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Temperament Noble Korean Fashion Winter Coats A noble temperament type fur collar woolen coat of Korean style

clothing, with classic brimmed hat design; with detachable luxurious fur which is soft, delicate, gorgeous and warm and do not hurt the clothing; with ex uisite handmade buttons which is with romantic fashion and elegant temperament, comfortable cuff design; and with waist poc!et design which is simple and beautiful, easy to store items; also with excellent production process, fine stitch, and more to enhance the uality of clothes, can ma!e you a elegant women" The temperature is lower day by day, fun!y coats become many girls# essential items to against the cold wind" $andsome collar froc! coats, cashmere coat lapel, retro elegant houndstooth coats and youthful denim coats are both stylish and will be popular for a long time" %arge &laid wool coat has a loose interpretation of many species approach" 'f you want to ta!e the Korean fashion youthful style, it is ultimately a baseball cap, which matching with solid color sweater, s!inny denim pants and a pair of thic! high(heeled boots, will be absolutely eye(catching style" )o not worry about that red and green will be incompatible to match together, what you need is this !ind of collision color" *ut in order to get good( loo!ing to wear a baseball cap, had to ha+e a nice fluffy hair" Women,s *ritish style slim waist lace wind coat, in windy days, wind coat is the most sensational clothes, dancing in the wind on the hem contains all the nostalgic autumn" 't#s free and easy to use it to sway a woman grace" And effeminate girls also can use it to wrap self(pity hey" 'n the old days, there were many !inds clothing in dar! colors in winter, but this year, solid color and hit color clothing can ma!e the winter more creati+e" -legant *ritish style double(breasted wool coat, with a double(breasted lapel fashion design, rich texture of high uality buttons with nobility, shoulder epaulets design which can ma!e the original simple shoulder increase highlights and three(dimensional effect, the bac! fold design which is elegant simplicity, naturally drawn wa+y hem which is romantic and elegant, simple poc!et which is practical and beautiful and bringing highlights the waist, with all these elements, the coat seems be +ery luxurious" A warm coat is +ery essential in cold winter" Korean +ersion of casual leather coat is most suitable combination of leather and lamb,s wool, so winter is no longer cold" .elaxed +ersion of the type, is perfect as long as with a pencil pants, a pair of an!le boots can wear clothing with good body" Winter ha+e come, the new darling of a single product nowadays is furry coats" %i!e !nitting, fur furry !ind of material, with a fresh interpretation of color, so you can show goodly and pleasant temperament, greatly enhance the sweet temperament, so beautiful feelings sprawling"

$orn button coat is the annual hot in autumn and winter of this year" With the /heirs/ more of the Asian fashion clothing" College Wind horn button coat is essential by age, simply with a pair of shoes, will be youthful and natural" %uxury temperament long(slee+ed double(breasted fur collar wool coat, with lapel design, is simple and generous" 't can !eep warm in cold winter, with detachable fur collar, +ery wild fashion" The choice of high(tech manufacturing simulation hair, is soft and comfortable and warm, ex uisite tailoring and ex uisite lapel slee!, straight alignment precision, reflecting the high uality" %ower bac! waist is layered, 0ust the poc!ets at the waist to form a natural in+isible di+iding line, at +irtually the show your feminine waistline exhausti+e" $ow an ordinary winter coat to be eye(catching1 't#s no doubt fur embellishment elements, which can instantly ma!e you become s!inny ladies" The fur element always appears in collar, cuffs and e+en hem" Fur elements are not only can !eep warm, but also can ma!e ladies# body be more perfect" %uxury fur collar hooded wool coat, with rich mellow wool collar that is smooth, soft, comfortable and warm, is really good choice for winter" The collar is remo+able for good care, a large fur collar design , low(!ey but luxury, fashion and generous, and there is also a hidden magnet fur collar, which is docile con+eniently" 2imple poc!et design, simple but can moisturi3e hands, stumbling bac! waist design, indi+iduality, rich +isual effects4 *eautiful pieces of red wool coat, with a refreshing twist sweater and a white lamb fur fight s!in s!irt, both warm and ha+e a +ery eye(catching, so dreary winter with a touch of brilliant color4 Cape coat, with the design and the color, are +ery eye(catching" Choose along fine tailoring wool woolen 0ac!et 2lim body is slightly refined +ersion of the type of feminine red there really are uite a 0ump ( a little more mature this blac! models can wear is a woman of course, can wear clothing with $ong Kong fla+or to go bac! and try a +ariety of their own with it" )o not ha+e to worry that you can fit in these temperament clothes if you are fat, you can wholesale plus size clothing4 As long as you want to dress yoursel+es beautiful, there come a way" http://www.koreanjapanclothing.com/spring-fashion-temperament-fur-shoulder-woolen-coatviewdetails184283.html