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Annai Mathammal Sheela Engg. College (AMSEC) was founded in the year 1996 with the efforts taken by ( ate)Smt.Mathammal Sheela and ( ate)Sri.!.A."alania##a $e%asaghayam& "ioneers in the field of #ro%iding edu'ation o%er four de'ades. !heir 'ommitment to the a'ademi' e('ellen'e and global )uality is today a ben'hmark for the institution in the field of Engineering& !e'hnology& Management Studies and Com#uter A##li'ations. !he 'ollege is lo'ated at Eruma#atty& about 1*+ms from ,amakkal town& head )uarters of ,amakkal $istri't. !he site is ad-oining the ,amakkal !huraiyur state highway with more than 1.. a'res in the gorgeous ba'kground of +olli /ills. !he fresh air& sweet medi'ated water swee#ing from +olli /ills& well known for its medi'al #lants and %ast area makes the 'am#us %ery healthy. !he serene area #ro%ides a 'ondusi%e atmos#here for the students to 'on'entrate well on their studies.

Theme of the Conference:

!he #assion towards 6the lo%e of wisdom7 is indis#ensable in the #resent trend. !his 'onferen'e is also an attem#t to a')uire wisdom at bringing together 8esear'hers& A'ademi'ians& "9 Students and 5ndustrialists. !he aim of the organi1ers is to bring u# #rofessional dis'ussions of te'hni'al themes in the bran'h of 5ntelligent Control& a system 'om#rises of ,eural ,etwork& 3ayesian "robability& fu11y ogi'& Ma'hine earning& E%olutionary Com#utation and 9eneti' Algorithms. Added to it the 'onferen'e also intends towards ad%an'ements in "ower Ele'troni's and $ri%es& Modern "ower Systems& Energy Conser%ation and Management& Ada#ti%e Control et'.&

*th ,ational Conferen'e on 6Intellectual Perspectives on Intelligent Control 7

Mar'h >*th >.1. $e#t. of Ele'tri'al and Ele'troni's Engineering ,amakkal ? 6@A .1@

Registration Form
(0ill u# in Ca#ital etters) ,ame : $esignation B $e#artment B 5nstitutionCDrgani1ation B Address B "in CodeB Mobile Email;5d !itle of "a#er

Scope of the Conference: ,eural ,etwork : 0u11y ogi' Control 8e'ent !rends in "ower Ele'troni's and 5ndustrial $ri%es ,on;'on%entional : 8enewable energy Sour'es Control System& 5n'luding <ibration and "ower Systems Control /<$C : 0AC!S Modeling : Simulation of "ower 'on%erters Energy Con%ersion : Management $istribution 9eneration 9eneti' Algorithm "ower =uality 5ssues Embedded System : Control <irtual 5nstrumentation "ower System Stability and Control

Department Profile:
!he $e#artment of Ele'tri'al and Ele'troni's Engineering was fun'tioning in 1996 as #art of the 0a'ulty of Engineering. !he de#artment today is re'ogni1ed for its e('ellen'e in tea'hing and training in a range of undergraduate and #ost graduate degree and for #ro%iding an outstanding resear'h en%ironment for staff and students. !he de#artment has e(#erien'ed fa'ulty in %arious fields of s#e'iali1ation. !he 2ndergraduate #rogramme in Ele'tri'al Ele'troni's Engineering is A''redited by ,3A4 the de#artment also runs a "ostgraduate "rogramme in "ower Ele'troni's and $ri%es. !he de#artment has membershi# in the following #rofessional bodies 5EEE (2SA)& 5S!E et'&

8esear'hers C 5ndustry

8egistration Category B "9 Student C A'ademi'ians C Registration Fees Details $emand $raft ,o.B EE.E. $atedB EEEE. 3ankB EEEEEEEEEE..Amount.E... A''ommodationB 8e)uired C ,ot 8e)uired "lease fill the registration form and send to the 'o;ordinator with a##ro#riate demand draft in fa%our of 6!he "rin'i#al& AMS Engineering College7& "ayable at 6,amakkal7& $ate B "la'eB Signature

"hotostat 'o#ies of this form 'an also be used Key Dates: E(tended Summary Submission B Mar .*h ,otifi'ation of A''e#tan'e 0ull "a#er Submission and ast date for 8egistration Conferen'e Registration Fee: *..C; A*.C; 1&...C; 5ndustries B 8s. 8esear'h S'holars B 8s. Student("9)CA'ademi'ians B 8s. B Mar 1*th B Mar >*th B Mar

,amakkal ? 6@A .1@ E;MailBamse'eeeFgmail.'om MobileB 9AG9>AHHHH& 9HH@>G6@@6

"rof. A. ,a1ar Ali& /eadCEEE Members "rof. S. !hiruna%ukkarasu& A"CEEE "rof. 8. +arthikeyan& A"CEEE "rof. !amil'hel%an& A"CEEE Mrs. 8. <anmathi& CEEE

Advisory Committee: $r. S. Chendhur "andian& "rin'i#al& Sel%am College of !e'hnology& ,amakkal.
$r. M.I.San%ullah& $ean C EEE& <inayaka Mission& Salem. $r. 9. !holka##ia Arasu& "rin'i#al& Jayam College of Engineering& $harma#uri. $r. 8. Anita& "rofessor : /eadCEEE& 58!!& Erode. $r. S. Senthil +umar& Asst."rofessor : CEEE& 9CE& Salem. $r. 3hagwan Shree 8am& "rin'i#al& AMSEC $r. C.S. Adiga& $e#uty 8egister& M5!& Mani#al. "rof. 8. Sagayara-& /ead EEE& "aa%ai College of !e'hnology&

!th National Conference on

Intellectual Perspectives on Intelligent Control

NCIPIC 10 March 25 t h , 2010

IPIC - 2010

Address for Correspondence: !he Co;ordinator& ,ational Conferen'e on 5ntelle'tual "ers#e'ti%es on 5ntelligent Control& $e#artment of Ele'tri'al and Ele'troni's Engg.& Annai Mathammal Sheela Engg. College&

Organi ing Committee:

Chief "atron Mrs. ". Mala eena& Chair#erson "atron $r. 3hagwan Shree 8am& "rin'i#al Con%ener

Organi ed by $e#t. of Ele'tri'al : Ele'troni's Engg.& Annai Mathammal Sheela Engg. College&

,amakkal ? 6@A .1@. 5n asso'iation with