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Kevin: Welcome my friends to the Generations radio broadcast. My name is Kevin Swanson.

It's good to have you tune in with us today. We are broadcasting from my basement out here [... !lains of "olorado during the demise of Western "hristianity...the brea#down of the faith in the West and of course this is the brea#down of an entire civili$ation we are monitoring it on the very !ioneering edge of Western civili$ation that is dee! in the woods of our !ro!erty on the eastern !lains of "olorado. %ebuting in the studio with me today and a!ostasy of course...the name of the game. &h that's what's ha!!ening we are in the largest a!ostasy in the history of the world !robably...in terms of the hundreds of millions of !eo!le are no longer attending church in 'ngland and no longer maintaining anything of a "hristian orthodo(y in &merica and in "anada...yeah Western "hristianity is falling off the edge man) &nd we are hanging onto some semblance of the faith and we've got the emergency life*raft manufacturing centers wor#ing strong and hard on the dec# of the +itanic as it's going down. %ave [,, is also here with me as we comment on a cou!le of im!ortant stories. We're gonna get to Kathryn -oyce's recent article in .ust a moment but first /ran# Shaffer) 0r we li#e to call him /ran#ie has a new boo# out called 1/aith for 2eo!le Who %on't 3i#e 4eligion1 and of course...very !o!ular. 25S !ic#ing u!...uh..So.ourner also did a interview on this. So.ourner6s being one of the a!ostate organi$ations that have been in a!ostasy since the 789:'s. We've followed them for a long time as they have ta#en the lefty lefty a!!roach to .ust about every single issue and now they're ha!!y with /ran#ie Shaffer who does not believe in god anymore...or is fairly uncertain about anything. ;e's your classic !ost*modern and that's effectively what his new theology boo# gives us. /aith for 2eo!le Who %on't li#e 4eligion is /ran#ie Shaffer new theology boo# that uh is rather thin I would say because if you don't believe in anything if you don't believe that there can be anything #nown for certain uh then you're a !ost*modern relativist and you have no basis for anything you're saying so you better .ust shut u!. 0K now...here is the interview %ave and let me .ust read a !iece of it <uic#ly: 1;ow do 4ic# Warren= ".S. 3ewis= and your father re!resent the &chilles heel of &merican evangelicalism, So their coming down against uh...ya #now...4ic# Warren= ".S. 3ewis and uh /rancis Shaffer [... the essence of fundamentalist success. +hey also re!resent the &chilles heel of &merican evangelicalism and !ersonality cults with no accountability to tradition and no structure to fall bac# on when the dear leader dies or is found to be fallen...whatever...or are no better than the men and women they are built on. Something bigger you .oined .ust turns out to be .ust some guy named 4ic# of maybe /ran#lin Graham. So %ave= he ma#es #ind of a !oint here but...it's true that from the beginning of time the 2eter's and the 2aul's were !robably more influential than others and it's !robably true that &ugustine was a little more influential for about 7::: years because of some of the things he wrote. It is !ossible that Martin 3uther and -ohn "alvin have had a bit of influence because of the things that they have written and because they were leaders= so there's nothing wrong with leaders on the one hand but..uh..on the other hand if leaders [... the !ersonality cult is uh dis!lacing "hrist then we've got a !roblem and that's what's ha!!ened= I thin#= in many cases in modern evangelicalism as [... the softy wofty #ind of evangelicalism that has no roots in "hristian history brea#s down. So I thin# what /ran#ie Shaffer has missed is...is..."hristian history and it's true most evangelicals in &merica have no clue [laugh I mean no clue [... they don't even #now how to s!ell athenacious's name. +hey couldn't thin# that the "hristian faith e(isted before their local church and church history for them was the last > years of their local church which included ? !otluc#s and @ church s!lits. So...church history for the average evang@elical. [... Aot very good [... it's true that most evangelicals have no roots which is another indication that they are going to fall off the ma!. 5ut so it's interesting %avis= you read...uh...some of the a!ostates. +hese guys who have really become embittered against their own fathers and religion and -esus and all of that. [e(tremely dismissive tone of voice here) +hey tend to get something right and something wrong. %ave: +hey tend to...I thin# there is a !roblem when we go with /ran#ie or /ran# Shaffer as he li#es to call himself now and I'd li#e to refer to an interview that he did with 25S. Bm but let's go bac# in history. Bh +urtelian said...I thin# it was +urtelian...I believe in order that I might #now= not I #now in

order that I might believe. +here is...there is a distinction between what is our !resu!!ositions what is stuff received by faith u!on which #nowledge is built. Knowledge is built u!on something. It turns out the bible says it is built on the fear of god. /ran# was as#ed about his e(!eriences with being born again or being converted. +hat was the <uestion 25S as#s him and he says um...1Cou #now= I was essentially raised in the faith and caught it li#e one genetic !roblem. I thin# that us allusion as a genetic !roblem is a uh telling word right there.... /ran#: &n indication of a!ostasy.. %ave: Ceah...he said it wasn't something I chose or <uestioned of as time went by ma#ing it my own. &s a child first out of fear that I would be lost and then= I guess in my teens and early D:'s is that intellectual system that I bought into based on the fact that my dad !itched it to me and that my mom had !itched it to me. /inally= as an intellectual decision to leave the faith that I had been raised in and see things differently. /ran#: ;uman reason has con<uered. /ran#ie Shaffer and his brain which ta#es u! a!!ro(imately 79 s<uare inches of s!ace has !retty much figured out all truth and and all reality and he will hold god to that standard. %ave: Well rather than believing in order to #now= he decided to #now something in order to disbelief. /ran#: Ceah...that's a good way to !ut it. Ceah...here is the last <uestion in this So.ourners article...uh...they as# him 1can you define what you mean by ho!eful uncertainty1 so [Elaughs he #inda winds u! with with ya #now he winds u! with what -ohn %ewey wound u! with and what %escartes wound u! with when he abandoned all !ossibility of truth and this is what he says and I believe we will get to the !oint in our evolution when atheists and religious !eo!le abandon the habit of ta#ing things so literally. So what he's saying is= ya #now= you can't say anything literally. Cou can't say there is no god. Cou can't say there is a god. So he says the !roblem with fundamentalists and the !roblem with atheists is they try to say something with certainty and...and he says liberated from that narrow !ers!ective we will !erceive the overarching truth. +he sum of our !arts adds u! to something together une(!ected...a s!iritual animal whose e(istence doesn't ma#e sense but nevertheless here we are) [laughs ;ere we are)1 %ave: &re you certain here we are, /ran#: Ceah= are you certain, 4eal certain, %ave: [interru!ts I mean can I...can I...say that, /ran#: Cou sure, Cou sure, [derisive voice Cou sure you're here, Cou sure you e(ist, +here are two ways to see this contradiction. We can regard it as an urgent !roblem to be solved or as a !arado( to be celebrated. I choose the latter. I thin# that atheism and fundamentalist religion as we #now will last barely a geological eye*blin#...in a few thousand years. +hen we will begin to understand that we are s!iritual beings. &nimals that the universe im!ersonal love that we believe= we doubt that a !article may be in one !lace and another !lace at the same time that love is a chemical reaction and by the way so is /ran# Shaffer brain. &ccording to his worldview= it's a naturalistic materialistic world uh that's about all he #nows and he doesn't even #now that for certain. So he doesn't #now anything for certain but he is...he is uncertain about the fact that his brain is .ust chemical reactions li#e grass growing in the bac#yard so therefore why should I believe a chemical reaction of grass growing in the

bac#yard...why does anything he says mean anything whatsoever. In a !ur!oseless universe where there is nothing but matter and motion. So %ave...he has no !reconditions for intelligibility at all %ave: Ao Kevin: ;e should .ust shut u!. ;e doesn't wanna be an atheist= doesn't wanna be a fundamentalist. ;e's finally ac#nowledging relativism. +hat there is no truth= there is no reality. ;e's the ultimate !ost* modern here. %ave: Well he has !retty much confessed that he has a view of god that is not a !erson. God is !articles...chemical reactions... /ran#: yeah %ave: love. whatever that is. uh chemical reactions that the universe uh flows with some #ind of chemical reaction that he calls love. 5ut it's not a !erson= it's not a .ust god. It's not a god who has any #ind of attributes that we would tend with !erson*hood. /ran#: yeah. 0K and he has no basis for his beliefs at all and he admits that. ;e admits that. ;e says give it all u!. It's sort of li#e the -ohn %ewey a!!roach ya #now forget it. +here is no certainty whatsoever so we're .ust gonna go with !ragmatism and we're .ust gonna do whatever ma#es sense and we're gonna moc# at "hristians that believe that you can actually say something with certainty and you can believe that there is !ur!ose= there is meaning= there is fundamental basis for language= for ideas= for love= for ethics. /or everything) [laughs and we find it an absolute. Cou cannot have absolutes without the absolute. +he source of all truth= reality= and ethics= and that is god. Without that you have nothing) +hrow away all /ran# Scahferrs boo#s= all of his ideas= they mean nothing nothing nothing. he has admitted to himself to #nowing nothing with certainty so why should we listen to him, Why has he become the e!istemological authority for !eo!le who !ay F78.8G for his boo#, 0K= we'll be bac# in .ust a moment...I wanna get right to the Kathryn -oyce article on homeschool a!ostates. She stole my logo) I'll be bac# in .ust a moment. [music !lays [advertisements [music Kevin: We are bac# on the Generations radio broadcast. +his is Kevin Swanson %ave [,, also here and we're gonna shift gears for a second and move onto this article from Kathryn -oyce. Aow she is no stranger to the homeschooling !o!ulation that things that homeschoolers have been doing for the last 7G= D: years. It turns out that the homeschoolers are on the radar screen of the left or those who are effectively a!ostates from the "hristian religion and have become self*conscious= humanist= man* centered= in their e!istemology meta!hysics and ethics. So these guys are beginning to note that homeschoolers e(ist and by the time you hit D to @ million of the !o!ulation= you're going to get a little !ush*bac#. 0f course you're going to get !ush*bac#) +hese guys can't stand the fact that there are !arents raising their children not to be !ro abortion= !ro homose(ual= !ro socialist and !ro everything that uh...offends god. +hey can't imagine that there might be some righteous !eo!le left on earth so of course they're going to come bac# at them and and Kathryn -oyce wrote an article on the full <uiver movement a few years ago...did not mention my name by the way...but now she's ta#en a new tac#.

She's mentioning my name and she's borrowing from my moni#ers) ;er big article that she did for uh..2ros!ect...&merican 2ros!ect.org...she...she names the article 1;omeschool &!ostates1 which is e(actly what I used for my show a cou!le of > @ wee#s ago. Bm..so..anyway..she's !retty e(cited about uh the !oint 7H...whatever it is...of the homeschool !o!ulation. It might be 7:H it might be D:H I dunno what it is...it's hard to #now..but they are definitely the whiners that are coming out of the homeschool !o!ulation and saying they didn't have the best of e(!eriences and some of them may have a good !oint. 0thers may not. Aow she covers a number of them in her article and most of whom seem to be to be whiners. Aow...she and I agree on several e(ce!tions and that is conservative homeschoolers= or "hristians or whatever who have #illed their children...she found one of two of them...nowhere near the ration of !ublic school !arents that murder and or abort their #ids I might add...but uh so she's hadn6t written a lot of articles on that yet= but maybe some day in the future. 5ut for now she's going after the one or two homeschool or "hristian !arents that have been convicted of #illing their #ids and we're against that too. We are against that...and we're against #illing #ids out of the womb= inside the womb= ya #now...we're against that. So uh so uh maybe they have a little common ground but but ultimately...fundamentally...her basis for ethics and my basis for ethics...two different standards) 'rgo she has no basis and I do. So that would be a difference. She has no basis...I mean you don't find Kathryn defending her basis for ethics. Cou #now she doesn6t say 1well ya #now it's utilitarianism= it's uh ultimately going to be democracy of GDH I thin# that's what she's ultimately saying if it's !o!ular not to wear a denim s#irt then that has got to be a sin or if it's !o!ular not to s!an# children that's got to be a sin or if it's !o!ular to...to...a!!rove of homose(ual marriage or fill in the blan# or engage in oral se( or whatever it is. If that's the !o!ular thing to do then we're going to !ut a stam! of a!!roval on that and G7H of &mericans decide it's 0K to #ill ? million -ews it's 0K. -ust 0K...because why...because that's the way that the !o!ular o!inion went and us so democracy forms the ethic. Aow I thin# that's !robably her ethic but she doesn't really defend it because if she did we would come all over her and say you've got a really stu!id ethic. you have no basis for ethics and uh we do. so again %ave...most of the guys who have interacted with these articles I mean man alive...they .ust as I've seen it most of them .ust have #ind of said= [effeminate voice 1oh she's !retty smart. She seems li#e she's got a way with words and um I thin# she's got a lot of good !oints.1 5ut I didn't see it. In the article= I did not see it. %ave: 4ight and she does have a good way with words. I might add that the ser!ent in the garden also was very good with words. Kevin: yeah %ave: uh he was a very clever beast so we have to be on the guard against human cleverness uh in language !articularly. We would advocate the word I'. the ca!ital W04%= the logos which is "hrist= and his revelation as being absolute. I thin# in her !iece here um she ti!s her hat at least to !art of her ethical system uh when she's tal#ing about this !air of girls who didn't li#e their raising in the homeschool who thought their !arents were being to uh to strict. She says to most !eo!le it would have sounded li#e an overreaction. So there you go to most !eo!le so ethics by ma.ority. Kevin: G7H %ave: If most !eo!le thought it was 0K to eat the liver of your child on their Gth birthday she... Kevin: [interru!ts she'd be right there with them...4IG;+ there with them... %ave: 4ight.

Kevin: If most !eo!le thought it'd be 0K to cannibali$e your #ids or molest small children or #ill ? million -ews= Kathryn -oyce would be in the front of the !ac# shilling her blogs= encouraging !eo!le to do .ust that. %ave: My guess is most !eo!le doesn't include a survey of the whole country= a survey of the whole world... Kevin: yeah= yeah... %ave: It !robably includes a survey of her and her dinner !arty friends and her= ya #now= little ivory tower intellectuals. She goes on to say that it sounded li#e an overreaction to innocuous forms of teenage rebellion. Aow= I'm not sure where the bible has those lists of innocuous forms of teenage rebellion. Kevin: Iersus non*innocuous, %ave: Ceah I mean it seems li#e sin= death= #inda go hand in hand and as far as I'm concerned death is not all that innocuous. Kevin: Well what I did in my blog...I blogged on this and I too# her to tas# a little bit about borrowing my little trademar# ;omeschool &!ostates= and then= I'm gonna forgive her for that one %ave because that's .ust #ind of magnanimous man that I'm am.. %ave: Cou could let her have it...you could destroy a !erson's !rofessional re!utation if in the title they are !lagiari$ing someone else's wor#. Kevin: Ceah yeah so I'm .ust gonna let her have it 0K. %ave: With that on your record= the very best you could do is maybe Iice 2resident. Kevin: Ceah. 4ight 0K= so friends= um every religion has its sins as we've mentioned that's they have a definition for right and wrong and the liberal a!ostate western mind maintains its own list and we "hristians as well. Aow our list is based on law of god. & sin is a transgression of the law of god. /irst -ohn @=>. 3iberals define their ethics by Kathryn -oyce and her !o!ular $eitgeist whatever ha!!ens to be !o!ular at the time. Bm so anyway I've made a list of the sins I could find in her article. %ave: 0K Kevin: 0K so let's go over the list of Kathryn -oyce's sins that she lists in her article...and I .ust have <uotes here. She has <uotes and !eo!le whining about how they were raised and uh %ave...before we get into this= we= I thin# we need to ac#nowledge that yeah...there are bad !eo!le out there. +here are bad !eo!le who homeschool their #ids. +here are really bad !arents and there are !arents who are too !roud= not humble= don't confess their sins= don't wor# through relational issues within the home. We've tal#ed about this many times. %ave: Cou're not going far enough. 'very homeschool is filled with sinners) Kevin: '(actly)

%ave: &nd every homeschooling !arent is a wic#ed sinner. Kevin: &nd as we've said there are three #inds of hy!ocrites. +hose that understand their hy!ocrisy= o!en u! their hearts= confess it to others. they are humble= they ac#nowledge they fall on their face before the cross of "hrist and !lead the merits of his blood. there are those #ind of hy!ocrites. then there are there's the #ind of hy!ocrites that #inda cover it for a long !eriod of time and their #inda doing their little !orn thing in the basement and trying to get their daughters all dec#ed out in modest clothes while they are doing their !orn thing in the basement. 0K yeah...that's hy!ocrite 5 and he doesn't o!en u! his heart= he doesn't ta#e the blood of "hrist= he doesn't trust -esus. Ceah. he's...he's...as bad as the third form of hy!ocrite which is the liberal hy!ocrite and they ma#e monuments to their hy!ocrisy and they celebrate their se(ual freedoms and they love their sin and they build monuments to their sins and the sad fact of the matter is %ave= a lot of the hy!ocrite 5's= that is those that never really confess= that is those that are hiding their little sinful thing= give birth to hy!ocrite " or liberal hy!ocrites that come out of the closet and say ya #now my dad was a big fat hy!ocrite= he never admitted it but now I'm gonna say I'm a big fat sinner and I'm !roud of it= and I'm gonna be marching in the gay !ride marches and and I'm gonna be the !roud feminist and !roud of my homose(uality and !roud of my fornication and so then so you have hy!ocrite 56s who give birth to hy!ocrite "6s and we're not real #een on that either. So again it turns out that this a!ostasy tends to be multi*generational and we see it. It's all over the !lace. ;emingway was a great e(am!le of it. I tal# about the generational hy!ocrisy and uh a!ostasy in the ;emingway clan over about > to G generations. Iery interesting story there...so yeah...hy!ocrisy and a!ostasy is multi*generational and and yes we see that there are those who se!arate faith out of wor#s and try to wor# without faith in a lot of these homeschool situations and there are those who se!arate faith and wor#s and become big fat antinomians and there are the hy!ocrites out there that uh are very very legalistic and they tend to really minimi$e the a!!lication or marginali$e or narrow the a!!lications to their own little a!!licaitona!!lication and they say this is god's law now and that turns out to dis!lace the !rinci!le of what god said in the first !lace and they don't allow much .urisdictional freedom and a!!lication. 0K we #now all of that= we said that a hundred thousand times on this !rogram= but now you have Kathryn -oyce who #inda ta#es advantage of the whiners= those who may have been raised in bad families or good families= but let's loo# at the sins of Kathryn -oyce. 0K these are the sins of Kathryn -oyce. %ave: +hese are the ones that she has discovered in the homeschool community. Kevin: Ceah...right..and she condemns them. I mean she !reaches a message of re!entance [sarcastic voice that they would come out from these dreadful sins and that they would re!ent and have their sins atoned for and maybe even !artici!ate in a sacrament. 2erha!s even a sacrament of abortion. 0K so the religion of -oyce involves these !articular sins. Aumber one= here's the <uote the sister's were forbidden to wear clothes that might shame their father's or brother's= disobedience wasn't .ust bad behavior but a sin against god uh both !arents s!an# the children with a belt= ergo= here are the sins of Kathryn -oyce. She hates the fifth commandment. She hates god. She doesn't want anything to be a sin against god. &nything that is called a sin against god is a sin against Kathryn -oyce. She a!!arently li#es disobedience and violating the fifth commandment and she considers s!an#ing to be a sin. %ave: and...and she considers= insisting that your daughter's dress modestly, Bm= I thin# that's [... the idea that they are not se(ually !rovocative= not dis!laying their bodies= to their brothers... Kevin: and dragging their breasts around in !ublic for their families and friends to watch.

%ave: &!!arently modest clothing= modesty in general is a sin. Kevin: Cu!... %ave: +o be modest is to be not a humanist. Kevin: '(actly. Kathryn would really a!!reciate the cannibals and the way they a!!eared in the south seas when the missionaries got there. +hat would be Kathryn -oyce's ultimate= B3+IM&+'= state of righteousness. %ave: 5ecause her modern woman has discovered that her beauty is !ower. Kevin: Ceah= 0K. Aumber D...her's another <uote from Kathryn -oyce again= this...these are the sins of a secularist. 0K= this is the thing they consider to be anathema...anathema. Aumber two= he met families= this was a guy who had been traveling the country meeting families= that follow the conce!t of <uiver*full= [derisive voice where women are submissive to men and forgo contrace!tion to have as many children as god gives them. 0h boy= oh boy= oh boy) %ave: Ao) Aot /irst 2eter /irst @) Kevin: &bominable= abominable= &50MIA&53') 0;;; this is the ultimate crime. +he ultimate crime to Kathryn -oyce...a woman who submits to her husband lord. 0h boy %ave: She is guilty of '!hesians G= she's guilty of first !eter @... Kevin: +his is the ultimate crime. +his is the ultimate abomination. ;orrors...horrors) & woman who submits to her husband... %ave: 5y corollary= a church that submits to "hrist... Kevin: [moc# horror 0h no) 0; no. &ny #ind of submission= humbling yourself= anybody humbling themselves= anybody in the world humbling themselves a crime) &n abomination in the worldview of Kathryn -oyce. /oregoing contrace!tion= that would be a sin against Margaret Sanger. I mean= thin# about what Maggie would say about that %ave. Cou didn't ta#e her !ills) Cou didn't birth im!lode J: countries around the world. %ave: Well let me thin# of what would ha!!en Kevin if !eo!le too#= if !eo!le didn't ta#e their contrace!tion= thin# what could ha!!en. Cou could have families= you could have children in the house. Kevin: Ces= right... %ave: Cou might have more than D.D children. Kevin: Ceah you might actually !rovide for social security and caring for the elderly when the retiree to wor#er ration is im!loded. %ave: +hin# what that means...families would have to trust in god to !rovide. Cou would have to trust in god.

Kevin: 0h boy...oh boy...awful) Sins= sins foregoing contrace!tion. & sin) & sin) /or a family to choose. Aow= she's not even saying that some families have a right to choose [.. they want to forgo contrace!tion= no she's saying that anybody who forgoes contrace!tion= anybody who forgoes contrace!tion= anybody who does not ta#e Maggie Sanger's little !ill= is in sin...sin))) %ave: Kevin= you've got to !ut these two together. Cou've got daughters running around in shameful clothing e(!osing their breasts= you !robably want them on contrace!tion for running around half na#ed. Kevin: Cou're gonna have to get them on contrace!tion. Ceah 0K here's another <uote from Kathryn -oyce in her article ;omeschool &!ostates. ;e encountered entire communities who where women wear only denim .um!ers for modesty's sa#e. 'ven to bed, Cou #now I...they wore them to bed, %ave= I've never met this community. &gain %ave= I've traveled to !robably 7>: homeschool conferences and I've !robably have seen denim .um!ers on !oint 7H of the homeschool !o!ulation. I've never seen entire communities where the women wear nothing but denim .um!ers and they go to bed in denim .um!ers and they are married in denim .um!ers they go to church in denim .um!ers. I haven't seen that before. %ave: [... Kevin: I'm guessing it might be a slight e(aggeration. %ave: I thin# so. I've driven by !ublic schools where all the young ladies are dressed in denim !ants) Kevin: %enim !ants.. %ave: "an you believe it, [... all they wear are denim !ants. Kevin: [moc# horror 0h no an entire community wearing denim !ants. 0K friends= according to Kathryn -oyce... %ave: I thin# the sin is .um!er not denim Kevin: It's gotta be the .um!er or the denim yeah. In fact I !ut a little !icture on my blog of the denim .um!er. %id ya see it, Aot a sin) %ave: Aot a sin) Kevin: Aot a sin) 0K= we allow a little more liberty. We would allow a little more liberty than Kathryn -oyce would. %ave: I don't thin# you're gonna see Miley "yrus wearing a denim .um!er on her ne(t wrec#ing ball video. Kevin: &nd %ave= funny thing= we were tal#ing about this as a family in family devotions this morning and my daughter 'mily was wearing a denim s#irt. %ave: S#irt, 5ut it wasn't a full .um!er was it,

Kevin: &nd to my other daughter was wearing denim !ants= as in .eans= and so we thought oh boy 'mily is in sin. %ave: 4ight, Kevin: 'mily's in sin) 0h 'mily...we had to get her re!entant right there. 'mily was wearing a denim s#irt. Aow not a denim .um!er... %ave: My guess is the s#irt e(tended beyond mid*thigh. Kevin: It didn't. 0h yeah. %ave: Cou !robably couldn't see her #nees when she was standing. Kevin: Ceah= but that would be even more a sin for Kathryn -oyce. %ave: 5ecause it's shameful to wear a long s#irt according to Kathryn -oyce. Kevin: 0K friends= another sin for Kathryn -oyce. Women wearing denim .um!ers. Much better in bi#inis %ave and rear*end crac# revealing .eans. Cou #now= the real low ones where you could see the crac#. %ave: I really don't wanna go there. Kevin: [laughs I'm .ust saying= I'm guessing= I'm .ust trying to understand Kathryn -oyce's ethic here %ave. %ave: 0h I'm not confusing !lumbers with young ladies. Kevin: 0K alright....[laughs %ave: 0r old ladies. Kevin: &lright here's another uh sin on the !art of Kathryn -oyce. I'm .ust going through her...it's an e(tensive article and she's got lots and lots of sins she lists. ;ere's another one. +hey're raising u! the 7D of us to go be !astors= missionaries= and !oliticians. they're changing the world through these #ids. %ave: [moc# horror Ao) Ao) 0h the horror) Kevin: Imagine #ids becoming missionaries and !oliticians and...and %ave= no sur!rise here that uh a !ro*sodomite= !ro*abortion= atheist= .ournalist would ta#e an issue with that. %ave: 4ight Kevin: Cou wouldn't want twelve #ids becoming future missionaries and !astors. %ave: [moc# horror[ Ao) Kevin: and and trying to !revent a world from destroying their families and turning to homose(uals

and aborting all of their #ids. [laughing I mean [laughing and not building socialist governments. 3arge fascist Aa$i communist governments where government controls all things and dis!laces the nuclear family. Ao= we wouldn't want any of that) 's!ecially if you were a !ro*socialist= !ro*Mar(ist= feminist= !ro*sodomite= !ro*abortion= .ournalist. %ave: Most !eo!le would agree that the res!onsible !arent will train their children to be welfare flun#ies= !orn stars= and .ournalists. Kevin: +here you go...yeah) Aow there's a vision for the family. Aow there you get it. 0K here's another one. She couldn't ma#e small*tal#= wore oddly mismatched clothes... %ave: [moc# horror Ao) Kevin: 3ost amid !o!*culture references to the Mu!!et6s. %ave: [moc# horror A0))) Kevin: When !ublic school friends tal#ed about oral se(= she thought they meant french #issing. 0hhh that's a big sin. +here's a big one. Mismatched clothes...mismatched clothes) She never watched the 5rea#fast "lub and she hasn't tal#ed about oral se(= let alone done it. I thin# that's the real issue %ave. %ave: I thin# the issue was mismatched clothes. Kevin: Ao I thin#... %ave: I get offended sometimes my children will !ut on one red soc# and one blue soc#... Kevin: Ceah= I #now that bothers me too. %ave: I saw the former !resident George 5ush at a lesbian wedding with one red soc#= one blue soc#. Kevin: & #id at church with different colors of shoelaces. 0ne orange= one blue= I mean bright neon blue and it's awful= [moc# horror awful) %ave: ;ave you ever been to the golf course, Kevin: She needs to get into these high schools...these .unior highs. I mean !ublic schools= !rivate schools= doesn't matter. She's get out there and start matching these things. We need to get some matched clothing and matched shoe*laces because [laugh I..[effeminate voice Kathryn -oyce nails it here) %ave: ;ave you ever... Kevin: She never really gets to the real core issue of the !roblem with home*schools. %ave: Mi(ing !aisley with a chec# !attern, Kevin: Ceah= that too.

%ave: I mean= the golf courses are an affront to our sensibilities Kevin: +his is awful .ust awful %ave: I thin# we ought to have fashion co!s. Kevin: [laughing 0K finally. Cou'd be allowing demonic influences into your house if you watched +eenage Mutant Ain.a +urtles and %ave the reference there of course is .ust' one of the +eenage Mutant Ain.a +urtles is S!linter and he's %ave: ;e's the sensei. Kevin: Cou got this ;indu= 5uddhist meditation training seminar he does and uh and I guess the idea is you're su!!osed to sign your #ids u! to S!linter's ;indu= 5uddhist= meditation training session otherwise you're .ust not a!ostati$ing with the rest of them. %ave: Well you won't have teenage mutants. Kevin: Well that's true too. %ave: I mean how you gonna have mutant teenagers if you don't sign u! to the whole thing. I wonder if there is any entertainment that she would forbid from children. I mean cu$ if you cannot as a !arent say don't watch this what...is there any !lace you would draw the line, Snuff films, Kevin: We didn't watch it because it was dumb. I thin# we did miss +eenage Mutant Ain.a +urtles. We .ust thought it was dumb. 0K 3adies and gentleman= that's the most recent attac# on home education in &merica. [laughs It's .ust laughable. It's laughable. Aow of course she's got these sins. they're stu!id sins. I mean every one of them stu!id sins. I mean= how in the world= how in the would could any decent !arent. I'm not tal#ing about the narrow minded fundamentalist .er#s that she's tal#ing about when it comes to homeschooling. I'm tal#ing about the average !arent...the average !erson out there who said now are these sins, I mean what if you had somebody who [wouldKwouldn't, do this #ind of stuff. Who wouldn't watch +eenage Mutant Ain.a +urtles. +heir #ids didn't do oral se( and uh they are raising their #ids to be !astors. I mean 0K sooo ya #now= ya got a big issue with that,,, Is that evil, Is that really really evil, I mean the average !erson would say= nah that's not really evil. +hey can do that if they want to. 0K. 3adies and gentleman= these are the sins of the left. +his is the #ind of thing they consider to be awful. 0f course they have their redem!tion= usually by state schools= by statism. Socialism= big government= will save !eo!le through the welfare and education systems and they have their sacraments= ty!ically abortion. Cou gotta sacrifice a #id from time to time ya #now um...in order to maintain your self*centered= e(istentialistic worldview. &lright...anyway...so that's Kathryn -oyce and uh %ave I thin# the ultimate thing is that they .ust want more a!ostates. +hey .ust cannot believe that GH church attendance rate in 'ngland is low enough. I mean= GH down from 7DH in 789:. +he average age of church attenders have risen from @J to GJ. Aot enough) Aot enough) Aot enough) Ma#e sure that every #id= every single #id= in &merica. 'very single #id growing u! in a homeschool family will be !ro*abortion= will be !ro*homose(ual= will be !ro*Mar(ist= will be !ro*evolution by the time they graduate from college. +hat's their goal and that's why 4ichard %aw#ins has this article on his website. +his is where I found it. I found it on 4ichard%aw#ins.net. Ceah= the atheists want more atheists) &nd all of these homeschool fol#s out there that are going [effeminate voice ;uh she's got some good !oints) [laughs [effeminate voice I thin# more of my #ids should be a!ostates .ust li#e Kathryn -oyce and 4ichard %aw#ins and /ran# Shaffer. I tell ya= sorry= you're going the other direction.

I am maintaining the faith in the D7st century and yeah= there's a few !eo!le li#e Kathryn -oyce that are trying to #noc# some holes in our rescue vessels off the +itanic. 0K= of course that's gonna ha!!en= but we're gonna fight for everything we've got to salvage the "hristian family and the faith in the D7st century. &nd yes= we're outnumbered. Ces= I'm under no !retenses here friends. I #now that 8GH of 3ondon= 'ngland is going to a!ostati$e. I #now that 88H of !eo!le under @J years of age are going to a!ostati$e in &merica= "anada= and 'ngland. +hey will not be attending churches. +hey are going the way of Kathryn -oyce= /ran# Shaffer= and the other a!ostates...but that's why I wrote my boo# 1&!ostate= the Men Who %estroy the "hristian West1= why...because I'm gonna fight with everything I've got= by god's grace= to salvage the "hristian faith in the West in the years to come and friends= you need to get a co!y of my boo# &!ostate if you want to salvage your #ids and your grand*#ids. Cou need to read the story. Cou've got to read the story of how the faith died in the West and why it is dying now and why the homeschool !o!ulation will barely salvage a !ercentage themselves. Why, Why, Why, Cou've got to read the boo# &!ostate= the Men who %estroy the "hristian West available on my website KevinSwanson.com. Get your boo# today. Cou can get multi!le co!ies G:H off. Get as many co!ies as !ossible= save something of your #ids and grand*#ids. Get my boo# &!ostate today at KevinSwanson.com and get your friends and family members to tune into this radio !rogram friends. Cou .ust email them right now. Cou get other homeschoolers to listen to our radio !rogram. 'mail this !rogram and if you have any <uestions email me at hostL#evinswanson.com. +his is Kevin Swanson inviting you bac# again ne(t time as we continue to lay down a vision for the ne(t generation.