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PRAGMATICS - EXERCISES Exercise 1 Find at least two different contexts in which the following utterances could mean different things. 1) I love chocolate! 2) Its quite noisy in here, isnt it !) "o you have a watch #) $ood morning! %) &hats fantastic, a'solutely fantastic! Exercise 2 &hin( of % different things that can 'e done with language, and )rovide one exam)le of each *different from the ones )rovided in class). Exercise 3 +x)lain what ha))ens to ,arry -anilow 1 according to the text. &he text is a little difficult. -a(e sure that you understand all the words and all the sentences.
1 ,arry Manilow *'orn .une 1/, 10#!) is an 1merican singer2songwriter, musician, arranger, )roducer, conductor, and )erformer, 'est (nown for such recordings as 34ould It ,e -agic3, 3-andy3, 34an5t 6mile 7ithout 8ou3, and 34o)aca'ana *1t the 4o)a).3

9e sus)ects com)liments. 9e sifts them for snide su'text. 4onditioning has taught him this. ,o' "ylan sto))ed him at a )arty, em'raced him warmly, told him, :"ont sto) doing what youre doing, man. 7ere all ins)ired 'y you. 9e (new not what to ma(e of the encounter. ;early two years later, it haunts him still. :7ho (nows he says, shrugging the shrug of one who has shrugged much. :It seems odd that ,o' "ylan would tell me this. I wasnt exactly sure what he meant. 9e may have 'een laughing out the other side of his mouth while he said it, 'ut it didnt seem li(e it. I mean, he loo(ed me dead in the eye. ,ut may'e he says that to every'ody who wal(s 'y. 9e may have had a drin( too many. 8ou (now, )eo)le give me <a's all the time 2 'ut not to may face = I sort of left the )arty for a minute 'ecause I wasnt sure, I thought, :7ell, may'e =

Exercise 4 +x)lain what ha))ens 'etween the mother and her ten>year old son.
-other? 7ell done, @aul! $ood for you! @aul? -um, are you 'eing ironical

Exercise 5 $ive an exam)le for each of the factors in the context of an utterance that are relevant for communication. +.g. 6)ea(er and addressee? Whats up? would not 'e used 'y a student to her teacher.

1) 6)ea(er and addressee 2) @lace !) &ime #) 9istorical time %) 4ulture? A) @revious utterance*s) /) Binguistic channel Exercise 6 Find the illocution and )erlocution in the following locutions. 7hen more than one inter)retation *and hence illocution and )erlocution) is )ossi'le, ex)lain them all. 1) *@aul is at a )arty. It is quite late and he does not have a car. 9e sees a neigh'our of his and he says)? 1re you going home 2) -y horse! -y horse! -y (ingdom for a horse! *Richard III, C, iv, /) !) 7hat did he say #) Ive already 'een waiting three wee(s for the com)uter, and I was told it would 'e delivered within a wee(. %) 1re you drun( Exercise $ive A exam)les of indirect s)eech acts, all different *i.e., a different form>function )airing). Exercise ! 9ere are the conditions for requests, formulated 'y 6earle *10A0)? @ro)ositional act @re)aratory condition 6)ea(er *6) )redicates a future act *1) of 9earer *9) 6 'elieves? 1) that 9 can do the requested act and 1) that 9 can do the requested act and 2) that 9 would not do it without 'eing as(ed 2) that 9 would not do it without 'eing as(ed 6incerity condition +ssential condition 6 wants 9 to do the act 6 tries to get 9 to do 1.

1) 1nalyse the following request? For tomorrow, please do exercises 2 and 3. *&eacher to students) 2) Indicate what can go wrong in this s)eech act? i) )re)aratory conditionD ii) sincerity conditionD iii) essential condition. Exercise " +x)lain which maxim is flouted in the following utterances, and which is the im)lication. 1) .E9;? 7heres -eredith +BIF1,+&9? &he control room or the science la'. -axim Ciolated? Im)lication? 2) 6I-E;? 7hen are you coming home +BIF1,+&9? I will codify that question to my su)eriors and res)ond at such a time as an adequate answer is )re)ara'le. -axim Ciolated? Im)lication? !) -+G+"I&9? 8ou really love me .E9;? I li(e Ferris wheels, and college foot'all, and things that go real fast. -axim Ciolated? Im)lication? #) +BIF1,+&9? 1 lot of )eo)le are de)ending on you. -+G+"I&9? &han(s, that really ta(es the )ressure off. -axim Ciolated? Im)lication?