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RENTAL AGREEMENT The deed of rental agreement entered into at PLACE on DATE between LANDLORD name, age and

address hereinafter called the LANDLORD which term shall mean and include his respecti e heirs, legal representati es, administrators, e!ecutors and assignee of the "#R$T PART AND TENANT name, age and address hereinafter referred to the TENANT which term shall mean and include their respecti e heirs, legal representati es, administrators, e!ecutors, successor in interest and assigns of the $ECOND PART% &hereas the landlord being the owner of the LET'O(T ADDRE$$ is desirous of letting out the same, this deed of rental agreement witnessed as follows) *% The part+ of the first part is the landlord of the abo e said for residential purposes, on a monthl+ rent of RENTAL A,O(NT

-% Total amount of ad ance is AD.ANCE A,O(NT% The same shall not carr+ an+ interest and the same shall be returned at the time when the tenant acates, sub/ect to an+ deduction for an+ damages caused to the propert+% 0% The period of tenancy is X months commencing from DATE % The month of tenanc+ is according to English calendar month% The tenant shall use the portion for residential purpose onl+% 1% The tenant shall pa+ the electricit+ charges as per $TATE ELECTR#C#T2 3OARD% 4% The tenant shall pa+ the monthl+ rent regularl+ on or before 4 th da+ of e er+ succeeding month% 5% #f the tenant commits default in monthl+ rent pa+ment continuousl+ for two months the landlord shall be entitled to e ict this tenant notwithstanding the period of ele en months under this deed% 6% The tenant shall not sublet the portion to an+ person% 7% The tenant shall maintain the propert+ in good condition% 8% Either part+ shall issue two month notice in case of acating the portion earlier than the tenant agreement% *9%#f the tenant commits an+ breach for an+ conditions the Landlord shall be entitled to e ict the tenant% **%The renewal of this tenant agreement for a further period on or after the date of e!pir+ is sub/ect to mutual agreement% *-%The landlord or his authori:ed agent has e er+ right to inspect the premises at all reasonable hours% *0%The tenant shall not allow the premises for an+ illegal acti ities and if it is found so, the Landlord has got the right to enter the abo e said premises and ta;e possession of the same, *1%After completion of ele en months, the rent agreement can be renewed on terms and conditions to be mutuall+ agreed upon% *4%The lessee shall not ma;e an+ structural additions or alternation to the schedule propert+ without the consent of the Leaser obtained in writing% *5%,aintenance charges are to paid b+ the tenant separatel+ to the &elfare Association as per resolution passed in the <eneral 3od+ meeting

*6%Number of fittings =i> "an 1 nos% =ii> Tube light 4 nos% =iii> &ash basin - nos% =i > 3ulb *9 nos% = > ?e+ 8 nos% = i> E!haust fans 0 nos% All in good and wor;ing condition%

#n witness where of the part+ of the "irst and $econd part ha e signed this Deed of Rental Agreement on this da+, month and +ear first abo e written% $C@ED(LE ADDRE$$ &@ERE A<REE,ENT #$ $#<NED &itnesses =*> LANDLORD