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Japanese Fashion Recommended Sweet Dating Clothing White symbolizes purity, goodness, pure and all good quality,

the majority o the girls! a"orite# $he "anilla ice cream with a little color %"anilla white% is the most popular choice in the cold season# %&anilla white% color dress with better contrast as ice'li(e supple s(in# $he whole body with white can also allow you to trans orm into Snow White and get attraction# )et!s chec( out more sweet Japanese style clothing or dating below# )azy reedom cardigan is li e stance# *"ery time when winter comes, e+cept hot pot, hot tea, co ee, desserts and other dishes to satis y our appetites, happiness is also embedded in the process o buying sweaters and wearing a sweater# Weighty and warm cardigan sweater, thic( coarse (nitting method slip shoulder model, pin dense, so t, warm bac( to childhood# Decorati"e metal buc(le climbing, e+tremely lazy# Candy colors are sweet and resh# Candy colors o clothing are "ery popular in this year# &ery common matching plus with candy'colored decorati"e elements together, will be rosy but not tac(y, without losing the sweet temperament# ,nd it!s per ect to match with blac( primer underwear, not dazzling, and thin e ect# College style clothing has always been students! a"orite style# &intage burgundy woolen coat, matching with a cute cartoon superman patterned sweater is "ery good, with a play ul retro and "itality# )amb-s wool motorcycle jac(et is "ery retro# $o match with dresses and sweaters, can ma(e girls loo( elegant but not li(e a boy# *ssential o the classic double'breasted coat which is "ery suitable or delicate girls is "ery ashionable# $o match with tight legging and a pair o boots will be "ery suitable to go out, not only warm but also eye'catching# $he classic single'coil tone is timeless ashion color# .a(e single'coil color to match with other clothing cle"er, you can easily wear clothing to be temperament/ Seen too many dazzling printing, luorescent, light'color, might return to the most simple tones, let you in this winter, while more delicate temperament Sweet pin( coat, le t and right ear design cute domesticated hen ball loo(ed youth ul, and leggings lo"ely wa"e point is also one o the essential single product, with these appointments will be more lo"ely bac(drop mm were sweet temperament, "ery good appointment with 0h, up the candy colors shoulder bag is also a good selection to go# *ngland retro style is a nostalgic and retro ashion trend# 1andsome denim cashmere wool coat with a short paragraph matching with red wine bat slee"e sweater is per ect to show your body, so girls who want to show your good body can not miss this *uropean style sweater# *uropean retro boy riend loose collapse harem pants are good choice to match with the sweater# *ngland three "intage motorcycles .artin ootwear, these are

the same style Sweater is "ery essential or e"ery woman in e"ery season# 2o matter in what the season, it will always shine in the streets# &ibrant mo"ement girl is o ten considered who is lac( o emininity, in act, the mo"ement girls can also be "ery ashionable and "ery sweet# Sweet girls lo"e the cute ,'line s(irt to match with a simple type cozy sweater, then good sport girls burst instantly be promoted sweet girls# Christmas is coming, author recommended clothing with lamb element as Christmas occasion# )o"ely lamb element is e+cellent thermal eatures, which can pre"ent the girls rom bitter cold in the cold winter# ,nd its lu y te+ture is addicti"e, with a sweet temperament style# Want to be beauti ul with low prices3 4ou can wholesale cheap clothing in online shops, the prices are cheaper than in real shops# http://www.koreanjapanclothing.com/european-fashion-imitation-fur-lapel-capeviewdetails184128.html