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Flake Ice Machine

5000 KGS/DAY

Flake ice is used for a considerable number of different purposes in industry, including keeping fish catches cool all the way from the fishing vessel to the retailer, process cooling in the pharmaceutical industry and in chemical plants, and the cooling of concrete in large construction projects. Flake ice can also play a crucial role in food production, where it is used to inhibit bacterial growth, e.g. by mixing flake ice with the product to maintain a consistent temperature. Mello flake ice machines are currently available with production capacities of 0.560 metric tons per day. They can be used with all common refrigerants and can produce either dry/subcooled or wet ice using either fresh water or sea water.


Fresh Maintenance

Fresh Keeping

Food Production

Fish Farming

How flake ice machine works

Flake ice is produced in a continuous process by freezing circulating water on a static drum. Refrigerant evaporates inside the drum, which at the same time acts as a liquid separator. Water is pumped from a reservoir at the bottom of the flake ice machine to the top water receiver pan, where it is distributed through water tubes onto the inside wall of evaporator drum. This water becomes a water screen and flows down along the inside wall, onto which the water is frozen into ice. A spiral scraper removes the ice without actually touching the inner wall of the evaporator drum. The ice is scraped off and falls downwards for collection as flake ice. Because the evaporator drum itself is static, there has no risk of refrigerant leakage. It also enhanced the simplicity of operation and serviceability.

Internal ice scraper design helps save energy consumption and prevent leakage of refrigerant Advanced processing technique to ice evaporator, ensure the best heat transfer efficiency. The design of large water pan can prevent water dripping at the bottom of evaporator Direct water feeding and dry evaporation; simple, safe and reliable control. Integrated modular design, convenient to install and maintain on spot.

Its Quality We Guarantee

We always bear in heart that the quality is the lifeline of our product. We set a rigid standard for selecting parts supplier. Only being the leading brand of the industry can be the suppliers of key components of our products. This is the premise to ensure the best quality of Mello flake ice machines. Our flake-ice machines are of European design and are manufactured for the most strict technical requirements.

Customer Benefits For the customer, the benefits of the Mello flake ice machine include: Easy to inspect ice production directly. Corrosion resistant with two layers chromium coating. Longer service life and lower service costs. The compact structure saves space and fits for many different locations. No defrosting required. The ice is ready for immediate use, with no crushing required. The ice is also extremely durable when subcooled. The consistency and free of sharp edges make the ice mix gently around the product and enclose it tightly, with a rapid, intensive cooling effect. Model: Daily production (24 hrs): FK5T-W2G 4300 kgs / 8600 lbs (air@ 90/32, water@ 70/21) 5000 kgs / 11000 lbs (air@ 70/21, water@ 50/10) 6250 kgs / 13750 lbs (air@ 50/10, water@ 41/5) to be suggested 45 25.85 R22 air-cooled fresh water -8 31.70 58 19.28 25 3P/380V/50 Hz or 3P/220V/60Hz 2200 290120150
Note: 1. The nominal production is tested under the condition of air at 21 and water at 10. 2. All the parameter is subject to change due to technical innovation without prior notice.

Storage bin(Optional): Condensing temperature: Refrigeration capacity (Kcal/H): Refrigerant: Refrigeration type: Water source: Ice degree: Compressor capacity (Kw): Condenser capacity (Kw): Total operation power (Kw): Installation power (Kw): Power supply: Net weight (Kgs): Dimension L/W/D (CM):

Design Drawing

150 cm

290 cm

120 cm

Operating Requirements
Air Temperatures Water Temperatures Water Pressures Electrical Voltage Minimum 50F (10C) 40F (4.4C) 20 PSIG (1.4 bar) -10% Maximum 10 0 F (3 8 C) 10 0 F (3 8 C) 120 PSIG (8.3 bar) +10%

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