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we WT Frequently Asked Questions of the AFV painting techniques by Mig Jiménez 2, INTRODUCTION | wanted to start by adding this brief explanation for the English readers of this book 11am sure that many of you already know that | am Spanish and my primary language is castellano (commonly refered to as Spanish), not English. | wrote this book using my native language. Therefore, | hope that all of my thoughts, explanations and ideas have ‘been properly translated with the same essence in which they were originally written, | apologise if the translated text is not perfect in regards to sentence structure or in the ‘lanty of my exoressions. |! you find some dificuly in understand something inthis book, please write me a brief email containing your question. Upon receiving your letter, | will ‘try to quickly provide you with a reply containing a proper explanation. | know that it can be difficult to translate one language to another while carrying all ‘the same thoughts and emotions. This may be foremost when talking about the com- plexity of modelling and the use of different words labelling one type of technique. | hink that the available text and numerous images contained in this book will be sufficient for You to use it tothe fullest. Thank you very much, ‘mig@migproductions.com [years ago, the person who taught me everything eg gave me the answer to one ofthe mast impor ‘ofthis hobby: Why is modelling so complicated Bicouree, anyone can find an explanation for such @ a, but beyond individual subjective opinions, by different contexis and situations, there is an iat unites all of us. Ths answer isthe synthesis of Mit summarises all the chapters that the reader will cleat the same time is dificult to understand fst Perhaps only at the end wil he reader turn to this, eating this book. This is because all the ques Bilin this book stem from this answer. But this almost rallecton is nethor banal nor superficial. tis the pillar ofall existence and modelling exists. does fino only does it exst, but it keeps us from sleeping Bporsibie for our headaches on numerous occasions rot tue, why did you buy this book? ... Wel, sim- modeling is important to you and you need to find all he enigmas that surround you. You need to Why modeling is important for your own exis- fd watare. For sorie, modelling is the only reason to erst isa reason to slay indoors on a rainy day and itis a rain of intense emotions. But this does not intial question. These are also questions, though Wyno question mark. [ook inside yourself to discover this answer that a iShowed ma. Look deep inside your pockets, even You then your skin, bones and flesh. Look there, ig intertwined with dreams and dreams begin to “here isa place inside yourself whore somothing fen you see a picture in a book that awakens your ff and then your mind sketches a vague image that les form. This image is usually a tank, a vehicle, a some colours, surroundings and is frequently inio an imaginary diorama, full of colours, action jlemenis. This place is called the mind, but coula the soul. lis there that our own identity blends fears and illusions and our ie sei. All ofthis Wih hat which we receive from the exterior, through cars. That place is ike a huge blender that press- @ that comes from the outside and condenses it into an idea: An idea that will probably end up becoming a beautiful and flamboyant diorama or vignette. Its tho path of creation, but a path that is born from within, It is the rellection, ‘of our soul, our personality, our being. Thus, we are often able to identity works by the same author, because they are a part of his very being, For many, modelling is their only means of communication with others, They use modeling as a vehicle of communication because they don't achieve these objectives in their daly ite, Precisely because modeling isthe mirror of our soul, we can Use it to communicate with cthers, showing them what we are like inside, such that further explanations of our work becomes unnecessary. This is the greatness of modeling. Now you know why modeling is so important to us. Modelling can change our lives, it can make us botter, make us happy and can transtorm us into living legends. But modelling can also destroy, deteat and sadden us, Movelling also generates envy, jealousy and resentment. I can become a double-edged sword,..both dain igerous and beneficial What makes modeling dangerous or beneficial depends upon how we use it, how we interpret it and how others under: ‘stand i Ths is why itis 60 important to have answers to all the ‘questions that arise, because only then can we achieve our objectives with total efficiency. modeling is such an important thing, we cannot only walk the path ful of dificulties and prob lems. The techniques used are not important, it is not neces: sary for everyone ta spend 20 years of his fe disaovering them in order to be completely satistied. The ends are more impor tant than the means. We should make our dreams reality as ‘soon as possiblo, because the rast of the world simply cannot ‘ail. am certain that magnificent ideas are brewing inside our heads. | am also sure that you have ideas that can change the ‘modeling world, that you possess the kay to tne happiness of many modellers, but you cannot achieve this because you are tll struggling to distinguish a fiter from a wash or the ditfer fence between aluminium and stael corrosion. Don't it this ‘treasure escape you. Transform these ideas into reality and ‘show it where there is someone wiling to enjoy your creation °