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Another deep heating treatment is the application of ultrasonic waves or ultraound.ultrasonic waves are not faster than sound but are of a higher frequency than that the sound waves that can be heard by the human ear. The principles of the ultrasound wave involve electricity being supplied to a crystal of a certain physical constitution . this crystal ,in turn ,starts to emit ultrasonic wave that penetrate the superficial tissu and are reflected on the deep tissue. This sets up a very fine vibrating motion within the tissue , which in turn generates heat. A similar effect is the heating up of a wire that is bent back and forth rapidly.

The major difference between electromagnetic waves and ultrasound waves is that the latter are mechanical. The mechanical force of sound and ultrasound waves can be demonstrated by a membrane placed in the coure of these waves. A vibrating motion takes place in the membrane. Ultrasound must also be transmitted by a media that is not compressible such as water or mineral oil. The ultrasound machine contains a power supply and an oscillator circuit . the latter transmits the ultrasound waves generated in the crystal to the ultrasound head. The head is moved in a stroking or circular motion over the part to be treated. These motion helps to distribute the energy. A commercially available coupling agent or mineral oil must be applied with the ultrasound. Water may also be used. While the therapeutic application of ultrasound is still quite limited, in recent years , it has had great diagnostic use in disease of the heart and eyes. Refer to procedure.

Procedure :
1- Wash your hands ,identify the patient ,and provide for privacy . 2- Explain the procedure to the patient . 3- Expose only that area that is to receive the ultrasound and drape the surrounding areas with a towel. 4- Apply a small amount of coupling agent gel ,or mineral oil to the ultrasound head. 5- Turn the machine on and set the timer for 15 to 20 minutes. 6- Apply ultrasound by using a vibrating circular motion of the head against the affected area. 7- Upon completion of the treatment , wipe off any excess oil or gel from the affected area of the body and form the ultrasound head . 8- Turn the machine off.

ndication for ultrasound application :

Utrasound is indicated primarily for right or spasmodic musculature,tendon, and the like. it has also beebn found to be useful as an analgesic when the discomfort is based upon spasm, adhesions, and scar tissue . underwater technique are also being used in the treatment and management of disorders at bony prominences and anatomically inaccessible locations, such as the elbow ,wrists, finger, ankles, and toes. Ultrasound should never be used on the eye , on a pregnant uterus, and on areas prone to hemorrhage or hypersensitivity.