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SAP transaction means screens OSS1 SAP Online Service System OY19 Compare Tables S001 ABAP Development

Workbench S002 System Administration. SA38 Execute a program. SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool SCU0 Compare Tables SE01 Old Transport & Corrections screen SE03 Groups together most of the tools that you need for doing transports. SE09 Workbench Organizer SE10 New Transport & Correction screen SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance SE12 Dictionary: Initial Screen SE13 Access tables in ABAP/4 Dictionary. SE14 Utilities for Dictionary Tables SE15 ABAP/4 Repository Information System SE16 Data Browser: Initial Screen SE16N Table Browser (the N stands for New, it replaces SE16). SE17 General Table Display SE24 Class Builder SE30 ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis SE32 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules SE36 ABAP/4: Logical Databases SE37 ABAP/4 Function Modules SE38 ABAP Editor SE39 Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare SE41 Menu Painter SE43 Maintain Area Menu

SE48 Show program call hierarchy. Very useful to see the overall structure of a program. SE49 Table manipulation. Show what tables are behind a transaction code. SE51 Screen Painter: Initial Screen SE54 Generate View Maintenance Module SE61 R/3 Documentation SE62 Industry utilities SE63 Translation SE64 Terminology SE65 R/3 document. short text statistics SE66 R/3 Documentation Statistics (Test!) SE68 Translation Administration SE71 SAPscript layout set SE72 SAPscript styles SE73 SAPscript font maintenance (revised) SE74 SAPscript format conversion SE75 SAPscript Settings SE76 SAPscript Translation Layout Sets SE77 SAPscript Translation Styles SE78 FOR GRAPHICS SE80 ABAP/4 Development Workbench SE81 SAP Application Hierarchy SE82 Customer Application Hierarchy SE83 Reuse Library. SE84 ABAP/4 Repository Information System SE85 ABAP/4 Dictionary Information System SE86 ABAP/4 Repository Information System SE87 Data Modeler Information System SE88 Development Coordination Info System SE91 Maintain Messages

SE92 Maintain system log messages SE93 Maintain Transaction SEU Object Browser SHD0 Transaction variant maintenance SM04 Overview of Users (cancel/delete sessions) SM12 Lock table entries (unlock locked tables) SM21 View the system log, very useful when you get a short dump. SM30 Maintain Table Views. SM31 Table Maintenance SM32 Table maintenance SM35 View Batch Input Sessions SM37 View background jobs SM50 Process Overview. SM51 Delete jobs from system (BDC) SM62 Display/Maintain events in SAP, also use function BP_EVENT_RAISE SMEN Display the menu path to get to a transaction USMM Pressing F8 will display all hotpacks applied. DI02 ABAP/4 Repository Information System: Tables. LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench. (An addon available from SAP that can make data converstion a lot easier ) SM13 Update monitor. Will show update tasks status . SMOD/CMOD Transactions for processing/editing/activating new customer enhanceme nts. SNRO Object browser for number range maintenance. SPRO Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide). ST05 Trace SQL Database Requests. ST22 ABAP Dump analysis SU53 Display Authorization Values for User. WE02 Display an IDOC WE07 IDOC Statistics --AL11

SAP directorie structure BAPI BAPI Explorer, view all sap BAPI's BRF Business rule framework transaction BRFAPL01 Define new application class. Once defined use tcode BRF to create application c lass. BRFIMC01 Create implementing class. Use program BRF_COPY_IMPL_CLASSES to copy standard im plementing classes to your new application class BUSP Project management of SAP enhancements FILE Maintain Logical file path definitions GRANT_CUSTOMIZE Customize Grant management screens via SAP's BDT(business data toolset) - Must h ave permission from SAP to use this method of modification I18N Internationalization in SAP OAOR Business document navigator (edit ENJOYSAP_LOGO etc for ALV Tree) OLE Examples for OLE Processing PFTC Workflow task maintain PPOM_OLD View SAP personnel hr org structure SA38 Execute SAP ABAP program SALE IDoc and ALE development SCC1 Client Copy, copy transport SCDO Change Document / Change History SCOT SAPconnect Administration SCU3 - Table change history Analysis of changed table entries and other customizing objects. Simple way to i mplement change history to a sap datbase table

SE01 Transport Organizer (extended view) SE03 Transport Organizer Tools (change package/dev class etc..) SE09 Workbench organiser SE11 ABAP Dictionary SE14 Database utility: Adjust after change to definition, delete . SE16 Data browser, view/add table data SE18 Business Add-ins(BADI s): Definition transaction SE19 Business Add-ins(BADI s): Implementation transaction SE24 Class builder SE38 Program Editor SE39 Split screen editor SE41 Menu Painter SE51 Screen Painter SE61 Document maintenance SE71 Form painter (SAPscript) SE75 SAPScript settings including Text objetcs and IDs SE80 Object Navigator ( SAP Development workbench, most development functionality is available from this transaction ) SE81 Application Hierarchy (leads to SE84 for desired area) SE84 Repository info system SE91

Message Maintenance SE93 Maintain Transaction code SHD0 Create Transaction Variant. Enter name of transaction plus name of new/existing variant. SHDB Batch input recorder Local SAP Search Engine Want help finding SAP transaction codes then check out ZsapT which is the 100% f ree local sap transaction code search engine SLIN ABAP program extended syntax check (full check of programs syntax) SM04 User Overview List, Display list of online (logged in) users SM12 Lock entries SM13 Update Requests SM21 Online system log analysis SM30 Maintain table views SM31 Table maintenance SM35 Batch input i.e. Recording SM36 Create background job SM37 Background job monitor, Select background jobs SM49 External Commands SM50 Process overview (within current server) SM51 Server overview SM59 Display and Maintain RFC destination SM64 Display/maintain Events SM66

Process(session) overview across all servers SM69 External commands(Maintain) SMW0 SAP WEB Repository(binary data) - add/ mod images(used to put in screen containe rs) SMX View background jobs SNOTE SAP note assistant (if installed). Installs OSS notes for you, usually removes t he need for manual code changes SNRO Maintain number ranges (use FM 'NUMBER_GET_NEXT' to retrieve next number in rang e.) SO10 Standard text editor SP01 Spool list SP02 Display your Own spool list SPAD SAP Spool Administrator SPAM Support package manager SPAU Modification adjustment SPRO SAP System Customizing, IMG SQ01 Sap Query development ST02 Database Tune Summary ST04 DB Performance Monitor STMS Transport Management system ST22 ABAP runtime analysis ( ABAP Dump Analysis ) SU01 User Maintenance

SU53 Retrieve authorisation data for object, execute after error message is displayed (/nsu53) SUIM User info system (New user, Roles, Authorisations, User tcodes etc..) SWO1 Business objects builder (change) SWO2 Business objects browser (display) SXDA SAP Data transfer workbench VOK2 Output determination by functional area / output type (Output programs) WEDI IDoc and EDI Basis