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FIFA World cup Trophy in Bangladesh

As a part FIFA world cup tour the glittering original FIFA World Cup Trophy, for the first time in the history, arrived in the capital Tuesday noon on a three-day tour to Bangladesh. The coveted World Cup trophy reached the a!rat "hah#alal International Airport in $ha%a at &' noon from (nited Ara) *mirates +(A*, on a $anish chartered plane accompanied )y FIFA delegates. BFF president -a!i . "alahuddin along with representative of Coca-Cola, corporate partners of FIFA, received the trophy at the airport. This is for the first time that the authentic, solid gold original FIFA World Cup Trophy has )een )rought to Bangladesh A replica of FIFA World Cup had toured Bangladesh in '//', )ut this is the first time the solid gold original trophy is traveling to Bangladesh as part of its world tour covering &01,234.35 %ms which is more than three times the *arth6s circumference. The FIFA World Cup tour started from 7io de 8aneiro on "eptem)er &' for a '43-day glo)al tre% during which it will travel to 55 countries. After the three-day tour of Bangladesh, the trophy will )e ta%en to Bhutan on $ecem)er '/.

Immediately after landing in Bangladesh, the trophy was ta%en to Banga)ha)an and shown to 9resident A)dul amid. 9resident A)dul amid lifted the FIFA World Cup Trophy with his own hands at Banga)ha)an as the original trophy arrived in the country for the first time in history. The 9resident said the display of the original trophy will inspire thousands of local foot)all fans. :ater, the trophy was ta%en to the 9rime .inisters official residence ;ono)ha)an in the afternoon to show it to the 9rime .inister. 9rime .inister "hei%h asina saw the original FIFA World Cup Trophy, which is now in Bangladesh as part of its world tour programme to 55 countries. In presence of the 9rime .inister, the FIFA and BFF officials unveiled the <4.2 centimeter long ;old Trophy -- &< centimeters in diameter and 4.&32 %g in weight. http=>>www.allnewspapers)d'>

Fixture of FIFA world cup 2014

The opening game of the '/&0 Fifa World Cup will see hosts Bra!il play Croatia on &' 8une, '/&0.

Group A Bra il! "roatia! #exico! "a$eroon Group B

"pain, ?etherlands, Chile, Australia

Group "
Colom)ia, ;reece, Ivory Coast, 8apan

Group %

(ruguay, Costa 7ica, *ngland, Italy

Group &
"wit!erland, *cuador, France, onduras

Group F
Argentina, Bosnia- ercegovina, Iran, ?igeria

Group G
;ermany, 9ortugal, ;hana, (nited "tates

Group '
Belgium, Algeria, 7ussia, "outh -orea

(All kick-off times are British Summer Time)

Group A
12 (une 2014 Bra!il v Croatia, Arena de "ao 9aulo, "ao 9aulo, '&=// +IT@, 1) (une 2014 .eAico v Cameroon, Arena das $unas, ?atal, &3=// +IT@, 1* (une 2014 Bra!il v .eAico, *stadio Castelao, Fortale!a, '/=// +BBC, 1+ (une 2014 Cameroon v Croatia, Arena Ama!onia, .anaus, '<=// +IT@, 2) (une 2014 Cameroon v Bra!il, *stadio ?acional, Brasilia, '&=// +IT@,

2) (une 2014 Croatia v .eAico, Arena 9ernam)uco, 7ecife, '&=// +IT@,

Group B
1) (une 2014 "pain v ?etherlands, Arena Fonte ?ova, "alvador, '/=// +BBC, 1) (une 2014 Chile v Australia, Arena 9antanal, Cuia)a, '<=// +IT@, 1+ (une 2014 "pain v Chile, *stadio do .aracana, 7io de 8aneiro, '/=// +BBC, 1+ (une 2014 Australia v ?etherlands, *stadio Beira-7io, 9orto Alegre, &3=// +IT@, 2) (une 2014 Australia v "pain, Arena da BaiAada, Curiti)a, &3=// +IT@, 2) (une 2014 ?etherlands v Chile, Arena de "ao 9aulo, "ao 9aulo, &3=// +IT@,

Group "
14 (une 2014 Colom)ia v ;reece, *stadio .ineirao, Belo ori!onte, &3=// +BBC, 1, (une 2014 Ivory Coast v 8apan, Arena 9ernam)uco, 7ecife, /'=// +IT@, 1- (une 2014 Colom)ia v Ivory Coast, *stadio ?acional, Brasilia, &3=// +BBC, 1- (une 2014

8apan v ;reece, Arena das $unas, ?atal, '<=// +BBC, 24 (une 2014 8apan v Colom)ia, Arena 9antanal, Cuia)a, '&=// +BBC, 24 (une 2014 ;reece v Ivory Coast, *stadio Castelao, Fortale!a, '&=// +BBC,

Group %
14 (une 2014 (ruguay v Costa 7ica, *stadio Castelao, Fortale!a, '/=// +IT@, 14 (une 2014 &ngland v Italy, Arena Ama!onia, .anaus, '<=// +BBC, 1- (une 2014 (ruguay v &ngland , Arena de "ao 9aulo, "ao 9aulo, '/=// +IT@, 20 (une 2014 Italy v Costa 7ica, Arena 9ernam)uco, 7ecife, &3=// +BBC, 24 (une 2014 Italy v (ruguay, Arena das $unas, ?atal, &3=// +IT@, 24 (une 2014 Costa 7ica v &ngland! *stadio .ineirao, Belo ori!onte, &3=// +IT@,

Group &
1, (une 2014 "wit!erland v *cuador, *stadio ?acional, Brasilia, &3=// +IT@, 1, (une 2014 France v onduras, *stadio Beira-7io, 9orto Alegre, '/=// +BBC,

20 (une 2014 "wit!erland v France, Arena Fonte ?ova, "alvador, '/=// +IT@, 20 (une 2014 onduras v *cuador, Arena da BaiAada, Curiti)a, '<=// +IT@, 2, (une 2014 onduras v "wit!erland, Arena Ama!onia, .anaus, '&=// +BBC, 2, (une 2014 *cuador v France, *stadio do .aracana, 7io de 8aneiro, '&=// +BBC,

Group F
1, (une 2014 Argentina v Bosnia- ercegovina, *stadio do .aracana, 7io de 8aneiro, '<=// +BBC, 1. (une 2014 Iran v ?igeria, Arena da BaiAada, Curiti)a, '/=// +BBC, 21 (une 2014 Argentina v Iran, *stadio .ineirao, Belo ori!onte, &3=// +IT@, 21 (une 2014 ?igeria v Bosnia- ercegovina, Arena 9antanal, Cuia)a, '<=// +BBC, 2, (une 2014 ?igeria v Argentina, *stadio Beira-7io, 9orto Alegre, &3=// +IT@, 2, (une 2014 Bosnia- ercegovina v Iran, Arena Fonte ?ova, "alvador, &3=// +IT@,

Group G
1. (une 2014

;ermany v 9ortugal, Arena Fonte ?ova, "alvador, &3=// +IT@, 1. (une 2014 ;hana v (nited "tates, Arena das $unas, ?atal, '<=// +BBC, 21 (une 2014 ;ermany v ;hana, *stadio Castelao, Fortale!a, '/=// +BBC, 22 (une 2014 (nited "tates v 9ortugal, Arena Ama!onia, .anaus, '<=// +BBC, 2. (une 2014 (nited "tates v ;ermany, Arena 9ernam)uco, 7ecife, &3=// +BBC, 2. (une 2014 9ortugal v ;hana, *stadio ?acional, Brasilia, &3=// +BBC,

Group '
1* (une 2014 Belgium v Algeria, *stadio .ineirao, Belo ori!onte, &3=// +IT@, 1* (une 2014 7ussia v "outh -orea, Arena 9antanal, Cuia)a, '<=// +BBC, 22 (une 2014 Belgium v 7ussia, *stadio do .aracana, 7io de 8aneiro, &3=// +BBC, 22 (une 2014 "outh -orea v Algeria, *stadio Beira-7io, 9orto Alegre, '/=// +IT@, 2. (une 2014 "outh -orea v Belgium, Arena de "ao 9aulo, "ao 9aulo, '&=// +IT@, 2. (une 2014

Algeria v 7ussia, Arena da BaiAada, Curiti)a, '&=// +IT@,

/econd round
2+ (une 2014 /econd0round 11 Winner ;roup A v 7unner-up ;roup B, *stadio .ineirao, Belo ori!onte, &3=// 2+ (une 2014 /econd0round 21 Winner ;roup C v 7unner-up ;roup $, *stadio do .aracana, 7io de 8aneiro, '&=// 2- (une 2014 /econd0round )1 Winner ;roup B v 7unner-up ;roup A, *stadio Castelao, Fortale!a, &3=// 2- (une 2014 /econd0round 41 Winner ;roup $ v 7unner-up ;roup C, Arena 9ernam)uco, 7ecife, '&=// )0 (une 2014 /econd0round ,1 Winner ;roup * v 7unner-up ;roup F, *stadio ?acional, Brasilia, &3=// )0 (une 2014 /econd0round .1 Winner ;roup ; v 7unner-up ;roup , *stadio Beira-7io, 9orto Alegre, '&=// 1 (uly 2014 /econd0round *1 Winner ;roup F v 7unner-up ;roup *, Arena de "ao 9aulo, "ao 9aulo, &3=//

1 (uly 2014 /econd0round +1 Winner ;roup v 7unner-up ;roup ;, Arena Fonte ?ova, "alvador, '&=//

4 (uly 2014 2uarter0final 11 Winner "econd-round & v Winner "econd-round ', *stadio Castelao, Fortale!a, '&=// 4 (uly 2014 2uarter0final 21 Winner "econd-round 2 v Winner "econd-round 4, *stadio do .aracana, 7io de 8aneiro, &3=// , (uly 2014 2uarter0final )1 Winner "econd-round < v Winner "econd-round 0, Arena Fonte ?ova, "alvador, '&=// , (uly 2014 2uarter0final 41 Winner "econd-round 3 v Winner "econd-round 5, *stadio ?acional, Brasilia, &3=//

+ (uly 2014 /e$i0final 11 Winner Buarter-final & v Winner Buarter-final ', *stadio .ineirao, Belo ori!onte, '&=// - (uly 2014 /e$i0final 21

Winner Buarter-final < v Winner Buarter-final 0, Arena de "ao 9aulo, "ao 9aulo, '&=//

Third0place $atch
12 (uly 2014 :oser semi-final & v :oser semi-final ', *stadio ?acional, Brasilia, '&=//

World "up Final

1) (uly 2014 Winner semi-final & v Winner semi-final ', *stadio do .aracana, 7io de 8aneiro, '/=//