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Proposed Curriculum Framework

The following module content are suggested : Yes/No


Continued ... Credits


Systems and Foundational Module Code Competencies

*CSOS Self, Other and Social Context ! Socio-Economic Context ! Mode II Management Research, Learning & Learning Styles ! Reframing Problem-Solving, Creative Thinking and DecisionMaking ! Complexity and sense-making** ! Problem Solving ! Managing in four (4) worlds ! Creative Thinking ! Decision making

Status Credits


Comments : This module looks at the way we view ourself from a specic learning style and how we have come to perceive differences. How we have come to understand ourselves inuence our worlds view and how we relate to others and establish an understanding of the broader social context. 8 8 2



Comments : Please see Par 2 above And Comments : Problem-Solving, Creative Thinking and Decision-Making enable the student to establish a personal problem solving approach that they can use operationally. This is then added to by means of creative processes. Together these then lead to making better operational decisions. 2 2 Included with CSOS Comments : Management and Leadership Competence! examines the world of management and leadership, unpacking various theories and practice examples before internalising the students personal management and leadership needs and applications.! The reason for including this 2 credits is to consolidate the managers understanding of leadership and managerial practices and actually use their understanding to design their own managerial leadership model. 12 10 10 8 12 12 2



Management Leadership Development ! Reection on Own Leadership Model (Consolidating all leadership learning)


Managing the Systems Way Management of Innovation Management of Technology Management of People Energy Management (Lead with Energy)

Da Vinci Core Competencies

Management Development
Yes EM

! Managing my Attention

: Focussed and Goal Directed & includes sense of purpose, goal setting & time Management

! Work-Life Balance ! Professional Development

Comments : This module uses the corporate athlete as applied model in facilitating a process whereby managers can reach an Ideal Performance State (IPS)in spite of high stress levels and ever increasing demands. This model provides as example, the use of rituals to instill habits which would help the manager to be physically energized, emotionally aligned, mentally . and spiritually This module will be developed and will be at the foundation of MLDP. The intent is also to include both a biocenetisist & a dietitian in designing material and facilitate within the programme. 12 3 Comments : This module is based on Eliot Jaques Requisite Organisation and focus on the science of management, employment systems and managerial leadership. 12 10 12 2



Science Based Management

! Science Based Management ! Employment Systems ! Managerial Leadership Practices

PM TM CMF CELA Blue Green Red ** Project Management Team Management (Creating Energy-high Performing Teams) Professional Development Exit Level Integration Assignment

Suggested Modules Possible RPL New Development Complexity & Sense-Making










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