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Food Of The Gods

Hiding In The Light

What kind of intelligence would revel in the unbridled destruction of itself
In the murderous consumption of its own life force and vital energy
In the callous exploitation of all sentient life
What kind of god would sanction a system based on a merciless concoction of
barbarism and terror
Of extreme agitation and wild, unmitigated suffering
Where the gentlest, most meekest of creatures die in the most horrifying and
brutalised of ways
Where the base cravings of dominance and cruelty always seem to win out over the
higher impulses of tolerance and co-operation
Equality and the desire to live in accordance with the Earth’s natural laws
Not the god of love, that’s for certain
Nor the supreme expression of fairness and infinite compassion
But an entity which hides its true nature within a shining hologram of love
And wears a chameleon’s gown of impeccable camouflage
There in the trees beside the blue crystal lake
There in the soft xylophone air
There on the diaphanous fine golden sands
Permeating the forests and dank membranes of soil
And the vastness and strangeness of assimilated streets

The Natural Order Of Things (the game of games)

Something has been tampered with to suit the purposes of another paradigm
A voodoo hierarchy
One based on slaughter and the currency of suffering
Mass murder and extreme violence
A new reality overlaying the original
Where the strong prey on the weak
And where innocents are ritualistically massacred
In a murderous vortex of endurance and hardship
Enslavement and blood sacrifice
Food for the gods
For the moon and the cosmos
The universe creating and recreating itself

Feeding The Grid

Loosh energy on the battlefields, in the concentration camps, where all human beings
suffer the most
Loosh energy in poverty and filthy diseased streets filled with the cries of starving,
ragged children
Loosh energy in football stadiums and large rock venues, in packed city squares, any
place where the masses congregate and expel vital dynamic emotion
Loosh energy when bombs go off and bullets zip indiscriminately through the air,
where acts of genocide may occur under the false flags of revolution and freedom
Good and tasty loosh when it’s laced with terror and fear, chaos and atrocity, when
it’s preceded by torture or satanic ritual
Loosh running for its life on the African veldt as the leopard takes the hapless deer in
its powerful jaws, or when the woodsmen makes the forest weep with sacred sap
Loosh (set like old honey) at all war memorials and cenotaphs, in all churches and
temples and synagogues
Best loosh of all, in school playgrounds and nurseries, in the places where all children
run wild and whose hearts are filled with the ecstasy of joyous life
Vintage loosh energy in all hospitals and sanatoriums, where the flashing gossamer
spirits of the dead are newly released into the sticky matrix of lurking peril
Quality gourmet loosh in theatres and cinemas, in discos and festivals, on sports
fields and in large municipal parks, where scores huddle together to express revulsion
and horror, anxiety and euphoria, the broadest possible range of human psychic
energy and consciousness
A Banquet Of Flames
There is something wrong here
There is something fundamentally at odds with what we are being taught in our
And told by our political and spiritual leaders
Those men and women in influential positions of power and authority
Who openly preach about love and compassion, peace and harmony
Good solid values of justice and liberty, kinship and commonality
While privately serving another agenda
A darker spectrum of secrecy and subterfuge
Violence and division
War and an overwhelming lust for exploitation and absolute control over those they
pretend to represent
They are not for the people like they say they are
They are liars and deceivers who despise the whole of common humanity
And attempt to block its path to advancement at every turn
Puppets on a string who are shaken and jerked into acting only in accordance with a
specific wavelength by their masters in the shadows
A motley crew of rogue demi-gods and a wastrel elite of cold-blooded psychopaths
and philanderers
Spiders playing the long game, watching with dark fathomless eyes
Lurking in the glare of store fronts and street lamps
Waiting to gorge on a banquet of flames

Frequency Modulation
Listen to what I say, do exactly what I say
When I count to three you will begin to wake up
A permanent bad news stream of poor weather and impending natural disasters
The toxic war in the Middle East
Home made terrorist boogie men and cartoon media despots frantically trying to
acquire an armoury of primitive nuclear spears
Knife wielding teenagers and gun toting crack dealers operating with impunity on our
filthy, vandalised streets
Devil dogs and paedophiles, meteorites and murders
Global financial markets in meltdown, in crisis
Volcanoes burning themselves down to the plug
Frequency control to lock us all in to survival mode
To keep us nailed in to our own skin
To make us feel suspicious of our neighbour and anxious about what the future might
Grinding us down into the dirt
Forcing us to compete with one another when we all should be working
To raise ourselves up
Not fighting and waging war
Not lowering the vibe so we are easier to manipulate and control
Frequency modulation to produce a negative harvest of loosh essence
Pinning us down, restricting our growth
Stopping us from becoming who we truly are
Making us forget what we came here to do
Let’s not give our power away
Wake up before it gets too late
Before we’ve all got spy cams in our homes and been micro-chipped like cattle and
Before we are all dumbed down to a zombie race of mindless, unquestioning
Before we are weakened by a genocide virus and our children mass vaccinated with
experimental poly-pills and brain toxic stews
With deadly mind numbing compounds like mercury and squalene, aluminium and
serum grade formaldehyde and antifreeze
I have an idea:
Switch off the TV and the radio
Unplug the Playstation and the I-pod
The cellphone and the broadband connection
Then find the button to turn on your own mind
Get clear
Stand up and resist

Gods Of Love And False Ideals

A loving god would have set things up without the need to kill for food
Or to rape the Earth for territory and natural resources
The god of love would not sack a city or snuff out a whole civilization the way they
have been in the past
A loving god would value the whole of life as sacred and precious and would hold it
in the highest esteem
Coveting each tiny microbe and parasite as much as the mighty, magnificent elephant
or whale
The god of love would have the capacity to see into the very core of life and would
know that all living things have incalculable merit and are inextricably linked
All lifeforms would be valued for their resonance and harmonic frequency
For the vibrational imprint they give to the Earth
For the codes their cells transmit through the profundity of their peaceful co-existing
Not as a food source to be scythed down when the time is ripe
Not something to be bludgeoned to death or shot at for sport
But something to be respected for its sovereign relation to the whole
For its uniqueness and natural diversity
For its true electric nature
The glowing incandescent blood song of vibrant inner knowledge
Sweet fire

Wisdom Herbs And Teacher Plants

Consider for a moment, the trees and the grasses
Wisdom herbs and teacher plants
How they harvest the sunlight and yearn only for the alchemy of clean water and
healthy, nutritious soil
How they roll with the natural cycles of nature and the orderly seasons of the Earth
How they live in harmony and foster symbiotic relationships with other plants and
creatures in order to develop and mature
How they are connected with one another in all kinds of simple and complex ways
How they emanate an ageless, inscrutable intelligence far beyond our own
Theirs can be a template for the whole of existence
Theirs can be a model on which we could all live by
Taking only what we need and not what we can hoard
Sharing and sustainably managing our resources
Co-operating with one another for the greater common good
Opening our hearts to the endless possibilities of our expansive human Spirit
This majestic planet is a reference library for creation
Containing records of DNA and creator codes encrypted in the maps of leaves and the
immutable crystalline molecules and vastness of rock
A beautiful, voluptuous living organism for Spirit to experience the exhilarating
journey of physical sensation
A learning zone of irrepressible magnitude
Where the sovereign flame of raw creativity burns endlessly like a firework of
emancipated bliss
A breathless helter-skelter ride of amazing sensual experience and miraculous,
vibrant energy
A paradise of astonishment and inexhaustible vitality
Of boundless invention and quivering breathtaking ecstasy
A circuit for Spirit to flow through in all its innumerable forms
A place of infinite love and a learning zone for the continuous evolution of
This is Earth, shimmering gorgeously aqueous blue in the velvety darkness of space
Lit by the loving radiance of the Sun
Sacred to all her indigenous people
To all those who match her immaculate electrifying resonance
By harmonising with her seasons and aligning their hearts to the purity and
selflessness of her giving
Whose waters are vital and elemental
And whose soils are the primary alluvial medium
Of wondrous magical alchemy
Sparking us into being
Celebrating and consolidating our essence
Where all things come to grow and blossom
For the briefest interval of time
Before fading and returning to dust
Caught In A Trap
A web has been spun around this world
And set in place so expertly, so insidiously
That those it is designed to ensnare have little perception
Of its very existence
A network of pure diamond translucence
And awesome shimmering luminosity
Staggeringly sized
And flowing effortlessly across time
And worming through portals and spatial dimensions
Immeasurable circuit of spirals
Ageless, incomprehensible geometry
Built with the finest, most intricate gossamer coils of light
Incomparable and voluminous
Exquisite and beautiful
A matrix of fire demanding ever more energy to feed it
Not just the dark negatives of fear and sorrow
Submissiveness and passivity
But also the higher frequencies of love and harmony
Truth and the pure joyous states of rapture and exuberance
Lightning sentient intelligence and irrepressible human consciousness
Jealously guarded and hidden from view
By a warrior elite of meta raiders and master geneticists
Who blocked the Earth’s cognizant imprint to all outside influence
Disguising her radiance and lush harmonic field
And sublimating her channel
Keeping her bounty locked inside a frozen sarcophagus of tears

The Apparatus Of Fear

Everything is in place, embedded deeply within the infrastructure of our waking
Propped up and enforced by a phalanx of homicidal cohorts and agents
Labyrinthine inner circles and secret societies
Impenetrable governmental departments and religious institutions
Layers on Layers
Where men stand behind curtains pulling levers
And producing klaxon wails to terrify and dissipate the crowds
The designers of Pharaohs and Frankenstein emperors
Of composite teleprompter presidents and diplomats
Slick, profligate subterranean bankers
Soulless doomsday simulacrum pontiffs and ayatollahs
Bloodthirsty instigators of witch hunts and ruthless pogrom purges
Masters of the occult and promoters of energy capture symbolism
The designers of granite and limestone monolith antennae
Macabre machine coded domed amplifiers
Harum scarum gargoyles and scaly halloween cult architecture
Purveyors of war and needless, premature death
Manipulators of etheric fields and history
Liars and deceivers
Psychopaths, misogamists
Cheerleaders of anger and despair
A warped pantheon of parasites and vampires feeding off the energy of the human
Siphoning off life force and feeding it to their masters and false gods

Sounding The Alarm

We could spin this thing around if we wanted to
Dismantle and recalibrate the whole system
By converting it to an alternative energy source
With love and with truth
With integrity and compassion
Something which stands on its own and shines with its own inextinguishable light
By recognising the unity in all things
By just saying No!
By lifting ourselves out of the pit of chaos and servitude
Deception and extreme selfish desire
By raising ourselves up and expanding our consciousness
To get educated so we can become serious participants in the game
And not unknowing victims trapped in an illusion of fear
To see through all their tricks and manipulations
By cutting off their power and resonating with independence and free will
And reconnecting with our infinite nature, our primary source
The electricity of Spirit flowing through the immensity and multi-dimensional
capacity of our hearts
Leading us further away from tyranny and the horrors of war
Replenished by the Sun and the enervating charge of an emancipated Earth
Towards a freedom of the mind and a galaxy of jubilant, visionary stars
Into a pure state of knowing
Where we can remember our common purpose and be true to ourselves
The only way home

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Mike Davies 4 July 2009

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