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SSB Questions Related To Defence

Personal Interview in a SSB is the most important factor in the selection of a candidate. PI cannot be predicted and the IO can ask you questions from any field. When it comes to the technical portion then these questions are very basic in nature and somehow they are related to defence and science. IO never goes in much deeper detail but if you say that it is your childhood dream then IO will ask you anything.

Some of these frequent asked questions at SSB are! How a Helicopter flies and what is the use of second rotor?

"otor blades have an airfoil shape like the wings of an aircraft. So as the rotor turns the air flows more over the top of the blades than does it below. #his creates enough lift for flights. Second rotor rotates vertically or nearly vertically. #he tail rotor$s position and distance from the center of gravity allow it to develop thrust in an opposite direction of the main rotor$s rotation to counter the torque effect created by main rotor. It prevents the chopper from spinning out of control. If it is not present then the chopper will spin on its a%is.

What is RADAR?

"&'&" stands of "adio 'etection and "anging. It is a system which uses radio(waves to determine the range altitude direction or sped of ob)ects. It can be used to detect aircrafts ships missiles vehicles weather formations and terrain as well.

#ransmitter emits radio waves called radio signals in predetermined directions. When these come into contact with an ob)ect they are usually reflected or scattered in many directions and these signals are reflected back towards the transmitter which makes the radar work. #ime difference between transmission of signal and reception of signals helps to calculate the distance.

What is SONAR?

SO*&" stands for Sound navigation and ranging It is system that uses sound propagation to navigate communicate and detect ob)ects on or under the surface of water. +ltrasonic waves are transmitted through water. When these waves come in contact with any ob)ect then these are reflected by the ob)ect in the water which produces an echo signal. By noting the time interval between the generation of the pulse and reception of

the echo(signal the distance of the ob)ect can be easily calculated. Difference between Sound Waves and Radio Waves

o o o o

SO*&" uses sound waves whereas the "&'&" uses radio waves Sound waves can be heard because of high frequency but we need electronic devices to hear or see the radio waves. "adio waves travel greater distance because of longer wavelength. Sound waves cannot travel in vacuum because there is no air foe the waves to oscillate in. Whereas the radio waves can travel through vacuum.

What is AEWCS? What is the difference between AEWCS & AWACS?

&,W-S stands for &irborne ,arning Warning and -ontrol System. It is a system designed to detect aircrafts ships and vehicles at long ranges. &,W-S is used at high altitude. the radars on the aircraft allow distinguishing between friendly and hostile ob)ects hundreds of miles away. It carries surveillance and performs

command and control of air battle space by directing fighter and attack aircrafts strikes. &,W-S and &W&-S are the same. &W&-S stands for &irborne Warning &nd -ontrol System. What is the Wor in! "echanis# of a $un?

-artridges have the gun powder pro)ectile and a mechanism to ignite gunpowder packed into one unit. When the gun$s trigger is pulled then it strikes the primer which catches fire which ignites the gunpowder and the pro)ectile is forced out of the shell because of e%panding gases.

What is the difference between %allistic "issiles and Cruise "issiles?

Ballistic missiles are big heavy and e%pensive. It has warheads on the rocket. Ballistic missiles reach heights beyond the atmosphere and re(enter atmosphere / deliver warheads to predetermined multiple targets. Its detection is easy.

-ruise missiles are small light but less powerful. #hese missiles do not go in the atmosphere but rather it stays very close to ground to prevent detection and hit the selected targets. -ruise missiles are difficult to detect as compared to ballistic missiles.

What is the difference between Carbine and Assault Rifle?

& rifle has a long barrel and has grooves inside the barrel which in result produces spin of a bullet which counters the effect of wind. "ifles are heavy and are more accurate of long barrel length and spin produced. Bullet shots from rifle travel faster.

-arbines have small barrel length without any grooves. #hese are lighter than assault rifles but these are not so accurate and bullet shots travel slower than the rifle. #he carbines are made from the rifles.

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