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What we can do, it’s a big question. What we can do for others to make our world

a better place. Yeah the cheapest & wisest things are we can motivate others to do

something good & help them to improve in their life. But do you think this is sufficient, No! This is enough for those who have money & education. They need only feedback but think about those who have no money & uneducated. How we can help them. That’s the big question. World doesn’t refers to Rich or middle class people. If we wanna make our world a better place we have to think about all


In our world, we all are depends on each other, we can’t live a separate life. We can’t live a life without depends on others, our whole life is just like a chain & we all are interlink with each other. Like in a family we depends on each other, we depends on our mother for food & depends on father for money. Except this there is an emotional attachment within us. We can’t live a life without depends on each other or without loving others. We have to. As we all live in a society. Even- for money we depends on job either government or private, Government also depends on its employees. So you can call it ECONOMIC CHAIN. Here we all depend on each other to fulfill our basic requirement or to share our emotions etc.

If we as a society want to live in a better world, we must start taking economic growth seriously. It’s easy for economists to understand why growth is so important, but too often, economists fail to explain why it matters. With increased economic growth, the lives of millions of people around the world in countries both rich and poor can be transformed.


How we can make our world poverty free.

Money is the basic requirement, how we can help others here. Now also many countries are there where people don’t get sufficient food to eat & even no pure water. Some people spend their time as a refuse, so how we can help them.



ECONOMIC GROWTH HOW TO CREATE ECONOMIC GROWTH Economic growth is the most important means of



Economic growth is the most important means of raising people’s incomes and reducing poverty in the developing world it creates jobs and opportunities for poor people to support their families and build more stable futures. Many developing countries face particular challenges that make it difficult for them to stimulate and sustain economic growth. These challenges include weak institutions, high unemployment, and poor infrastructure, a lack of access to financial services and unsuitable laws and regulations.


economic growth refers to “ more people are employed, the amount of capital increases, education levels increase, the quality of capital changes, or the technology increases, the productive capacity of the economy increases. Therefore, the economy can increase its output giving consumers more disposable income, promoting an increase in consumption spending, and providing resources for business to use for further investment and government to use to provide public goods and services.

Increased labor force participation increases output. Expanded, improved education creates more productive workers. Business and government spending on research and development enhance our abilities to produce and allow each worker to become more productive, increasing incomes for all. Finally, to achieve a higher level of GDP in the future, consumers need to limit consumption spending and increase savings today, permitting businesses to

invest more in capital goods. If resources are invested into building an economy now, future generations will enjoy a higher level of economic growth; our businesses will produce more goods and consumers can purchase more goods. Expansion of output at rates faster than our population growth is what gives us the opportunity to enjoy higher standards of living.

How we can create economic growth

Good education

of living. How we can create economic growth Good education I believe education is our primary

I believe education is our primary needs; we can do anything if we are educated. We should focus on global education. I am not telling about small group of people, I am telling about whole world. I want everyone should be educated, then only it will be easy for us to abolish the crime & poverty from whole world. Main reason behind crime & poverty is lack of proper education. Educated mind knows what’s good & what’s bad. There would not be any bias related to gender, all should get equal importance to flourish their knowledge. I am giving more importance to women as I know what a woman face when she tries to be different & do something different. So everyone is equal. When you educate a woman you are educating whole family.


To boost the economic growth innovation is the best things. This is the only way

To boost the economic growth innovation is the best things. This is the only way to abolish the poverty, indirectly it says - job creators who start with ingenious ideas, take risks and create value for consumer. So for this we have to encourage the entrepreneur and innovators, because they are the only source. Even government should help the small scale entrepreneur. Large companies depend on small companies & often small companies depend on some people to get their materials. So here you can see how many people get employment, it not only gives you money but also helps you to fulfill your basic needs. It fulfills your basic requirement. So to start up a new business we need creative mind & innovative ideas. I wish! There will be enough prosperity to carry on into the next generation.


We should allow other people to come & start their business, as it helps us & them also. It just likes symbiotic relationship with proper policies. We should allow skilled immigrants. If they start up business then there will be no unemployment problem as well as proper utilization of our resources. But there should be certain rule & regulations like labor policies, good working environment & that should not pollute our environment. As we can live without technology but we can’t live without our environment, so that should be our first priority. We all have to focus on that.

Encourage the unemployment people

We can encourage unemployment people to start up their own business & we can help them by giving new ideas. Sometimes mainly poor people who are uneducated & unemployed they spend their time in drug or crime. So to avoid crime we have to encourage them how to start up their own business & how they be benefited through government policies. We can help them through our ideas. There are many works are there where an uneducated person can do like in field work (harvesting the profitable crops in new methods), without food we can’t do anything so we can motivate their mind to do work in their field & how they can earn much money from a small field. Means harvesting profitable crops, using new technology & getting help from government. There are many polices are there but everyone don’t know about that that’s why they can’t benefit; even corruption is the main issue which is the main reason behind comic fall.

Remove unnecessary Don’t waste money unnecessary rules, sometimes some rules are there which are suitable for government to do corruption but that has no so much utility for general people. We can remove those laws which help the government employees & politicians to do corruption. Even I am against ST, SC, OBC laws, priority should be given according to income not through this. As now we are so developed there are no feelings but these rules hamper our educational system & government jobs.

Reproductive health &education Enabling people to have fewer children contributes to upward mobility and helps to stimulate development. When women can negotiate their reproductive health decisions with men, this exercise of their rights leads to an increased decision- making role within families and communities that benefits all. Because smaller families share income among fewer people, average per-capita income increases. Fewer pregnancies lead to lower maternal mortality and morbidity and often to more education and economic opportunities for women. These, in turn, can lead to higher family income. As women become more educated, they tend to have fewer children, and participate more fully in the labor market. Families with lower fertility are better able to invest in the health and education of each child.


I have not so vast idea about economic, I was a biology student now I am an

engineering student. But yes, I love this topic so I love to read topic related to economic growth. how much I know I have just write down here, This is just

a brief idea / knowledge which I have shared with you all , ECONOMIC

GROWTH IS A VAST PROCESS , IT CAN COVER AROUND 100 PAGES IF I’LL TRY TO WRITE GOOD POINTS ABOUT WHOLE, this is my first part on “how to make a better world” , here I have told about economic

growth as it our basic requirement. Wait for my second part, in my every part

I am going to tell how we can make a better world. My motto is to make our

world a peaceful & beautiful world. I don’t know my future what I can be. I am trying my best to become a person I always wish for. My dream is to do something for others, who can’t do anything for me. Many ways are there to reach at my goal But my God know which will be better for me Either “Research or entrepreneur or lecture or social worker or another line” ~Except Modeling & politics~ Sorry, I don’t hate these two but my family don’t allow modeling even I am not fit for modeling & INDIAN politics that as I am a food lover girl for modeling & My personality & politics is just like contrasting character. yeah , WRITING & PAINTING are my hobbies not my profession , I’ll continue these two till my last breath but through this I can’t help more people so I choose higher studies so that I can help more people through my knowledge. As I give more importance to education + knowledge. I don’t know about my failure life & my bad luck but it does n’t mean I don’t love to study “ education was , is & will be my FIRST PRIORITY” .

my bad luck but it does n’t mean I don’t love to study “ education was