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from the Hermans


December, 2013 Dear Friends in Jesus, We want to wish each of you such a joyous Christmas as we celebrate Christs birth and His presence in our lives. As we approach the end of 2013, we see how Gods hand has been at work and we are sure He will guide in the days ahead. Connie... CHANGE & CHALLENGE The past five years have brought much change to our lives. All of our parents are now with Jesus, both of our kids moved far away, one got married, I lost my job, we moved from the town wed lived in for 18 years and then moved again in six months. When I lost my job, I heard the Lord whisper, I have a different plan for you now. Three months later the school called me back offering my old job and I had to decline because God had made it abundantly clear that He had other things in mind. TRIUMPH IN CHANGE We have learned that CHANGE brings growth when we turn to Jesus. It encourages us to depend on Him more fully. Baby birds are pushed out of the nest to fly not crash to the ground. When the Lord directed us to move from Kentucky to Indiana we didnt fully understand the reasons or even anticipate what challenges would lay ahead. One thing we are sure of is that the Lord directs the steps of those who desire His guidance and makes a way where there is none. We are still trying to listen to His voice and see what He has in store for us here. God has opened new doors for ministry in which I can be involved and Herman still ministers to Indonesian students at Ohio State, plans to minister in California for two weeks in January and hopes to go back for another mission trip to Indonesia possibly in March. CHALLENGES & TRIUMPH IN MOVING Since we moved last March we have sought His will about where we should live and have explored every possibility. We will share more in our next letter how God led, but long story short is that He has provided a wonderful home for us (note the new address). It was quite a roller coaster ride getting here but we are very thankful for His supernatural provision and blessing. CHALLENGES & TRIUMPH IN HEALTH Needless to say, we have been very busy trying to get housing, etc. figured out besides the physical challenges we experienced. Just a few of those were my broken elbow when I fell at the building site on July 31, Hermans long ordeal (6 weeks) with massive chigger bites and poison ivy, trying to build a fence around our house with my brother (to keep his cows out), Hermans strange 6 wk. illness that left him very weak and unable to work, my back problems which kept flaring up, Herman falling in the shower the second night in our new home and cracking ribs, my bad hand getting worse from overuse, causing pain and numbness, etc., etc. The list goes on... In spite of all of that and trying to move with cracked ribs and a bad back and being exhausted trying to move our belongings, my back held up and is none the worse. Hermans ribs have almost healed, his strange illness was miraculously healed, my elbow was miraculously back to normal and lifting again as soon as the cast was off and I havent had my yearly autumn bout with bronchitis. We truly feel blessed and know God is the one who has been holding us up. Thank you for praying for us during this transition time. Its not an easy feat to move twice in six months. We had belongings stored in five places. We still have a lot of boxes to unpack but theres now light at the end of the tunnel. Herman... ANOTHER BIG CHANGE & BLESSING Connie and I have been honored to be your partners in ministry for many, many years. We are deeply grateful to all of you who have faithfully prayed for and supported us over our 33 years of marriage. Since we returned to the U.S. in 1994 we have not been associated with any mission organization. Many times we have sensed a need to be under the umbrella of one and the past couple of years we have been seeking Gods guidance about this. For about eight years, when in Wilmore, I was a part of the CornerStone International House of Prayer (CI-HOP) and am still a board member. I spent numerous hours in prayer with men and women of God there and we have a deep friendship with them. So, it was a natural fit for us to join CornerStone International (same location as the House of Prayer). They have missionaries in eleven countries. We feel very blessed to belong to such a dedicated organization and have such godly brothers and sisters standing with us.

In the past four years, we have seen more than 500 people come to Jesus (300 through our local partners in Indonesia and I had the privilege of leading about 200 to the Lord). We will continue with ministry to Ohio State Indonesian students, mission trips to Indonesia, reaching out to Indonesians in other cities in the U. S. besides what we can do locally for the Lord. The only real change is that we will now have organizational support from CornerStone and our funds will be handled by them. Financial support will no longer go through our home church, New Bethel, but through CornerStone (see page 3). They will also help send out our newsletters. TRIUMPH OVER SICKNESS Your prayers and support have yielded tremendous results. Ill share just a couple of examples. During my six-week illness, my liver area was in constant pain. Just trying to help Connie weed the garden for 30 minutes left me totally exhausted. My daily intake of food was 20% or less than normal. Divine mercy kept me worshiping and praising Him. Sometimes it took hours of struggle before sweet and blessed worship came or His still small voice descended. During this difficult time He increased my love for Him. He gave me prayers like, I dont mind if I die today. I just want to love You and Help me to be closer to You than I am to my sickness. On the last day of the six-week ordeal, while worshiping, I sensed His presence and felt His touch. Strength came to my spirit and body. I was totally healed. He led me to resume my exercise to test the healing. My faith in Him and my love for Him went up a notch. PTL! TRIUMPH OVER CANCER In September last year, I prayed over a lady in her late 70s who was afflicted with lung cancer. Colleagues at CI-HOP in KY and our home church in Indiana, New Bethel, also prayed to rebuke the cancer. The cough (ongoing for 2 yrs.) really tortured her. She went through radiation and chemo treatments but her condition steadily grew worse. Finally she became bedfast, suffering from pneumonia, and Hospice was called in. I concluded that God was going to take her home (for eternal healing) and stopped praying for her earthly healing. Then, a supernatural intervention invaded her body. Jesus removed cancer, the pneumonia and all of the weakness. Now she goes to church services, prayer meetings, etc. To God be the glory! ULTIMATE TRIUMPH! JESUS COMING TO EARTH TO SAVE US! As we enter this season of His birth, may our hearts be filled with, PRAISE THE LORD AND HALLELUJAH! As we approach a new year, a new chapter in our lives, both geographically and organizationally, may HE receive all the honor and glory! For His glory, Yusuf & Connie Herman For more information on how you can partner with us in ministry, see the information below.

A monthly gift of $_______________ is enclosed to support Yusuf and Connie Herman. A one-time gift of $_______________ is enclosed to support Yusuf and Connie Herman.

Name:___________________________Phone: _____________________Email:____________________________

Address: ________________________________City: _______________________Zip: _____________--________

Please make checks payable to CornerStone International with Herman-ST on the memo line of the check and send to: CornerStone International, PO Box 192, Wilmore, KY 40390. Thank you!

You may donate online with Paypal or credit card from CornerStones website: www.cornerstoneinternational.org/staff-short-term-herman/ Automatic donations available! Enroll with form on our website: www.cornerstoneinternational.org/donate

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