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The Right & Responsibility of Owning Pit Bulls I. Introduction a. Anecdote b. Facts c.

People have the right to own a pit bull if responsible d. Thesis- Everybody should have the right to own pit bulls if they are responsible enough to take care of them. Pit Bull History a. Topic Sentence - - Many people think pit bulls have a brutal history. These people just dont take the time to find the truth b. England c. Werent always feared dogs d. Attacks used to average about 1.5 a year ***Transition Paragraph*** Misunderstood a. Topic Sentence - - Although pit bulls are great and loving dogs, they are widely misunderstood. b. Population c. Humans are the reason that some pit bulls are aggressive d. Myths ***Transition Paragraph*** Unfair Laws in Miami Dade County a. Topic Sentence - - Although many people have debated against the horrible laws, Miami Dade County has gone through with its unfair laws. b. $500 fine c. Removing them d. Putting them down ***Transition Paragraph*** Taken Care of Properly a. Topic Sentence - -. A pit bull could be the best pet youve ever had if you know how to take care of it. b. Collars c. Energetic d. Cannot be mistreated Conclusion a. Clearly, people should have the right to own a pit bull if they are responsible enough to do so.






The Rights and Responsibility of Owning Pit Bulls Picture youre walking down a street in your neighborhood and you see a streak of grey fur sprint across the road. It ahs been following you for along time and youre getting curious. The long walk home is boring so you decide to run after it. After a quick sprint you are met with a ball of slobber and a new companion. The pit bull is a wonderful dog that is commonly misunderstood. Although many of the people disagree with the governments, many civilizations are choosing to call the pit bull a murderous animal. The pit bull can be a wonderful pet, even if it does have a rocky past. Pit bulls are smart and sweet animals even if they arent looked at that way. If everybody was to give this dog a chance, they would see what they are missing out on. I think that everybody should the chance and right to own a pit bull if they are responsible enough to do so. Many people think that pit bulls have a brutal history. These people just dont take the time to find the truth. According to Rebecca O Connor, a scientist that works with National Geographic, the pit bull is a mix between the English bulldog and the terrier. They were brought overseas from England in 1835. Back overseas in the UK they were used to protect babies, disabled children, and the elderly. Unlike the many rumors spread about the dogs being long descendants from wolves, they are completely untrue. The lab is probably closer to being related to this ferocious canine. Many people would not believe this but the pit bull wasnt always a feared dog. In fact, in England, they were even considered one of the most loyal and useful dogs there. When a pit bull was to walk down the street without an owner or leash, nobody would get scared over some dumb stereotype. To add on, even when pit bull

attacks started to rise, it took about 6 years for the attacks to rise over 1.5 per year. Obviously, the pit bulls were trying to stay as though nothing had happened, even though it wasnt their fault they becoming more aggressive. Throughout the years pit bull attacks have become more frequent because there has been more physical contact between the dogs and people where the dog has been treated unfairly or has been cornered. The only reason that has caused pit bulls to be aggressive is because they have seen others like themselves die or beaten badly or brutally. ( As stated above, the pit bull does not have a brutal and ugly history as some believe. In fact, if you hadnt ever heard about the pit bull, when you heard its past, you would picture it as a poodle. This leads to the fact that pit bulls are misunderstood, and that people should get to know the truth about them. If all of these animals were to be taken away, it would break millions of peoples hearts. Although pit bulls are great and loving dogs, they are widely misunderstood. According to Rebecca OConnor, the pit bull is one of the most common dogs in the United States. In fact, this wonderful animal takes up about 5% of all dogs. This is like a slap to the face to the people that think that the pit bull is a killer animal and that everybody is scared of them. If the pit bull is such a dangerous and lethal animal, why does it seem that somebody on every block owns one. Also, the pit bull isnt born an aggressive animal. Many people dont believe this, but the irresponsibility of people causes some of these great pets aggressive animals. Dog fighting, although illegal, was making a comeback and pit bulls were the fighter of choice. (Rebecca OConnor) This means that people spend time and effort to turn

these gentle and loyal pets into bloody brawlers. The common thought is that people on the streets do this to help themselves get back on track, but I think they are just doing this for fun. I can support my theory because it is not just poor people doing this so called sport. In fact, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was fired from his prier team (the Atlanta Falcons) and sent to jail for dog fighting and putting it on the internet. He even had the nerve to point guns at the poor animals. In addition, many untrue rumors and myths have been spread about these dogs and have caused people to believe that we dont have the right to own these dogs . One of these horrible lies is that pit bulls like the taste of blood. The pit bull is no more drawn to the liquid than a chihuahua. Another myth, probably the most common one, is that they have locking jaws. The pit bulls jaw is exactly like any other household dog. They bite seems to be more lethal because they have a tendency to shake their head after biting something. ( As said before, pit bulls are widely misunderstood. Although they are just as harmless as the every day cat, rumors have spread to say the exact opposite. These thoughts have been spread so rapidly that governments are starting to say that they arent welcome in their county, city, or even state anymore. Many places have made these laws, but in my opinion, Miami Dade County has been the worst of them all. Although many people in Miami Dade County have debated over the horrible and unfair laws, the government has continued to say yes to the stereotyping

politicians. According to, the county says that if you are found by or reported to a government official because you own or are in possession of a pit bull, you will be charged with a $500 fine. They say that if one dog can cause a bit of trouble, then nobody should have the right to own one. Though this makes a good point, if you or your dog hasnt done anything worth being charged for, then you should not have to be forced to pay a fine. Equally important, the Miami Dade County government officials say that all pit bulls need to be removed from the county at once. They back their law up by stating that there are many attacks in the county. This is false evidence because when they first made the law for no pit bulls, they have been getting rid of the pit bulls in the area in a plethora of ways. To add on, Miami Dade County officials have come up with a law that many counties and cities (even the ones against pit bull) would never consider. The law is that if a pit bull is found without identification and they cannot find the owner or sitter, they will put the dog to sleep. Many of the other areas against the dogs send stray pit bulls to other cities or counties that welcome the dogs, but Miami Dade County depends on harsh and cruel laws to keep these great pets out of their county. ( As said before, Miami Dade County has many unfair laws that take the right from people that want to own pit bulls. On the other hand, people should not be able to own one of these wonderful dogs if they cannot take the responsibility seriously. Owning a pit bull is a very big responsibility, but if you know how to take care of one, it will be one of the best pets you will ever have.

If you were responsible enough to properly take care of a pit bull, it could be one of the most playful, loving, and loyal companions you could ever have. According to, you need to have your pit bull on leash while out in public. If they are not on a leash they are likely to run around where you are and cause a ruckus. If they are at your house, you need to either keep your dog in your home or provide a large, fenced in backyard that allows your dog to run around freely. If you keep your pit bull in the backyard of your house, you need to provide it with a shaded area that would allow him to relax. Also, you cannot cage your dog in like a hamster. Pit bulls happen to be one of the most energetic pets you could ever have, and with its lanky body, it will need somebody that is perfectly abled and will put time aside to play with him. In addition, you need to treat your dog respectfully, caringly, and lovingly and if you arent responsible enough to dos so, then this dog isnt right for you. If you are caught mistreating your dog your pit bull will be seized and you will be issued a citation. You cannot beat, torment, overload, abuse, neglect, fail to provide your dog with clean water, or leave your dog in an area with extreme temperature. The pit bull is a great dog, and could be the best youve ever had if you know something about them. The history, one of the most unknown aspects of the pit bull, reflects on nothing many people think. Also, they are widely misunderstood. If you were to get to know one, you would understand that all of the terrible rumors and myths youve heard about them are untrue. Additionally, Miami Dade County continues to go about with its laws that take the right from the people who want to

own a pit bull. Pit bulls also need to be taken care of properly if you want to own one. Obviously, people should have the right to own pit bulls if they are responsible enough to do so.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Owning Pit Bulls

By: Andrew Rigsby

6th Grade Language Arts Mrs. Harrison 12-13-13