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Demons, Cardinal Points, Chakras & Other Groovy Stuff By Xajjia Satanas June 2012 I feel the need

to post this as I get asked about it a fair bit and instruct others on this subject matter fairly frequently !"erything in the uni"erse is tied together in se"eral #ays $his paper could easily e"ol"e into a crosso"er #ork discussing the principles of %estalt& !ntropy& thermodynamics and the cosmic mapping of the energy that makes up the human soul Sir Isaac 'e#ton #as not only a formidable scientific mind but a great alchemist as #ell In his quest to understand e(istence he brought to the table the simple eloquence of thermodynamic theory $here are actually four la#s of thermodynamics I do not see the need to discuss the nature of the )eroth la# since it is related to thermal theory and therefore not rele"ant to this paper directly but I #ill simply illustrate the other three la#s at a "ery cursory le"el in order to portray a point I am making about the nature of matter& uni"erse& energy and the human soul $he first la# is that the amount of energy in the uni"erse is finite i $his means no ne# energy is created and no old energy is destroyed& it just changes to a different form of energy * or changes hands so to speak +or instance& #ood #ill burn during a fire and from its solid state of #ood& using heat energy it #ill transform into smoke and heat as #ell as carbon dio(ide and later& into a stored form of chemical energy called charcoal ,ll of these transformations that take place are simply one form of energy morphing into another form& kinetic energy& chemical energy and so on $he significance of this la# to our subject matter is that the human soul is pure energy constructed like any other form of energy as a resonating mass of infinitesimally small strings of "ibrating sound that #ork together to make our corporeal body function and e(ist& think and learn I argue that as there is a finite amount of energy in the uni"erse& there are also a finite number of souls and instead of a process of creating a ne# soul out of nothing #e ha"e a process of cosmic recycling occurring that filters our soul self back into the sub-atomic structure of the uni"erse to be re-born as another li"ing creature at some later point $he second la# is that disorder in the uni"erse .or chaos/ is constantly increasing * this is a principle called entropy ii $his means for instance that if you do your dishes they are bound to get dirty again no matter #hat $his is a simplistic "ie# but it in its simplicity lays an astounding yet beautiful truth about the uni"erse and ho# all things beha"e In other #ords& e"erything is mo"ing constantly to#ard a state of entropy .decay/ no matter #hat #e do ho#e"er this entropy dri"es us to#ard re-creation& reutili)ation and re-birth through this decay 0eath becomes the quintessence of life& as the alchemists #ould say 1hen old cells die ne# ones are created else#here $his is a cycle #e see in life constantly and not just in terms of physics but in terms of life in general at the most practical and mundane of le"els 1ith la# number three there is a point at #hich molecular structures cease to ha"e chaos * it is fro)en literally in time $his is the point of perfection +or scientists this is denoted by a temperature of absolute )ero e(pressed as a function of 2degrees 3el"in4 5-267 degrees 8elsius or bloody free)ing9 iii $his is absolute )ero and at this point crystals ha"e no chaos for a brief point in time or entropy e(ists at its minimum le"el i" :o#e"er this state of crystal perfection cannot last long as a function of the uni"erse fore"er changing and creating and destroying using pre-e(isting sub-atomic material " $his means that theoretically there is a point at #hich a soul can e(ist in perfection and in a state of nonentropic decay I belie"e that point is reached through meditation and also at the point at #hich death has brought the component aspects of the soul to the precipice of ne# life again through some form of cosmic recycling 1ith oursel"es #e are both pure energy made corporeal - #e are flesh and blood and spirit in other #ords ;tilising the energy #e ha"e is simple once #e understand the focus of that energy& #here it comes from and #hat it is akin to $his is #here #ill is trained to e(cel o"er flesh +lesh must submit to #ill and through #ill #e ha"e po#er in magic Kundalini So #hat is 3undalini and #hy is it so important< 3undalini is Sanskrit for 2coiled4 or 2#ound4 It refers to energy curled up like a snake #aiting to be released at the base of our spine and it lays 1

dormant until #e can entice it into ascension using the po#er of meditation $his is called the ascension of the human soul to a state sometimes referred to as nir"ana or hea"en "i or as aptly put by the Joy of Satan #orkshop on 3undalini meditation& 2raising of the 0e"il4 "ii $he 3undalini consists of energy channels called nadis& psychic centres called chakras& subtle energies called prana and the drops of essence called bindu $his is a comple( system but it is essentially a map of the human soul Interestingly it is not dissimilar to the 8abbalistic Sepiroth tree idea

Figure 1 The Sepiroth Tree of the Kabala

1hilst these systems #ere thought to de"elop in tandem they actually are almost identical concepts $his is not ne# as it #as something the !gyptians did as #ell as the Sumerians before them $he 3undalini serpent is coiled three and a half times #ithin the base of the spine $hese coils are called guna or strands !ach strand is representati"e of creation& preser"ation and destruction #ithin our spiritual sel"es "iii

Figure 2 A Map of the Human Soul

!"eryone has heard of the 8aduceus& #hich is a famous symbol once associated #ith trade communications and no# medicine It is a symbol that depicts t#o intert#ined snakes around a staff 2

$his same imagery #as discussed in ancient =esopotamian literature $his notion #as thought to ha"e been in e(istence some four thousand years before 8hrist e(isted and #as later adopted by the %reeks #ho made it the left hand #ielded staff of their god :ermes i( !ither #ay it>s an iconic symbol that has been used throughout the ages to represent all sorts of things& the basis of #hich is a 3undalini styled pair of snakes #ith 6 and a half coils $his is a commonly recurring theme in history it seems #ith origination of many ideas in religious philosophy from all o"er the #orld coming from a single point of origin In addition to 3undalini and the relationship #ith the 8aduceus you may also ha"e heard me speak of ho# it is also representati"e of the double heli( structure of 0', ,ll of this is true :o#e"er I digress $he rele"ance of 3undalini is that it is a "ehicle for obtaining #hat #e #ant spiritually ?earning to dri"e the 3undalini up#ard into ascension and managing chakra po#er centres using 3undalini is pi"otal to gaining access to other planes of e(istence& in e(ercising #ill o"er flesh and in generally empo#ering self It is also used as a fertile communication system #hereby you can communicate #ith entities of all types in the spirit #orld

Figure 3 The Caduceus as it appears as a number of chakras depicted at points along the Kundalini

$he term chakra means disk and it refers to the spinning& disk-like energy centres in the body $here are literally hundreds of these energy centres but only a fe# key ones #e focus on in our meditation Its interesting to note that each of these chakras correspond to a bundle of ner"es at each point called a ganglia $hese branch off the spinal column and ser"e as major transit stations for sensory information In terms of the chakras themsel"es ho#e"er& these refer to le"els of consciousness #ithin the psyche ( +or the purposes of this discussion #e #ill only be dealing #ith se"en chakras !ach chakra not only denotes a le"el of consciousness but it is also thought to control major organs in their "icinity $his is #here #e can see #ill o"ercoming flesh as an e(ample It is important to note that chakras #hen acti"e #ill spin until #e #ill them to do other#ise

Figure ! The Se"en #rimar$ Chakras

@ne could say the se"en chakras are like the se"en seals as mentioned in the bible In other #ords they are se"en lamps that burn before the throne of godA god being an allegory for our higher-le"el consciousness In this case the term god is therefore used to refer to ones self It is "ery important that in enabling our serpentine ascension that #e keep our chakras clean at all times using meditation $here are only a fe# specific e(amples #here they become closed Blockages can be caused from many things in life such as #orry& illness .#hich also is from blockages as #ell/& imbalance in our food intake& use of substances etc It can also be a result of your o#n #ill to close these chakras $he ne(t element of this chart I am about to gi"e you is that of cardinal direction It is commonly belie"ed that the body .and therefore the soul/ is ruled by elements as #ell as cardinality $he front of the soul is northern and it is ruled by the earth element $he back of the soul is of course facing south and therefore ruled by the fire element $he left side or negati"e pole is the side #e dra# in energy and it is ruled by #ater facing the direction #est $he right side or positi"e pole is the side #e direct energy and it is ruled by air and faces east $he centre of this is the quintessence of self $his is #here #e e(pend energy and if you no# think of all of this #hen thinking of the sigil of infernal union you #ill start to see #here I am heading #ith this In terms of energies fire and air are electrical in nature and #ater and earth are magnetic in nature so #e ha"e t#o polar opposites ruling us * the push .electric/ and the pull .magnetic/ bet#een the t#o is balance and that is #here #e reside On Cardinal Points @n that note I #ill raise the issue of using cardinal and intercardinal directionality in ritual and altar preparation 'ot e"ery demon has a cardinal direction so do not panic if you cannot find anything on a demon and its cardinal direction ,ssigning cardinal directions to demonic entities is something #e tend to do more in modern #estern society and you #ill see it in #orks #ritten by ?aBey for e(ample and a fe# other contemporaries $he sun sets in the #est and mo"es to#ard darkness throughout the day $he sun also rises in the east bringing #ith it illumination and dispelling the darkness $his is #hy #e ha"e #est-facing altars in Satanism 1e are concerned #ith the sinister .in the magical sense/ and #e step into the meet the darkness as the darkness steps for#ard to meet us In doing so the light #ill enter to illuminate and bring #isdom and it #ill dispel the hidden and the unkno#n If #e #ere looking to in"oke ?ucifer #e #ould face east If #e are looking to in"oke Satan #e face #est

On The Sigils And the Quinary

Figure % Sigil of &nfernal 'nion (ased on Hebraic )emonolatr$

$he pentagram is a circle #ithout end Some #ould depict it as encircled by the ?e"iathan !ach of the points on the sigil of infernal union correspond #ith se"eral cardinal and intercardinal points .8ardinal points being '& S& !& 1 and intercardinal points being '!& S!& '1& S1/ In the case of the sigil of infernal union #e are concerned #ith S& S!& '1& S1 and 8entre 1e ha"e #hat is called a quinary $he 8hristians ha"e the trinity& the 1iccans ha"e their quadrants and #e ha"e a quinary (i $hese are #here the cro#n princes of hell are aligned to a cardinal or intercardinal point or #here the :ebraic demons are aligned to a cardinal or intercardinal point $hey also in turn align #ith a corresponding chakra& colour correspondence& day and hour of po#er Dou #ill see a neat summary of this listed in the table belo# $he Eentagram in Satanism as depicted by ?aBey has a dual circle around it $his is a Eythagorean symbol that denotes the presence of a "oid or abyss Some replace this #ith the ?e"iathan and prefer to think of it as the ?e"iathan of the deep encircling the energies of the infernally united demonic archetypes of ?ilith& Samael& ?ucifer& Satan& Belial& and ?e"iathan etc $his symbology truly unifies %oetic thinking #ith Judaeo-8hristian thinking in many #ays =any #ill also kno# this dual circle phenomenon to be a symbol used by those of the ,brahamic faiths to denote a place #ith the absence of life #here the deposed angels #ere tossed do#n to !arth and into :ell $he pentagram also has three do#n#ard facing points& #hich in essence are a mockery of the holy trinity of 8hristianity (ii :ence #e ha"e a quinary Just a note of historical correction here& ?aBey #as not the first to e"ol"e the sigil #e ha"e come to kno# of as the sigil of infernal union $his sigil #as depicted in the earlier #orks of =arice Bessey .1FG1/ in his !ncyclopaedia of the @ccult called 2:istorie en 1000 Images de la =agie4 It #as much later in that era that ?aBey decided to use the symbol but remo"ed ?ilith and Samael so it became the Sigil of the Baphomet (iii $ogether these keys unlock #ithin us the refracting light of ?ucifer and symboli)e the a#akening of self into undefiled #isdom I #ant to stress here that there are se"eral demonic systems and combinations out there !ach culture has their o#n list of demons and its important not to confuse them +or instance ?ilith and Samael are Je#ish in origin $hey are not listed as %oetic .demons of Solomon/ #hereas Belial and ,smodeus are ?ike#ise the !gyptians had their o#n list as #ell $hese days there is more of a mo"e to#ard combining all lists of demons as just demons and not really paying much heed to the intra-cultural nature of the lists ho#e"er some do cross o"er #ith archetypes for Satan for instance you #ill see Satan as a Judeo-8hristian %od and #ith the !gyptians he is Set for e(ample $his con"ergence is because more and more information is being unco"ered that sho#s the similarities bet#een stories ,s #e del"e deeper into the history of man& as it pre-dates Judaeo-8hristian mythos& #e see #here these points all con"erge in tales that ha"e more originality than those of the Judaeo-8hristian mythos $he demonic Judaeo-8hristian in"erse pentagram features the follo#ingH 1est * ?e"iathan .,brahamic/ * .#ater/ also ?aBeyan South * Samael .,brahamic/ * also Satan .fire/ 5?aBeyan9 I

!ast * ?ucifer .,brahamic/ * .air/ also ?aBeyan 'orth * ?ilith .,brahamic/ * also Belial .earth/ 5?aBeyan9(i"

$his is used in conjunction #ith the in"ocation of %oetic demon kings #ith no cardinal or intercardinal alignments mentioned any#hereH ,smodeus& Belial& ,sterothA and Baphometis ("

Table 1 Summar$ of Ke$ Chakras* +inked )emons and Correspondences Primary Face of Satan Sigil Belial the unyoked Lilith Satan & Samael Lucifer - the Morning Star ?ucifuge Joficale("i Leviathan Baphomet

Cardinal Point

North Strength Lu t "o#er Materiali m Self "re ervation !ommon Sen e Self $ependence %ffect the higher ego& "hy ical 'dentity Security

North Emotion Se(uality $e ire Sen ation Movement " ychological 'dentity Self fulfilment

South %utonomy Meta)oli m Energy Efficiency Spontaneity Ego Ba ic de ire *e)ellion 'mpul ivene Self focu "a ionate *eckle ne Self 'mportance !ourage E(trover ion +ill po#er Manipulation Black Magic that focu e on )ending the #ill of elf and other & Sun 5ire 7ello# Sunday

Ea t Emotional po#erhou e of the oul ,ruth Love Light +i dom Enlightenment 'ntellectuali m %rt %#arene !ommunication !reativity -i)rating energie " ychic hearing& Language 'ntellect Self E(pre ion

Secrecy ,he hidden "o#er 'ntuitivene " ychic vi ion ,he .nkno#n

!entre /igher elf /oly 0uardian 'nner $aemon 1no#ledge +i dom Spiritual connection Enlightenment Shangrila Seventh /eaven

nfluen!ing Chara!teristi!sxvii

Magic School

Black magic

Se( Magic & Black Magic

Magic pertaining to emotion&

Magic involving !lairvoyance2 con3uration and necromancy& Mercury Moon Blue +edne day

Magic pertaining to crying and vi ion &

Meditative magic& % tral #alking

Planetary Influences Element Colour Day

Saturn Earth *ed Saturday

Mar +ater 6range ,ue day

-enu %ir 0reen & Blue 5riday

=oon 1ater Biolet =onday

4upiter +ater & Earth -iolet ,hur day


Muladhara - *oot )a e of the pine& Lead Sat #am% &am% '(m% #"(m Sun 8am2 Midday2 9pm Mon :am2 ;am2 <pm2 ==pm ,ue >am2 =pm2 ?pm +ed @am& =Aam2 8pm& Midnight& ,hur 9am2 :pm2 ;pm 5riday <am2 ==am2 >pm

S"adisthana or Sacral 8hakra 'ron Mon <am2 ==am2 >pm )ues #am% &am% '(m% #"(m +ed 8am2 Midday2 9pm ,hur :am&;am2 <pm2 ==pm 5ri >am2 =pm2 ?pm Sat @am2 =Aam2 8pm2 Midnight Sun 9am2 :pm2 ;pm

Manipura - Solar "le(u 0old Sun #am% &am% '(m% #"(m Mon 8am2 Midday2 9pm2 ,ue day :am2 ;am2 <pm2 ==pm +ed >am2 =pm2 ?pm ,hur @am2 =Aam2 8pm2 Midnight 5ri 9am2 :pm2 ;pm Sat <am2 ==am2 >pm

%nahata or /eart !hakra !opper Sun :am2 ;am2 <pm2 ==pm Mon >am2 =pm2 ?pm ,ue @am2 =Aam2 8pm2 Midnight +ed 9am2 :pm2 ;pm ,hur <am2 ==am2 >pm Fri #am% &am% '(m% #"(m Sat 8am2 Midday2 9pm

-i huddi or ,hroat

%3na or ,hird Eye

Saha rara or !ro#n ,in Sun >am2 =pm2 ?pm Mon @am2 =Aam2 8pm2 Midnight ,ue 9am2 :pm2 ;pm +ed <am2 ==am2 >pm )hur #am% &am% '(m% #"(m 5rid 8am2 Midday2 9pm Sat :am2 ;am2 <pm2 ==pm

Metal Hours of Power !"#!$xix

Mercury Sun @am2 =Aam2 8pm2 Midnight Mon :am2 9am2 ;pm ,ue <am2 ==am2 >pm *ed #am% &am% '(m% #"(m ,hur 8am2 Midday2 9pm 5ri :am2 ;am2 <pm2 ==pm Sat >am2 =pm2 ?pm

Sun <am2 ==am2 >pm Mon #am% &am% '(m% #"(m ,ue 8am2 Midday2 9pm +ed :am2 ;am2 ==pm ,hur >am2 =pm2 ?pm 5ri @am2 =Aam2 8pm2 Midnight Sat 9am2 :pm2 ;pm

K $he days and times in red signify times of ultimate po#er for #orkings of magic for that chakra and demon combination KK $here are more chakras and more demons that can be aligned but I do not #ant to make this document any longer than it is It is the hope of this author that the reader #ould do that for themsel"es if required


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