as the sit-
uation changed. The same is true
for drivers in those situations. As
conditions change, driving has to
The storms of Dec. 4-5 were
the first shot fired by Mother Na-
ture and clearly wont be the last.
Its a rite of passage for Minnesota
to tolerate such weather, whether
its a heavy snowstorm or a week
of temperatures that struggle to get
out of minus numbers.
Hawkins himself had a close
call to an accident following the
storm as a driver heading in the op-
posite direction nearly skidded into
his vehicle.
His advice to motorists is quite
simple slow down and give the
plows a chance to do their job. You
may not get where youre going as
fast as usual, but, if drivers show a
little caution they will get to their
destination safe and sound.
The important thing to re-
member is that roads arent dan-
gerous; people driving in poor
weather conditions can be danger-
ous, Hawkins said. When you
see a plow truck, even though it
might not fit with the society we
live in now, just slow down. It
may take you longer to get where
youre going, but you will get
where youre going.
Wishing You A Merry Christmas
& A Happy New Year
Like the shepherds in
the fields on that holy
night so long ago, our faith
is renewed and our spirits
lifted as we celebrate the
Miracle of Christmas.
We appreciate your business,
Home Appliance
Steve & Kim Northenscold
Maple Lake Messenger Page 4
December 18, 2013
Programs & Events
And thats the
way it was . . .


Heres How It Works:
Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into
nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must
fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once
in each row, column, and box. You can figure out the order in
which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already
provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier
it gets to solve the puzzle!
Answer on Page 12
Submit community programs and events to
The Maple Lake Messenger reserves the right to
edit entries and does not guarantee publication of
community events. Space limits the size and number
of articles. Programs and Events deadline is 4 p.m.
Monday. If your information must be published,
please consider placing an ad.
Dec. 19: American Legion
Auxiliary Christmas potluck
party. Social hour, 6:30 p.m., fol-
lowed by dinner at 7 p.m.
Dec. 19: Wright Saddle Club,
7:30 p.m., clubhouse, Maple
Lake. New members are always
welcome. Krista, 320-963-3990.
Dec. 19: AA & Al-Anon, 7:30
p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free
Church, 2051 50th Street NE,
County Roads. 25 and 113.
Dec. 21: AA, 7:30 p.m., Buf-
falo Evangelical Free Church, 2051
50th Street NE, County Roads. 25
and 113.
Dec. 23: S.A.M. quilting
group, 8 a.m., St. Timothys
Church basement.
Dec. 23: Al-Anon and Mens
12 Step Group, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo
Evangelical Free Church, 2051
50th Street NE, County Roads. 25
and 113.
Wright-Hennepin Cooperative
Electric Associations Operation
Round Up awarded a $5,000.00
grant to the Maple Lake Library
Project. ... Steve Mooney of Maple
Lake received the prestigious
Helen Keller Award, which honors
persons who care and respond to
the needs of others. ... Santa re-
turned to Maple Lake after Christ-
mas in Maple Lake for the First
National Bank of Maple Lake
Holiday Open House. ... And
thats the way it was five years ago
this week.
Roy Paumen of Big Lake
caught a 17 pound, 8 ounce North-
ern out of Lake Henry. ... Ralph,
David and Josh Fobbe broke
through the ice on Buffalo Lake
while pulling their fish house to its
spot. All escaped without injury. ...
Larry Suhsen, Rockford Town-
ship, placed first in the 1998
Wright Soil and Water Conserva-
tion Districts largest tree contest.
His oak tree measured 13 feet, 2
inches in circumference, 4.5 feet
above ground level. ... And thats
the way it was 15 years ago this
Jeffrey Behrends died when his
pickup truck crossed the center
line and struck an oncoming Das-
sel-Cokato school bus just east of
Howard Lake. The bus driver was
uninjured, but five students were
transported to the hospital. ... A
truck broke through the ice on
Cedar Lake when driver C. R.
Johnson tried to avoid a tree
branch and got too far onto the thin
ice. Johnson was uninjured. ... The
Maple Lake Lions donated
$500.00 to Wright Countys
Human Services Dept. Santa
Anonymous. ... And thats the way
it was 25 years ago this week.
The Minnesota Conservation
Department laid out rules for the
ice fishing season as well as re-
leased the dates for the 1964 fish-
ing openers. ... Mary Ann Schubert
was one of four Minnesota 4-Hers
who won trips to the National 4-H
Club Conference for their out-
standing records of 4-H leadership
and project achievment. .... The
grand opening of the new Rohde
floral display room took place at
Rohde Floral. ... And thats the
way it was 50 years ago this week.
James Warren fundraiser concert is Friday
Local artist James Warren will be hosting a fundraiser concert on Fri-
day, from 7 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., at the Red Carpet Event Center in St. Cloud
to raise funds for the EP Warren plans to record with Tesla drummer Troy
Luccketta and Pillar guitarist Noah Hensen in Nashville. The doors open
at 6:30 and there will be live music from Crescent Moon Jazz, the James
Warren Band and the Sylvers Experience. There will be an ugly sweater
contest, beer pong tournament, raffle, silent auction and other events. For
more information, visit /www.facebook.com/events/1398529873723865/
Blood donations could be the gift of life
This holiday season, the American Red Cross encourages eligible
donors to give something that means something a blood dona-
Upcoming blood donation available in Wright County: Dec. 19
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at T.O. Plastics, 830 County Road 75 in Clear-
water; Dec. 21 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Fitness Evolution, 101 14th
St. NE in Buffalo; Jan. 4 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Church of Jesus
Christ Latter-day Saints, 3933 Highway 25 North in Buffalo.
January is National Blood Donor Month, and the American Red Cross
invites those who are eligible to join the millions of blood donors across
the country in helping ensure a stable blood supply for patients in need.
January can be a difficult month to collect donations due to inclement
weather and seasonal illnesses. To donate blood, simply call RED
CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit http://www.redcrossblood.org to
make an appointment or for more information. All blood types are
needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients. A blood donor card
or drivers license or two other forms of identification are required
at check-in. Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental
consent in some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in gener-
ally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school stu-
dents and other donors 18 years of age and younger also have to
meet certain height and weight requirements.
Living With Parkinson's Under The Age Of 60
If you or anyone you know is 60 or under and has been diagnosed
with Parkinson's Disease, you are welcome to join a newly-forming group.
The group will meet the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8
p.m. at Saron Lutheran Church in Big Lake. Specific topics will be sched-
uled along with open forum. Caregivers welcome. No children, please.
Any questions, please call Camille Johnson at 763-350-7401.
American Legion Christmas party is Thursday
The American Legion Auxiliary Christmas potluck party will be
Thursday, Dec. 19. Social hour will be at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner
at 7 p.m. Please bring a dish to share and two bingo game prizes valued
at $2-3.
Gift items for the St. Cloud VA will be purchased. Items needed are
white sport socks, mens regular size; white t-shirts, size XL, 2XL, 3XL;
white mens briefs, size medium and large; pants, size 30x30, 32x30,
32x32, 34x30, 34x32; new items only, please. At this time they dont need
toiletries or personal items. If interested, please drop items off at the Amer-
ican Legion Club and mark the package for the St. Cloud Veterans Home
(unwrapped). For information, please call Cathy Jude at 320-963-3408.
Sign-up for Blizzard Ball Tournament
Diamonds and Dreams will host the third annual Irish Diamonds Bliz-
zard Ball Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, at Bolduan Park. Sign
up today by calling Shelley at 320-260-7237.
Maple Lake Ambassador applications due Jan. 1
The Maple Lake Ambassador Organization is accepting applications
from prospective ambassadors until Jan. 1, 2014, or until the first 17 ap-
plications are received. An individual must meet all of the following re-
quirements to be eligible to participate in the MLAO candidate and/or
ambassador programs:
Be a female, be at least 17 years of age and no older than 20 years of
age as of Jan. 1, 2014, live in Maple Lake (or be enrolled in and attending
Maple Lake High School, or live within the boundaries of Minnesota In-
dependent School District #881).
Interested individuals should email the following information to
mlqueens@gmail.com: First and last name, age as of January 1, 2014,
email address and phone number.
WCHS Book Club event is Dec. 27
The Wright County Historical Societys upcoming Book Club event
will be held Friday, December 27th, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. The book
club meets quarterly at the Wright County Heritage Centers Activity
Room (2001 Hwy. 25 N, Buffalo) and does not require previous atten-
dance or pre-reading of the topicit is open to all who are interested in
books with a historical and local connection.
This quarters presentation will be moderated by Connie Carlson, Buf-
falo, and highlights the creation of the Saint Johns Bible project.
Attendance is free and everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will
be served. For more information about this presentation and all upcoming
projects, programs and events, please visit www.wrighthistory.org,
WCHS Facebook page, or call Sally Stevens at 763-682-7323.
Now that winter has arrived,
the Minnesota Department of
Natural Resources is encouraging
snowmobilers to complete safety
If you waited until the snow
arrived before taking snowmobile
safety training you may be too
late to enjoy the season, said
Capt. Mike Hammer, DNR en-
forcement education program co-
ordinator. Classes fill quickly,
and no snowmobile safety certifi-
cate, no snowmobiling.
Plenty of safety training
classes are available right now, he
Minnesota residents born after
Dec. 31, 1976, must complete a
DNR snowmobile safety training
course before they can legally
ride a snowmobile anywhere in
Minnesota, including private
By taking a snowmobile safety
course, Hammer said students
learn about the machine, they
learn about the laws, they learn
safe operation, they learn the
ethics of the sport and they learn
how to avoid the most common
causes of snowmobile accidents.
DNR snowmobile safety
courses can be completed by ei-
ther attending a snowmobile
safety training course from a
DNR-certified instructor in a
local community or by CD.
To obtain the snowmobile
safety training CD, or for general
information, call 651-296-6157,
888-646-6367, 800-366-8917, or
you can send an email to
More than 1,800 volunteer in-
structors teach DNR snowmobile
safety courses across the state.
For more information on the
dates and locations of these
courses, visit the DNR website:
w w w. d n r . s t a t e . m n . u s
hicle/snowmobile/index.html) or
call 800-366-8917.
DNR: Dont forget to complete
your snowmobile safety training
Book fair supports library
Maple Lake Library volunteers pose for a picture dur-
ing the librarys book fair, which was held on Sunday,
December 1, at Barnes and Noble Booksellers. The
event included visits from Santa and Mrs. Claus, chil-
drens story time, crafts, gift wrapping, and holiday
music. The library earned over $1,300 which will be
used to purchase new books. Pictured are: (back row)
Marie Mavencamp, Robin Aeshliman, Denise Blizil,
Margaret Jenniges, Sue Sylvester, Mike Heffron, Kath
Heffron; (front row) Carol Northenscold, Katie Serrano,
and Terry Mooney. The Maple Lake Library would like
to thank everyone who supported the book fair by vol-
unteering, shopping, or just spreading the word.
(Photo submitted.)
Wright County Public Health
offers cholesterol testing in the
Wellness on Wheels (WOW) van.
For WOW van sites, appointments
or questions, call Rosemary at
682-7717 or toll free, 1-800-362-
3667, Ext. 7717.
Wellness on Wheels Services
include: Adult and Child Immu-
nizations; Health Screening:
Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Choles-
terol (by appointment), Pregnancy,
Health and Wellness; Child Car
Seat Check (by appointment); In-
formation about: Healthy Lifestyle
- Exercise, Nutrition, Recommen-
dations for Routine Medical Care,
Safety - Individual, Home, Car
Seat, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Par-
enting, Child Health, Growth &
Development, Reproductive
Health & Family Planning, Infec-
tious Diseases, Chronic Illness,
Unhealthy Lifestyle Behaviors,
such as Smoking, Drug and Alco-
hol Abuse, Unsafe Sex; Informa-
tion and Assistance in Accessing
For appointments or questions,
call 763-682-7717, or toll-free at
1-800-362-3667, ext. 7717. For
immunizations, bring past immu-
nization records to the van, if
available. * Van hours Monday
through Thursday are from 2 p.m.
to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9
a.m. to 1 p.m.
Upcoming dates:
Thursday, Dec. 19: Market-
place, Cokato
Saturday, Dec. 21: Cub
Foods, Buffalo
Monday, Dec. 23: Rockwoods
Grill, Otsego
The complete WOW van
schedule is available online at:
Wellness on Wheels
Air Force Airman Hunter
McCoy Thiel recently graduated
from basic military training at
Lackland Air Force Base, San
Antonio, Texas, after completing
an intensive, eight-week program.
Airman Thiel is currently sta-
tioned at Keesler Air Force Base
in Biloxi, Miss., training in busi-
ness administration. After com-
pletion of training, he will travel
to Mildenhall, Royal Air Force
Base in England, where he will be
stationed for the next three years.
Airman Thiel is a 2013 gradu-
ate of Maple Lake High School,
the son of Karen Elsenpeter, of
Buffalo; the grandson of Ken and
Sue Elsenpeter; and the great-
grandson of Katherine and Bill
Mavencamp and the late Gordon
Elsenpeter, of Maple Lake.
McCoy graduates from basic training
Sugar Lake
continued from page 1
Spearing of muskellunge is
still illegal in Minnesota waters.
Those participating in spearing
activities are responsible for
properly identifying fish before
spearing them. Anglers planning
to spear on Sugar Lake should
note that there also is a 24- to 36-
inch protected slot for northern
pike. The harvest of any fish
within the slot is prohibited, re-
gardless of the method used to
take fish. All other regulations re-
lated to spearing, angling and
shelters still apply on this water.
Northern pike historically
have been abundant and small in
Sugar Lake. Recent DNR gill net
data show 13 northern pike per
gill net, with an average size of
20 inches and two pounds. When
compared to the northern pike
abundance in similar waters,
Sugar Lake is considered high.
105 Pine Street Clearwater
T&R Meat
Processing, LLC
Steaks Pork Chops Retail
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Thank you for supporting the Maple
Lake Librarys book fair at Barnes &
Noble. The library earned over $1,300,
which will be used to purchase new
books. Stop in the library
and check out the books
by your favorite authors.
P.O. Box 682
Maple Lake, MN 55358
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December 18, 2013
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Annandale Cokato
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Dec. 17 - 22
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Annandale: Hwy. 55 (320) 274-3828
7 a.m- 9 p.m. 7 Days a Week
Cokato: Hwy. 12 (320) 286-6341
7 a.m. - 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week
Fr ances
B. Vargo,
age 94, of
died Satur-
day, Dec.
14, 2013, at
the Annan-
dale Care
Mass of Christian Burial
will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday,
Dec. 19, at St. Ignatius Catholic
Church, Annandale, with Fr.
Victor Valencia as the Cele-
brant. Burial will follow at St.
Ignatius Catholic Cemetery.
Friends may call from 5-7:30
p.m. on Wednesday at Ding-
mann Funeral Care chapel, An-
nandale, and one hour prior to
the service, Thursday, at the
church. Parish prayers will be
5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the fu-
neral chapel.
Frances Barbara Vargo was
born Sept. 9, 1919, in Min-
neapolis to Andrew and Angela
Bednark. On Aug. 24, 1940,
she was united in marriage to
Stephen J. Vargo in Minneapo-
lis. Frances worked for 28
years as an assembler for Hon-
She is survived by her three
sons: Leonard, of Annandale;
Ronald (Andrea), of Cokato;
and James (Deborah), of Min-
neapolis; six grandchildren;
and nine great-grandchildren.
She is preceded in death by her
husband, Stephen; brothers,
Joe, Chester and Adolph Bed-
nark; and sisters, Bernice
Hagen and Gladys Gryniewski.
The pallbearers will be
Daniel, Christopher, Brian,
Martin, Timothy and Keith
Vargo and David Priez. Music
will be provided by the St. Ig-
natius Music Ministry.
Arrangements are entrusted
with Dingmann Funeral Care
Burial and Cremation Services
of Annandale.
Frances B. Vargo, Annandale
Maple Lake 320-963-5731
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The Buffalo/Annandale/Maple
Lake areas Masonic lodge, Nel-
son Lodge No. 135 Ancient Free
and Accepted Masons, is again fir-
ing off a food shelf fund drive for
2014, focusing on the Buffalo and
Maple Lake/Annandale area food
shelves. What makes the Masons
food shelf drive stand out from
other organizations drives is that
the supporting charity benefactor,
Minnesota Masonic Charities,
provides a matching grant. For
every dollar that Nelson Masonic
Lodge No. 135 raises, Minnesota
Masonic Charities matches that
dollar for dollar, doubling the ef-
In the past two years, Nelson
Lodge with fantastic community
involvement and the generous
match from Minnesota Masonic
Charities has donated almost
$150,000 to the food shelves in
the area. The group is very proud
of being able to give back to the
community and appreciate the
support from community resi-
dents. This is a wonderful exam-
ple of how community and the
fraternity have worked to improve
the quality of life in this part of the
We would like to thank the
community for their support and
generosity; without it, they would
not be able to assist as we do,
Masonic Nelson Lodge No. 135
Master Brian Long said.
Donation checks can be de-
posited at or mailed to any Klein-
Bank. Checks should be made out
to Nelson Lodge #135 and the
memo field should include the
name of the preferred food shelf
recipient. At the end of February,
the Masons will apply for the
match, and funds will be distrib-
uted to the food shelves in March.
For questions about the drive,
contact the Masons at info@nel-
sonlodge.com. For more informa-
tion about Masonic Nelson Lodge
No. 135, visit
www.nelson135.org. For more in-
formation about Minnesota Ma-
sonic Charities, visit
Masonic Nelson Lodge No. 135
food shelf fund drive underway
Offering a nutritious meal in
a warm, caring atmosphere
with friendship and fun. Every-
one welcome. The Senior Din-
ing Center is located at Maple
Manor West, 555 2nd St. W.
For more information, call 320-
MONDAY, Dec. 23
Baked Pork Chop, Whipped
Potatoes w/Gravy, Mixed Veg-
etables, Peach Slices, Pudding
TUESDAY, Dec. 24
Brunch-10:30 a.m.
Turkey Tetrazzini, Sweet
Potatoes, Wheat Bread, Fresh
Fruit, Ice Cream
FRIDAY, Dec. 27
Lemon-Pepper Fish, Au-
Gratin Potatoes, Beets, Wheat
Bread, Chocolate-Chip Cake
Senior Dining menu Dec. 23 - 27
12 pack cans
6 pack 24 oz btls
8 pack 7.5 oz cans
8 pack 12 oz btls
Sunkist, A&W,
or 7Up
24 pack
1/2 liter btls
2 liter btls
$ 99
Pepsi Products Mix & Match
$ 3/
(3/$11 without
Cocktail Smokies
Bulk Style In Wine Sauce
22 oz bag
Herring Cutlets
Prime Rib
Beef Roast
Boneless Center Cut
$ 29
$ 89
$ 99
3 lb bag
$ 99
13-14 oz pkg
1 lb loaf 1 dozen
$ 99
Assorted Flavors Assorted Flavors
Pierce Bone-In, Extra Large
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
6.5 oz 1 lb 10 oz lb
Alouette Soft
Spreadable Cheese
Cocktail Bread
Cheese Ball or
Cheese Log
8 oz pkg
Kraf Original
14.4-16 oz bag
Select Varieties
14.5 oz can
100% Natural
All Purpose
Lithium Batteries
Sparkling Juice
Wesson Canola
or Vegetable Oil
Birdseye Frozen
Chicken Broth
Cream Cheese
20 oz can
Assorted Varieties
in juice
5 lb bag
Essential Everyday
25.4 oz btl
Select Varieties
24 oz pkg
Chocolate or Vanilla
4 pack
48 oz btl
Essential Everyday
Wing Dings or
Wing Zings
Pork Roast
$ 99
$ 99
$ 99
Essential Everyday
Almond Bark

Eat Smart
Cut Vegetables
10-12 oz bag
Select Varieties
Limit one with coupon. Limit one coupon per household. Valid only
at The Marketplace, Annandale & Cokato, MN. Good thru 12-22-13.
1 gallon
Land O Lakes
Orange Juice
$ 99
store coupon
Spiral Sliced
Half Hams
Half Ham
Bone-In, Butt, or Shank Cut
$ 39
Kaukauna - Assorted Flavors
6 pack- 1/2 liter btls
American Bottling
2 liter btls
American Bottling
$ 2/ 50
$ 4/
Available Fuels:
Premium for Boats,
Classic Cars & ATVs.
E-20, E-30, E-50
Locally Owned
Merry Christmas!
50 Elm Street East
continued from page 1
Dear Santa, I would like an
easy-bake oven I ahve been good
all year. How do the elves get their
stuff like materials and glue if they
are in the north pole? I dont know
what kind of cookies I will leave
fo ryou yet but they will be good!
Brianna Benke
Dear Santa, I am gald you are
coming and I hope I get toys. I
want some camoflauge stuff. You
are nice and I love you. Will you
give me toys? Ryne Lodermeier
Dear Santa, Do you eat a lot of
cookies at the North Pole? I will
leave you cookies and milk at
Christmas. I want a small tree for
Christmas and a doll and stroller.
Love, Emma Moline
Dear Santa, I dont know what
to say. Where do you live? What
do you eat? Do you like pasta? I
want a purple iPad. I have been
good. Im going to draw you a pic-
ture. Natasha Lodermeier
Dear Santa, I want a DS. I want
a new big blanket, a pink one. I
want a coloring book too. I love
you because youre my favorite
Santa. I like your reindeer becuase
they can fly. Lydia George
Dear Santa, Do you have a
farm? How many deer do you
have? I would liek a real baby al-
ligator for Christmas. Hope you
have a great Christmas. A Life
Saver too, please. Love, Brayden
Dear Santa, I would like a
Baby-Alive becuase I heard its
like taking care of a real baby. I
will give it naps. Do you have girl
Elves-on-a-Shelf? Ive never seen
girl ones. What kind of cookies do
you like: chocolate chip, frosting
or mint ones? Did you know
theres different flavors of milk?
Did you know my brother wants
another helicopter? He just has
one. Avery Kolehmainen
Dear Santa, How is your food
chain going? Do ou have a lot of
chickens? Could you for Christ-
mas bring me a stuffed alligator? I
would like an iPad. Hope you have
a safe trip. Love, Santiago Castro
Dear Santa, How are your rein-
deer? How is Mrs. Claus? For
Christmas I would like a cat to
name Violet. Hope you have a
merry Christmas. Love, Levi
Dear Santa, I want the reindeer
to come to Maple Lake. Youre a
good Santa Claus. Mrs. Santa
Claus is good too. Could you brint
it? A remote control dinosaur?
Sometimes people are nice. Santa
and the elf would do it every time
on Christmas eve. Love, Carter
Allen Haflich
Dear Santa, I like you. How is
Dasher doing? How do you make
the sleigh go in the sky? I want
mom make-up and a laptop, a
phone, barbies and a real dog and
a real kitten. I want a yo-yo and a
hula hoop, a stuffed animal tiger.
Love, Aurora Zuelke
Dear Santa, Do you ever sleep?
How are the reindeer? I want a
stuffed animal and movies. Love,
Gavin Manthie
Maple Lake Messenger Page 6
December 18, 2013
Letters to Santa Claus from Maple Lake Elementary students
Letters to Santa
continued on Dec. 25
School levy
continued from page 1
A revised budget will go to
the Maple Lake School Board
using updated legislation, actual
student counts and collective bar-
gaining settlements upon com-
Taxpayers may also qualify
for one of two tax-refund pro-
grams and one tax-deferral pro-
gram available for owners of
homesteaded property offered by
the state of Minnesota. Informa-
tion about those options may be
found at www.taxes.state.mn.us
or by talking to a tax profes-
In addition to conducting the
Truth in Taxation hearing, the
board also discussed one of the
factors affecting the budget.
The tentative agreement with
licensed staff was voted down by
the teachers, so we have to start
over, Redemske explained.
Board chair Arnie Michalicek
said the gist of the situation is the
bargaining unit is looking for
more money for salary and insur-
I met with a couple negotia-
tors after school today to hear
what they had to say, Redemske
said. We jotted down the con-
Redemske used a nutritional
We could eat comfortably
for a couple years or we could
feast now and starve later, Re-
demske said. We bounced some
ideas around. I created several
spreadsheets to help me under-
stand some of their concerns and
create something that will ad-
dress some of those concerns.
Their negotiators know throwing
a lot more money at it isnt in the
If the negotiating team un-
derstands we cant throw money
at it, does the staff understand
it? board member Ben Elsen-
peter asked. Im trying to wrap
my head around it. I dont under-
stand how our tentative agree-
ment failed so badly.
Redemske explained that one
main factor is the cost of the
teacher retirement, which is in-
creasing by .5 percent.
Redemske suggested that me-
diation may be the best option
but indicated that the licensed
staff bargaining group wasnt
quite ready for that.
I dont understand why
were negotiating these contracts
separately, board member Rick
Thomas said. Why should one
of these groups get a larger per-
centage of an increase than one
of the others?
The teachers or confidential
staff, whatever percentage they
get, everyone else gets, Re-
demske said. The only group
thats different is support staff.
Its pretty hard to negotiate until
we get licensed staff (negotia-
tions) done.
As the conversation con-
cluded, Michalicek suggested
meeting with the other bargain-
ing groups because it wouldnt
hurt to meet to see if theres
items we can take care of.
In other business, the board:
Recognized former board
chair Brad Neutz for his years of
service to the board. Neutz re-
signed his post to accept the dis-
tricts head custodian position.
The board also appointed former
board member Ed Trager to the
Approved an amendment to
the 125 Flexible Benefits Plan
that permits an annual $500 car-
ryover from one calendar year to
the next.
Summarized an evaluation
of Redemske, who received sat-
isfactory marks the highest
grade attainable in all areas.
Learned that Redemske
would be meeting with Taher to
review the approved food-ser-
vices sharing contract with St.
Timothys School.
Approved an increase of two
hours per week to Alicia Stolls
contract as a special education
paraprofessional, to begin Jan. 2,
Discussed the possibility of
each student having an iPad. Re-
demske had been among Maple
Lake representatives who was in-
vited by Apple to Little Falls,
where every student has an iPad.
I thought the iPad would just re-
place textbooks, Redemske
said. But it was a totally differ-
ent look. Little Falls has 540
iPads and has had to repair 50 of
them. Of Maple Lakes 40 iPads,
six have been repaired this year.
Redemske said many factors
would have to be considered be-
fore Maple Lake moves to a one-
to-one initiative with iPads. I
dont know if well get there in
the near future, but I think we
need to investigate these things,
Redemske said.
At Maple Lake Elementary,
we are like a family, kinder-
garteners sang in a video. We
work hard and really try. We
learn to count and read and write.
A school of excellence are we. A
place to grow for you and me.
First graders shared the top 10
reasons MLE is a school of ex-
We show our Irish Pride by
being respectful, responsible and
ready, was No. 9 and No. 5 said,
Maple Lake families and Maple
Lake Elementary are a team to
help us learn.
Of course, No. 1 was, We
love Maple Lake Elementary!
Teacher Chad Hammer-
schmidt led second graders in an
original song.
Some things dont fit, like a
round peg in a square hole. Some
things dont matter, like if its
country or rock n roll. Some
things you cant answer like,
How much wood could a wood
chuck, chuck? Ford or Chevy,
which is the best pickup truck?
When the stars align with the
right people in the right place,
with kindness in their heart and a
warm smile on their face, the
song continued, Its more than
just luck. Its more than just hap-
penstance. Its more than just
luck, the right school, right teach-
ers, not a chance. Its more than
just luck.
The bridge of the song nod-
ded to Harlans earlier analogy.
They say it takes a village
and we say thats right, they
sang. All working together, our
futures looking bright.
Third graders Grace Fritz,
Sandra Casady and Sydnee Pe-
terson read an essay they wrote
about why they believe MLE is a
School of Excellence.
We are a School of Excel-
lence because we are bully free,
Sandra Casady read. We dont
allow bullying. We have the three
Rs. These are respectful, respon-
sible and ready.
Other third graders shared,
You know we are a Minnesota
School of Excellence if
Rachels Challenge has
helped us remember to say nice
words, do kind things and in-
clude others. I accept that chal-
lenge! one student read.
Our school is a reward
school for the second year in a
row, added another student. I
will be taking the MCA test for
the first time and I know I am
going to rock it!
You hear people telling oth-
ers just how special our school is;
nothing beats Maple Lake Ele-
mentary! the final reader con-
Fourth graders offered an
acrostic poem for the word ex-
Effort is shown by all stu-
dents. Exciting things happening
every day around the school.
Caring and cooperative people
everywhere. Excellent students
and staff. Learning new things
every day. Lending a hand to
those in need. Encouraging each
other to do our best. Never give
up. Clever and creative students.
Everyone shows Irish Pride!
Fifth graders Kayla Hanson,
Kendra Mattila, Kade Jacobs,
Grace Elsenpeter and Jessica
Kramer read essays describing
what makes MLE a School of
Maple Lake Elementary is a
School of Excellence because we
have a wonderful staff, Kramer
wrote. When we are having
trouble with something they offer
to help us. They also push us
hard and make us confident
about ourselves. The teachers
teach us well and make us work
harder, helping us get good test
scores. They always make sure
we try our hardest and do our
Sixth graders paid tribute to
the people who help make MLE
a School of Excellence.
Abby Latour got the laughs
started with her impersonation of
Superintendent Mark Redemske.
Harlan asked her to repeat it be-
cause many in the audience had
missed the reference and defi-
nitely shared a laugh when they
caught it the second time around.
Several staff members, volun-
teers and others were emulated,
demonstrating how many differ-
ent people were involved in
MLEs distinction as a School of
Jon Millerhagen, the execu-
tive director of the Minnesota El-
ementary Principals Association,
talked about the award before
presenting a plaque to Harlan.
The Minnesota Elementary
School Principals Association
endorses schools where the prin-
cipal, staff, students and commu-
nity working as a team
demonstrate the desire to
strengthen education by assess-
ing their schools alignment with
national standards in leadership,
vision, student learning, the cul-
ture of adult learning, data and
decision making and community
engagement, Millerhagen said.
He believes school improve-
ment cannot be mandated, nor
can it happen overnight.
School improvement occurs
because of a strong commitment
on the part of all staff members,
the enthusiasm of students for
learning, a supportive commu-
nity of parents and school board
all working together and dedi-
cated leadership of a principal
like your current Principal Kris
Harlan, Millerhagen said.
Today I take this wonderful
opportunity to celebrate your
school community with you,
Millerhagen concluded. I hope
every one of you connects to
your role in the accomplishments
of Maple Lake Elementary
MLE was one of 12 Schools
of Excellence this year and one
of 173 throughout the 27 years of
the program.
Maple Lake School Board President Arnie Michalicek (right) presents a clock to for-
mer Board President Brad Neutz for his years of service. (Photo by Gabe Licht)
To our patients, associates
and their families we wish
a season filled with good friends,
bright smiles and many
occasions for laughter.
Were very proud to serve
you and look forward
to seeing you again soon!
Dr. Quinlan, D.D.S.
& Staff
Wishing you much
joy & merriment at Christmas time,
plus a bounty of glad tidings & all
the gifts of this wonderful season.
320-963-3000 Free Estimates
74 Birch Avenue South Downtown Maple Lake 320-963-2009
With glad tidings to you
and your kin from all of us
at this special season.
With joy and glad tidings
to those we hold deer,
Have a wonderful
Christmas and a Happy
New Year!
We truly appreciate
your loyal support.
Lengyel Lectric
Maple Lake 320-963-6640
Seventh graders present winter choir concert
Vietnam veterans tell students
what they learned about them-
selves through their Vietnam expe-
John Bolvine I have been
asked to write what I found out
about myself that I didnt know
before serving in the Vietnam
War. I havent given this much
thought before asked this ques-
tion; however one of the first
things that comes to mind is work-
ing with and trusting other people.
Growing up I was always very
independent. I never played team
sports, such as football or basket-
ball. However I did some boxing,
but that is a one-on-one sport. I
only had myself to look out for
and no one else to back me up. So
when I got to Vietnam, I quickly
learned when you are going into
combat or working on the deck of
an aircraft carrier, like I did, or any
other hazardous duty, that you
must watch your comrades back
and believe that he is watching
yours or you will not survive.
When I came back from Viet-
nam, October of 1966, the war
was still going strong. Many of the
people here on home ground were
not only against the war but were
calling our troops, my comrades,
names like baby killers, war crim-
inals, etc. This was not an easy
time for me. To think that the very
people I thought would be proud
of us had turned their backs on us
instead. It really hurt me. In spite
of it though, I am proud to have
served and proud of my fellow
comrades. That is why Im with
the POW MIA honor guard today.
To watch over my comrades
backs, and to let the family and
friends of all the POW MIAs
know we are still watching out for
all of them. So now Im telling
you, PLEASE dont let what hap-
pened to us happen to the troops
today. Support Our Troops!
John Bolvine Naval Air Viet-
nam 1965-1966
Al Brutger, Army What I
learned through my Vietnam ex-
perience is the fear you live
through becomes your strength.
Often you are put through situa-
tions that will create feelings of
fear. By using common sense and
following orders one learns
through walking the path of sur-
vival how to come through situa-
tions a stronger person.
Despite the downfalls of the
Vietnam era and the misunder-
stood military callings we had as
Vietnam soldiers by our public, I
am proud I served. As I age these
memories create emotions Ive
never felt before. Its so important
to form a means of support and re-
main faithful to your bond of
brothers and America.
God bless America, God bless
our soldiers.
Al Brutger U.S. Army Am-
Track support Vietnam 1969-1970
POW-MIA Honor Guard
Paul Heibel When asked what
I learned about myself through my
Vietnam experience I realized
how deeply rooted the human in-
stinct is in the mind and body of
human beings. Our inborn instinct
is to behave in a way characteristic
of a species thats natural for
doing the right thing or you could
Being in a strange country and
around people who are living 50
years behind our countrys means
of life requires a unique survival
instinct. Their use of gorilla war-
fare and other methods of en-
durance demanded us to do some
of the same things and be aware of
the enemys instincts. Its impor-
tant first to observe and listen to
your surroundings and to heed
what you are told from the people
before you.
As for one of the nights that
changed my life for the better: The
day started out with a 12-hour
shift I was assigned to. It was a
duty to unload bombs from a
cargo ship with a 30,000-pound
forklift. The daytime temperature
was between 110-115 degrees. I
was relieved at 6 p.m. for supper
and then was instructed to be on
Guard Duty that night.
As I went to the military for-
mation for my orders and the du-
ties to perform that night, the first
order was to go on Guard to pro-
tect the 350-foot electrical power
ship for four hours. The ship sup-
plied the power for the military
compounds in the whole area and
some of the nearby city. After that
I would be relieved for four hours
of time off, followed by the order
to go to a different part of the area
for guard duty.
As I climbed on a boat to get to
the ship I was to guard, Id walk
along the outer railing looking
over the side into water 20 feet
below. Id continue this trail
around the ship over and over
again as Id look for frogmen in
the water. As the darkest hours of
the night began, it became harder
to see. Being it was an electrical
power ship some small lights
came on that shined down the side
of the ship. These lights helped so
other ships or boats wouldnt run
into us and made it easier for me
to see any potential frogmen
below, whose mission was to plant
explosives to blow our ship up.
The first four hours went good
with no relief coming until 2300
MT (11 p.m.)
The first general orders of
guard duty is to guard everything
within the limits of your post and
quit only when proper relief ar-
rived, which often led at least an
hour into the second shift. I was
becoming sleepy and found my-
self thinking, Well it looks like
Im hooked into the next shift.
The pain in my feet didnt hesitate
to remind me that the jungle boots
we wore werent good for walking
on the cast iron decks of a ship. I
wasnt given any radio for com-
munication and it was now 3 a.m.
I could hear in the lower levels of
the ship workers doing their jobs
to keep the electrical power on.
They were civilians who could do
nothing to help me, plus the fact
that I wasnt allowed to leave my
post without proper relief to ask
Going into the third four-hour
shift with sore legs, I leaned
against the railing in an attempt to
give my feet a break. Without re-
alizing it my eyes went shut but
my human instinct insisted, This
cant happen. This reminded me
of what we learned in basic train-
ing. During training when wed go
from our barrack to the field and
we never walked but ran without
ceasing. If the drill sergeant saw
us slow down, hed yell, Got to
go! Cant stop! Up the hill! Down
the hill! which wed have to
loudly repeat or hed stop us with
demands of doing 20 push-ups
and do the run again. And thus
that night on guard duty I recited
not once, but over and over again
that phrase to keep myself moving
for the last four- hour shift.
At 7 a.m., daylight set in and at
last the boat came to pick me up.
It was a sight for sore eyes. After
boarding the ship, the explanation
I was given is that the officer that
was on duty left and no one else
knew where I was until the next
shift came on board. I wasnt
upset with the officer, but through
human instinct was glad that I was
still alive and had been trained to
stay that way.
Got to go! Cant stop! Will
not stop! Up the hill! Down the
hill! Got to go! Something I
learned as a soldier of 19 and still
carry today; once a soldier, always
a soldier looking after my com-
rades as a member of the WAT
Paul Heibel Viet Nam Septem-
ber 1968-1971- Transportation
Mike YanishDuring my expe-
rience as a United States Marine
in Vietnam I learned to trust others
with my life without knowing
them personally other than that
they were another Marine in a
combat situation there to cover my
back. As the saying goes: Living
one day or one hour at a time, each
and every day with fear of the un-
known, not knowing when, if,
how, or where it might be that my
time was up. The closer it got to
going home the fear grew greater.
After being surrounded by death
every day, I learned how precious
life is and how quickly you could
lose it.
Remaining always faithful -
Semper FI-
Mike Yanish 1967-1968 In-
Maple Lake Messenger Page 7
December 18, 2013
On Dec. 6, history teacher Andrew Boman asked the
panel of Vietnam veterans from this year's Veterans
Day program to return to speak to his seventh-grade
students. Veterans Al Brutger, John Bolvine, Paul
Heibel and Mike Yanish accepted the invitation. The
classroom visits were arranged by Senior Connections
coordinator Ginger O'Loughlin. (Photo submitted)
Maple Lake High Schools
seventh-grade choir pre-
sented their winter con-
cert on Tuesday, Dec. 10.
(Left) Sue Nelson intro-
duces the songs sung by
her choir students. (Right,
top) The girls choir sang a
16th Century German
melody named To
Music, arranged by Betty
Bertaux, and A Joyous
Gloria, by Greg Gilpin.
(Right, bottom) The boys
sang the American folk
tune Charlotte-town,
arranged by Emily
Crocker, and Pat-a pan,
arranged by Gilpin. The
choirs then joined forces
to sing the traditional
Georgia Sea Islands song
Yonder Come Day, by
Judith Cook Tucker;
Reindeer Rattle and
Roll, by John Jacobson
and Allan Billingsley; and
Jinglin Bells by Mary
Donnelly and George
(Photos by Gabe Licht)
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Maple Lake Messenger Page 8
December 18, 2013
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December 18, 2013
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Faith Lutheran Church
12449 Clementa Ave. NW Located on Co. Rd. 111, just North of Lake Maria State Park
Monticello 763-878-2092 www.lutheran-faith.org
Pastor: James Tetlie
Christmas Eve:
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Christmas Day:
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St. Timothys Catholic Church
8 Avenue N Maple Lake 320-963-3726 churchofsttimothy.org
Pastor: Fr. John Meyer
Christmas Eve Masses:
Tuesday, December 24 at 4:30 & 10 p.m.
Christmas Day Mass:
Wednesday, December 25 at 9 a.m.
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Free Church
10252 State Hwy. 55 NW Annandale (320) 274-8951
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Christmas Eve Service
December 24 at 5 p.m.
Buffalo Evangelical
Free Church
2051 - 50th Street NE Buffalo 763-682-6846 www.buffalofree.org
Sunday, December 22:
Advent Worship Service only: 9:30 a.m.
Tuesday, December 24:
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: 4 p.m.
Sunday, December 29:
Worship Service: 9:30 a.m.
St. Johns Lutheran Church
331 West Harrison Street Annandale (320) 274-8827
Lead Pastor: Dave E. Nelson Associate Pastor: Ali Boomershine
Christmas Eve - Tuesday, December 24:
Candlelight Communion Service: 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 10 p.m.
Christmas Day - Wednesday, December 25:
Worship Service: 10 a.m.
Zion Lutheran Church
360 Chestnut St. E Annandale 320-274-5226 zionandl@lakedalelink.net
zionlutheranchurchannandalemn.com Pastor: Rev. Thomas Queck
Sunday, December 22:
Childrens Christmas Service: 10 a.m. Potluck Dinner: 11:30 a.m.
Tuesday, December 24:
Christmas Eve Candlelight Services: 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Wednesday, December 25:
Christmas Day Service/Holy Communion: 9 a.m.
The following area houses of worship invite
you to join them for Christmas services.
Eagles Grove Church
In the Marketplace Shopping Center Annandale
320-248-6024 www.eaglesgrove.org
Pastor: Jason Pence
Sunday, December 22:
Christmas Worship Service
at 10:30 a.m.
Immanuel Lutheran Church
in Silver Creek (LCMS)
11390 Elliott Avenue NW Maple Lake
Located 7 miles N of Maple Lake, 1 block S. of County Road 8 on County Road 143
Church: 763-878-2820 Pastors Cell: 605-553-5240
Rev. George W. Sagissor III
Sunday, December 22: Service/Childrens Christmas Program: 10 a.m.
Tuesday, December 24: Christmas Eve Service - 6 p.m.
Wednesday, December 25: Christmas Day Service - 10 a.m.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
5460 - 63rd Street NW (N Co. Rd. 8) Maple Lake 763-463-9447
Pastors: Culynn Curtis & Steven E. King
Christmas Eve:
Live Nativity: 4-5 p.m.
Nativity Worship: 5 p.m. Candlelight Services: 7 p.m. & 11 p.m.
Christmas Day:
Communion Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Maple Lake Messenger Page 10
December 18, 2013
Taking the mat by force
by HunterHicks
Sports Writer
After a 47-24 loss to the AAstate-
ranked Foley Falcons on Tuesday,
the Annandale-Maple Lake boys
wrestled back with a set of impres-
sive wins, especially against the ac-
complished Mound-Westonka
Whitehawks and Waconia Wildcats
The Lightning walked into Wa-
conia High School as heavy under-
dogs, but soon proved their worth,
handling Mound-Westonka 38-28.
After a short break, the boys then
proceeded to strike the home team
Wildcats 43-19.
This wasn't it for ANML, how-
ever. With Saturday came the Co-
lumbia Heights Invitational
tournament with Minneapolis
Patrick-Henry, St. Paul Washington,
Spectrum, Austin, Howard Lake-
Waverly-Winsted, Totino-Grace,
Park Center, Minneapolis Roosevelt
and the hometown Columbia
Heights high schools. The grapplers
dominated the opposition scoring
219.0 points, 86 points ahead of the
second-place Patrick-Henry.
Individually, the Lightning put
eight men in the finals matches, with
Cullen Gallagher at 120 pounds,
Tanner Vassar at 126 pounds, Hunter
Malachek at 132 pounds, and senior
captain Joe Mosley at 138 pounds
taking the gold, as well as Mosley
earning his 100th varsity win in a fi-
nals pin. Taking second for the team
was Holden Youngs at 106 pounds,
Nate Carlson at 113 pounds, and
Walker and Chandler Rask at 145
pounds and 152 pounds, respectively.
Other place winners were Derek
Tomberlin at 170 pounds, and heavy-
weight Dustin Doucette placing
third, and Nick Gapinski at 182
pounds and Josh Gindele at 220
pounds both placing fourth.
ANML cannot hang their head-
gear for Christmas break just yet.
With a double-duel against the No. 5
AAstate-ranked Hutchinson and the
always-tough New London-Spicer
high schools, ANML will have to be
on their A-game. However, with the
quality the boys have been wrestling
lately, it is possible the Lightning can
conduct a shock Hutchinson and
New London won't soon forget.
Irish boys rebound from close,
overtime loss, get first win
by Kari Reid
Sports Writer
On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the Maple
Lake boys basketball team traveled
to play Howard Lake-Waverly-Win-
sted. It was an overtime thriller
against the Howard Lake-Waverly-
Winsted Lakers. The Irish played
head-to-head the whole way
through, eventually falling by a score
of 75-72.
In the first half, both teams
scored 23 points. They followed that
performance by nearly doubling
their scoring to put the score at 66-
66 after two halves. Facing a tie, they
had to battle it out in overtime, where
the Lakers scored nine points, three
more than the Irish.
It was a very good basketball
game that was close the entire way,
head coach Tim Staloch said. We
put ourselves in a great position to
win, but couldnt quite close it out.
David Stokman was the Irish
lead scorer with 24 points. Stokman,
Landon Caughey, and Brandon
Borell all made 100 percent of their
free throws.
Pts Rebs Stls Asts
Z. Johnson 4 7 - 10
A. Schonnesen 7 1 - 1
T. Goelz 3 8 1 1
D. Stokman 24 8 - 2
E. Hertwig - 1 - -
L. Caughey 17 3 3 1
N. Paumen - 2 1 -
B. Borell 17 6 - -
The Irish played on their home
court against the Holdingford
Huskers on Thursday, Dec. 12, and
ultimately earned a 59-47 win, their
first of the season.
At the end of the first half, the
Irish led the game 39-33. The Irish
kept the lead in the second half, scor-
ing 20 points compared to the
Huskers 14 points. The Huskers
couldnt keep up with the Irish on 3-
pointers, making two while the Irish
made seven for a total of 21 points.
The Irish also led in free throws,
making 8/10 while the Huskers only
made 14.3 percent.
Stokman led the Irish with 16
points and seven rebounds. Zach
Johnson also had seven rebounds.
It was a great team win with
contributions from many players.
We did a pretty good job rebound-
ing, limiting their second-chance
points, Staloch said.
Pts Rebs Stls Asts
Z. Johnson 7 7 2 6
A. Schonnesen 10 1 - 1
T. Goelz 3 4 1 -
A. Ruhland - 1 - -
D. Stokman 16 7 3 4
E. Hertwig - - 1 -
L. Caughey 6 - 3 1
N. Paumen 2 2 3 1
S. Graham 8 5 1 -
B. Borell 7 6 1 -
On Saturday, Dec. 14, the Irish
boys basketball team took a trip to
Norwood-Young America. The Irish
faced the vigorous opponents of the
Norwood-Young America Raiders
in an extremely tough matchup.
At halftime the Irish were down
47-25. The Irish couldnt keep up;
making only 35.5 percent of their
shots compared to the Raiders 65
percent. The Raiders kept the lead
throughout the entire game, resulting
in a 84-47 loss for the Irish.
We struggled defensively and
struggled to shoot the ball while they
shot extremely well, assistant coach
Brad Baumann said.
David Stokman led the team
scoring 15 points, making 100 per-
cent of his free throws. Landon
Caughey was close behind with 13
points. Getting the most rebounds
was senior Zach Johnson with a total
of 10.
The Irish will be home on Thurs-
day and Friday for a tournament
against Mayer Lutheran, Lester
Prairie/Holy Trinity and Foley, with
games at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. both
Pts Rebs Stls Asts
Z. Johnson 9 10 - 3
A. Schonnesen - 2 - 3
T. Goelz 6 3 - -
D. Stokman 15 3 2 2
E. Hertwig - 3 - 3
C. Olson 2 1 - -
L. Caughey 13 1 1 -
N. Paumen - 2 - -
S. Graham - 2 - -
B. Borell 2 3 - -
Freshman Hunter Malachek, of Maple Lake, puts up a fight against No. 2 ranked Tyler Funk, a
senior from Foley. The rookie resisted the pin and lost by tech fall. (Photo by Mary Christen)
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Maple Lake Messenger Page 11
December 18, 2013
Visit us on the web at
Halluska leads Bison hockey
team to back-to-back wins
by Mollie Graham
Sports Writer
Maple Lake went into the Dec.
10 girls basketball game against
the Dassel-Cokato Chargers
knowing the pressure was on, lit-
erally. Forming a diagonal press
against the Irish, the Chargers
were able to discombobulate the
court. Playing against tough pres-
sure, the girls fought but couldnt
keep up.
The Irish focused on handling
the ball and staying strong. In the
early minutes of the game, Maple
Lake came out and played zone
against the strong post play of the
Chargers. Defensively, the Irish
kept the Chargers in check for the
first 15 minutes of the game. The
Chargers closed the half on an 11-
3 run, leaving the score 28-18 at
the break.
Starting the second half, the
Irish defense came out strong, cut-
ting the Charger lead to six, five
minutes in. From there, the full-
court pressure from Dassel-
Cokato proved to be too much as
the Irish only scored seven points
in the remaining 13 minutes of the
game. Ending the game, the final
score was 54-29. The Irish left all
their effort and determination on
the court. Unfortunately, not get-
ting the results they wanted, they
learned a lot and worked to im-
prove from their mistakes for the
We executed our game plan
on the defensive end pretty well,
head coach Adam Ronnenberg
said. Slowing their pace and forc-
ing long shot kept us in the game.
Pts Stls Asts Rebs
M. Graham 3 1 1 1
E. Webb 9 - - 3
J. Wohlrabe - 1 - -
J. Pomije - 1 - 3
R. Coughlin 10 2 5 2
B. Toedter 4 2 - 5
K. Hoistad 2 - - 3
A. Gorres - 1 - -
J. Macziewski 1 - - 3
Traveling to Foley Friday
night, the Maple Lake girls bas-
ketball team went up against
Foleys feature, a 65 post player.
Ahead in rebounds by two and
having four fewer turnovers, the
Irish proved to outwork the Fal-
cons but, unable to knock down
the shots, the Irish fell short of the
Starting in a two-three zone,
the Irish were ready to defend, but
the post matchup posed more
challenges for the Irish. Even with
the Irish doing anything and
everything possible to defend her,
the Falcons were still able to fight
around the defense. Taking five re-
bounds, Emily Webb led the Irish
in boards. The Irish struggled to
defend the powerful post game
and trailed from the opening tip,
leading to a 31-12 halftime score.
Maple Lakes frustrations con-
tinued in the second half as Foley
seemed to connect on nearly every
shot. Putting up many shots that
just were not falling, the deficit
was too much to overcome and
Foley won 67-32.
We are in a scoring funk right
now, making it really tough to gain
confidence, head coach Adam
Ronnenberg said. Our effort is
there and the girls are determined
to take steps forward.
Pts Stls Asts Rebs
M. Graham 4 - - 1
E. Webb 6 3 - 1
J. Wohlrabe 6 - 1 3
J. Pomije 1 - - 1
R. Coughlin 11 3 2 1
L. Rachel 2 2 2 1
B. Toedter 3 - - 8
M. Scheiber 3 - 1 1
K. Hoistad 4 1 - 3
A. Gorres - 1 - -
J. Macziewski 2 1 - -
by Ashley Becker
After a tough loss against
rival Buffalo, the Monticello-
Annandale-Maple Lake Moose
were out for vengeance when
they returned home to face off
against the undefeated St.
Michael-Albertville Knights.
The first period had both
teams neck-and-neck with no
score on the board and each side
with a man in the box.
After taking the ice in the
second period, the Knights
clearly had the momentum and
began to steal the game away
from the Moose. They put 10
shots on goal and managed to
get one past Monticello senior
Darien Jones, leaving the
Knights ahead in both shots on
goal and points with a shots
count of 8-19 and a score of 0-
The game was not out of
reach for the MAML Moose and
they intended to take it back in
the third period. Their hard work
and determination paid off as
Monticello Senior Oliver Win-
sor tied up the game for the
Moose just five minutes in.
With the momentum back on
the Mooses side, Monticello
senior Brooke Evans was able to
score on the Knights goalie less
than one minute after Winsors
game-tying goal.
The Moose held off the
Knights through the rest of the
third period and gave St.
Michael their first loss of the
season with a final score of 2-1.
On Friday, Dec 13, the Mon-
ticello-Annandale-Maple Lake
Moose loaded the coach bus and
began the journey to their week-
end non-conference opponents:
Brainerd and Bemidji.
Friday night, the Moose bat-
tled against the Brainerd War-
riors. Within the first period, the
Moose earned a power play after
a high-sticking penalty on the
Warriors and the Moose capital-
ized as Monticello senior Sam
Johnson scored from younger
brother Nick Johnson.
Even with a lead on the
scoreboard, questionable calls
from the referees in the second
period began to lean the game in
Brainerds favor and the War-
riors tied up the game and stole
the momentum away from the
Moose. By the end of the second
period, the game was tied at 1-1
and the Warriors more than dou-
bled their shots on goal with a
count of 15-28 shots.
Within the third period, the
Brainerd Warriors took the lead
after scoring two power-play
goals on the MAML Moose.
The Moose put up a great battle,
but they simply could not gain
the edge in the final period and
they ended the game with a final
score of 4-1.
The following day, Saturday,
the Moose faced off against the
Bemidji Lumberjacks. The
Moose put forth a strong effort
against the Lumberjacks; how-
ever, penalties seemed to greatly
hinder the Monticello-Annan-
dale-Maple Lake players as they
were scored on three times
within the first period, two of
which were on Lumberjack
power plays.
The issue remained the same
in the second period as the
Moose received yet another
penalty and the Bemidji Lum-
berjacks took advantage of the
Moose being a man short and
put another shot in the net.
The third period was score-
less and the final tally for the
game was Bemidji: 4, Monti-
cello-Annandale-Maple Lake: 0.
The Moose return to confer-
ence play on Thursday, Dec. 19,
as they battle on the road against
Moose knock off undefeated Knights, lose twice up north
by Tara Holmgren
Sports Writer
Tuesday, Dec. 10, was fans
night for the Buffalo Bison girls
hockey team. When the first pe-
riod started up, the atmosphere
indicated Buffalo was going to
have a great game. Scoring in the
first period was senior captain
Lindsay Roethke, unassisted.
The second goal was scored by
junior captain Ashley Effetz, as-
sisted by junior Kirsten Olson,
and the third goal of the first pe-
riod was scored by sophomore
Abby Halluska, assisted by
Roethke. SOG: Buffalo-18,
During the second period,
Buffalo kept their feet and the
puck moving up the ice. The
Bison scored another three goals
this period. The fourth goal of
the game was scored by fresh-
man Taylor Thompson, assisted
by freshman Rylan Bistodeau.
Halluska scored the fifth goal,
assisted by Lindsay Roethke, a
shorthanded goal. Freshman
Taylor Thompson got on the
board for the sixth goal, which
was unassisted. SOG: Buffalo-
17, Princeton-4.
Coming back in the third pe-
riod, the Princeton Tigers scored
their first goal of the game.
Shortly after, Buffalo scored
their seventh goal of the game,
with Halluska finding the back of
the net. SOG: Buffalo-12,
The Buffalo Bison girls
hockey team had a great game
against Rogers on Friday night.
They came to the rink ready to
play and were going for the win.
In the first period, Buffalo
scored on a power play. The goal
was scored by sophomore Abby
Halluska, assisted by junior cap-
tain Ashley Effertz. SOG: Buf-
falo-9 Rogers-6.
The second period was an-
other great period for Halluska.
She scored the second and third
goals of the game, giving her a
hat trick. On her second goal,
she was assisted by senior cap-
tain Lindsay Roethke while Buf-
falo was shorthanded. Her third
goal was on a power play as-
sisted yet again by Roethke.
SOG: Buffalo-14, Rogers-9.
Coming back in the third, it
was a scoreless period for both
teams. Buffalo and Rogers had
quite a bit of penalties in this pe-
riod. Buffalo kept their head in
the game and skated hard the en-
tire game. Their hard work
showed at the end of the game.
Both teams had time racked
up in penalty minutes. Through-
out the entire game Buffalo had
seven penalties and Rogers had
six. For the Bison, it was Hal-
luska leading them to a 3-0 win.
Offensive struggles continue for Irish girls in two losses




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Thursday, December 19:
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Annandale/Maple Lake Rink Rat Hockey is Back!
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(that have never played organized hockey)
Starts: Saturday, January 4th
and will run Tuesdays & Saturdays
Location: Annandale Outdoor Rink Low Cost: $25.00
Introduction to Hockey: Will learn basic skating skills and the game of hockey
Contact Annandale/Maple Lake Community Ed 320-274-3058
Check out whats happening in Maple Lake with the
Extra or on our website at maplelakemessenger.com
Community Calendar
Maple Lake Messenger Page 12
December 18, 2013
Legal Notices
The Township of Albion will hold
its Annual Meeting and Election on
Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at the Al-
bion Town Hall.
The Officers to be elected are:
One Supervisor for a 3-year term
One Clerk for a 2-year term
Affidavits of candidacy may be
filed with the clerk from December
31, 2013, to January 14, 2014. Fil-
ings close at 5:00 p.m. on January
14, 2014. Filing fee is $2.00. The
last date for a candidate to withdraw
from the election is Thursday, Janu-
ary 16, 2014, until 5:00 p.m.
The Annual Meeting will convene
after the polls close at 8:00 p.m.
Debbie Uecker
Albion Township Clerk
2235 County Road 6 NW
Annandale, MN 55302
Notice is hereby given that the
Township of Chatham will hold its An-
nual Meeting and Election of Officers
on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.
The following offices are open for
One Supervisor for a term of
three years and a Clerk for a term of
two years.
Candidates shall file affidavits of
candidacy and pay a filing fee of two
dollars to the Town Clerk. Filing
dates are from Tuesday, December
31, 2013, to Tuesday, January 14,
2014, at 5:00 p.m. The last day for a
candidate to withdraw from the elec-
tion is January 16, 2014, at 5:00 p.m.
Francis Munsterteiger
Clerk of Chatham Township
The Township of Corinna will hold
its annual meeting and election on
Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at the
Corinna Town Hall.
The officers to be elected are: (1)
supervisor for three years, the term
of Chuck Carlson expiring.
Candidate filing dates are Tues-
day, December 31, 2013 to Tuesday,
January 14, 2014, 5 p.m. (Filing Of-
fice is open on Dec. 31, 2013 from
8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., closed on
Dec. 31, 2013 starting at 11:30 a.m.
and closed Jan. 1, 2014 for New
Years Holiday.) Candidates may file
at the Town Hall, 9801 Ireland Av-
enue, NW, Annandale, MN. Filing
fee is $2.
The last date for a candidate to
withdraw from the election is Thurs-
day, January 16, 2014, until 5 p.m.
Absentee Ballots will be available
beginning Friday, February 7, 2014.
Call Wright County at 1-800-362-
3667 and ask for Auditor/Treasurers
Office Elections, to apply for ab-
sentee ballots. The Wright County
Courthouse will be open for accept-
ance of absentee ballot applications
and casting of absentee ballots from
10:00 a.m. noon on Saturday,
March 8, 2014 and on Monday,
March 10, 2014 from 8:00 a.m.
4:30 p.m. Requests for mailed ab-
sentee ballots will also be accepted.
Mary Barkley Brown
The following office will be
elected in Maple Lake Township on
Tuesday, March 11, 2014:
One Supervisor for a term of 3
First date for candidates for Town
office to file affidavits of candidacy
with the Town Clerk is Tuesday, De-
cember 31st, 2013. Last day for filing
for Town office will be Tuesday, Jan-
uary 14th, 2014. Candidates who file
for the March election have until 5:00
P.M. Thursday, January 16th, 2014,
to withdraw from filing.
Candidates may file by contact-
ing the Office of the Clerk, telephone,
320-963-5336. The filing fee is
Dick Hogan, Clerk
Maple Lake Township
Court File No. 86 PR-13-6071
Estate of
Notice is given that on January
22, 2014, at 9:00 A.M., a hearing will
be held in this Court at 10 NW Sec-
ond Street, Buffalo, Minnesota, for
the adjudication of intestacy and de-
termination of heirship of the Dece-
dent, and for the appointment of
Susan K. Timmerman, whose ad-
dress is 4401 Russell Avenue N,
Minneapolis, MN 55412 as personal
representative of the Estate of the
Decedent in an UNSUPERVISED
administration. Any objection to the
Petition must be filed with the Court
prior to or at the hearing. If proper
and if no objections are filed, the per-
sonal representative will be ap-
pointed with full power to administer
the Estate, including the power to
collect all assets, pay all legal debts,
claims, taxes, and expenses, and
sell real and personal property, and
do all necessary acts for the Estate.
Notice is also given that (subject
to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801) all creditors
having claims against the Estate are
required to present the claims to the
personal representative or to the
Court Administrator within four
months after the date of this Notice
or the claims will be barred.
/s/ Ana Isham
Ana Isham
/s/ Peggy Gentles
Peggy Gentles
Court Administrator
Attorney for Petitioner
Sheldon R. Brown
P.O. BOX 859
(320) 274-8221 (Telephone)
(320) 274-3476 (Facsimile)
Attorney License No.: 12154
Notice of Mink Lake and
Somers Lake Open Water
The aeration systems on Mink
Lake (86-0229) and on Somers Lake
(86-0230) located in Corinna Town-
ship, Wright County, MN near the
Town of Maple Lake, will create open
water in several places. Fishermen,
skiers, hikers, and others are warned
to stay clear of the marked areas!
Weather conditions may cause the
areas of thin ice and open water to
fluctuate greatly. Vehicles including
snowmobiles and ATVs should stay
off the lake entirely when aeration is
operational. The aerators, which may
be in operation throughout the re-
mainder of the winter, are designed
to prevent fish kills.
used while using these lakes for the
remainder of the winter. A Warning
sign with the Notice the Aeration is
in operation will be posted at the
Public Access. Additionally, thin Ice
signs will mark the areas where the
aerators will create open water.
November 19, 2013
Summary of Minutes
The Maple Lake City Council was
called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor
Kissock. Dircks, Geyen, Kissock,
Lauer, and Northenscold were pres-
A motion was made/seconded/
passed (m/s/p), Dircks/Northenscold,
to approve the agenda with the fol-
lowing additions: 6.c. The V by HH;
and 6.k. Movie Update.
A motion was m/s/p, Geyen/
Lauer, to approve the Consent
Agenda including Approval of the
October 15, 2013 Minutes; Approval
of the 11-19-13 Disbursement List,
October Financial Report, October
Liquor Store Financial Report and
October Check Register; Approval to
Purchase Message Board for City
Hall at a cost of $1,129; Approval of
Expert T Billing Contract for Ambu-
lance Billing; Approval to Grant Ap-
plication for Exempt Permit
Gambling Premises for Maple Lake
Lake Property Owners Association,
Inc. Through February 1, 2014 on
Maple Lake; and Approval of Engi-
neers Report.
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Dircks, to adopt Resolution #R2013-
57, to Order the Improvements and
Preparation of Plans for the 2014
Street Improvement Project.
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Dircks, to adopt Resolution #R2013-
58, to certify delinquent utility bills to
the 2014 real estate taxes in the
amount of $3,315.42 plus a $40 as-
sessment fee per account and inter-
est at 6%.
A motion was m/s/p, Dircks/
Geyen, to adopt Resolution #R2013-
59, to approve the 2014 on-sale
Liquor and Sunday Liquor Licenses
for: American Legion Post #131,
Madigans Pub & Grill, Maple Lake
Bowl, and The V by HH, contingent
upon receipt of the Certificate of In-
surance per State Requirements,
and paying of all fees.
A motion was m/s/p, Northen-
scold/Kissock, to adopt Resolution
#R2013-60A, to approve the Prelim-
inary Plat of Johanneck Industrial
Park, per Planning Commission rec-
A motion was m/s/p, Dircks/
Northescold, to adopt Resolution
#R2013-60B, to approve the Final
Plat of Johanneck Industrial Park,
per Planning Commission recom-
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Dircks, to approve the new job de-
scriptions for City Hall staff, per Per-
sonnel Committee recommendation.
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Geyen, to approve the pay rates as
stated in the Personnel Committee
minutes dated October 28, 2013, per
Personnel Committee recommenda-
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Geyen, to authorize Hruby and Yager
to carry-over an additional week of
vacation at their anniversary date on
a one-time basis due to the circum-
stances of staff changes, per Per-
sonnel Committee recommendation.
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Dircks, to require Bestland to take 5
consecutive days of vacation after
January 1, 2014 in the 1st quarter,
per Personnel Committee recom-
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Lauer, approving Payment #4 in the
amount of $412,135.94 to SAK Con-
struction, LLC, for the 2012/2013 I&I
Improvement Project.
A motion was m/s/p, Dircks/
Northenscold, approving the Final
Payment #4 in the amount of
$33,389.71 to Knife River Corp.
North Central for the 2012 Airport
Paving Improvements and approving
final acceptance of construction sub-
ject to the warrant provisions and au-
thorizing the Mayor to sign.
A motion was m/s/p, Geyen/
Lauer, approving the Final Payment
#2 in the amount of $1,450.94 to
Mid-Minnesota Hot Mix for the 2013
Airport Parking Lot Paving and ap-
prove final acceptance of construc-
tion subject to the warrant provisions.
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Northenscold, to adopt Resolution
#R2013-61, to approve the special
assessment agreement for the I&I
correction on the property owned by
Darrell Jensen, 116 Division Street
W, PID #110-024-000030, in the
amount of $1,820.50, for a 2 year as-
sessment at an interest rate of 3%,
effective as of this date.
A motion was m/s/p, Dircks/
Kissock, to approve the snow plow-
ing routes for 2013/2014 as pre-
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Geyen, to authorize the purchase of
the pressure washer from Express
Pressure Washers at a cost of
$3,411, plus tax.
A motion was amended by
Geyen, seconded by Northenscold,
to direct Staff to put up Christmas
lights prior to Thanksgiving, and turn-
ing them on the day after Thanksgiv-
ing, providing Staff has adequate
time. The motion passed with Lauer
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Northenscold, to adopt Resolution
#R2013-62, to grant the waiver re-
quest of Paul Johnson, 314 Division
Street E, PID #110-015-003010, until
the property can be brought into
compliance during the 2014 Street
Improvement Project and to charge
1,000 gallons additional sewer usage
per month based on the sewer rate
on the fee schedule.
A motion was m/s/p, Kissock/
Dircks, to authorize Northland Secu-
rities to prepare the Limited Continu-
ing Disclosure Annual Report and
authorizing the City Clerk to sign the
Dissemination Agent Agreement with
Northland Securities.
A motion was m/s/p,
Dircks/Geyen, to adjourn the meet-
ing at 8:51 p.m.
Deputy Clerk
A copy of the entire minutes is
available for inspection by any per-
son during regular office hours at the
office of the City Clerk or a copy is
available on the Citys website at
some vehicles with (supposed)
automatic headlights dont actu-
ally turn all the other lights on that
are required when headlights are
too. Sometimes we (officers) are
busy at a scene and we dont have
time to go chasing after the non-
headlight drivers, but some of
them pay for it when they are in a
crash. You would think that drivers
would want to do all they can do
to be safe and keep their passen-
gerswho are often family mem-
berssafe. Thanks for whatever
you can do, and good luck!
Answer: You about said it all,
and very well at that. I will add that
traffic safety officials everywhere
are advocating just driving with
your headlights on all the time, so
you dont have to worry about
what all of the specific require-
ments of the law are. After the re-
cent lengthy snow storms, I heard
this same exact complaint from
numerous sources and regions.
Just to cover all the bases: In
part, M.S.S. 169.48 says: Every
vehicle upon a highway within this
state: at any time from sunset to
sunrise; at any time when it is rain-
ing, snowing, sleeting, or hailing;
and at any other time when visibil-
ity is impaired by weather, smoke,
fog or other conditions or there is
not sufficient light to render clearly
discernible persons and vehicles
on the highway at a distance of
500 feet ahead; shall display
lighted headlamps, lighted tail
lamps, and illuminating devices...
A good rule of thumb: If your
wipers need to be on, then your
headlights should be on, too.
If you have any questions con-
cerning traffic related laws or is-
sues in Minnesota, send your ques-
tions to Trp. Jesse Grabow Min-
nesota State Patrol at 1000
Highway 10 West, Detroit Lakes,
MN 56501-2205. (You can follow
him on Twitter @MSPPIO_NW
Ask a Trooper
continued from page 2
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Full-size slate pool table, great condi-
tion w/accessories & free pool table
light, $250. Electronic dart board in
oak cabinet, $100. 612-216-1145 (10-
Maple Lake Messenger Page 13
December 18, 2013
Help Wanted
Maple Lake Manor 1 & 2 bdrm. apt.;
smoke-free building, $350-$450/mo.
Includes heat/water, for seniors or dis-
abled. Contact Cathy, 320-963-5283.
EHO (11-13c)
For Rent
General Security Services Corp. -
Midwest Patrol is accepting applica-
tions for a PT Basic Security Officer
position in the Maple Lake area. Can-
didate must be available to work
weekends, have HS diploma/GED,
and successfully pass a criminal back-
ground check. Military experience, se-
curity experience or schooling
preferred. Veterans, retired individu-
als and students are encouraged to
apply. EOE/AA/D/VIM/F Employer.
320-252-3794 (12-13p)
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Maple Lake Messenger
(320) 963-3813
BELS, many styles and designs from
$13.95 for 225 labels [Plus shipping and
tax]. Maple Lake Messenger, 218 Divi-
sion St. W., Maple Lake, or 963-3813.
STAMPS for business and personal use,
self-inking and reinkable, many styles
and colors, starting at $15.90. Maple
Lake Messenger, 218 Division St. W.,
Maple Lake, or call 963-3813.


Quantities of 100 or 250 starting as low
as $25! Larger quantities available.
Maple Lake Messenger, 320-963-3813.
Whats 1-inch high and can move a car? Whats 1-inch high and can move a car?
A n s w e r : A c l a s s i f i e d a d i n t h e M a p l e L a k e M e s s e n g e r . C a l l t o d a y 3 2 0 - 9 6 3 - 3 8 1 3
Computer Repair--Virus spyware re-
moval, speed up your computer, $40.
Mike, 320-963-6094 or 763-732-3183.
Classified Advertising
Must be placed by noon on Tuesday for Wednesday publication.
Call 320-963-3813-ONLY $2 per line (Minimum-$6)
Free private party classifieds for Messenger subscribers!
Maple Lake Messenger (320) 963-3813
For Sale
All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top
dollar paid. We come to you! Any make/
model. Call for instant offer: 800/871-9145
Certied/Registered. Faller, Rollag, Fore-
front & Prosper with other varieties avail-
able. Bulk or totes. Red River Market-
ing Co., Elbow Lake, MN 218/685-6100
Starting at $19.99/month (for 12
mos.) & High Speed Internet start-
ing at $14.95/month (where avail-
able.) Save! Ask About same day In-
stallation! Call now! 800/297-8706

Truck or Boat to Heritage for the Blind. Free
3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing,
all paperwork taken care of 800/439-1735
for your retirement. Avoid market risk
& get guaranteed income in retire-
ment! Call for free copy of our safe
money guide plus annuity quotes from
A-rated companies! 800/631-4558
Quality, efcient, portable infrared
heaters. Save up to 50 percent on heat-
ing bills this season. Only $159 and
free shipping. Call today 800/927-6816
is your choice for safe and affordable med-
ications. Our licensed Canadian mail order
pharmacy will provide you with savings of
up to 75% on all your medication needs.
Call today 800/259-1096 for $10.00 off
your rst prescription and free shipping.
One phone call & only $249 to reach a
statewide audience of 3 million readers!!!
Advertise here
statewide in 270
newspapers for only
$249 per week!
Call 800-279-2979
500 Cty. Rd. 37 E
Maple Lake
Open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday-Friday
Construction Equipment
Truck & Trailer Repair
DOT Inspection Center
Engine Rebuilding
Hydraulic Hose Repair
Air & Hydraulic Tool Repair
Machine Shop
*mapl el akemessenger.com*
Repair Center Hours:
Monday - Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed Saturday & Sunday
Hwy. 55
Maple Lake
Driveability Diagnostic Equipment Quick - Lube
Computerized Wheel Balancing Certified Brake Repair
Custom Wheel Changer (No Touch) 4-Wheel Alignment
Cooper Tires
For Appointments, Call Dave!
Convenience Store Hours: M-F 5:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Sat. 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Sun. 7 a.m. - 9 p.m.
The Name Youve Trusted Since 1920
We sell top-name tires at very competitive prices. Plus we offer FREE tire inspections.
320-274-8211 1-800-457-8969
Oil Change
Gas Vehicles. Recycle
& Tax Not Included.
Free 21 Point
Pick-up &
Delivery Available
See Tom for al l your auto & truck mai ntenance needs!
WeInstall QualityNAPAParts
We Install Quality NAPA Parts
Repair, Inc.
Hwy. 55 West
Maple Lake
Flushes Now
Tom Blizil, Prop.
Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.-5p.m.
ASE Certified Auto Repair
Complete Lube Center
Tire Sales & Repair
Any Vehicle Make or Model
Friendly Knowledgeable Staff
All technicians average 20 years experience
No appointment necessary
520 Division St. W. Maple Lake, MN
Get your business noticed
weekly in the Messenger!
Automoti ve Di rectory,
cal l the Messenger
Free Towing
Annandale 320-274-3986
Complete Auto Repair
State of the art 4 wheel alignment equipment
Hwy. 55 Annandale andysprotire.com
& Brakes
Certified Repair Center

Licensed & Bonded
Master Electrician
Door Sales, Inc.
Garage Doors Electric Openers
Sales Service Repairs
Building-Home Improvement
Marv & Buck Howard, Owners
Master Plumber license: Marv 058229-PM Buck 063048-PM
TempStar Heating &
Cooling Products
High Efficiency Boilers
Water Heaters
Water Softeners
3 Generations Since 1961
Licensed Bonded Insured
After Business Hours: 320-236-2102
715 Norway Drive Annandale
Pole Buildings
We will construct your
pole building or sell you
the necessary material.
Come in and talk over
your building needs.
We're here to serve you.
Maple Lake Lumber Co.
Borrell Refrigeration,
Plumbing, Heating
& Air Conditioning
Water Conditioning & Drinking Water Systems
Dave Borrell 320-963-3107
Office: 320-963-5522
Fax: 320-963-5530 fuller@ lakedalelink.net
References Available Fully Insured
Everything in
Concrete &
Residential & Commercial
Block ICF Poured Foundation Brick & Stone Floors Floating Slabs Garages
Concrete Staining/Stamping Patios Driveways Steps Sidewalks Removal Replacement
Stan Fuller 612-366-0910
Call today & Advertise your business in a Messenger Directory!
Get Noticed
Well Drilling
Complete Well Service
Pump & Tanks
Well Abandonments
Annandale, MN 55302
Heating & Air
Conditioning, Inc.
Please visit our website for a list of all our services!
Its Hard to Stop a Trane

Furnace & AC Service

and Installation
For every installation we do in
Maple Lake, we will donate $25
to the Annandale/Maple Lake Food
Shelf. Help our community thrive
and grow by buying locally!
Maple Lake
Tim & Lorie Hegle
375 Spruce Avenue N.
Maple Lake, MN 55358
Toll Free: 1-800-273-4699
Call: (320) 963-3934
Fax: (320) 963-1934
Foundation Floating Slabs
Brick Stone Driveways
Patios Sidewalks Steps
Concrete Stamping Floors
Garages Free Estimates
Residential & Commercial
Cell: 612-366-0909
Office: 763-682-2358
Fax: 763-682-2858
P.O. Box 85 Buffalo, MN 55313
3-D Concrete & Masonry Inc.
Bruce Dalbec
Emai l : joehogan. concrete@gmai l . com
Paul Manuel
Anna Pribyl
Krista Wurm
You a Merry
& Happy
Cedar Lake
Engineering, Inc.
500 Congress Street West Maple Lake
320.963.5949 cedarlakeeng.com
Maple Lake
& Annandale
320-274-SHED (7433)
Jim & Tanya LaTour
American Mini
Storage, LLC
Merry Christmas from
We rent tables
& chairs for
all your Holiday
for a
Holiday Hours:
December 23: 9-6
December 24: 9-12
December 25: CLOSED
December 31: 9-3
January 1: CLOSED
Thanks to all of you for making this holiday
season a merry and bright one for us.
Your confidence and support mean
the world to us, and we look
forward to serving you again soon!
It may be cold outside, but we think Christmas is
the warmest time of year, especially when one is
surrounded by good friends and neighbors like
you! Its a privilege to serve you and we thank you
for your valued business.
Merry Christmas!
120 Oak Avenue S.
Maple Lake
Hegle Door
Sales, Inc.
Tim & Lorie Hegle
375 Spruce Aveue North
Garage Doors by C.H.I.
Post #131 Maple Lake
Christmas Eve Day: 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Great Last-Minute
Gift Ideas!
901 State Hwy. 55 E
Maple Lake (Next to Cenex)
Christmas Eve: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Christmas Day: CLOSED
New Years Eve: 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
New Years Day: CLOSED
310 Congress Street West
Maple Lake 320 -963-3200
Corner of Hwy. 55 & Maple Avenue
Maple Lake 320.963.3405
Christmas Day & New Years Day: CLOSED
Feat uri ng Maple Lake s own
DJ Cranston Live Music 8-Close
Party Favors Dinner Specials: 4-8
Gift Certificates Available!
Ring in
the New Year
with us!
Rogers BP Amoco
Food Shop
& Maple Lake Automotive
Auto: 320-963-3815
Convenience Store Hours:
Christmas Eve: 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Christmas Day: 7 a.m. to Noon & 4 to 11 p.m.
New Years Eve: 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
New Years Day: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Automotive Hours:
Christmas Eve & New Years Eve: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Happy Holidays!
From all of us at

thank you for your
business in 2012.
We look forward to
serving you in 2013.
From all of us at
thank you for your
business in 2013.
We look forward to
serving you in 2014.
Wishes You A
Very Merry Christmas
With Joyous Holiday Cheer
Holiday Hours:
Christmas Eve 8 - 12
Christmas Closed
NewYears Eve 8 - 12
New Years Day Closed

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