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Julia Landon College Preparatory and

Leadership Development School

Curriculum Paper

Mrs. Robyn Wilhelm—Comprehensive Science 2 Adv. & Gifted

Mission Statement: Our Mission at the Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership
Development School is to create college bound students with a deep
commitment to public service and a true understanding of their
leadership skills within the global community.
Course Overview:
The seventh grade science curriculum centers on Florida’s Sunshine State
Standards. The concepts in the seventh grade are: the Earth, Space and Physical
sciences. In each area there is a special emphasis on investigations,
experimentation, and theappropriate observance of safety guidelines.

Seventh grade students will be using the Holt Science and Technology text book.
The book can be viewed online at www.my.hrw.com. All classes will utilize the “5 E”
science model, explained below.

Students engage by:

• demonstrating background knowledge on a topic

• viewing and questioning a discrepant or novel (surprising) event

• pondering an essential, open-ended question or problem-based scenario

• participating in a discovery activity

Students explore by:

• experiencing an inquiry activity or investigation introducing one or more concepts

• sharing ideas

• building common knowledge base

• identifying further questions

• analyzing and interpreting data from inquiry activity

• planning and preparing a directed or guided inquiry activity

Students explain by:

• sharing interpretations of data with other students and the teacher

• building mental and/or concrete models

• writing about concepts

• creating vocabulary maps and graphic organizers

Students extend by:

• applying what they have learned to new problems or situations

• clarifying concepts and explanations with teachers and other sources of scientific
knowledge by reading, researching, and discussing

Students evaluate understanding by:

• reviewing what they have learned

• completing short-answer and extended response items and scoring them with a

• organizing information needed for the unit performance task

• discussing written items and performance tasks with others and the teacher

• taking quizzes and tests

Course Outline:
First Nine Weeks | Changes in Matter

• Practice and Characteristics of Science

• Properties of Matter

• Physical and chemical changes in matter

Second Nine Weeks | Energy & Space

• Energy Transformation
• Forms of Energy

• Space

• Stars and Galaxies

Third Nine Weeks | Genetics

• Cellular Reproduction

• Heredity

• Genetic Engineering

• Diversity and Evolution

Fourth Nine Weeks | Interdependence

• Energy Flow in Ecosystems

• Interdependence

• Cycles

• Photosynthesis and Respiration

Student Evaluation:
Weekly Grade Sheet/Bellringers: 15%

Class Assignments: 20%

Home Work: 10%

Labs: 30%

Quizzes/Tests: 25%

Rubrics will be posted in class and online for students before any projects and labs.

Educational Materials:
Students are required to have a 1 inch 3-ring binder with dividers. The dividers will
be separate the notebook into sections: bell ringers, class assignments, notes,
home work, labs and tests/quizzes.

Homework/Late Work Policy:

Will be posted on blog.

Make-up Work Policy:
It is the student’s responsibility to get make-up work from his or herteachers.
Absent students will be given the same numbers of days they were out to complete
make-up work.

Grade Recovery Policy:

Students will be offered grade recovery as outlined in the Duval County Pupil
Progression Plan found on the Duval County Public Schools web page.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
Conferences will be held during Team 7C’s planning period. This will be
period 4B.

Tutoring Schedule:

Grading Scale:
Students will be evaluated in accordance with the standard Duval County Public
Schools’ grading scale.

Progress Reports:
In addition to report cards issued at the end of each quarter, students will receive 1
progress report each quarter. Students earning a grade of “D” or “F” on a progress
report will be required to return the progress report signed by the parent/guardian
within two days.

Please sign, date and return the bottom portion to Mrs. Wilhelm during your next
class period
I have read and will abide by the above Curriculum Paper for Mrs. Wilhelm’s
Comprehensive Science 2 Adv. & Gifted Class.



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